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@mpkotabelud, urm … you forgot about ABU lah

Today Haris Ibrahim wrote an open letter to Zahid Hamidi, published in the former’s blog The People’s Parliament.

Haris wrote:

“Dear Zahid,

Heard the adage, ‘Hate the sin, not the sinner’?

That’s how it is with me and Umno.

ABU and I don’t hate Umno.

And ABU and I don’t hate you.

We hate what you have done to our people.

And we hate what you have done to our country.

But we don’t hate you.”

Haters claiming they don’t hate, wakakaka

Haris is claiming that he and his ABU movement do not hate Zahid and Umno.

It is eerie how Haris is channelling Kee Thuan Chye who made famous in Malaysia the phrase “no more bullshit”.

Haris also signed off his call ‘number’ as, that is, the Internet source of the picture of the poor Indian boy photographed wearing the mineral bottle slippers.

Updated 5.26pm — Perhaps the Minister Of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government @mpkotabelud should send his officer to check out the story of the mineral-bottle-slippered boy being spread by Hannah Yeoh, whether true or not.


See YouTube of Haris’ ABU message above.

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“Most hypocritical people on earth”

Raja Petra Kamarudin’s May 13 article two years ago – linked below – delves into the mindset of people like Haris who claim that they do not hate the sinner but merely abhor the sin.

Haris’ open letter to Zahid must be deja vu for Raja Petra.

Najib Razak, the sheltered aristocrat, appears ill-equipped to deal with double-faced people like Haris and Hannah and their like as illustrated in the cartoon below.

double face

“National reconciliation” means no more ‘Race’?

The Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia movement preaches Lurrrve. They claim they do not hate Zahid, the BN leaders or Umno. But they are the seeds of Lim Kit Siang, also Hannah’s mentor.

Their leading lights can go to the extent of accusing even the weather as “racist” and “so extreme”. See Hannah Yeoh’s tweet.


Now the Ministers (e.g. of National Unity) in Najib’s own department want ‘Race’ removed from official forms. MCA and MIC want the same. This is the SABM ideology apparent within the BN’s own fold.

Yet the PM is talking up “national reconciliation” with elements that are clearly out to ‘kill’ him. (By ‘kill’, I mean politically kill, and by ‘dead’ I mean politically dead.)

What do you think is the driving force behind ABU if not pure, unadulterated hate?

Can the patient, moderate, composed and ever-ready-to-compromise Najib begin to understand that ABU wants him ‘dead’?

Hate and vilify the sinner 2013-01-08 00-42-14

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30 thoughts on “@mpkotabelud, urm … you forgot about ABU lah

  1. Dear haris did anybody tell u that u r such a horrible liar, that u look evil, talk evil n is as evil as evil can be… btw, ABU stands for ALLAH BERKATI UMNO…proof? They r still in charge despite everything being thrown at them n yr anwar is still out there in the streets…

  2. A less sophisticated Malay would think that Haris must have eaten ‘nasi kangkang’ given to him by Anwar, for his blind loyalty to Anwar.

      1. More like Haris thinks he hears God’s voice in his ear urging him to do the righteous thing.

        1. He signed off as sayaanakbangsamalaysia because his full name has an english, malay and indian name bin ibrahim.

          1. Kalau si hipokrit haris ini orang melayu di Thailand, boleh jadi dia akan sign off as “sayaanakbangsathai”. Jangan pulak kita terbalikkan menjadi “hai, saya anak bangsa t”, tak baik tu.

            Tetapi perangai hipokrit haris ini memang tunggang terbalik. Pernahkah dia ABUkan Anwar? Perihal Kajang pun si haris ini bertungkus lumus cuba mempertahankan Anwar.

            Si Ambiga pula, reaksi damage contol dia perihal Kajang ialah she demand a convincing reason from Anwar. Sudahkah dia dapat jawapan convincing itu daripada Anwar?

            Mereka ini memang lidah bercabang yang blardy hypocrite!

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Lim Kit SIang’s idea of national unity is about the Malays to give in to their demands and give them the rights to tell the Muslims what to do in Muslims’ religious affairs. For example when he complained about the Khutbah Jumaat and when Tony Pua humiliate another Khutbah Jumaat.

    I do not hate Chinese because I am partly Chinese. But some PR suporters sent comments to my blog saying that I’m racist. They call everyone who do not agree with Pakatan’s idea as racists, extremists or low class. Lim Kit Siang talks about National Untity but it was he and his friends that started the problems by making people fight with each other and do not respect the others.

    He uses the word ‘National Unity’ to make people think that he is trying to make Malaysia a peaceful place and so that people will vote for him and his party; like PAS using Islam. If they really want National Unity, they’ll respect others and stop calling people bad names and be honest and fair in politics.

    1. Dear Ahmad Ali Karim,

      I am convinced Malaysia will immediately be a better place if Lim Kit Siang can just quickly retire — today if possible and not a moment too soon.

        1. I would also add Hannah Yeoh’s name but unfortunately she has age on her side and is some decades away from retirement.

        2. Ahmad ali karim, i want to kiss you for your matured thinking. I will definitely support you in your political career if i am still alive when you start your career.

    2. I really salute your thinking. How i wish those old foggies in dap, pas and pkr have an ounce of your brains for them to think more rationally. Also some bn old foggies.

      When the khutbah jumaat was ridiculed by both lks and tp, none of pas leaders commented. I was expecting dr asri to comment but did he – no.

      Even the ulamaks were silent on this issue. What does this show?

      The national unity was used just as stop gap measure to allow them to buy time to plan for this by election in kajang. For the other members of pakatan to say that they were caught unawares of this by election is a farce.

      Also they were preaching ‘ I’m the leader ‘ syndrome for the malays to kowtow and just ikut telujunk mereka. Hidup melayu.

      Three cheers for you ahmadalikarim. 👍👍👍👍

  4. Ahmadalikarim “Lim Kit SIang’s idea of national unity is about the Malays to give in to their demands and give them the rights to tell the Muslims what to do in Muslims’ religious affairs. For example when he complained about the Khutbah Jumaat and when Tony Pua humiliate another Khutbah Jumaat.”

    Terlintas pula difikiran, since chinese abadoned MCA and vote for DAP, does that mean chinese support the idea of LKS idea of national unity dan semua dasar Dap yg mau jadi “TUAN” baru kat negara ni?

    If any party wants to fight coruption, kronisme, salah gùna kuasa, go ahead, I will support u…tapi mengapa mau dikaitkan dgn Hak istemewa melayu, kedudukan melayu, etc dgn menuntut mau hapuskan hak2 melayu tersebut. Tidakkah mereka tau itu semua adalah perjanjian social kontrak semasa Merdeka dimana bukan melayu mendapat citizenship.

    Selagi ada pihak yg pertikaikannya, national unity tetap bermasaalah no matter how much they removed the “Bangsa” from the official form.

    Tapi yg paling malang ialah ada melayu yg lupa daratan yg mau hapuskan hak2 melayu tersebut.

    1. Kerana bila disoal masalah korupsi dan kekayaan yang melampau pada UMNO yang dapat melalui kronyism, UMNO selalu menggunakan Alaskan ini adalah hak keistimewaan Melayu seolah olah hak keistimewaan Melayu adalah kebenaran UMNOputra until mengaut kekayaan yang melampau.

      Bukan Melayu relay diberi kerakyatan tetapi ini bukan Alasan Untuk UMNOPutra untuk merompak kekayaan atas kesengsaraan rakyat Malaysia tanpa disoal. Melayu pula diperbodohkan untuk mempertahankan kekayaan mereka atas Nama maruah bangla tetapi sebenarnya mashing missing dalam negara sendiri.

        1. Bagaimana anugerah kerakyatan dikaitkan dengan rompakan dan kesengsaraan? Cuba cerita sikit.

          Merompak kekayaan apa?

          Ayat punya skema penuh dengan klise-klise propaganda, isi kosong.

      1. “hak keistimewaan Melayu”
        —-80% or 40 daripada top 50 billionaires kat Malaysia adalah berbangsa cina atau bukan melayu, maka tak sangka saya cina2 bilionair ini merupakan Umnoputra. Jahatnya Umno.

        “Melayu pula diperbodohkan untuk mempertahankan kekayaan Umnoputra”. —hmmm, rupanya orang melayu semua bodoh dan orang cina semua pandai. Jahatnya Umno.

        “Nama maruah bangla” —- ya ada 40,000 bangla mengundi untuk Umno pada PRU13. Jahatnya Umno.

        Bangsa cina menguasai ekonomi di Malaysia. Ramai cina2 di seluruh bandar2 dan pekan2 merupakan bilionair dan milionair kroni Umnoputra yang melampau2 kekayaan mereka. Umno sangat jahat.

        Lim Goh Tong, Lim Kok Tay, Vincent Tan, Robert Kwok, Ananda, Quek Len Chan, Yeoh Tiong Lay – kamu semua Umnoputra ya? Jahatnya Umno.

        1. ‘80% or 40 daripada top 50 billionaires kat Malaysia adalah berbangsa cina atau bukan melayu, maka tak sangka saya cina2 bilionair ini merupakan Umnoputra’

          Kiasu, sebenarnya Cinas yang billionaire tu semua layak jadi billionaire sebab rajin bekerja dan sangat pandai berniaga. Maka tidak hairanlah jika ramai yang jadi billionaire seperti nama-nama yang kita semua sedia maklum.

          Melayu yang jadi billionaire dalam tu semua macai UMNO. Umnoputra papan atas! Sememangnya mereka-mereka ini malas nak buat apapun, berniaga pun kurang cerdas, tapi berjaya menjadi billionaire sebab apa lagi UMNOPUTRAS la!

          Begitulah kisahnya, jadi jangan hairan kalau EVIL MALAY GOMEN masih bermaharajalela di Ma Lay, Sey Lei Ahh!

          Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?

    2. ‘ tapi yang malang ialah ada melayu yg lupa dataran yg mau hapuskan hak2 melayu tersebut.’

      Betul itu tetapi mereka ini menggunakan premis bahawa Islam tidak mengenal bangsa . Memang betul tetapi tidak mereka berfikir sejenak, bila berlaku phenomena melupakan bangsa, melayu tidak akan ada kebebasan seperti yang ada sekarang. Melayu2 ini lah yang mudah lupa betapa susah untuk mencapai kemerdekaan dari penjajah2. Ada kah melayu mahu dijajah semula?

      Fikir2 lah untuk anak cucu kita.

  5. Atas Nama maruah bangsa tetapi sebenarnya masih missing dalam negara sendiri – auto correct problem.

    1. —memanglah benar 40,000 bangsa bangla masih missing (hilang) dalam negara ini, sebab Anwar masih mengumpulkan senarai nama mereka. Anwar akan umumkan pada 16 Sept nanti. “The numbers are increasing by the hours. We have the numbers!”

  6. This whole ABU thing is meaningless when the Pakatan’s own candidate for PM is someone kicked out of UMNO for abuse of power and sexual scandal.

    Not to mention the various ills attributed to/ UMNO is caused by that same fellow if you were to believe RPK, one time strong supporter of that same person.

    Sometimes the same object means different things to different people.

    What does UMNO mean to its members? Its voters? ABU movement people? PAS? PKR? DAP? I tell you what it means for me. Malays being the boss politically in Malaysia, and ABU is just a tool to usurp that position.

    You read in the papers about crazy Malays claiming to be royalty, prophets even gods. They even have followers. Personally I think Haris has something wrong in the head just like those people.

      1. Tokong Tokong Tokong, dulu, kini dan selamanya.

        Hmmm, jahatnya orang cina Malaysia terhadap orang cina Penang. Dalam sejuta penduduk cina Penang, tak ada seorang pun yang lebih bijak, pintar dan layak daripada Tokong untuk menjadi Ketua Menteri.

        Jahatnya Umno sebab tak bagi orang cina Penang belajar rajin2 kat sekolah dulu. Mungkin tak ujud sekolah kebangsaan cina di Penang tak?

  7. Malaysian, jadi yg patut dilawan ialah umno bukan hak istimewa melayu. yg bermasaalah ialah umno baru.

    Bukan umno saja yg rompak kekayaan tapi dirompak oleh kroni2 umno dari china dan india juga.
    Jangan jadikan umno sebagai alasan untuk jalankan agenda jahat tersembunyi pihak2 tertentu.

  8. haris is persistence and consistence most of the time. i respect him, n support him. raja anglo is a turncoat, a expansive cybertrooper n hypocrite. seperti bumi dgn langit, cannot compare.

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