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No, no, no, NO, NOOO! to MCA’s inclusion in the Cabinet

I used to be aghast at the political developments in our country.

My old gravatar was The Scream, wearing headphones. Original painting from which the iconic image is derived is reproduced below.

Edvard Munch - the scream digital

The Scream

Now looking at the political developments in our country, I can only face palm. I’ve grown beyond being appalled. So I’m changing my gravatar.

My new gravatar is cropped from a scene in a Disney feature cartoon.


Please read also – I strongly recommend that you do – the article ‘Are the MCA leaders aware of the Api Dalam Sekam in The Star?‘ by former MP Wee Choo Keong.

Wee asks if the MCA leaders are aware of their Gunting Dalam Lipatan constantly stabbing its poisoned tipped blades in the BN’s back. Please read his article!

HelenAfpActually MCA is irrelevant already. Nonetheless their venomous media machinery is a MENACE and will jeopardize the BN’s chances of survival.

Understand this, PLEASE: The old Umno-MCA-MIC spirit of the Alliance is dead. And buried.

MCA has become DAP. The J-Star is more the DAP evangelistas’s creature than can be said of Utusan‘s relationship with Umno.

If Najib Razak is still unable to realise this, then he will surely be Malaysia’s last Prime Minister from Umno.

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32 thoughts on “No, no, no, NO, NOOO! to MCA’s inclusion in the Cabinet

    1. Ms.Helen,

      It’s a moral issue for certain. Just as much as the MCA has the RIGHT to be legally included into Parliament again, they must bear the RESPONSIBILITY of proving their committed loyalty to the Barisan Nasional by revamping their own media involvement with the polemics of the DAP opposition.

    2. cba, your nickname is lacking 2 i’s followed by the word kia.

      Please rectify this.

      You may also want to consider placing the word chau in front.

      It’s usually people with such nicknames who come up with ingenious comments like yours.

        1. re: how about i before PG for you? :)

          Machai for whom?

          Tell me lah.

          Make sure you can prove it, though.

    1. The little doggie is soooo cute. It’s got a twinkle in its eye.

      But methinks a face palm is more appropriate for our politics the next 4 years going into GE14.

      I’ve given up already on my old banner ‘Rebooting your thinking (Control-Alt-Del).

          1. Yeah and the Malay equivalent for Jibby would be “tepuk dahi.”

            His big dahi would be perfect for hard, repeated tepuking.

            Nothing inside to damage.

          1. re: Very tempted to include the words “Oh my Prime Minister” in the banner too.

            I wouldn’t demean my average IQ with that ‘my.’

      1. I’ve given up already on my old banner ‘Rebooting your thinking (Control-Alt-Del).

        With the current race relations (DAPster vs non DAPster) thinking is unrebootable. Chuck the PC. Everything seems to be an issue from names to videos etc. Nobody says thank you anymore.

  1. Kiat Siang and Guan Eng actually scumbag “King of blaming people”– Once have problem always point to others. “Baling Batu sembunyi tangan” –

    Come-on Kiat Siang and Guan Eng show you have a pair and gentlemen enough to take a responsibility and admit mistake. It has been 6 years DAP has rules Penang still blame BN!

  2. It will make no difference if Malay or Indian is included in CEC DAP.

    If you were to ask, there were no Malays elected into CEC. No Indians too. All 20 are Chinese or Malaysian who must kow-tow to Chinese christian evangalists or Dynasty Lim empire.

    1. DAP is a long-time member of the worldwide marxist organization, Socialist International. These neo-marxist politicians have forgotten what civilized Chinese have believed and practiced for ages. By the way, aren’t marxists “ideological atheists”? Then how come they’re so overwhelmingly concerned with inserting “ALLAH” into bibles? Is a “new mutation of anak bangsa malaysia” emerging from their “rapture evangelism” coupled with “cultural marxism”?


      1. ‘Then how come they’re so overwhelmingly concerned with inserting “ALLAH” into bibles?’

        And yet I see no ACDC nor OKM neither LGE or LKS and not even Pakiam and Andrew making the necessary noises to get the Pinoy, Indon and some Pribumis to demand,

        ‘YouTube to remove Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ video depicting name of God: Allah,
        I want Youtube to remove Katy Perry’s video ‘Dark Horse’ from their Website’

        How come indeed?!

        ‘YouTube has quietly edited a Katy Perry music video, after a petition launched on, urging the online video streaming company to remove the video’

        TheStar jangan cakaplah, editorial tempurung kelapa kumpulan akhbar tersebut sememangnya tidak pernah tahu tentang simbol nama Allah, kalau tidak masakan diaorang published gambar tatoo Erykah Badu, ye dak WCW??? So have you insult a Malay today WCW?

        Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?

        1. Puak-puak Kristian di Malaysia ni tak ada pulak bising pasal nama Allah dipermainkan dalam muzik video ni. Takkan tak ada rasa cinta sedikit pun pada nama Allah yang diorang dah pakai “berkurun” lamanya.

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