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Khairy is a Dapster

Khairy Jamaluddin recently unleashed a barrage of slick and spiteful innuendo against P. Waytha Moorthy.


Among other things, KJ tweeted: “He [Waytha] was not a team player & wasn’t effective in advocating his cause” (see screenshot bottom of page).

Well, quite obviously The Team first eleven comprises Umno players only.

Apparently the Prime Minister had given the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry RM35 million to immediately resolve the housing woes of Indian former estate workers in Dengkil.

In his press conference today, Waytha said that he was unaware of the allocation.

“Team player”, eh?

Nobody in Team Cabinet, it seems, had thought to inform the Indian deputy minister about the RM35m even though it was Waytha who raised the matter and did the groundwork. So much for Khairy’s rebuke that Waytha is “not a team player”.

Since his controversial resignation, Waytha has been the target of attacks by bodoh-sombong Umno Ministers.

(Side note: Do not twist or put words in my mouth okay. It’s a very Dapsterish / TMI-ish characteristic to putar-belit.)

When I wrote “bodoh sombong” Umno politicians, I had clearly identified who the description is directed at by putting up a picture of the two flers. I’m reproducing the photo below.



Anything hardly surprises anymore when it comes to the Dapster capacity to putar alam.

For example, Dapsters have made the First Lady synonymous with diamond rings — see Mama Dapster’s tweet below. A woman wearing a diamond ring and carrying a Birkin counterfeit handbag was also portrayed in the DAP’s Gangnam Style music video.

Yet when Teresa Kok disses ‘Rosmah Mansor’ in her CNY greeting, the Christian party of which she is vice chairman refuses to own up. Instead the actress in Teresa’s video claims the spoof is on late Hong Kong comedienne Lydia Shum.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- (4) My hands are still clean

‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork, Hannah tudung is not Muslim custom’

A pair of Dapsters invite Muslims to berbuka puasa with Bak Kut Teh but the Alvivi affidavit submitted to the court claims that the dish is not pork. The Dapsters’ capacity to menegakkan benang basah extends to claiming that Hannah Yeoh’s tudung is the legacy of Chinese immigrant women labourers.

A piece of putar-belit regarding Waytha is that he brought a Hindraf “entourage” into the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to enjoy the perks of government. Today in his press conference, Waytha told the reporters that he was given two staff – an “SUSK and SUS”.

SUSK is Setia Usaha Sulit Kanan and SUS is Setia Usaha Sulit. [They are Mr ‘RS’ and Puan ‘M’ respectively, both Indians.]

So, in reality there were only TWO staff brought by Waytha into the PMO to be on the government payroll Certainly not an entourage of 700 as is touted by a rumour being spread.

See how exaggerated the concocted story is.


No money trail at all

Another piece of smear is the story going around that Waytha’s 12-year-old daughter is in private school. These kind of stories are being concocted to imply that Waytha is raking it in after joining the administration (to be able to afford to send his only child to private school.)

I’ve seen the kid face-to-face in her school uniform which has her school badge sewn on the pinafore. She is in government school. That ‘V’ (her name) is in private school is another lie just simply created by the sniper squad to create a negative or hateful public impression.

Khairy also tweeted: “Waythamoorthy wanted to control the money, bypassing ministries and agencies” (see screenshot below).

Khairy Jamaluddin

What kind of person is KJ?

(Answer: Anwar 2.0)

We might want to ask the Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government whether it is true – the smear frenzy that has been kickstarted and coloured by Khairy’s tweets – that Waytha would have wanted to get his hands on “the RM35 million” given to the care of the Housing Ministry?

Waytha has also been accused of wanting to get his hands on the allocations given to the Indian (MIC) Ministers. What rubbish accusations keep cropping up!

See Khairy’s tweet: “Fact is, Waythamoorthy demanded all govt budget for Indian community be parked under his discretion”.

KJ’s deliberately sly and Niat Jahat tweet grew in the telling – spreading like wildfire in cyberspace – to outlandishly become that all the budget for ethnic Indian ministers must come under Waytha’s purview as the new Big Chief of All Indians in the Najib administration.

The rumour-mongers are malicious beyond words.

Fact is, the MIC cabinet minister is heading the Ministry of Health! Takkan pula the health budget can be diverted so that it is “parked under Deputy Minister Waytha”. Such an idea defies all common sense but Malaysians nowadays believe anything  … like stories about blackouts and 40,000 Bangladeshi voters, with a busload of them in Subang Jaya on 5 May 2013.

Twitter - reginalah- Loads of meetings awesome

Above: Khairy’s Ministry has a big, big budget, and KJ is in Manchester at this moment

Perpetual hysteria on the BN side now

The damaging innuendo crafted by Khairy was then amplified by the cybertroopers who proceeded to depict Waytha as being mercenary and money-minded.

What is the reality? It has been 10 months (two months short of a year) since the MoU was signed. The MoU is to enable the five-year plan contained in the blueprint. Almost a year has passed and Waytha was still being confronted by the BN brick wall up till the time he tendered his resignation.

“Not a single sen given nor a single person appointed” to the special unit, Waytha revealed to reporters today at his press conference.

Fact: Waytha was given TWO of his own office staff – whom he personally selected – to be brought in on government-PMO payroll, and one driver. (As a deputy minister, he is assigned a police bodyguard — this is procedure.)

Lie that is being spread: Waytha brought an entourage of 700 Hindraf-ians to enjoy cushy government jobs.

Does the capacity of tukang-tukang fitnah to fabricate outrageous lies astound you any longer?

What is it that drives these people? Their will to destroy – be it the opponent or their political enemy’s good name – knows no boundary. This is what Malaysian New politics has descended to.

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Khairy Jamaluddin (Khairykj) on Twitter 2014-02-18 17-16-29


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42 thoughts on “Khairy is a Dapster

  1. I don’t want to comment on KJ. But this Waytha character has always seems fishy to me. I can actually see that he is not a team player.

    He’s a Timbalan Menteri. Not even a Menteri knows everything. Let alone knowing the affairs from other ministries. He should be patient and work within the system. More importantly, work with MIC.

    All his actions before this exhibited low character of a leader. Ambushing Pak Lah in a middle of Eid Celebration?! I can never forget that.

    This is an organization that is supposed to be sincere fighting for the well being of the Indians? Not to me.

    I don’t trust this kind of group.

    1. re: “I can actually see that he is not a team player.”

      Waytha addressed this matter at his press conference. He said he was there (in the Najib administration) as the representative of the Indian people to see to the Blueprint rollout. And the Blueprint has a “tergeted and focused” approach to resolve the long-standing Indian (referring to a particular class) problems — the root cause being the displacement of the estate workers.

      At one time, 70 percent of the Indian population was in the plantation workforce.


      If BN signed on the dotted line with Hindraf to deliver the MoU package, in exchange for Hindraf delivering the Indian votes under their sway during GE13, then why can’t and won’t BN keep up its end of the bargain?

      In GE11 (the 8 March 2008 election), BN only had 10 percent of the Indian votes. The Makkal Sakti tidal wave had the same effect on the Indians that the Chinese tsunami would have in the following election.

      See calculations of Indian votes 2008 @

      We know that the Chinese tsunami effectively means that the Chinese voters thoroughly rejected MCA. The Indian tidal wave of 2008, with the same ratio of 90 percent Indian votes going to the oppo, so much so that BN lost Penang, Perak & Selangor, is the same indication. In GE11, the Indians had rejected MIC just as thoroughly as the Chinese in GE12 rejected MCA.

      1. re: “He’s a Timbalan Menteri. Not even a Menteri knows everything. Let alone knowing the affairs from other ministries.”

        It sounds like you are talking here about Khairy who even tried to usurp the de facto Religious Affairs portfolio.

        Haven’t you noticed how KJ has been poking his nose into the affairs of the other Ministries, such as arrogating himself the role of Cabinet spokesman on the Allah Bible issue?

        Remember the price hike? KJ put himself ahead of even Najib by announcing the consultants lab to study the impact of the rising cost of living. See,


        re: “He should be patient and work within the system. More importantly, work with MIC.”

        The scenario you suggest is like MCA being agreeable to BN’s decision to take in DAP so that the Chinese voice and aspirations can be effectively represented by the group (DAP) that is chosen by the Chinese community.

        Do you think that MCA would allow for DAP to be absorbed into the BN system? More importantly, do you think that if DAP were to be brought into BN that it would work together with MCA?

        Hindraf just wants the Blueprint carried out. Leave them to do that. When did Waytha ever try to take over MIC’s Health Ministry or MIC’s Environment Ministry?

        1. The Blueprint or whatever we call it is non-binding. Hindraf cannot compel or sue to government to fulfill it. The paper is worthless. Another scam to mislead the Indians voters.

          Waytha is a deputy minister without a minister above him. Not sure if he is in-charge of any department/agency or getting funding, but eight months is enough to see the ‘sincerity’ of BN. Action speaks louder than words.

          From a layman observation, I can say that the Indians are lagging in the mainstream development of Msia as compared to Malay and Chinese. Especially in terms of education, property/equity owenership, business ownership, no. of professionals etc. Indians have a high percentage of crime involvement like gangsterism and social problems. Not to mention the stateless Indians without the proper IC. Some people are ‘brilliant’ enough to give examples of Tony F, Ananda K and Tan Sri G to rebut the above.

          If a problem is a Malay problem, it is a national problem.
          If a problem is a Chinese problem, it is a racial problem.
          If a problem is an Indian problem, it is no problem at all.

          Melayu ada ketuanan politik Melayu.
          Cina ada ketuanan ekonomi Cina.
          India ada ketuanan apa?

          1. “If a problem is a Malay problem, it is a national problem.
            If a problem is a Chinese problem, it is a racial problem.
            If a problem is an Indian problem, it is no problem at all.”

            Very well said. In the national discourse, the interest of the disadvantaged Indians is disregarded. At most the task of uplifting this group is “sub-contracted” out to groups such as the MIC for them to resolve, instead of being the responsibility of the government ministry itself.

            1. I would speculate that Waytha’s remuneration per month as below:-

              1. salary/allowance as Senator RM15k;
              2. salary/allowance as Deputy Minister RM15k.

              Total about RM30k per month. Including other perks like car, driver etc etc. If he is unprincipled and ignore the plights of the poor Indians, he can just stay on as Deputy Minister for 6 years i.e. 2 terms as Senator and earn about 30k x 12 x 6 = RM2.16 mil.

              He sacrificed a potential income of RM2.6 mil to uphold his principle of uplifting the poverty of disadvantaged Indians. Not something that MIC leaders would do.

    2. re: “All his actions before this exhibited low character of a leader. Ambushing Pak Lah in a middle of Eid Celebration?! I can never forget that.”

      It was the PM’s Hari Raya Open House. Isn’t the purpose of an Open House its openness? There was the Bapa Mentua and his Menantu whooping it up while the Hindraf Indians were in Kamunting under ISA.

      re: “This is an organization that is supposed to be sincere fighting for the well being of the Indians? Not to me.”

      “Not to me” … You are not a poor Indian. So it is understandable.

      1. Yes it was an open house, but no one goes to an open house breaking the door and act like its a nightclub(I’m exaggerating).
        Come on, do I really need to elaborate further the ethics and conduct of a guest?

        1. No door was broken lah. If a door had been broken, then Hindraf would have been charged for “breaking and entering”.

          Nightclub? Aiyoh. Waytha’s daughter (then a 6-year-old kid) brought flowers and cookies to give to Prime Minister Abdullah. She also drew a Raya Greeting card for the PM (pix below).


  2. Surely he knew that he was not in the first eleven in the team. As a reserve player he should just keep on warming up, and stay focused on the game, with other reserve the bench. And wait patiently for the cue from the coach. The coach has his own strategies. He’s certainly an impatient man.

  3. I hope the large Indian community in Rantau, which sits under Khairy’s Rembau parliamentary constituency take note about their MP’s putarbelit innuendos concerning the Indian community pleas for betterment through Hindraf’s Waythamoorthy comes next GE.

    1. Actually, Rantau Indian communities was firmly under MIC with the help of local lad known as Tok Mat as the MB. The problems for Rantau on GE13 was due to Chinese Tsunami.

      It was so strong that some local lad has becoming Pemuda MIC outside NS. This local lad really believed that MIC is the one who can help the Indian communities like what happen in Rantau.

      KJ effect was not a well spread over Rantau. It is Tok Mat effect that push the ground for BN. KJ was seing as Rembau Most Wanted and not RAntau Most wanted.

      I have a contact in Rantau and majorities on Indian I know of, support MIC.


  4. Khairi is a Dapster because he launched a ‘vicious attack’ to Helen’s favourite ‘social worker’, Waytha.

    Nice logic, Helen.

    1. You just managed to increase the suspicion level to another level that you are a double (triple) agent.

      I really do not want to believe that, Helen.

        1. Ob course, he is. Whenever I see a moronic argument regurgitating everything driven on political sense without any moral obligation and sense, it is obvious.

          Setem is definitely a rubber stamp operative. Helen you are wasting time arguing with people like setem as they are agent provocateurs.

          They will face natural death in the blogs when the money runs out. Their loyalty is only to themselves without a concern for the society.

          Save you energy for more worthwhile commentators who are able to actually contribute to ensure the nation progress in parity for all Malaysians.

          Urb seems to be leaning that way, let’s give him a few round as he seems new. Then let’s judge.

          1. Most Malays were annoyed and shocked at the appointment of Waytha into the government fold. Including me. I don’t have a problem for anyone to defend their rights for their own people but once the Hindraf crossed the civilized line, I really don’t care for them.

            What way am I leaning on? Having an opinion?

            1. I don’t care to read anything about Hindraf. Ask any ordinary Malay folk off the street. See what they think about Hindraf. Their ways and rudeness in the beginning of their establishment turn me off completely.

              1. re: “I don’t care to read anything about Hindraf.”

                If you don’t read then how will you know?

        2. Jarum dalam lipatan. Now it’s obvious. Talam 2 muka.

          So who else are Dapters in UMNO? Who’s your next target? Anyone who don’t agree with you or criticize your favourite icon social workers?

        3. Yes I am an operative for the Malays and Muslims, like LOL and islamic1st and the rest of the Malay commentators in your blog.

          It’s your true intentions that are being questioned now; whether you are playing to both sides of the warring parties.

      1. Those are your logics to show that KJ is a Dapster?

        You’ve lost it Helen. In your desperate need to champion the poor Indian rights vis a vis Hindraf, you’ve become a perpetual hysteric to a level that you see Hindraf like maksum who could do no wrong and any criticism made against them is a blasphemy.

        Stop typing and go reread all the comments made by LOL, islamic1st, Rina, Shamsul, Urb and others regarding the Hindraf.

          1. re Sarah’s blog, and she wanted to know:

            Sarah wrote: “What is his real attentions because, as far as my reading from a few blogs that I follow, (that including the oppo blogger), it come out as he wanting the money which has been allocated to the Indians and he wanted to handle it personally.”

            I’d like Sarah to know that the source of this rumour is Khairy. KJ is the Minister of Youth and Sports. The Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports is MIC.

            As to credibility, comparing between KJ and Waytha, KJ really has very little credibility.

            That was the reason why although it is tradition that the Umno Youth chief would be given a cabinet post, KJ wasn’t.

            KJ was only made a minister in 2013 although he was already Umno Youth chief in 2009 … amidst the dewan in PWTC shouting “KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah!”

            Imagine the fella who Kit Siang told Parliament was the world’s richest unemployed 28-year-old making an accusation that “Waytha wanted the money which has been allocated to the Indians and he wanted to handle it personally.” Sounds like KJ is talking about himself.

        1. re: “all the comments made by LOL, islamic1st, Rina, Shamsul, Urb and others regarding the Hindraf”

          Are any of you Indians? Do you live in an Indian community? Can you speak Tamil? Do you go to the temples? Have you ever sat down at the discussion table with any Hindraf leader before?

          You can all say what you want but I’d be more convinced by what the Indians (to whom Hindraf matters) say.

          I’ll give you one example:

          During one of my monthly visits to Kajang prison, I was waiting for my turn to speak to Uthaya. Each prisoner is given 45 minutes to speak to his visitors.

          The prisoner is behind a counter and separated from his visitors by ‘glass’ (not sure exactly what the material is), by iron-bar window and grill. The prisoner is altogether behind three layers of security.

          The only means of communication is via the intercom ‘telephone’. So I was waiting for my turn to take the telephone while Uthaya was speaking to his wife.

          Beside me was another family visiting a prisoner (a young man) who was sitting at the next counter beside Uthaya. In the visitors room in Kajang prison there are 20 counters, 10 each in a row along two opposite sides of the room.

          My fellow visitor (whom I presume to be the father of the young man) asked me if he could just have a minute on the ‘telephone’ to speak to Uthaya to express his appreciation for all that Uthaya has done.

          You and LOL and islamic1st and Rina and Shamsul and Urb do not live in the same world. Naturally your views would be different.

          1. Yes, it’s easy to be sympathetic in that situation. If I was in your shoes, I’d be impressed by the show of appreciation by an Indian to Uthaya. But I don’t want to be fooled by this brief encounter in a prison visitation to assume that he is a leader for the Indian.

            If he’s a leader, he would be wise to advice his Hindraf people to take a more civil and sincere approach for the betterment of the impoverished indian community.

            I can’t accept a leadership that blames everyone else first and discuss later. And when things don’t go their way, change side and blame everyone else again. While at the same time their supporters are left in the dark waiting for the next order of business.

            I won’t be fooled if I were to see Anwar Ibrahim in prison with a neck support and a black eye and take him as a great leader.

            And yes Helen, we do live in the same world. I do believe the poor should be helped, the weak should be protected and everyone regardless of their race and religion should have the opportunity to live a prosperous life in this country.

            1. re: “But I don’t want to be fooled by this brief encounter in a prison visitation to assume that he [Uthaya] is a leader for the Indian. If he’s a leader, he would be wise to advice his Hindraf people to take a more civil and sincere approach for the betterment of the impoverished indian community.”

              The two brothers are leading separate factions.

              Waytha has taken a more civil approach for the betterment of the impoverished indian community by sitting down and having 16 discussions with Najib Razak. Tapi sayangnya rundingan tak ke mana.

  5. Helen you are wrong. KJ is Malaysian Hope and he will be elected as the President of Republic Aedes when the time comes.

  6. Hi Helen,

    Im Kimie from Melaka. Currently doing my Phd on new media focusing on blog and in the process of collecting data now.

    Im actually one of the follower to your blog posts. Try to look for your email address from the blog but couldnt get it.

    Is that possible for me to get your email address for interview purposes for my phd? Or you can contact me thru email as well. Email: [xyz]



  7. Najib, all this your fault, if i were u, i will let this selfish ungrateful Moorta ROT as fugitive oversea. He even betrayed his own friends in Hindraf, now he dare call u kianat.

    The indians were never abondoned, all sort of aids are being given to them. please be rational, even your Pa and Ma cannot give u everything that u ask for. Read the link here,

    Do the indians still have trust in this Moorta fellow?

    1. XH,

      BN may continue with its existing program or funding to the Indian. Waytha is not concerned with these existing programs. Afterall, these are not under his purview.

      Waytha insisted that the ‘promises’ stated in the MOU be fulfilled. The issue is not about BN not giving aid to Indians. Everyone knows that BN give some form of aid/funding/program etc.

      The real issue is the non-fulfillment of BN vis-a-vis the ‘promises’ made in the MOU.

  8. Helen, you better remember this, but before that, a walk down memory lane.

    Remember Beng Hock ? The DAP used him to such sterling effect that the Chinese moved massively to the Opposition in GE13.

    Now picture this. They use Waytha in GE14. Simple really. Just point to the Hindu Indians how the man was treated by the BN government when he was in government. Throw in Uthaya and those other Hindraf leaders.

    See what’s going to happen ? Its going to be a massive swing to the Opposition by the Hindu Indians. Couple that with the spin job the DAP is now doing with the Christians in Sarawak & Sabah.

    The enemy is moving stealthily into these domains and the Umno people are in perpetually hysterical mode attacking what allies they still have.

    The stage is already set for GE14, but as always, soon the perpetually hysterical Umno hacks will come in and attack me for being pro opposition for writing this comment, just like how the perpetually hysterical Dapsters attacked me before GE13 when I posted comments not favorable to their leaders.

    Yes, it is true that KJ is a Dapster.

  9. The criticism over Waythamoorthy’s latest move is not only coming from Khairy Jamaluddin. The pro-Mahathir camp also has rather negative and disparaging opinions of Waythamoorthy. Such sentiments from the latter group can readily be seen in your blog. Are they so-called “Dapster’s” too?

    1. KJ is a Dapster because he behaves like a Dapster vis-a-vis his character assassinating tweets.

      I did not say that KJ is a Dapster because he criticises Waytha Moorthy.

      1. The pro-Mahathir faction has also been rather vicious in character assassination via Twitter and the social media. They were one of the parties alleging that Hindraf has ties with the Tamil Tigers rebel organisation from Sri Lanka.

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