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Hubungan pemimpin Melayu Pakatan dengan gereja

Anwar Ibrahim bercakap satu kepada Kristian di gereja (16 Feb) tetapi bercakap yang lain pula beberapa hari awal (12 Feb) di hadapan orang Melayu ketika ceramahnya di Kompleks Penghulu Batu 10 Jalan Cheras, Kajang.

Adakah PAS pun dua kali lima dengan lidah bercabangnya?


“Talk about peace and respect”, konon

Di blog Dr Mujahid:

“Chairman of PAS National Unity Bureau Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa also chided Utusan Malaysia for its article.

He said the article was uncalled for.

He said this showed that Utusan was being used by certain parties to ‘launch’ its personal agenda by attacking non-Malays.

‘They should stop inciting hatred. They should instead talk about peace and respect,’ said Mujahid.”

BAWAH: Mujahid hadir di gereja evangelis di Subang Jaya

Twitter - mparitbuntar- Just made my point on the issue ... 2013-10-16 10-59-58

Siapa buli siapa?

Pokok persoalannya ialah adakah Mujahid sehaluan dengan Majlis Syura dan penetapan parti Islamnya dalam perkara ini?

Pihak mana yang sebenarnya memprovokasi dan menyerang?

Mujahid dipetik akhbar Herald sebagai berkata bilangan orang Kristian yang membentuk “9 peratus” sahaja jumlah penduduk tidak mungkin boleh mengugat kaum majoriti.

Adakah dia terlupa bahawa empayar British di Timur dengan hanya beribu orang pegawai dan askar orang putih pernah berjaya menundukkan benua India?

Tuduhan-tuduhan oleh Mujahid

Menurut Mujahid, Utusan sedang diperalatkan oleh pihak-pihak tertentu untuk melancarkan agenda peribadi mereka dalam menyerang golongan bukan-Melayu. Siapakah pihak-pihak itu yang dimaksudkan oleh beliau?

Seterusnya Mujahid menyelar Utusan sebagai “menghasut kebencian” serta membelakangkan “keamanan dan rasa saling hormat-menghormati”.

Yang tidak semena-mena memprovokasi dengan memperalatkan perayaan kaum Tionghua ialah si evangelista DAP Teresa Kok.

Yang memperlihatkan agenda halus menyerang badan-badan pentadbiran Islam negara ialah si evangelista DAP Hannah Yeoh (lihat tweetnya di bawah).

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter Khutbah

“Membina jambatan” dan helah-helah lain

Evangelista DAP sendiri yang menimbulkan persengketaan di antara agama. Kemudian juga ia mereka yang mengada-ngada mendesak semua orang membina jambatan merentasi kaum dengan acara memberi bunga, membawa belon, mengikat reben, dsb.

Tidak hairan kita bahawa kerjaya Puan Speaker sebelum menceburi bidang politik adalah sebagai seorang Event Manager. Semua buat untuk tunjuk-tunjuk.

Kalau evangelista tidak menjolok sarang tebuan maka tak perlu pun diadakan usaha-usaha ‘public relations’ yang sedemikian untuk membaiki keadaan.

Pada masa yang sama, si evangelista dengan begitu licik dan agresif sekali menuduh orang Melayu sebagai “rasis” dan orang Islam sebagai “pelampau agama”. Mujahid Rawa sekapal dengan evangelista dalam bab ini.

(369 patah perkataan)


Kalimah Allah: Mujahid PAS selar “golongan rasis dan prejudis agama”

Mujahid PAS selar Isma sebagai pelampau agama

Mujahid: “Tindakan JAIS mencemari nama baik Islam”

Mujahid: “jangan lah sampai orang tengok kamu [Melayu Umno] bodoh begitu rupa”

Isma bidas Mujahid PAS yang bersekongkol dengan evangelista


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28 thoughts on “Hubungan pemimpin Melayu Pakatan dengan gereja

  1. “…….Utusan was being used by certain parties to ‘launch’ its personal agenda by attacking non-Malays…….”

    The man with Phd in Poloktical Sc. (Nasi Kandar overdose stomach who thinks he is the smartest person in the country ) is talking through his a s s h o l e again. Now he thinks Utusan is as stupid like the rest. What?! Utusan with over 50yrs political intellectual experience can’t even think on their own?

    His think tank lies within that bulge, getting bigger and more ‘intelligent’ by each meal.

    “……empayar British di Timur dengan hanya beribu orang pegawai……”

    I second this, and take the Opium Wars for instance, the chinese were brought down to their knees on their own soil. And the price they have to pay after.

    Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Or Me? Tor For?

    1. Mujahid ni macam tali barut DAP dlm PAS. Kalau tweet lebih2 kat dia, nanti dia label you “stupid”, dia saja yg pandai. So perangai lebih kurang la dgn Madam Speaker yg suka label org lain as “low class” etc.

    2. Oh, I cee.

      I always thought that Utusan M is a crappy newspaper. But, in the interests of press freedom, they should be allowed to go on publishing. It’s up to those it reports or comments on to take it yo task, rebut it or take it to court and sue for damages.

      But that is by the way.

      The issue here is Anwar visiting a Catholic church and being accorded a cordial welcome by the parish priest and church parishioners.

      I wish that more of our VIPs and VVIPs would make an effort to visit churches in Malaysia and dialogue with pastors, priests and the Christian laity.

      If you can seek their support during elections, and if they are good enough to be allowed to vote, then a modicum of courtesy would have those seeking such support to show their appreciation by visiting these houses of worship.

      Unless, of course, it is expressly forbidden by the law of the land, in which case, the police will have to vet those entering churches and houses of worship in the country and restrict access to those with the right “credentials”.

      It’s amazing the lengths people go to in order to avoid “spiritual contamination” from those of a lesser breed or religion.

      1. I never come across any other religion that call upon politicians to campaign in their holy places. Except for PAS, PKR & DAP.

        In any country in the world, as long as the ruler doesn’t stop these missonaries to preach and built their places of worship, religious leaders or parishioners would only go about minding their own pious activities.

        Only these desperados, the scavengers like the Gogs & Magogs who will walk this earth to do great harm and damages.

        This is ABOMINATION !!!

        1. Zoltan,
          Politics is a dirty business. (Remember this saying?)

          Those who chose to enter into its inner sanctum of deceit do so at their own peril.

          The path as they set and walk out to do malicious things is analogous to a minefield strewn with hidden metaphorical ‘death’ traps for the other individual/s.

          Obviously these people in their house of god, has condone to blend these two together (politics & religion).

          Anyhow your wish will be granted when The Guided One comes to rule again where these options are NO LONGER EXCLUSIVE.

          Or Me? Tor For?

      2. Muslims must not give face to Christians. The Christians, as stated in the surah Al-Fatihah are puak yang sesat (the deviant ones) while the Jews are the damned ones. If Muslims don’t understand this, they themselves are sesat and will earn the wrath of Allah.

  2. I had said that BN “lost” GE13 because it lost the war of perception. Though it did win most numbers of seats, it did lose in terms of % of votes and not to mention failing to reach its’ target of 2/3 majority.

    Politics is the art and science of managing perception above all. I would say that Pakatan are doing a very good job dishing out what the naive Malaysians are hungry for. They know that nasi lemak is bad for health, but heck, load up the MSG and serve piping hot nasi lemak rich with coconut milk and topped up with deep fried chicken drum stick with crispy skin. Fat? Unhealthy? Will cause heart problem ? Heck, who cares. The motto is “What you get is what you want”.

    On the other hand, BN and Malay/Islam NGOs & media are very poor in the art of managing perception. They say aloud what they think and engage in emotional demos and actions that big in action and little in end result. Many times their actions in response to PR leaders blunders and provocative statements allowed the PR folks to play the victims and get scot free. This is what I call as Bodoh Politik. You can see in the cases of LGE, PKR Kangkung guy, Teresa, etc the idiotic actions of these NGOs allowed these PR folks to play victims of racism.

    An excellent example is PAS. Despite their wahabi principles, they use Khalid Samad and Mujahid as the PR-men to talk to the Christians and non Muslims. The same is true for DAP’s biawakians.

    In summary, UM, BH and Malay/Muslim NGOs and BN need to re-strategize their approach. I can easily think of a few ways they could have turned the issue of Teresa to create a major problem for DAP and PR in Kajang.

    1. re: I had said that BN “lost” GE13 because it lost the war of perception. Though it did win most numbers of seats, it did lose in terms of % of votes and not to mention failing to reach its’ target of 2/3 majority.

      But BN is good in gerrymandering. That is why with only 48% of the popular votes, BN can continue to rule. Less votes but more seats than PR.

      1. If you restrict the PRU to only voters who are right-thinking, sane, patriotic and sensible, the BN would win 90 percent of the votes. Like in many families, only two or three of the members are wise or sensible. The rest, like supporters of the DAP are either mentally challenged, unpatriotic, not clver, not sensible or sane enough. That’s why Malaysia face so many social problems.

  3. This is like the mutton seller is suggesting for a get-together between the sheeps and the Association of Meat Eaters.

    The Sun too is notorious for being an apologist for PR.

    DESPITE an onslaught of allegations from pro-Barisan Nasional quarters that her Chinese New Year video had adversely affected racial unity, Kok feels that the ruling coalition has to forge an understanding with the Opposition for the good of the country.

    The party’s national vice-chairman and Seputeh MP said BN leaders need to learn to be more mature in handling Pakatan Rakyat and be willing to sit at the table for discussion.

    “They should stop bullying the Pakatan leaders. It is time for both parties to meet and talk and build consensus on various issues faced by the nation as practised in advanced countries,” she said.

    This, she said, is why PR leaders have called for a committee on national consensus so that leaders from the ruling and opposition coalition can meet and discuss national issues, particularly sensitive ones.

    “We need to learn from the United States, Australia and many other countries in Europe as to how parties from the opposing sides come together to work for the people. We have to learn to cross boundaries for the good of the nation,” she said.

    Kok said the DAP is willing to work with the BN in building consensus on various issues faced by the nation.

    1. Really miss Kok? Learn from the US n Australia? I guess this komunis bukit would have no idea that her brand of ‘petaling street fighter’ politics would’ve end up killing her instead. Stop talking cock will ya!

      1. The DAP evangelistas are plenty and not confined to Teresa Kok alone.

        There is Tony Pua, Ong Kian Ming, Yeo Bee Yin, Rajiv Rishyakaran, the Ngeh-Nga Perak warlords, and … the Madame in black.


        1. Right. Suffice to say none would have seen the light of day should we go the American or the Aussie’s way. With bad ‘english’, none would have been voted for by the electorates.

          Too bad the Mahavamsas had to deal with these orang gasars, day in, day out!

  4. In the past DAP’s politicians are somewhat honest when they refused to put on the songkok in Dewan Rakyat or in the Rulers’ ceremonial function.

    Now after most of them are Evangelist, on their own accord they donned the songkok and baju-kurung to dupe the Malay electorate, just like Lee Kuan Yew once did, to win election.

    Like Helan said; That’s the only baju-kurung they have, since we saw them wearing the same dress, every time. These Evangelist sure have something up their sleeves.

  5. MUJAHID seems to be quiet when Islam and Malays are under attack.

    But quick to defend the Christians.

    Just wonder why a Muslim Phd holder behaves this way, and he is from a Muslim party ! Just wonder why why why ?

    1. Mujahid ni macam dah murtad. Agaknya terlebih minum holy water. evangelists kata tu air zam-zam. si mujahid bebal tu ingatkan betul air zam-zam. Dia pun minum seminum-minumnya. Tu yang jadi gitu…

    2. Bertopengkan islam. There are many out there. They are the politikus like tgna, hadi, mat sabu etc etc.

      Politik dulu – ugama kemudian.

  6. Yesterday Malaysiakini reported that “Anwar: Saya nak kembang Islam di Kajang”. Maybe sebab itulah Anwar pergi ke gereja, untuk ajak orang di sana masuk Islam. Tapi orang Islam boleh juga percaya apa yang dia kata.

    Saya rasa Mujahid fikir perpaduan kaum is about orang Islam dan Melayu sokong apa saja evangelists dan DAP mahu; and never complain anything. Just like giving in to some spoiled kids. The kids will keep asking for more and more things and if they do not get them, they’ll scream and blame everybody else and force everybody to give in. Adakah Mujahid fikir ini cara Islam?

    re: PDRM tidak boleh kacau kalau orang marah Khutbah Jumaat. Nama Melayu Islam. Ini yang Mujahid nak.

    Aunty Helen, kenapa Mujahid seorang pemimpin Melayu PAS marah orang pertahankan Islam? Apa dia nak? Mana jati diri Mujahid? Tak ada jati diri macamana nak jadi pemimpin yang baik?

    1. I feel that mujahid is looking to allow liberalism which many of the urban malays want. He also wants to be a politician and in order to be one he has to play the game. He wants to be popular Islamic scholar but willing to be liberal.

      Take the kahlimah Allah issue. He was for the usage of Allah in the malay translated bible. Even tgna was initially agreeable but when pas syurah unanimously agreed not to allow it, tgna made a u- turn.

      Mujahid is still agreeable for the usage even though the pas syurah said otherwise.

      With PAS, who have their heads either in sand or the clouds, have allowed Islam to be ridiculed time after time. The sad thing is even their followers are in favour.

      Sad but it is happening.

    2. Here’s lookin’ at you kid. (I still doubt you really are)

      Read what I had to write for Zoltan above.

    3. Anwar is one the biggest rascals in history. He would have been a rascal even if he was born in another era or in any other country. Draw horns on a picture of his face and what do you have?

    1. This is really sad. The value of friendship should never supersede politics. Just goes to show how good a friend she is.

      I have good friends that have different political inclinations but we do not allow it to be the reason to break our friendship. We can agree to disagree and we stand by that till today.

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