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Kadir’s cryptic comments

Former NSTP group editor A. Kadir Jasin has been rather critical of Najib Razak and his PMO outfit of late.

Due to Kadir’s negative views getting serious attention especially in the new media, it has almost impossible to access his blog (join the dots — cause and effect).

The criticisms of Putrajaya – the PM’s wing specifically – is all the more potent coming from an establishment figure like Kadir. He describes his blog predicament (Kadir’s own words, below):

“By the way, Dr Mahathir had done his duty. He had passed on to me the message from a certain very important big man water land (Johan Jaaffar’s version of “orang besar tanah air”) concerning this blog witnessed by four Muslim men of sound mind and good character. Thank you, Tun.

“But as a former editor noted not too long ago, the PMO has nothing to worry about this blog as it has more than enough journalists and communications experts in its employ to tear our blog to shreds if they want or dare to.”

The paragraphs above are taken from Kadir’s blog posting today titled ‘Shout and hopefully we are heard‘.

Kadir’s cryptic comment – “the PMO … has more than enough … communications experts in its employ to tear our blog to shreds if they want or dare to” – sounds defiant.

It is really NOT NICE of the PMO “communications experts” (or PMO hackers or PMO black ops team) to make Datuk Kadir feel that his blog may possibly be torn to shreds (or have its access disrupted or suffer any other kind of attacks).

Another blog, apart from Kadir’s, which I have had difficulty accessing is Syed Akbar Ali’s. Now if Kadir has been critical of the PM, then OutSyed The Box is even more so.

In fact, it is not only Kadir’s and SAA’s blogs which have been inaccessible of late. Several other blogs have been experiencing connectivity problems too this recent couple of weeks or so.

It’s just a mere coincidence that all of them happen to be pro-establishment blogs that have been critical of the PM’s consultants and advisors.

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14 thoughts on “Kadir’s cryptic comments

  1. Helen, Najib is unaware of not able to accessed to syed, kadir or your blog. He even didn’t notice you all exists.

    The only ones he notice VERY CLEARLY are his CON-SULTAN-CON-MAN surrounding him north west south east and the RM sign cause when he speak RM rarely missed.

    Ohhh, he’s a busy man no time for all this internal shits cause he has to fly ‘ober the sees’ for holiday. Bye got2go otherwise will miss flight.

    1. Agree that the PM doesn’t know I exist.

      However, Kadir seems to be hinting in his cryptic remark that Najib passed him a message through Dr M.

      Datuk Kadir’s blog views (just like Zaid Ibrahim’s, Zamkata’s and the Tun’s) make the news headlines.

      Syed Akbar Ali (OutSyed The Box) is known to the PMO because SAA is the president of Blog House Malaysia.

      Concur that Mr Clueless is unaware of what his underlings are doing at the micro operational level.

  2. Off late, yes it has been so difficult to send in responses to a few blogs yours included.

    This guy was disappointed for not getting the post that jj got at media.

  3. Gosh! Me Alang Pelikat has also been incessant lately in lambasting NRA (Najib Razak Administration) in my Facebook wall, although I am more hard-hitting with the Pakatan Rosak (PR).

    Often times, I copy paste views of Kadir Jasin, OutSyed The Box and Helen Ang on my Facebook wall sources also pasted. I consider myself anti-PR, pro-UMNO/BN but definitely anti-Najib.

  4. Helen, go and ask the Menteri KJ. Maybe there’s already some serious mutations to PMO’s DNA (not sure about UMNO Youth yet).

    You see Helen, mutations happen in a subtle and slow manner, only after the excessive accumulation of mutations occur and cross the threshold by which cells can handle, then we start to see manifestations of some deleterious effects. Are we witnessing something bigger coming our way due to accumulation of these subtle mutations? A stage 10 cancer? Raging zombies caused by mutant viruses? Evagelista pandemic?

    Yep, access to several critical but pro-establishment blogs were difficult lately, despite multiple attempts. But hey! This is just in time when “The Heat” is coming back in circulation. Bet some people including that “Dumb-Fuck” woman probably having multiple orgasms reading the first issue post-suspension by KDN.

    Keep watching out for the mutations Helen and take some serious anti-oxidants to dampen the effects (not “anti-oxygen” like that dumb-ass bimbo Neelofa used to say in an interview! LoL).

    KK out.

    1. ‘They’ have been trying to cripple access.

      Generally in our political landscape, the licik Pakatan side responds with fitnah and putar-belit.

      The not-so-licik BN side responds with gertak and force (like banning this and that) while the pro-establishment group brandish their bloodied banners, c.f. anti-Teresa Kok demo.

  5. I think it’s O.k. for For Najib to play Santa since the BRIM receipients background are being checked of their worthiness. Furthermore his not playing Ali Baba Bujang Lapok by just simply tossing out gold coins to the public.

    A layman will always appreciate the BRIM handout and remain loyal to his giver (to some at least). Anyway the govt. have to redeem it’s ‘zakat’ too.

    Or Me? Tor For?

    1. It’s the handouts to the consultants. Take the RM20 million paid to the advisors on the Education Blueprint. They produced a glossy brochure and ideas that are rejected by the teachers such as the self-assessment in the classroom.

      The plan is fine and dandy in a country like Sweden or Norway but not workable here.

      1. They heydays of Malaysia education system was before Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia with the help of Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka (to make things worst) came into the picture and make a MESS OUT OF EVERYTHING (with the directives of a Prof. Dungu of course where no one dare to go up against).

        I could make a write up on this, tapi NASI TELAH MENJADI BUBUR.

        It’s a pity to see when the English illiterate Malays would feel more intelligent just by saying an adapted English word in Bahasa e.g.: ” inspirasi” instead of the word “ilham” or “kombinasi” with “penggabungan” or whatever right Malay word there is, which I am sure is there to be used.

  6. Ya, blog beliau sukar untuk dilawati sekarang.

    Termasuk blog awak, Helen. Bila saya dah taip komen pun, bila pos tak dapat :(

      1. LOL. Thank you for your persistence. I think it is unwise for ‘them’ to be continuing this attack on our blogs.

    1. Maaf. Boleh tak ‘pure’ salin-tampal komen dalam Word doc. agar usaha anda tidak akan disia-siakan dan tidak payah taip semula komen nanti.

      Kalau nak masuk blog saya, boleh guna Proxy Server yang mana-mana yang percuma. Boleh Google untuk cari (ada beberapa pilihan).

      Blog saya bukan milik VIP. Tapi kalau mereka sudah usik blog orang kenamaan yang juga seorang pemenang Tokoh Wartawan, saya kira ia mungkin akan sampai ke telinga “orang besar dan berpengaruh” kelak.

      Saya yakin (kali ini) serang bukannya dilancarkan oleh operatif pembangkang.

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