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Patutkah MCA diambil semula untuk mengisi kabinet?

EGM not because MCA in haste to rejoin cabinet‘ (Malaysiakini, 23 Feb 2014)

BAWAH: Timbalan presiden MCA Wee Ka Siong

Nak jadi Menteri apa?

wee ka siong crying

Ahli-ahli MCA mengundi simbol roket.

Pemimpin-pemimpin MCA menyokong pembangkang dan mensabotaj BN.

Media milik MCA The J-Star terang-terang berkempen untuk pembangkang.

Apa sumbangan MCA kepada BN dalam PRU13?


BAWAH: Bekas Adun MCA lebih cenderong kepada evangelista

Gambar selepas PRU13
Gambar selepas PRU13: Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, bekas Adun MCA tiga penggal di Subang Jaya
Lee Hwa Beng sebelum PRU13


KJ pun seekor Dapster.

KJ dah ambil kuota Dapster.

Maka kabinet tidak ada ruang lagi untuk menampung MCA.

Jabatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia - dinturtle - Blogger PARTI MELAYU 2014-02-22 22-30-21

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65 thoughts on “Patutkah MCA diambil semula untuk mengisi kabinet?

  1. Haiyya kawan…Lu tatak tau malu punya muka lo.

    Lu must deliver the votes first…kalo mau itu cabinet post maa.

    1. Meritocracy tahi kucing. Undi ahli mca pon takleh deliver tapi jawatan nak. Bagi portfolio menteri jilat ludah je kat mca tu. Only in Malaya !

  2. MCA should stick to their WORDS , they should not rejoin the Cabinet, the Chinese do not want any representations in the Government as clearly shown in the GE13. If Najib take the MCA into the government , l m sure in the GE14 the Chinese will still vote for the DAP , knowing that BN will still bring in the Chinese into the Cabinet again even if the MCA are totally wipe out. It’s a win-win situation for them

  3. If najib still hasnt learned anything from the Waytamoorti drama, better jump into your own grave laa.. now its MCA drama pulak.. Before PRU u did everything to win the chinese vote, even to the extent of ridicule yourself, still u get chinese tsunami. If u repeat the same mistake again the gomen is finish foerever, gone case…

    May be there’s going to be an indian tsunami after this.

    1. re: “May be there’s going to be an indian tsunami after this.”

      Pakatan will exploit the Hindraf-Waytha Moorthy drama. It’s not difficult to tap into the resentment and anger generated by this episode.

        1. The Indian-Hindraf grassroots sentiments has consistently been against the establishment. I think the pent-up feelings of unhappiness on the ground will now revert to their anti-establishment equilibrium.

          I think it’s like this:

          When Hindraf and BN (Najib) signed the MoU, although the Malay right wingers in Umno were vociferous in their initial objections, they later grudgingly suppressed their antagonism.

          The Indian supporters pula were shell-shocked at the sudden turnaround and when the hook-up was announced in April 2013, there were lots of cries of “traitor” and “betrayal” among the oppo supporters.

          But since the poor Indians were assured that the MoU was above board and believed in Najib’s nambikei, they too kept their unease and reservations under the lid and hoping for the best.

          Now that the deal has fallen through, the Malay Umno side is venting; Pakatan is gloating “We told you” while the disappointed Indians are breathing a sigh of relief that Waytha is extricated from close proximity to Umno-BN.

          Some of the Malay commenters here are belligerent about Waytha and Hindraf. In Facebook and social media on the other side, you can well imagine that Indian commenters are similarly belligerent about Najib and Umno.

          It is a great loss and setback for BN that Najib did not try harder to make a go of it.

          Comparatively, the budget that Hindraf asked for is not unreasonable considering the huge scope of its mission and the number of lives that the Blueprint will touch.

          Their request for 60 staff is not unreasonable either — one Director-General, 6 directors and 4 deputies, 25 officers and 25 clerical staff.

          You can compare with the lavish budget and the number of staff in the other bloated agencies, bodies and companies (like the pampered TalentCorp) under the PM’s Dept.

          1. Helen,

            I’m just curious.

            Now that PR and BN have, for a lack of a better word, rejected Hindraf, what are they gonna do?

            I’ll write more but for now, I seriously want to know what you think they could and should do.


            1. Dunno, I’m personally tired and rather fed-up with people’s attitudes on both sides.

              I think the Indian poor/grassroots will naturally gravitate to the opposition mind frame and revert to the belief that BN mistreats Indians.

              I also think Pakatan will manipulate the breakdown of the MoU and exploit the anger and resentment.

              I think the Hindraf leadership will act more strategically (“targetted and focused”) as well as revert to combativeness.

              1. I guess you’re right. But imagine if BN actually solve the stateless issues amongst the Indian poor, don’t you think they could afford to lose the hindraf supporters because they have new Indian voters?

                Just think about it. I’m sure these new voters will be grateful to BN, won’t they?

                1. Yes, I’ve pointed out this same thing before in my blog. It is one of Hindraf’s planks.


                  The question is how far is the MIC’s reach?

                  Hindraf, for example, does not have a reach to the Indian Christian middle-class suburbanites such as Mr Hannah Yeoh whose Tamil is non-functioning. So I’m wondering about MIC’s engagement with the poor who want their rights, and not piecemeal sweeteners.

          2. quote,”It is a great loss and setback for BN that Najib did not try harder to make a go of it. “unquote.


            Waytha QUIT.

            He did not try harder and never intended to stay put any longer in the cabinet.

            Good riddance, I would say.

            1. re: “Good riddance, I would say.”

              It is a great loss. By GE14, it is possible that 90 percent of the Indians (together with 95 percent of the Chinese and dunno how many percent of the Christians) will vote the opposition.

              Do not forget the Obama lesson: The Republican party favoured by the kaum majoriti there lost the White House.

              From the very start Waytha had said he would not stay a moment longer if he felt that he was not able to deliver on the Blueprint. He believes his resignation is “the right decision at the right time”.

              PMO and the bureaucracy was stonewalling them.


              1. There are other ways for BN to reach out to the poor Indians.

                Going through Hindraf is no longer an option.

                Go strike a conversation with the MIC leaders, and you will find out that they are working quietly and behind the scenes with their helping Indian schemes. I wont do your home work.

              2. quote,”He believes his resignation is “the right decision at the right time”.”unquote.

                yeah..right timing with the Kajang state election.

                if you can’t smell the rat, Helen, I do not know what else to say about your unwavering support and trust in Waytha.

                Waytha should face the fact that he no longer represents the poor Indians.

  4. Helen,
    patut atau tak patut?

    saya fikir MCA perlu buktikan terlebih dahulu. 5% orang cina yang masih mengundi BN dalam PRU13 lepas kemungkinan yang duduk atas pagar dan ada kemungkinan ahli MCA yang sedang bernafas dalam lumpur….termasuk helen jugak kot.

    apapun, sebagai individu, saya pasti masih ada cina MCA yang kuat menyokong BN tetapi adakah kekuatan kesuluruhannya dapat memenangkan MCA di Kajang?

    tunggu dan lihat adalah lebih baik.

    1. Saya tidak pernah menjadi ahli mana-mana parti politik.

      Tapi jika dibandingkan MCA dengan DAP, saya rasa MCA lebih elok dan anggota-anggota MCA lebiih baik.

      Namun saya rasa jika MCA dibenar menyertai untuk jemaah menteri, BN akan terancam sepertimana ancaman terhadap BN oleh media milik MCA, The J-Star, yang menggunting dalam lipatan.

      1. If mca actually owns the star, then show their balls and do something about these jstars. Either get rid or cold-storage them.

        This is a challenge for MCA.

    2. Alwie,

      The key to Cabinet post is to earn the place. Literally means, a party must earn the right. how ? By winning in election.

      If i were Najib, I would not lose sleep on that.

      “apa susah jika tiada MCA dalam kerajaan. Tanpa MCA pun , BN masih memerintah”.

      The thruth is that MCA let itself to be irrelevant simply by being “another DAP”.

      THE SHOCKING TRUTH is that even with almost entire Chinese rejection of Najib, UMNO still survives and manages to form governments at Federal and state levels.

      If I am Najib I will say “You want Cabinet post. Wait after PRU14. And MCA can start by advising its own member to “pangkah” BN next time”.

      Message has to be sent to chinese that if Cabinet post matters to them, they must support MCA.

      The result is there for all to see. All out voting DAP still unable to get the Chinese to wrest political power from Malays(meaning UMNO). .

      1. SA,

        Another reason why BN rules simply because of unfair delineation of constituencies, i.e. gerrymandering. Best example is Putrajaya. Compare with the neighboring seats like Serdang. Why the big difference whereas both are sub-urban seats with similar demographics. Understandable if the huge difference is between urban and rural seats.

        The Chinese has ignored the threat of no-Cabinet representation even before the election last year when CSL first mooted the resolution. Wondering if an old trick will work on the second attempt?

        1. Asus,

          The Chinese simply did not realise that vast majority of Malays do not believe in PR. As they seldom try to miux with malays beyond superficial level, they were easily misled by Anwar and DAP to think that this time(PRU13), UMNO will “bungkus”.

          It was not a threat. Rather a reminder to the Chinese that demographic reality shows that the only possible way to topple UMNO is by having Malays reject it.

          You may say about gerrymandering. But in reality as the Malays form the largest group in Malaysia, they are the most influential when determining who will be the PM.

          Putrajaya is a Federal seat. It is surrounded by Selangor. It must have a separate seat as it is not a part of Selangor.

          Dont you want to tell me why there was sudden increase oif Chinese voters in Gelang Patah?

          1. Gelang Patah

            (2013) Chinese 52.53%, Malay 34.70%, Indian 12.77%

            (2008) Chinese 54.29%, Malay 33.85%, Indian 11.69%


            Ratio wise there was actually a decrease in percentage of Chinese and a very slight increase of Malays and a bigger increase of Indians!

            But given the demographic trend of low birthrate among the Chinese, maintaining the Gelang Patah Chinese electorate size can be said to be an achievement of the DAP voter registration drive. Elsewhere the Chinese numbers (in terms of ration) are dropping across the board.

            You can double check the figures with another website, but does not give in decimal points.

            (2013) 106,726 voters: Chinese 52%, Malay 34%, Indian 12%

            (2008) 78,676 voters: Chinese 54%, Malay 34%, Indian 12%

          2. SA,

            If not a threat, then how do we describe the no-cabinet post resolution. Whether we call it threat or something else, bear in mind that the ‘threat’ may either work or backfire.

            Same like the propaganda of PAS being an Islamic party. Chinese used to fear that last time. This time they rejected UMNO-BN knowing well if PR takes over Putrajaya, the Islamic credentials of PAS will be more significant and even affect their daily lives. Something used to be effective last time has backfire on MCA now.

      2. quote,”And MCA can start by advising its own member to “pangkah” BN next time”.”unquote.

        I wonder whether the MCA leaders know that some of their own members did not vote for BN in the past election.

        When I looked at their recent EGM, I couldn’t help but seeing so many ‘gunting dalam lipatan’ fellas in MCA. Mulut cakap ‘Sokong BN’, tangan pangkah parti lain. What a shame.

        1. ‘I wonder whether the MCA leaders know that some of their own members did not vote for BN in the past election.’

          I bet they did and was LOL all the way to the bank! (bantuan sekolah Cinas maa!)

  5. MCA & Gerakan has reached the point of no return. Bendera dah diterbalikkan, some want it replaced with Sang Saka, kids refuse to sing Negaraku.

    The worst has yet to come.

  6. As to the question posed in this article, I think the PM would probably give them 1 Minister + 2 Deputy.

    But it’s only because of the ‘Kongsi’ spirit the BN practises, rightfully or otherwise. And it’s certainly not because UMNO still have hopes of MCA winning the Chinese come GE14

      1. Maybe. Maybe not.

        From what I know, the PM, despite being advised not to by most, will still try to show that BN is still willing to implement the kongsi.

        UMNO knows that the overwhelming majority of the Chinese are still with DAP come GE14, but they also know that, based on the sentiments and numbers analyzed, should PR still fail to form the government, a lot of the rural and semi-urban Chinese will give MCA a chance in GE15.

        So, they don’t want to be seen as completely abandoning the Chinese cause. But I can tell you this, UMNO is planning to take the MCA seats that have overwhelming Malay majority in GE14.

        Actually, UMNO knows that come GE14, it is fighting alone in Peninsular and with the BN parties in East Malaysia, are hoping to win more than enough seats to continue governing.

        1. quote,”But I can tell you this, UMNO is planning to take the MCA seats that have overwhelming Malay majority in GE14.”unquote.

          I hope UMNO takes over Parlimen BTunRazak from MCA. MCA supporters ditched its own candidate in GE13. MCA BTunRazak needs to be taught a lesson.

          1. Setem,

            Take Alor Setar, Kulim, Kuantan, Air Hitam, Tanjung Piai too. If MCA wants to be relevant, then fight DAP in Chinese areas.

    1. Bezanya islah DAP=PKR=hipokrit.

      Hipokrit= perompak yang menuduh pencuri menyamun.

      Mana lebih baik, pencuri yang kerjanya mencuri, atau perompak yang tidak mengaku merompak tetapi kerjanya selain merompak menuduh pula pencuri mencuri?

  7. The issue whether MCA should be allowed in the cabinet is non-existence.

    Najib had said that there’s always a slot for MCA in the cabinet. Heck the Transportation Ministry is still vacant and there is a new vacancy in the cabinet when Waytha left.

    It has always been MCA choice whether to join the cabinet or not.

  8. Sekarang MCA pula mahu ‘Bangsa’ dlm borang resmi dihapuskan. Dah ikut rentak DAP nampaknya. Kalu dah sama macam Dap tak perlulah Najib terima mereka masuk kabinet.

        1. Cadangan itu diberi dan dimulakan oleh Joseph Kurup, seorang Bumiputera dari Sabah. Tetapi bila Liow Tiong Lai menyokongnya, engkau melompat-lompat memekik ‘apa lagi Cina mau?’

        2. First, a leader from Sabah made the call. Followed by MCA. Now the latest is MIC. What is the reaction from UMNO?

    1. I will agree to getting rid of the “bangsa” dalam borang rasmi if vernacular schools are abolished.

      MCA, agree or not?

      1. Hah MCA where got balls maa…MCA is only a dong zong poodle lah…Try and confirm this with the ‘Tiong’. I mean liow tiong lai and not the burning tiong.

      2. What about Sekolah Agama Rakyat, private and international schools, elite schools like RMC and MCKK?

        After completing Form 5, we have various courses like STPM, STAM, matrikulasi, diploma for entrance into public universities. Shall we streamline these Pre-U courses as well?

        1. yes.. i will agree to open up the boarding schools and uitms to non Malays, but the sekolah agama shall be maintaine as the schools are not based on races, but it is a religon based. chinese muslims and mamaks can study at the sekolah agama.

          the issue here is to eliminate racial profiling by removing the ‘bangsa’ column in the borang rasmi. the issue here is not about abolishing religious schools.

          but, again, will MCA (and MIC) willing to abolish the vernacular schools? those are race-based schools.

          1. Setem,

            Ok. Got your point on sekolah agama rakyat.

            What is your opinion on streamlining pre-U courses into a single system?

          2. Additional question for you Setem:

            What if the Chinese insist to have vernacular schools even to the extent of not receiving any government funding? The Chinese parents are willing to pay ‘tuition fees’ as if they are sending their kids to private college (zero government subsidy) as opposed to public university (with huge subsidy). Will you agree to allow this type of self-funding vernacular school?

              1. Setem,

                ‘Bangsa’ on borang rasmi is used for transactions with the government. Example, applying for public university places which are funded by taxpayers monies.

                For vernacular schools that are privately funded, no taxpayers monies are involved (assuming no government funding at all). Shouldn’t we allow options to parents to choose? If they are willing to pay and can afford not to receive subsidy (by choosing not to send their kids not national school), why not allow independent vernacular schools to exist?

                Same scenario for private colleges and private/international schools.

                Will you agree for the private sector to continue having ‘bangsa’ on their forms and at the same time ‘bangsa’ is removed from official government forms?

            1. ‘The Chinese parents are willing to pay ‘tuition fees’ as if they are sending their kids to private college (zero government subsidy) as opposed to public university (with huge subsidy). Will you agree to allow this type of self-funding vernacular school?’

              Tak payah nak tipu, Ini dulu pun sudah cakap maa. Tapi lama-lama lu olang minta jugak. Gomen tak kasi, sikit kasi, lu olang, malah-malah, kata itu Melayu Sekolah ada funding, Cina sekolat talak luit!

              Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? MENIPU!

  9. Kalau BR1M this round nama-nama cina ada jugak lagi, bukan kerajaan baik. Betullah kata penyokong Fakatan – UMNGOK.

  10. 1. UMNO can deny all positions and places for MCA.
    2. BN/UMNO can kick MCA out anytime.
    3. The question is why insist on having MCA in the cabinet?

    Looking at the developments since GE13, actually I no longer see any point in having Indians or Chinese representation in BN anymore.

    While I don’t particularly care if there’s a race box in the forms or not, I see no correlation between that and vernacular schools.

  11. Dak teruk kena gigitpun nak percaya lagikah? Lepas ni boleh berkawan tapi dengan syarat. Balik bersopan macam pemimpin dulu, mereka tahu di mana bumi di pijak. Dengan orang yang suka tikam belakang ni kena waspada.

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