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Because Hannah bullshits too much, her family becomes two faced

Hannah Yeoh’s older daughter is ‘Chinese’ in her birth cert as the whole of Malaysia is probably aware after YB Jerusubang created a ruckus at the registration department and threw a tantrum at Najib Razak.

Meanwhile, her younger daughter is ‘Indian’.



Excerpt from the Sin Chew report titled ‘We are all Malaysians‘ (24 Feb 2014).

“Selangor state assembly Speaker Hannah Yeoh said that Kurup is the first incumbent BN minister to put forward the suggestion and she hopes that the suggestion can also be brought into the Cabinet for discussion and implemented.

‘Kurup is a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and he should fight for the implementation of the measures, particularly for the people in Sabah and Sarawak. We are all Malaysians but the people in Sabah and Sarawak are always categorised into the ‘others’ option under the race column, which is a very offensive word,’ she said.

Yeoh said that under the ‘Keturunan’ column of the birth certificate of her first daughter, she wrote ‘Malaysian’ but was rejected by the National registration Department and she had to change it to ‘Chinese’.

‘I wrote to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the then Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and the National Registration Department head but have received no reply so far and my daughter is already three years old,’ she claimed.

When her second daughter was born, there was no race column on the form but the child’s race was automatically registered as ‘Indian’, following her father’s race.

‘My two daughters are of different races. The race column is a very funny thing and thus, I strongly support the suggestion of removing it from forms and I hope the Prime Minister and Cabinet will seriously address the issue,’ she added.”

Twitter - hannahyeoh- MIC & UMNO troops using nasty

Middle Malaysia or middle finger?

You may recall that one Leong Pei Koe was convicted by the court for the offence of showing his middle to the Raja Permaisuri Agong two Chinese New Years ago in Penang.

See flashback report below.

Interestingly enough this said Chinese man who was disrespectful to the Raja Permaisuri Agong is a Subang Jaya voter — see his SPR registration.


Hannah’s Bangsa Malaysia

The DAP Firsters claim that they are Anak Bangsa Malaysia but they scorn many if not all the symbols of our nationhood.

Hannah Yeoh’s own command of the national language is so poor that she mistakenly says “soalan mulut” when the correct term should be ‘soalan lisan’ for ‘oral question’ asked in the Selangor Dewan presided by her as Madame Speaker.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- 84% soalan mulut yang dihantar

Nama Yahudi

Now the DAP is seeking to define what Bangsa Malaysia is.

During the height of the brouhaha with regard to the ‘keturunan’ of Hannah Yeoh’s elder daughter, the DAP circulated a petition demanding that the government allow Mama Dapster to register her baby as bangsa “Anak Malaysia”.

In other words, the Firster ideology seeks to frame Hannah’s mixed race child as the prototype template of New Malaysians. And guess what is the name of the prototype Anak Malaysia? It is Shay Adora Ram.

“Shay” is a Hebrew name.

Hannah Yeoh’s daughter has a Jewish name. And her Christian party is trying to set-up the Hannah Banana family as Bangsa Malaysia icons?!

What is the DAP’s understanding of Bangsa Malaysia?

According to DAP 3.0 propaganda, currently being echoed by the MCA too, there are no Malays and no Indians and “zero Chinese” in the country. All are Malaysians and Malaysians only — see Hannah Yeoh tweet below.

DAP’s propaganda thrust begs several key questions. What is the position of the Raja-raja Melayu under this ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ paradigm?

And what about the other races? Will they be subordinated to sit in the backseat like Mr Hannah while wifey takes the wheel (metaphorically speaking)?

What will be the position of Islam under the DAP evangelista scheme of things?

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2014-02-01 17-50-44




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59 thoughts on “Because Hannah bullshits too much, her family becomes two faced

  1. “Nama Yahudi

    “In other words, the Firster ideology seeks to frame Hannah’s mixed race child as the prototype template of New Malaysians. And guess what is the name of the prototype Anak Malaysia? It is Shay Adora Ram.
    “Shay” is a Hebrew name.”

    ‘Joseph’ is also a Hebrew name. So is ‘Yusuf’.
    So is ‘Jacob’ and ‘Yaakob’.
    So is ‘Ishmael’ and ‘Ismail’, ‘Issac’ and ‘Ishak’.
    So is ‘Daniel’.

    What better way to try and whip the readership into another Two-Minutes-Hate and perpetual hysteric frenzy than to insinuate the Hebrew origins of Emmanuel Goldstein, sorry, I mean Hannah Yeoh’s daughter’s name? Disregard the fact that millions of Malaysian Muslims have names of Hebrew origin.

    1. Shay is still a Hebrew name. Whereas Yusuf and Ishak are Muslim names although they have ‘counterparts’ in Joseph and Isaac.

      1. ‘Yusuf’ and ‘Ishak’ are still Hebrew-based as they originated from the Hebrew Yôsēp̄ (Anglo spelling: Joseph) and ‘Yiṣḥāq (Anglo spelling: Isaac).

        As for the name ‘Shay’, it also is a Celtic name which means ‘God’s Grace’.

        But insinuations of a Scottish or Irish agenda does not whip up the readers into a hysteric frenzy, compared to insinuations of a Jewish agenda.

        1. Nevertheless, shay adora?

          Why does it sound like the best example of a purported anak ‘bangsa Malaysia’. The first one too?
          It is a Jewish tradition name, so don’t need to justify it by talking about Yusuf, or Ishak,.
          Cos the only ‘shay’ you’ll find in Muslim nomenclature would be ‘shaythoon’

  2. Seems like a rewording of Malaysian Malaysia to me.
    While these people claim they don’t care about race, the fact that the majority of one race in their party’s CEC determines that to be a big lie. Just a means to justify an end.

    Anyway if something like race and nationality seems to be so confusing to this politician, I wonder what she considers her ethnicity is. Also, she can’t claim to be Malaysian in spirit when she tries to tear down and deny what Malaysia has always been, a multi racial country with Malays as the indigenous majority. Well, there’s also that matter about it being a federation of states with Malay Sultans being the heads of most of those states as well.

    These people are insidious, you can’t even give an inch to them because they will proceed to take more and more later.

    1. re: “These people are insidious”

      They are worse than insidious. But they have the nerve to turn around and call BN “wicked”.



  3. TDM was not one to make many mistakes during his time as PM but his nonsensical Bangsa Malaysia was a blooper.

    Even back in then, it was unacceptable to many, especially the Malays because it could have meant the removal of special bumiputra privileges (they be like…”Cina, India semua jadi sama standard dengan kita? Eee…nanti depa pulak jadi Tuan, mati la kita…mintak simpang mak oi!”).

    The exception was Kit Siang who had this to say, “I concede that Mahathir’s statement was courageous,” says opposition leader Lim Kit Siang. “His remarks are the most enlightened he has made on nation-building for some time.”

    The Federation of Chinese Assembly Halls in Malaysia was also quite delighted with TDM’s brain fart.

    Learned well has Padawan Mama Dapster from the Dark Lord of the Kit, Papa Dapster.

    And now, the abangcjiks and kakchiks are going “Eee…” all over again.


    1. The Malay word “BANGSA” refers both to “RACE” and “NATIONALITY or CITIZENSHIP”. One must be able to distinguish between the two at the risk of descending into a mindless squabble over the issue.

      The passage below is excerpted from the ASIAWEEK link above:

      RE: “In August, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad made a plea for “Bangsa Malaysia” – a united Malaysian Nation in which being a Malaysian is the thing, not being Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban or Kadazan. It means “people being able to identify themselves with the country, speak Bahasa Malaysia and accept the Constitution,” said Mahathir.”

      It is evident Dr. Mahathir was making a plea to Malaysian CITIZENS of all RACES to identify with and contribute to a “United Malaysian Nation”; by becoming conversant with “BAHASA MALAYSIA” and to willingly accept “THE MALAYSIAN CONSTITUTION”.

      But going by Mr. MachaPG’s comments one would be misled to surmise otherwise. Nowhere in his qualifications with respect to the term “Bangsa Malaysia” does Dr. Mahathir appear to be nonsensical, in the least, as MachaPG claims he was.

      On the other hand, clauses like “Learned well has Padawan Mama Dapster from the Dark Lord of the Kit, Papa Dapster” is a manifest blooper where the English semantics is concerned.

      But we shall not delve into his “eeeeeeeeeeee” imputations over our Malay brethren for now.

      1. Chris, you should run for President of Moronia.

        I bet you can’t wait to find out where Moronia is, don’t you?

          1. re: Thamby, is that where you are coming from?

            And I thought Moronia only existed in Chris’ mind.

            LOL…you flers are stupider than I thought!

            1. Oh btw islam1st, what is your problem with me exactly?

              Anything specific I’ve said to insult your Islamic sensitivities or are you just exhibiting your inherent herd mentality against the lone Indian here so that you’re respected by the others as a Melayu with testicular fortitude?

              1. ‘Oh btw islam1st, what is your problem with me exactly?’

                Ala, usik-usik manja pun tak boleh. Kau usik orang boleh plak?

                ‘lone indian’

                Tak tahu pulak kita ada ‘Untouchables’ among us, kat sini?!

    1. How is pointing out that Hannah’s daughter has a Yahudi name promoting anti-Semitism?

      They want Bangsa Malaysia, look at our neighbouring countries. Yingluck Shinawatra has a Thai and not a foreign name. Similarly Rudy Hartono and Susi Susanti have Indonesian names. They are of Chinese descent.

      1. Ya. What is wrong with a Chinese name since daughter 1 is Chinese and an Indian name since daughter 2 is Indian? Why a Jewish name?

        Shai \shai\ as a boy’s name is of Hebrew and Aramaic origin, and the meaning of Shai is “gift”.

        Yeoh Dian Tsai would be a nice Chinese name. 杨天才

        礼品 gift, present
        礼物 gift, present, tribute, giving
        礼 ceremony, gift, ritual, courtesy, propriety, rite
        赋予 gift
        天才 genius, talent, gift
        仪 instrument, apparatus, appearance, ritual, ceremony, gift
        才 talent, ability, expert, endowment, gift
        赐 gift, grant, bestow, favor, confer, favour

        1. Although we might not immediately perceive it, all these word-play and name-games by all-too-human creatures somehow spotlight the cavalier dismeanour of these so-called evangelists when they preach and insist that “ALLAH” is the Trinitarian God in their normative but controversial gospel compilations. These mortal creatures have somehow presumed the prerogative in ascertaining the nature of their Creator – snatched it from ALLAH the One and Absolute, Who Alone is Almighty over all creation.

    2. Shay is also a Celtic (Scottish, Irish, Welsh) name. Some of my British and Australian friends on Facebook have mutual acquaintances named ‘Shay’.

      This brings us to ask, why did Helen write ‘Nama Yahudi’ without considering the fact that the name is also of Irish or Scottish origin? Could it be that insinuations of a so-called Jewish link is far more effective at incensing the readers, than a Celtic one? After all, mental images of Guinness, leprechauns, kilts and haggis does not really rile up some readers here.

              1. Anybody can name their child anything they like, you think I care?

                But we’re talking here about the cheapest publicity-seeking politician who created a national ruckus against the Registration Departmant, made the NRD clerk a scapegoat simply for following procedure (Hannah’s demand for “Anak Malaysia” is not an option available in the current system) and who petitioned the Prime Minister with the backing of her political party and its whole media and propaganda machinery.


                Then there is the entirely faulty premise of Hannah Yeoh’s Bangsa Malaysia to begin with. If you want to set up your child as the prototype of Anak Malaysia, then don’t lah trot out her Scottish/Irish/Welsh name.

                You also another another typical evangelista (minding my promise not to call you Dapster), wanna tegakkan benang basah and your far-fetched argument making the explanation even more ridiculous.

                The origin of the kid’s name as Hebrew makes more sense.


                The name is apparently very common in Israel and it is used by both boys and girls. It means “gift”.

                Same with “Adora” (Latin, in English ‘Adore’) which also means “adored”, “beloved”, “gift” —

                Given Hannah Yeoh’s extreme evangelism, is it more possible that she was inspired by Hebrew or by Celtic?

                Lu fikir-fikir lah. That’s why you evangelistas tend to putar-belit so much you get your tongue in a knot.

                1. “Given Hannah Yeoh’s extreme evangelism, is it more possible that she was inspired by Hebrew or by Celtic?”

                  “The name is apparently very common in Israel and it is used by both boys and girls. It means “gift”.

                  Same with “Adora” (Latin, in English ‘Adore’) which also means “adored”, “beloved”, “gift””

                  From the link you posted:

                  “Adora \a-do-ra\ as a girl’s name is of Greek, Old German and Latin origin, and the meaning of Adora is “a gift; beloved; adored”.

                  Greek, Old German, Latin. No mention of ‘Hebrew’ there.

                  Shay is also popularly used in Ireland.

                  You claim you do not care about what others name their children. Yet you write an article about it with hyperbole to link the name with Jewish insinuations. The best of it? Your name is ‘Helen’, which itself is a Western name. You also have not adequately addressed the fact that names such as ‘Ishak’ and ‘Yusuf’ are of Hebrew origin.

                  If people do not swallow down your ill-founded ‘logic’, you go on a rant accusing them of being ‘Dapsters’ or ‘evangelistas’.

                  1. re: “It means “gift”. Same with “Adora” (Latin, in English ‘Adore’)”

                    Don’t split hairs lah. Shay means ‘gift’ in Hebrew and ‘Adora’ too means ‘gift’ (also ‘beloved’, ‘adored’) in Latin, Greek, Old German as well we can easily guess its meaning in English.

                    If I myself have provided the link for everyone to check, then surely I’m not insinuating that Adora is Hebrew and nowhere have I said it’s Hebtrew.

                    Only in your fevered imagination like Hang Babeuf who sees words that are not there. Typical evangelista. And don’t twist my wrods to imply that I called Hang Babeuf “evangelista”, ok. I’m only calling you evangelista (tho’ I’d rather call you Dapster).

                    1. It is you who is splitting hairs by trying to nitpick a choice of name (which can be Celtic or Hebrew in origin) and turn it into an issue. Have you run out of issues until you need to scrape the bottom of the barrel to feed your spite?

                      The irony of it is you criticise a person’s choice of name while yours is Western itself.

                    2. Whether Shay Adora is Celtic or Hebrew in origin, it is not even Nusantara much less Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

                      As for my name, I do not ride on a high horse and thump myself as the icon of Bangsa Malaysia.

                      As for your nitpicking, typical evangelista.

                    3. Hey AC/DC, according to the baby names list here, Shay is a male name in Irish/Celtic/Gaelic but Shay is a unisex name in Hebrew. Since Shay Adora Ram is HY’s daughter, so HY is likely naming her daughter a Hebrew version of Shay instead of Irish/Celtic/Gaelic Shay. Hence Helen is more accurate here, so no need to argue further, case dismissed, lol! Geez, why I even write about baby names, lol!

                    4. “Hey AC/DC, according to the baby names list here, Shay is a male name in Irish/Celtic/Gaelic but Shay is a unisex name in Hebrew. Since Shay Adora Ram is HY’s daughter, so HY is likely naming her daughter a Hebrew version of Shay instead of Irish/Celtic/Gaelic Shay”

                      Here it says differently:


                      shay\ as a girl’s name (also used as boy’s name Shay), is a variant of Shea (Gaelic), and the meaning of Shay is “admirable”.

  4. Malaysian – that made you anti Malay, anti Muslim and anti establishment.

    Why wait just migrate if you don’t like MALAY – sia

  5. Dear Aunty Helen,
    Do you think that she’ll agree with Joseph Kurup if it is the Chinese and not the Malays who have the special rights? May be those people do not want the Malays and the Bumiputras to have the special rights as written in the Article 153 of the Federal Constitution. If there is only one race, there will not be any special rights to the Malays anymore. Pakatan supports COMANGO. One of COMANGO’s demands is for Malaysia to sign the International Covenant on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD).
    Some people also want religion not to be written in ICs.

  6. Dalam Quran dijelaskan manusia dijadikan berbilang bangsa supaya mereka berkenalan antara satu dgn lain. Anehnya manusia pula mau lupuskan bangsa menentang kejadian Tuhan.
    Sedangkan monyet pun ada macam2 jenis spt.kera,beruk,baboon etc.
    Actually they hate to see the bangsa ‘Melayu’ in the form. Untuk melindungi niat jahat mereka terpaksalah mereka tuntut Bangsa dihapus dari borang. Sebenarnya merekalah rasis pelampau hati busuk.
    Tapi mereka pandai bermuka-muka dgn kata2 spt.Bukan anti melayu,Bukan anti Islam,Cuma anti rasuah.
    Mereka mendakwa kena tindas,diskriminasi,dilayan spt. Warga kelas dua oleh melayu. Anehnya merekalah yg ramai terkaya, menguasai ekonomi,perniagaan,pengangkutan,pemasaran etc.

    Sebenarnya mereka jadi terlalu tamak,setelah menguasai segalanya,mereka mau merampas kuasa politik pula seterusnya Islam jadi sasaran.
    Sekarang ni mereka berusaha membentuk persepsi umum bahawa Melayu itu rasis,rasuah dan lain2 nilai negative sehingga sudah ada melayu yg terpengaruh dan berasa malu dan fobia nak mengaku bangsa melayu lalu sama2 menyokong cita2 busuk mereka.

    1. ‘Mereka mendakwa kena tindas,diskriminasi,dilayan spt. Warga kelas dua oleh melayu. Anehnya merekalah yg ramai terkaya, menguasai ekonomi,perniagaan,pengangkutan,pemasaran etc’

      Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?

  7. Like to see these scenario:
    Many years from now as Shay Adora queuing to vote in an election, a red beaner shouted Bangla!

    1. If Hannah keppoh has fumbled in her choice of her family, so be it lah…….. why the need to get the whole nation choatic cos her weaknesses.

      Typical of a bloody Dapster and Evangelist, when they cannot live up with the reality in life ….. they always find something or somebody to blame.

      Hannah should have given birth somewhere in the US maybe and see what kind of form she had to fill in. Google and see what?.

    1. Walauweh, if Mdm Speaker is very much promoting BANGSA MALAYSIA through his standoff with JPN over the race of his daughter then she should also support ‘SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA’. Period!

      1. And Madam Speaker shoould repent for drinking Shandy during CNY which is an uncool racist festival from the dark ages. The devil can tempt us to become racist and pagan. if the devil can seduce humans with apples, so can shandy.

        Remember only the cool kids only celebrate Hari Malaysia.

        And I hope that the kids Shay and Adora do not get racist presents in the form of angpows from their unrepented relatives as this might scar them for life.

  8. If there’s no race thn all SRJKs should be abolished. What is Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina when Cina no longer exists.

    Talking through their forked tounges.

    1. No more Bukit Cina, MCA, CNY apart from SRJC since in Hannah speak there are no more Chinese. Cancel Dragon Boat, Moon Cake, Feng Shui too.

  9. Why stop at race? Why not rope in religion, gender, places of birth and residence, occupation, honorary titles, etc. for non-inclusion in all official forms? Then, maybe, just maybe, the proponents of equal rights would feel this land, that they came to tumpang, would feel satiated.

  10. So Bangsa Malaysia. What are the vernacular schools doing in Malaysia ?

    If the people are genuine about Bangsa Malaysia, all should support Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua.

    What Bangsa Malaysia ? All lies and deceit.

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