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Dapster Khairy’s Youth & Sports Ministry given RM754 million to spend

Screenshot below: A tweet by Hannah Yeoh about how “this is Malaysia”.

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter

Unusual names for people living in Malaysia

The boy in the photo is supposedly named ‘Zahka’, and his mother is ‘Firiza’.

A commenter izad @ 2014/02/25 at 5:16 am requests “can someone please determine the nationality of Firiza and Zahka because it sound alien to me. But i could be wrong…”

The mother and son purportedly live in the slums of Air Panas near Setapak, KL.

Is Karpal alone in this- - The People's Parliament 2014-02-25 01-48-12

Haris Ibrahim: Umno racists

The photo tweeted by Hannah is lifted from the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) website.

Mama Dapster is the SABM mascot — see previous posting for details.

SABM is founded by Haris Ibrahim who is dedicated to “kuburkan Umno”.

Haris declares that the racist in this country is Umno and its konco-konco. See ‘RPK sowing fear, says ex-comrade‘ (FMT, 24 Sept 2012)

Below is a ‘Tolak Pemimpin Rasis’ poster reproduced  from Haris’ blog.


The Dong Zong photo connection

The photos of ‘Zakha’ are attributed to graphic design graduate Chia Hong’s photo essay and said to have been exhibited at the recently concluded Art and Design Graduation Show at New Era College, Kajang.

New Era is a Dong Zong college.

Some readers of my blog wonder at the ingenuity of this boy and his mineral bottle slippers — see above in the photo tweeted by Hannah Yeoh. They say the photo framing looks more like scenes from India.

The SABM story is here,


BELOW: @reginalah is the Menteri Kangkung’s favourite veginatable

Twitter - reginalah- @Zhengguan year awesome

Khairy’s Ministry has RM754 million budget

While some Malaysians have too little money, Khairy Jamaluddin is hogging too much.

The budget for Dapster Khairy’s Youth and Sports Ministry is RM753,931,600 this year.

Click to access b45.pdf


Khairy & the greedies

One of the main reasons Abdullah Ahmad Badawi crashed and burned in the 2008 election was because of his son-in-law Khairy and the Fourth Floor boys.

It is unfortunate that Melayu mudah lupa because history will assuredly repeat itself.

KJ will once again be the main cause of BN crashing and burning in the next election. And this time it will not be a mere electoral setback like in 2008 but a good kick out of Putrajaya.

Even the soft-spoken and mild-mannered Siti Nurhaliza was moved to call KJ “biadab”. The word “biadab” is too mild a description for KJ. A better suited term is “Dapster”.

Regina Lee is KJ’s secretary. She is an uber Dapster. “KBS” in her “awesome” tweet refers to Kementerian Belia dan Sukan.

As we know the DAP evangelistas are synonymous with Gold, Glory and Gospel.

What a pairing KJ and Regina.

Twitter - reginalah- Loads of meetings awesome

Below is a comment by MachaPG @ 2014/02/25 at 10:03 am:

BN will lose GE14″

“toddy drinker/drunkard”, “snake”, “pariah”, etc. ?’

‘hitam macam bontot kuali’ race?’

‘foaming at the mouth?’


‘BN will lose GE14, says Waythamoorthy’

“BN has already lost the Chinese votes; now it will lose Indian votes,” he said.

“The natives of the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak will not trust BN any more.

“BN’s betrayal and violation of human rights will not go down well even with the Malay community.

“Being a Kelantanese, I know the Malays are a community who keep their word. I lived among Malays in my home state. For them, fulfilling a promise is more precious than their life.”

“By not honouring its promise made publicly before millions to implement the Indian blueprint, BN has showed it is a maestro in breaking promises,” he said.

“With that, BN has lost the Indian votes forever.”

Note: “forever.”

Yeah, you flers keep up your sick, biased rationales, disingenuous arguments, contempt and vitriol against the Indians and people like Helen who speak up against their betrayal by Umno/BN.

That’s right… keep defending Umno’s duplicitousness and keep victimising and preying on Indians/Hindraf.

Yeah, sit on your high horse while PR digs your graves.

Pride always comes before a fall.

Come GE14, its hasta la vista… bahalols.

Padan muka!”

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43 thoughts on “Dapster Khairy’s Youth & Sports Ministry given RM754 million to spend

  1. This is nothing. 1mdb which connected to the Chinese playboy still hasn’t explainers adequately on the 40 billions they hoarded in cayman Island.

  2. If the Dapsters are really concerned about the plights of the dirt-poor Indians, they should start adopting them so that some of these unfortunate Malaysians can progress in life. Don’t leave this problem to Vincent Tan alone. Afterall we’ve never seen pics of hungry & downtrodden Malaysian Chinese, not lately .

    1. re: “After all we’ve never seen pics of hungry & downtrodden Malaysian Chinese, not lately”

      Well, not hungry but still the 10 percent Chinese who refused to vote Pakatan are being bullied and terrorized by the aggressive 90 percent. Does this qualify us to be called “downtrodden”?

  3. Helen,

    I am saddened by the picture. After reading the story, I wanted to make some donation to the poor family using online bank transfer. Apparently, they have no MyKad. Meaning they would have no bank account number as well. This is not the ordinary poor Malaysians that possess MyKad and still eligible to receive social aids and donations. How to help them?

    1. I think it is urgent for the government to first check out the veracity of the picture since it is coming from the website of a group founded by Haris Ibrahim who is the mastermind of ABU.

    2. Very touching indeed.

      Perhaps you could locate them by asking the Sri Langkan Embassy. Let us know once you have donated via online transfer. There are thousands more on same flight in Sri Langka, India, Bangladesh. How about the Rohingas too?

      I have the local Indian guy who was interview about this family was not lying. Otherwise, there wont be any Indian left who wouldnt lie.

      And PKR Surendran, where is the list of 300,000 Indians still without MyCard? Dont tell us you lied too.

    1. I think the Minister Of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government should send his officer to check out this story.

      More pictures of the boy & his surroundings, pls go to the SABM website.

  4. MachaPg, I feel for you. Remarks like “h1t@m m@c@m b0nt0t ku@l1” are very off-putting and certainly disgusting, best to just ignore it.

    As for the pictures, it kinda remind me of the movie Slumdog Millionaire (one of my favorite movies out there, you gotta watch it if you haven’t). I tried to use Google Image this morning to see if there are any original pictures that were lifted up somewhere else for potential doctoring and I couldn’t find any. So I surmised that they are original photos. I’ve been to Setapak few times last year and I’m not aware of such a place (the landfill area that the boy is purportedly living).

    PS: I hope the little puppy is in the good hand of the little boy regardless of the authenticity of the pictures.

    1. “I’ve been to Setapak few times last year and I’m not aware of such a place (the landfill area that the boy is purportedly living).”

      The photographs were taken near the banks of a river. It is most likely the Gombak river which flows west of Setapak. There are a few rubbish traps there.

      There are many areas around the Klang Valley where the homeless, the destitute, and the addicted take shelter. They are often squatter areas, under bridges, abandoned buildings and construction sites, riverbanks, and ‘belukar’ areas.

      These places are usually not easily seen from a car on the main road.

      An (in)famous place was the Pekeliling Flats which became a colony for the homeless and drug addicts after it was vacated. My friend once visited the place alone to take some photographs of the ruins, but left as he did not feel safe.

  5. Few years back a case of abandoned single parent and her 5kids came to our attention. Apparently a Bangla married a Hindu convert Indian lady both PATIs so their kids are without proper documents ie Birth Certs. Hubby left, just vanished apparently left for home leaving the family stranded..

    Malaysian Indian boys from Plantations don’t usually carry baggage or whatever on their heads, been in Plantation for almost 20yrs, not seen any doing so. This practice is common among the Indon workers. I presume the boy in the picture is definitely not a Malaysian boy..

    Helen.. for Muslims our community really takes care of abandoned looking kids as above; matters taken up during our monthly mosque committee meetings.. Then we help process for them to get whatever bantuan available.

    Kaum India pihak temple tak aktif ke? Situ takde JKKKampung ke? Itu kawasan Adun siapa? Lain kali tak perlu sibuk2 ambik gambar, bawa budak ni terus ke rumah Adun!

    1. Since the article claims that the boy is stateless, your theory that he is the son of PATI could be correct.

      However his foster mother – her name given as Firiza in the story – doesn’t appear to be Hindu since “Firiza” is not a Hindu name as Calvin Sankaran and other readers have pointed out.

      1. Something about their names and physical appearances tell me that they are not Malaysians. Anyway coming from the man who cried “40000 Banglas” we need to take this story with a ton of salt.

  6. I can tell that the names Firiza and Zahka are surely NOT Indian or Tamil. There are no such names. I can read and write Tamil very well so I do know what I am saying.

    I don’t know if the pics are authentic, knowing very well that these are from King of Spin himself.

    I have been to Setapak a few times (my son used to study at the UTM KL campus) and I did note the presence of squatter houses there so it is possible. However that is not Sg Gombak since it doesn’t pass through Setapak at all. I checked Google Map to confirm and the name of the river is Sg Bunus.

    I do heard of the squatter colonies there though not sure if still exists today as DBKL had been clearing these squatters.

    Assuming the pics are authentic, in my view from the pics, it looks like these people are not Malaysians but probably foreigners (possibly Rohinya refugees). That explains the lack of documentations. I don’t think they even speak Tamil at all.

    BTW isn’t Setapak is under Wangsa Maju which was won by PR in the 13GE ?

    1. True that Setapak has a Pakatan MP but I still think it is better all around for Rahman Dahlan’s people to quickly get a grip on this.

      1. I concur with you on this if this pic is authentic and if these people are indeed Malaysians. Fact is DBKL has done much to build houses for the poor and squatters but not sure if this settlement was missed, ignored or newly set up by opportunists or foreigners.

        However for SABMers, since they hold that BN govt is useless and doesn’t care about poor, why don’t they do something since PR has been given the mandate in Setapak/Wangsa Maju? isn’t the point of given mandate in the GE for an area is to help the people there who are unhappy with BN rather than twitting about people’s problem?

        1. CS, lets not kid ourselves shall be we? These thugs have no real interest of the boy or his adopted family, they are using him simply to defame the so called Malay Gomen!

          Hijacking his misery to ridicule BR1M time and again. It is obvious that the boy and mum was made to wear the ‘slippers’ to appear excessively downtrodden. If not, how come in the rest of other pics, they are on sandals?

          And yet, UMNO get to be ridiculed again. Lets not ask what kind of people are they for staging this. We already know who they are!
          Instead lets ask ourselves, what has we become for falling into their vile lies?! Kita pun dah Odikal ke?

            1. See this link:


              It seems that the family is from Sri Lanka. Even this the names are definitely NOT Sri Lankan. I think the reporter just made them up.

              In any case based on my experience, they can’t be from Sri Lanka but probably Rohinya based on physical appearance and dressing.

              So this yet another “Satu Lagi Project Penipuan Pakatan Rakyat”

              1. And where were you when Helen Ang was defending the hindraf leaders? Hiding in the cave or monsoon drain?

                  1. Watching you and the response from your pro umno rakan sepejuangan.
                    Absolutely ABU after this hindraf saga.

        2. CS,

          This is the problem with the parliament seats in FT KL. People voted for PR but the admin of DBKL is with BN. Mayor and Minister for KL are BN appointees. Squatters is a matter under the jurisdiction of DBKL. Not the MP. MP may still do something like donation of highlight the squatter to the media. But DBKL is the one with funding, equipment and staff to rectify the matter.

          Thanks Helen for taking proactive action.

          1. I agree that Helen’s actions are praiseworthy but I don’t believe the case to be genuine. I have done social work for Indian poor for years and I have finetuned my Bullshit detector and can smell them miles away.

            As for PR MPs. I don’t expect them to relocate the squatters but at least raise the issue. Nurul seems to raise countless irrelevant issues so why not highlight such problems? She has been causing DBKL numerous problems by opposing every good move they try do upgrade Brickfields but she never brings up real issues to help poor Indians at all.

            1. ” I have done social work for Indian poor ”

              Is that so? where were you when Helen Ang was defending the hindraf leaders? Hiding in the cave or monsoon drain?
              I have also ” upgraded ” my bullshit detector to detect bullshit like you.

            2. CS,

              Raising the issue is the most PR MPs in KL FT can do as they are incapacitated by the FT system. I would say a PR ADUN of a small constituency in state (eg. Selangor) is more effective than a PR MP in KL FT. PR ADUN has access to the resources of the state but not the PR MP. The FT minister and mayor of DBKL simply do not want to work with PR MPs. There is no way for PR MP to give instruction to DBKL to implement certain program.

              By extension, I would say the similar problem has frustrated Waytha. I am not denying that BN has programs and fundings for the poor Indians. What Waytha wanted is Najib to implement programs on top of all the existing/subsisting programs as stated in the MOU. The most basic thing is to establish a Special Unit. Until now, no action at all even after 8 months and 16 meetings with Najib.

  7. calvinsankaran… I have done social work for Indian poor for years and I have finetuned my Bullshit detector and can smell them miles away…

    Helen kena gi kawasan mereka dan homestay at least 6bulan situ. Bergaul dan get involved with their komuniti activities mungkin baru dia akan paham kut? Cakapan, pakaian, gaya bla bla we can easily identify if they are Malaysians or PATIs. Another shortcut be regulars at Mamak restaurants.. here Helen boleh pinpoint siapa Malaysian Indians and India Indians..

    Hati2 ya Helen, terlalu banyak PATI taking advantage of our country.

  8. Re : comment by MachaPG @ 2014/02/25 at 10:03 am: “BN will lose GE14″

    MachaPG’s comments were in response to the derogatory remarks of ‘Aku Melayu’ in a previous thread in your blog, and the ‘kuali’ insult surely takes this to a new level. For some reason his remarks were not censored or censured.

    Helen, your take on Waytha’s resignation runs counter to the theme of your blog which is to criticise your usual targets, and your regular commentators come here for their daily fix, not expecting to find you to highlighting the plight of a minority group.

    I am not sure of your intentions, maybe you are trying to wean them off, but the withdrawal symptoms are severe. And they call you nasty things like ‘double agent’ ‘foaming’ etc where previously they heaped praises on you like ‘you are the best … true Malaysian’ etc. The same thing happened to you on the canteen/shower room issue and the police shooting issue. Whatever it is, you have my sympathies.

    Others have also used the p-word, the snake joke etc in your blog. One wonders if deep down in their hearts, the regulars in your blog habour these feelings regarding the Indians, and your thread unearthed them for all to see.

    Especially for the 10-year-old reader who is in his formative years.

  9. “toddy drinker/drunkard”, “snake”, “pariah”, etc. ?’
    ‘hitam macam bontot kuali’ race?’
    ‘foaming at the mouth?’

    Those are all just age old names. Don’t start rumour mongering.

    Grow-up please. Don’t be such a war-crybaby..

    1. re: ‘Those are all just age old names. Don’t start rumour mongering.

      Grow-up please. Don’t be such a war-crybaby..’

      Rumor mongering, my ass.

      Get your zombified head out of yours and take a look around before you talk through yours.

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