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Najib’s desperation is showing

BN today announced that they are accepting two mosquito parties – Persatuan India Malaysia and Parti Punjabi Malaysia – as their new associate members. Read the rest of the report in Umno Online.

LOL. Continue reading “Najib’s desperation is showing”

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Dapster Khairy challenged to show what good he’s ever done

By P. Waytha Moorthy

(Press statement)

It is more than a week now since Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin and Defence Minister Hishamuddin Hussein criticized me for not being a team player and claimed the Government has done a lot for the community. Continue reading “Dapster Khairy challenged to show what good he’s ever done”

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Why the Malays feel besieged

Isma vice president (II) Abdul Rahman Mt Dali released a press statement yesterday titled ‘Bumi ini bumi Melayu! Dunia jangan pertikai lagi‘.

Abdul Rahman said:

“Kita mahu dunia mengiktiraf  bumi ini sebagai warisan dan hak orang Melayu. Sama seperti dunia mengiktiraf benua Cina adalah hak warisan orang Cina dan benua India hak warisan orang India, England untuk Inggeris, Ireland untuk orang Irish dan Germany untuk orang  German dan seterusnya. Continue reading “Why the Malays feel besieged”