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9 percent only

Leaders of some prominent Malaysian NGOs

Irene Fernandez (middle)
Irene Fernandez: Executive director, Tenaganita.
Cynthia Gabriel

Cynthia Gabriel: Former executive director, Suaram and also founder of Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4)

Ivy Josiah
Ivy Josiah

Ivy Josiah: Executive Director, Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO)

Gerald Joseph

Gerald Joseph: Director, Pusat Komas

kj john

K J John: Executive Director, OHMSI

Sonia Randhawa

Sonia Randhawa: Executive director, Center for Independent Journalism

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16 thoughts on “9 percent only

  1. Some ngos were formed by a membership of less than 10 persons. Then they picked among themselves as president or whatever designation that could signify “elitist” and “oomp” connotations. Thus we have Executive-of-whatever.

    Still they’re no better than an ordinary JKKK. A JKKK looks after a few hundreds kampung folks. Humble as they are JKKK are really the all-year-round working committee.

    Ambiga and Marina are “there” just to show off. They’re the elites so their hands aren’t for the victims of floods. They don’t bother what happened to those rice planters who lost their rice fields in floods. They don’t care. Hippocricy.

    1. Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung (JKKK) do not have a media platform like some of these NGOs do.

      There is also the factor of language. Irene Fernandez, Cynthia Gabriel, Ivy Josiah, Gerald Joseph, K J John, Sonia Randhawa, et al are English speakers. This helps them to get airtime in international media even though their NGOs may comprise less members than a typical JKKK.

    1. See lah their names — Irene Fernandez, Cynthia Gabriel, Ivy Josiah, Gerald Joseph, K J John …

      They’re not Arumugam or Letchumi. I thought readers of my blog are already agreed that the Christians are super duper aggressive.

  2. “They’re not Arumugam or Letchumi..”

    Such a shallow comment. So “Helen Ang”.. what are you? An American/British (Insert Western country here) Chinese?

    And you just took KJ Johns statement so literally, skipping the sentences after on how he defined “an Indian”.

    You’re no different than a religious extremist trying to garner hits on your blog with cheap shots like this.

    1. re: “So “Helen Ang”.. what are you? An American/British (Insert Western country here) Chinese?”

      So Shasha Chacko, have you ever worn blue jeans or are you in sari all the time?

      Why don’t you leave your comment here in some Indian script rather than in English?

      1. I don’t understand your logic. I’m Malaysian Indian. Indian being an ethnicity not a nationality. Yes I wear blue jeans and no I don’t wear a saree ALL the time. Whats your point?
        P/S : Google the difference between ethnicity & nationality before replying please.

      2. Well said. And if I may add If HA is like some religious extremist trying to garner hits on her blog, she may have scored well with the likes of Sasha Chacko (or Alexndra Jacob) taking a “Cheap shot” at it.

      3. Oh dear. I did a quick Google search on “Helen Ang”. I honestly thought this was a blog belonging to a random frustrated Malaysian. My bad! Now it makes a whole lot of sense. Have a good day!

        1. Indian is about being a national of the sub continent of India. Unless you hold dual citizenship and have dual loyalties your response is incorrect. Your race or ethnicity is either that of a Dravidian or more specifically Malayalee which is diametrically opposed and different to the ethnicity of someone from Assam, Tripura, Manipur, A Jhat or Punjabi which are again all significantly or manifestly different to each others. A bit of confusion there Alexandra Jacob (or Sasha Chacko if you must)

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