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How will Najib respond to the ‘Purple Movement’ launched by Kit Siang today?

The Prime Minister has one Chinese minister in his 32-member cabinet (see name list below).

Paul Low is the former chief of Transparency International Malaysia. He is a hardworking and conscientious minister and he has been given the government mandate to fight corruption.

Only one Chinese:

Najib Razak ~ Muhyiddin Yassin ~ G. Palanivel ~ Nazri Aziz ~ Hishammuddin Hussein ~ Shafie Apdal ~ Mustapa  Mohamed ~ Maximus Johnity Ongkili ~ Douglas Uggah Embas ~ Ahmad Zahid Hamidi ~ Ahmad Shabery  Cheek ~ S. Subramaniam ~ Ismail Sabri Yaakob ~ Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah ~ Anifah Aman ~ Jamil Khir  Baharom ~ Senator Idris Jala ~ Joseph Kurup ~ Joseph Entulu anak Belaun ~ Rohani Abdul Karim ~ Fadillah Yusof ~ Hasan  Malek ~ Richard Riot ~ Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor ~ Idris Jusoh ~ Shahidan  Kassim ~ Senator Paul Low Seng Kwan ~ Khairy Jamaluddin ~ Abdul Rahman Dahlan ~ Nancy Shukri ~ Ewon Ebin ~ Senator Abdul Wahid Omar

Most ironically, the Dapster-evangelistas are crucifying Paul (a staunch Christian, btw) just because he is a minister in the Najib administration — see Malaysiakini screenshot below.

Anyone who elects to stick with the BN is a mortal enemy in their eyes and called by them as “low class” and “wicked”.



Chinese & corruption

The Chinese claim that they are anti-corruption.

The carry placards, fly banners and thump their chests declaring that all they want is to end Umno and Malay … corruption.

But at the same time they diss Paul Low, the minister tasked to tackle corruption.

And they close an eye to the irregularities of the Kajang by-election. Many Malay bloggers have rightly questioned whether Kajang’s Chinese Adun was bribed to resign to make way for Anwar to contest.

Yet the Chinese can claim that they are anti-corruption. And these Chinese who claim that they are anti-corruption will close one eye to the scandal in PKNS.

BELOW: “Cina mahu gejala rasuah dihapus”


PKNS’s special consultants

Note that PKNS is a Selangor state agency and that Selangor is a Pakatan state.

Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has claimed that PKNS is saving RM7 million per annum by terminating the contracts of the 22 Pakatan politically connected staff — see Astro Awani report on 7 Feb 2014.

An FMT report today carried an expose by Raja Petra Kamarudin revealing that the PKNS general manager’s Girl Friday is paid “RM7,000 a month plus a special allowance of RM1,000 per hour just for writing the GM’s speeches and for acting as his ‘special consultant’. ”

Heh-heh-heh to the lucrative business of “special consultancy” in politics. And Holy of Holies, the Dapsters still believe that their politicians are – somehow – pure, untainted saints who walk on water.

zaidibrahim Regina Lee is

[Side note: We should also wonder if the Menteri Kangkung’s favourite veginatable is similarly paid a special and separate allowance just to tweet.]

Pakatan abuse of power and corruption

You can read FMT‘s cover story ‘PKNS staff paid millions to ‘read newspapers’,’ where Raja Petra reminds the Pakatoons that PKNS is “not the place to park political supporters and pay them big fat salaries, allowances, and consultancy fees for doing nothing. That would be called abuse of power and corruption.”

“Abuse of power?” “Corruption?” Don’t forget that Pakatan have double standards.

Like we’ve seen in many previous contortions displayed by the Dapster evangelistas, they can cook up the most convoluted justifications to defend the indefensible.

Raja Petra: “I find that the Christians are the MOST HYPOCRITICAL PEOPLE on earth.”

Hate and vilify the sinner 2013-01-08 00-42-14

Bajungu! strikes

Now we’ve got the DAP Mursyidul Am launching his ‘Purple Movement’ today. Lim Kit Siang accuses Utusan to be “Umno’s official organ”.

He says the paper is guilty of “disseminating lies and falsehoods to incite racial and religious misunderstanding, hatred, conflict and tension”.

BELOW: Similarly The Star editor’s tweet (30 July 2013) echoes DAP’s Ong Kian Ming in accusing Najib’s 1Malaysia of allowing Utusan “to print outrageous lies”.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

Drunk on Holy Water

Kit Siang, his party and their Dapsters keep reiterating that Utusan belongs to Umno. Kit Siang had repeated this point yet again in his press statement today (see below).

He accuses an Utusan (Sunday edition) article yesterday of publishing “the most irresponsible, incendiary, inflammatory and seditious exhortation”.

We all know that the Dapster-evangelistas have been very successful in dragging the BN’s name into the mud. Whatever unsubstantiated allegations they throw about the establishment are swallowed whole by the oppo supporters as if it were gospel truth.

So now the question is how does Najib plan to counter the DAP’s ‘Purple Movement’?

LKS Purple
Click HERE to read LKS press statement

The J-Star is nest of evangelistas

Najib and Umno are undoubtedly losing the perception war because they have allowed the Pakatan propaganda to take control. The first step in the fight back is to similarly frame the opposition news sources.

DAP drills it into the general public that Utusan is the Umno mouthpiece. It is about time that Umno too makes it clear to the public that the pro-opposition media does the exact same thing that Kit Siang accuses Utusan of doing.

Umno must make its pro-establishment supporters realise that the black propaganda by Pakatan has been very successful due to their unofficial media organs such as the Christian paper The J-Star.

The J-Star tweeted 10 times in a span of 24 hours – see screenshots below – the appointment of Hannah Yeoh as Selangor Speaker. The J-Star has been stabbing its poisonous blades into the BN’s back time and again.

BN akan kalah PRU14 kalau Najib Razak masih lagi berpeluk tubuh.

hannah yeoh


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25 thoughts on “How will Najib respond to the ‘Purple Movement’ launched by Kit Siang today?

  1. Chinese the INVENTOR of corruption is now trying to de-invent it.

    From the corruption days of Hai-San and Ghee-Hin to the Sultan of Perak, one also wonders how much were paid before our Independence to enable them to gain citizenship in this country?

    Or Me? Tor For?

  2. Helen,

    You really really hate the evangelistas, eh? :)

    I don’t understand why you get all worked up over the Star tweeting or re-tweeting stuff by Hannah Yeoh, or indeed, anything by Pakatan.

    I am sure you have addressed the following questions before but…

    The Star is a news organisation runned for profit, so does it not make sense for them to :-

    1. report the news?
    2. report the news which sells lots of newspapers to make a lot of money?

    1. AUP,

      The J-Star is a news organization belonging to the MCA which is a political party belonging in the BN.

      Has it ever tweeted any BN good news 10 times in the span of 24 hours?

      If the owner of the Star Media Group persists in its current mould, then Umno should suggest that the MCA re-register itself with the ROC and function as a wholly business-church entity.

      Ultimately the bottomline question is ‘What is the use of the MCA in the BN?’

      1. re: The J-Star is a news organization belonging to the MCA which is a political party belonging in the BN.

        That is why the best is to separate politics from business to ensure no conflict of interest. Practically, this is hard to implement. At least what the government can do is to give equal opportunity/exposure to opposition parties.

        Speaking about main stream media ownership, almost all are either owned directly by BN or indirectly by BN friendly tycoons. Media which are pro-opposition has to operate in cyber space or with limited print editions. Recently, one media was suspended and reinstated and another had the license revoked altogether.

    1. I wrote that the Umno bloggers are asking what is behind his resignation, and it is a legitimate question.

      You do remember that the Pakatan Aduns are made to sign ‘indemnity’. For example the DAP reps would have to pay a hefty ‘fine’ to the party should they resign their seats. That was the punishment they had wanted against Hee Yit Foong for leaving the DAP and taking her seat Jelapang with her in 2009.

      The PKR Kajang man himself was wondering whether he would be held to his contract: “I wanted to know whether I would be penalised if I quit as all elected representatives were required to sign a contract before GE13.” See,

      Now the thing is thing. Dapsters like you scream “corruption” all the time at the BN people. Now this is in your own backyard — your seat, your state.

      Nobody among you guys interested in the possible corruption angle, meh? Isn’t it an abuse of the electoral process to resign ikut suka hati less than 9 months after GE13. Kalu kurang tempoh 9 bulan tu, bayi dalam perut pun belum sempat lagi dilahir.

      1. I agree with you Anwar did abuse the election which is why I hope Anwar will lose this election. Losing the election will teach Anwar that he shouldn’t take pakatan supporters for granted. But going back to my question. Is by foregoing the So called ‘fine’ is a corruption? Is there any monetary benefit that he get? Maybe you got some insider info.

        1. re: “Is there any monetary benefit that he get?”

          Isn’t the above question one that all the Dapsters (who proclaim themselves to be anti-graft crusaders) should be asking?

          Instead what I hear is the Dapsters accusing Zaid Ibrahim of receiving money from Umno to be a spoiler in the Kajang by-election.

            1. Tak pasti sama ada perjanjian ‘denda’ RM5 juta itu boleh dikuatkuasakan atau sah di sisi undang-undang.

              Gaki seorang Adun Selangor ialh RM11,250 mengikut skim baru. Bermakna pendapatannya setahun ialah RM135,000. Bermakna gajinya untuk tempoh 5 tahun ialah RM675,000.

              Namun pampasan (ditetapkan oleh parti) yang perlu dibayar oleh si Adun yang menarik diri adalah jauh lebih tinggi jumlahnya, iaitu RM5j.

              Adakah PKR dan DAP menganggap bahawa nilai pendapatan seseorang Adun itu sebenarnya begitu tinggi, yakni wang masuk daripada sumber-sumber gelap?

              1. Jumlah itu untuk mencegah seseorang adun PKR yang jati diri perjuangan masih kabur dan lemah sebenarnya. RM5 Juta tu sebagai deterent. Ikut bahasa pada dokumen yang ada kat Raja Petra’s blog memang jelas dan nyata. Takkanlah ianya tak didraft supaya legally binding. Kan bodoh dan sia-sia.

                Years ago my kengkawan was very much involved with the launch of a PKR party in Seberang Jaya. I was there. Wan Azizah was the guest of honour officiating the pembukaan of thr first office outside KL.

                All my close friends bersengkang mata for night to prep for the night. They apparently dah sign up fro PKR. I still remember, that very night, they took me from home and as we drove to Seberang Jaya they persistently persuaded me to sign up. End up I didn’t. Especially when I heard by the horse mouth (Wan Azizah sendiri, OK!) that perjuangan PKR is to free Anwar from being jailed.

                My young self kata to my self, ‘What a selfish and hollow punya perjuangan. What will happen after Anwar being released from jail? What then? Apparently the question still not yet being answered by PKR party members themselves. My kengkawan, most of them, although still very much PR supporters had seems lost interest in PKR. Much to my delight.

                Apparently too, after Anwar’s release, PKR is still a party that it’s sole purpose is to please Anwar and Anwar only!

                Lets see whether the Kajang folks had learnt a thing or two about Anwar. The pandai forward thinking folks. With DZ already rallied behind Anwar. I really hope that he wins the Kajang state seat. Just to prove a point. The Huanna rejects is prized highly by the Teng Langs-Ma Lay, Sey Lei Ahh-crowds!

        2. The penalty for breaching PKR’s agreement, i.e. resigning as Adun with or without the party’s consent is rm5juta. If the penalty is waived by Anwar, this is tantamount to corruption and abuse of power by Anwar.

          So if the kepala (Anugerah Tuhan) is corrupt, then the ekor-ekor (Adun Kajang, Rafizi & co) are collaborators of the corrupt. corrupt = bribe. So the Adun was bribed of 5juta waiver to resign lah. That is the official bribery by PKR. The agreement is the proof wat.

          Now how about the unofficial bribery. Surely whatever “lifetime pencen” given to the Adun would not be told to the public wat. Nobody knows except the parties involved. But to the public, the perception certainly not “tangan kosong” wat except those in the ever denial syndrome.

          And the problem is DAPsters and Pakatan supporters are blardy hypocrites. Asking for details on how Adun Kajang got bribed is like asking for details on how Adun DAP Jelapang got bribed. Wat a silly question, do the public has access to their bank accounts, or information on their Singapore or Hong Kong accounts?

          Sudah tentulah all the “black” transactions are made underground, maybe inside Tokong Lim’s undersea tunnel, or behind the Pintu Belakang of Anwar’s mansion. When you are blardy hypocrites and blindly continue to support the corrupt hypocrites, you are no better lar.

          Now, I also want to ask any DAPster here: Can give a bit of detail on how the ex Jelapang ADUN got bribed? Can ar?

          1. re: “the blardy hypocrites”

            Raja Petra, from his experience of moderating hundreds of thousands of reader comments, believes that Malaysian Christians are the worst of the bloody hypocrites.

  3. Holy bitch spawns again. You got any proof or are you bitching again? Your insinuations..your constant claims…let me do a helen fucking ang….and claim that everyone that cant stand their image in the mirror…be a helen ang….

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  4. Dear Miss Helen,

    I’ve been reading ur blog for sometime now and got more interested in reading it after your expose of The JStar.

    I’ve a friend who works in NRD a.k.a JPN and he was shocked to see that MStar had grossly misinformed the public about IC renewal at the age of 18. Here’s the link :

    He told me the such penalty is imposed on those who made false reports to the police regarding the loss of MyKad (saying that they had been mugged, snatched or robbed, while the fact is that they had ‘tercicirkan’ the MyKad) to avoid the penalty imposed for the loss of MyKad.

  5. Hari itu Bersih Yellow, lepas tu Lynas Green, party colour is Red, Turun is black. Sekarang Purple pula. Ini apa cerita?

    What’s their obsession with colours?. Are their followers are so dumb that they need to explain their protests and ideologies by colours? Macam those colour by numbers books that were popular decades ago.

    Pretty soon they are going to have the whole spectrum of colours …like a rainbow … wait a minute, is he coming out of the closet?

    1. Mau ikut macam Thailand la konon2 nya. Dah berpuluh tahun dalam politik pun, maseh berpolitik kebudak2an ..sapa lagi kalau bukan Uncle kencing bawah tiang bendera la…

      Soon they will have to use the colour of Stopa’s underwear… white for surrender..

  6. Actually LKS to us is like a clown in a circus. Circus takde clowns tak exciting same with Malaysian politics, takde dia boring le!

    Dia nak launch ape pun biaq pi la.. The Chinese in China dah pon hantar wanita ke space whereas since Merdeka his roket can fly highest pon atas pokok nyioq.

    Show him some pity.. puji puji le sikit orang tua ni..

  7. mungkin ada yg minta rasuah ketika berkerja… tp rasanyer buleh dibilang ngan jari…. yg bersungguh bg rasuah tuk bg lancar apa yg dimahu mmg ramei… .muslim tidak akan sekali kali beri rasuah.. melayu mungkin..

    kebanyakkan peniaga cina dah tentu akan minta dan beri pastu tuduh org lain minta rasuah.. adakah semua adun dan mp pr benar2 tulen telus bebas rasuah/songlap dan yg sewaktu dgnnyerrr….. oleh kerana pm melayu muslim pr dok war2kan betapa negara kita tegar rasuah…

    jutawan m’sia bangsa cina pon gomen tolong kenapa mengapa pr dok nyerang syed mokhtar.. sbb syed melayu muslim yg hanya wajib jd kuli cina dan bangsa jugak agama lain sahaja…. selagi muslim jd pm cina tetap rasa depa tercorot dan hamba muslim… cina nak kuasai m’sia sebagai tanah depa sendiri walo sebenarnya depa dtg cari mkn dr china… pastu dok kata melayu pon pendatang…

    cina tak akan ngaku yg keturunan melayu dan cina berlainan benua… maaf sekadar pendapat saya… oh.. ada satu cerita nak kongsi dan tanya pendapat helen dan pembaca semua…

    saya nk beli dompet duit kat gurney… dompetnyer serupa warna jer lain salah satu ada tanda rega yg dah ada diskaun yg satu rega sebelom diskaun… sebulan sblom tu saya n kawan dah riki riki rege… jurujual tu kata rega tuk dompet segala gala rupa bentuk yg sama tp kaler lain rega jugak lain… saya betoi ka… dgn sombong dan ckp omputih kompem 100persen…

    selalu saya beli menda yg sama berlainan warna rege tetap sama… saya p kt mall baru berdepan komtar dompet sama warna lain jurujual jugak cina rega pon sama… betui ka mcm tu….

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