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Islam under threat, says Dr Mahathir

Islam under threat, says Dr M‘ is the headline carried yesterday in FMT. “No more respect for Islam,” Dr Mahathir Mohamad is reported as telling a press conference held at the International Islamic University in Gombak.

“Suddenly they come up with this idea that they should call their god Allah as well,” the news portal quoted Dr Mahathir as saying.

He said people who purposely agitate can expect the Muslim NGOs to react to this provocation.

He added that if the Muslims do take action against the offensive and objectionable behaviour of the Christian agitators, it is only a reaction to the way people treated Islam in Malaysia today.

Haters gonna hate

Shaun Tan stepping on the Prime Minister’s photo

Blogger Oik finds that an article by Shaun Tan (above) published two days ago in the pro-Christian portal The Malaysian Insider about Jakim to be “chock full of barbs and invectives”.

Oik lists some of the terms that Tan uses to describe Jakim and their actions:

“noxious, rabid, fatuous, consistently worked to undermine reason and goodwill, tirade of vitriol, intolerance, grossly incompetent, hateful and damaging, disgrace to Islam, stupidity, persecution, people being bullied and persecuted, petty, uttering foolishness and extremism, bigotry”

Oik says, “Now that’s a lot of insults to fit into a short 596 word article. A fine example of Christian love and compassion, eh Mr Tan?”

Evangelistas preach ‘Love’ but are full of Hate


A. Karim Omar is the sec-gen of Muslim NGO Muafakat.

He wrote recently on 13 Feb 2014 in his blog

“Sememangnya Islam adalah agama negeri-negeri Tanah Melayu yang berdaulat

sebelum penganas penjajah Kristian yang mula membawa misi dari perjanjian Tordesillas

untuk merompak kekayaan bumi yang dijajah,

sambil berusaha memaksakan kesesatan fahaman mereka ke atas manusia sejagat

demi membalas dendam perang salib – atau tema yang sering disebut sebagai.

‘Gold, Glory and The Gospel’

(sila baca buku atas tajuk tersebut karangan Louis Wright yang mencerita segala kekejaman tentera-tentera Kristian Eropah).”




Twitter - reginalah- I'm having a pigeon problem

REGINA LEE (above), the secretary to Umno Minister Khairy Jamaluddin is Hannah Yeoh’s BFF. This is one of the reasons Umno is no longer seen as a defender of Islam but the task falls to the Muslim NGOs instead.

Read also, ‘Pembocoran maklumat sensitif daripada pejabat menteri Umno?’ about how the cabinet discussion on the Allah bible was given as a scoop to Christian paper The J-Star.

(395 words)


GEMPAR! Jarum halus dakyah Kristianisasi dicucuk The Star


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28 thoughts on “Islam under threat, says Dr Mahathir

  1. “we are living in interesting times” said my Chinese friend. Yes indeed.

    Islam under threat ? Come on now. This is nothing new coming from that person. His only way of making himself relevant, like his daughter, is to make statements, sometimes statements that make the educated man cringed.

    Nowadays, the man and his daughter are good money for entertainment. Once in a while, once every few days perhaps, he comes out with this and that. I would have a great laugh with the entertainment he’s providing.

    Our problems started with him by the way. Who recruited the ass fucking con artist into the government ? Who allowed the ass fucking con artist to carry out wholesale religious indoctrination that has now resulted in Malaysia becoming more Islamic, more conservative ?

    I don’t have to spell out the man’s name. For anyone who’s above the age of 35 in Malaysia, you know the man.

    He allowed that ass fucking con artist to do all those things on Malaysia and Malaysians and now he’s saying Islam is under threat ?

    1. The Dictator, Msia ialah sebuah negara Islam. Ia berhak untuk corakkan negara ini ikut cara Islam sepenuhnya. Mereka yg jadi warga Msia harus faham keadaan ini.

      Dibarat kerajaan kristian corakkan negara mereka cara kristian, sesiapa tak ikut undang2 mereka masuk penjara spt Sweden. Lihat saja di Angola, islam terus diharamkan. Begitu juga di Myanmar, Thailand, Tibet, mereka ikut cara Budha.

        1. re: malaysia is a secular country, islam is the official religion.

          A lot of people make this mistake because they do not read the Federal Constitution while others just love to spin things because of their political agendas. Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia says that, “Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation”.

          That means Islam is the religion of Malaysia and not the official religion of Malaysia. And when a country has a religion, it cannot be a secular country.

      1. sweden has a secular government just like the rest of the scandinavia countries. undang2 sweden bukan hudud ala kristian :), gomen ikut cara buddha tu mcm mana plak lagunya?

      2. per: Msia ialah sebuah negara Islam.

        Sejak bila Malaysia ialah negara Islam? Di mana hukum hudud? Di mana mufti negara? Mengapa undang-undang tertinggi bukannya Quran tetapi Perlembagaan? Mengapa masih ada perbankan riba, perniagaan judi, nombor ekor dan lain-lain?

        Kalau Malaysia ialah ‘negara Islam’, habis to negara Islam zaman Nabi itu negara apa? Macam mana dengan Brunei dan Saudi? Kalau nak ‘define’ Malaysia dalam konteks Islam, takrifan yang sesuai adalah ‘Malaysia adalah negara yang mempunyai Islam sebagai agama rasmi’. Masih jauh kalau nak panggil ‘Malaysia negara Islam’.

        1. In English there is a distinction between the terms a “Muslim country” and an “Islamic state”.

  2. Of dear my Island Glads has become a sarang maksiat.

    “Further investigations led to the arrest of the wife, a Chinese national, before police were led to their reflexology centre in Jalan Burma here,” said the source.

    “The husband then led police to the apartment unit in Solok Gangsa, where police discovered the heroin processing lab and seized more than 80kg of heroin and the heroin base.”

    Like our holy Jerusubang we got prostitues and we have the most herion in Malaysia. 80kg wah. Not the cheap ganja the Melayus and Indias smoke. Walaueh.

    More pic in the JStar.

    In fact you don’t have to visit Mexico for sex and drugs. Come to Island Glads in the holy state of Betelham.

  3. Islam is indeed being attack. We are doing well with multi racial. But since kalimah fiasco initiate by evangalitas, tanah melayu beginning to crack.. we should stick to those what we been using and as perlembagaan to keep everything as it is. Christian evangalitas purposely creating problem to tanah melayu..

  4. Islam under attack? Really, ah?

    I wonder what parallel universe is Dr M referring to?

    Has he asked the Muslims in the UK, Australia, Canada or the US if Islam is under attack there?

    Or, closer to home, whether Islam is under attack in Singapore – a country that has often attracted the good Doc’s ire?

    But, then, Dr M is a past master of selective thinking.

    1. Re. Islam under attack? Really, ah?

      Why the brouhaha over the Kalimah Allah issues by both side of the fences currently now and several Islam-centric sensitive issues being provoked by the evangelista and the likes then?

      Oh! wait, you mean attack as in having a drone hovering over our air space right?

      Re. But, then, Dr M is a past master of selective thinking

      That is to prevent the syndrome and symptom of Constipation of the Mind, and Diarrhea of the Mouth, of which you have aptly exhibited through your above comment and pervasive among the Dapsters past and present.

        1. ROTFL

          Kenapa Panas Bontot ke? Aiya! this is not the place to play insults la, for I have to respect Helen. You have seen what my “Mulut Sundalan” is capable of doing at Annie’s blog right?

          So which one is you, Devadasi Descendent or Comfort Women Descendent?

      1. Quite literally, Islam is under attack via drones and evangelists.

        Zoltan. Palestine being occupied for almost half a century despite UN charter this n that. Despite the western world civilised mantra-liberte, egalite & fraternite being spelled to us on daily basis, to emulate.

        It does changed the fact that Iraq had been bomb to rubbles by the Zionist Judeo-Christian allies.

        Afghanistan still being bombs. Pakistan & Yemen being drones-ed. Syria experiencing western backed war. With money n ammunition being thrown at by the west to Al-Qaeda.

        Stop the daydreaming Zoltan. Its not good for you!

  5. The Tun has never been allowed to speak like a religious scholar. From his past experience when he does voice up in such a way he will ‘kena’ left and right from the people who claim to be fatwa experts.

    Since these are his last days (before senility takes over), I think the real message he wants to remind is:

    “Islam muncul dalam keadaan asing, dan ia akan kembali dalam keadaan asing, beruntunglah…..”

    1. I disagree.

      The Tun’s 22 years worth of speeches are easily available in the archives. Unlike Sleepy Dollah, Dr M did not indicate any tendency to want to talk or sound like a religious scholar. After all, his professional training was in the science of medicine.

      PS: I’m reading a review of Dr M’s series of Umno general assembly presidential address, compiled by Zamri Ahmad (Universiti Malaya Press, 2007), and if anything the ex-premier is more consistent in his view that the DAP are “chauvinists”.

      From what I’ve read about his handling of issues, he seems to have a pragmatic turn of mind.

      1. Helen,

        It is fine with me if not even you alone disagree.

        It is just a my stupid ‘anti-thesis’ over his personal and professioal life achievements.

        “…..he seems to have a pragmatic turn of mind….”

        This is nothing new, that already occurred since, if you recalled his most remorse moment shooking his head “Dah lama dah…” during UMNO 2002 AGM?

        There were no crocodiles tears or antics outpour for most witnessing that moment, it even made Hishamuddin wiped his tears with his sleeves like a school boy. Not only us were caught off-guard and flat-footed, even Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah didn’t expected that!

        People say, at one moment or another, wise men came to a point to soul search themselves, who knows, even Tun M came to that himself. Could have perplexed his conciousness over certain
        faults and foibles he had made.

        But yet – Nobody’s perfect. Why can’t we all just thank and forgive the old man.

    2. re: The Tun has never been allowed to speak like a religious scholar.

      Mahathir declared Malaysia as an Islamic state back in 2001. Isn’t this is “speak like a religious scholar”?

      1. Dr Mahathir was the executive chief of the state.

        He said what he said in late Sept 2001, i.e. about a fortnight following the 9/11 terrorist attack on New York’s Twin Towers. There is a context to his remark. Do look up Chandra Muzzafar. I believe the latter has framed the context and limitations.

  6. Tun Dr Mahathir’s support for Kasim Ahmad might put him in the same category as these threats to Islam as well for most Malay Muslims. IMO it’s poor judgement to associate with such a radical and controversial person especially during these times.

  7. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I agree that Islam is under threat in Malaysia.

    Some people even deny the fact that Islam is the religion of the Federation and claim that Islam is only the official religion of Malaysia.
    Lim Kit Siang and Tony Pua openly interfere with the religious affairs of the Muslims and complained about JAKIM’s Khutbah Jumaat.

    Some non-Muslims and their Muslims agents try to force the Muslims to give in to everything they want, including the Allah issue. And Muslims who do not want to give in were called racists, extremists and other bad names.

  8. For so many years all Malaysian live peacefully, No religious conflicts between us. We respect each other faith and avoid to make statement which might hurt peoples feeling. Yes, we some small incident only at ground, is easy to put down. But now thing are getting “super hot” once politicians and head of other religion try to critics other religion openly.

    I hope Malaysia people can think straight, Islam is national religion before Indian, English and Chinese came to Malaysia. Any insult to Islam mean you have to deal with majority power. If you play with fire you will get burn and don’t blame Muslim. If you think you have a chance, just try…

    1. DAPSTER can’t critics JAKIM Friday sermon.
    2. DAPster commented on JAKIM against Valentine’s Day celebration.
    3. DAPSTER – Emperor Kit Siang commented on Surah Bakarah 120 – Ayat tersebut bermaksud: ” Orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani tidak akan senang terhadap kamu hingga kamu mengukut agama mereka.
    Katakanlah: ‘Sesungguhnya petunjuk Allah itulah petunjuk(yang benar)’.Dan sesungguhnya jika kamu mengikut kemahuaan mereka setelah pengetahuan datang kepada mu maka Allah tidak lagi menjadi pelindung dan penolong kamu’..
    4. Catholics Bishop – Paul Tan says old scripts stressing conflict, what he mean The Surah Al Bakarah 120 should be thrown out.

    These is the first time in Malaysia history Islam under threat, day by day been a subject of humiliation by DAPSTER and Christian chief priest – I’m afraid one day thing can get out of control and become ugly, some innocent peoples become a victim. Who to blame… and what the point.

    Now we have an opportunity to kick-out this Christian religion bigot and useless politician out from Malaysia. BTW, Tony Pua is NOT Malaysian is Singaporean kiasu and Kit Siang and Son should be kick-out from Malaysia if they try to be Christian religion bigot and racist.

    I would to says to Bishop Paul Tan, how many blood has been spill during Catholics Church retake Granada, how many indigenous people in Baja California has been killed because just to maintain their way of life NOT to convert to Christianlty. Aztec, Inca, China 1901,- How many time bible has change?

  9. Ms H. At least the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore has admitted he could have been incompetent recently. But our Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP with its colourless, dull and obstinate leadership seems to be stuck at ground zero and could not up-lift their arguments to a higher plane. This approach will surely not win them Putrajaya to deliver to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew to save his legacy.

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