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Why the Malays feel besieged

Isma vice president (II) Abdul Rahman Mt Dali released a press statement yesterday titled ‘Bumi ini bumi Melayu! Dunia jangan pertikai lagi‘.

Abdul Rahman said:

“Kita mahu dunia mengiktiraf  bumi ini sebagai warisan dan hak orang Melayu. Sama seperti dunia mengiktiraf benua Cina adalah hak warisan orang Cina dan benua India hak warisan orang India, England untuk Inggeris, Ireland untuk orang Irish dan Germany untuk orang  German dan seterusnya. Atau adakah orang Melayu tidak punya tanahnya sendiri? Sudah tentu inilah benua Melayu dan inilah tanah untuk bangsa Melayu. […]

“Oleh itu, kita mahu orang Cina, India atau sesiapapun tidak lagi mempersoalkan kedudukan Melayu. Kita juga mahu seluruh dunia mengiktiraf bumi Malaysia ini yang sebelumnya dikenali Malaya dan sebelumnya lagi dipanggil TANAH MELAYU sebagai warisan Melayu dan hak Melayu.

“Kita mahu dunia mengktiraf perkara ini sama seperti dunia iktiraf benua Cina adalah hak warisan orang Cina dan benua India hak warisan orang India. Ini adalah identiti negara ini dan agama anutan terakhir orang Melayu di bumi ini sejak berkurun-kurun lamanya adalah addeenul Islam.” (The full text of his press statement can be read HERE.)

Abdul Rahman is espousing the doctrine of ‘blood and soil’.

His assertion comes as a response to the Chinese and Indians “questioning the Malay position”.

The Firsters, as to be expected, have eagerly demonized him. His organization Isma has been taunted by them as “a bunch of uneducated losers”, among the more polite responses — see ‘World must recognise M’sia belongs to Malays‘ (Malaysiakini, 27 Feb 2014).


Understanding the siege mentality

Muslims comprise 62.3 percent and Malays 54.6 percent of the Malaysian population.

Some people wonder why the Muslims and the Malays whom are the outright majority in the country should yet feel so besieged.

The answer is because, evidently, the minorities are so aggressive and not to mention abusive.

Take for example the following response by Malaysiakini subscriber ‘anak, bangsa, malaysia‘ asking Isma to go die /”U pi mati liau”.  His comment (see below) is typical of the chest-thumping Anak Bangsa Malaysia crowd.

Malaysiakini SABM

Evangelista Bintang Tiga

Then there are the pushy Christians who loudly exhibit the triumphalism of their religion.

The evangelistas are possession of this peculiar overweening habit of lecturing to the Malays that the latter have “zero understanding of the the universal values of Islam” despite the fact that the Malays are born into the faith (see comment by Malaysiakini subscriber YF, reproduced below).

The evangelista too-clever-by-half attitude extends to labelling the Malay as a bad or failed Muslim or even a “racist munafik” (see YF‘s comment below). Not only that, it is more and more common nowadays to hear the Christians toss the ‘Allah’ word very cavalierly.

Malaysiakini YF

“Corrupt, stupid people”

‘Di mana ada sarang tebuan, di situ Dapster akan jolok’ perfectly describes the behaviour of the Malaysiakini reader calling himself ‘Hwin‘ below.

All the Dapster tropes are trotted out in his comment — “land of Malays” is “land of corrupt”, “land of … stupid/backward/insecure people”, “land of racism”.

Nowadays, we often hear complaints by the Malays that they are being constantly insulted and provoked. It’s hard to deny the truth of this.
Malaysiakini unIslamic

Some of the insults couple rudeness – e.g. Isma is name-called as “morons” – together with the evangelista tendency to mengkafir, i.e. label non-Christians as godless or infidel .

Furthermore, Muslims are adjudged by these holier-than-thous evangelistas to be “unIslamic” when the Muslims NGOs like Isma release thorny statements in defence of Malays or Islam (see comment by Malaysiakini subscriber ‘Green Penang‘, reproduced above).

Malaysiakini Indonesia boundary

“Malays are pendatang too”

Whether the Dapsters like it or not, the ‘Malay Special Position’ is secured by the Federal Constitution.

Nonetheless the Malays are still told off by the Dapsters that they (Malays) are immigrants too, that they originate from Indonesia and that native inhabitants of this land were the orangutan (see comment by Malaysiakini subscriber Dark Knight, reproduced above).

Malaysiakini did not exist

No such thing as the Malay race

Finally, to wrap up their argument, the Dapster smart aleck pronounces: “How can Isma claimed that Malaysia is the land of the Malays when Malaysia did not exist before 1963?” (see wg321‘s Malaysiakini comment reproduced above).

What wg321 says is one of a piece with another popular Dapster refrain, i.e. that there is no such thing as a Malay race.

Editors of the pro-opposition media like Jacqueline Ann Surin even went so far as to challenge ‘Siapa Melayu?‘ (The Nut Graph, 14 Feb 2011).

Oh, you mean the Aryan master race?

According to Jacqueline Ann Surin, ‘race’ in Malaysia is arbitrarily defined as well as merely “the white coloniser’s subjective construct”.

Not only does Surin contend that “there is no such thing as a pure or exclusive ‘Malay’ race”, she also takes a dig at the Malay dilemma, saying: “when former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad declares that non-Malay Malaysians must accept that Malaysia belongs to the Malays, one wonders who is the ‘Malay’ he is referring to”.

The Malaysian Insider HateJacqueline Ann Surin is someone who “believes that it was the notion of race that allowed Adolf Hitler to propagate a superior Aryan race which paved the way for six million Jews to be eliminated” (see HERE).

Do you still wonder why the Malays have developed a siege mentality? The non-Malays, particularly the Christians, today feel they are free to say anything.

Isma are the hornets whose nest has been disturbed. It’s just a matter of time before they sting.

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143 thoughts on “Why the Malays feel besieged

  1. not to mention the sarawkian chinese will tell you that in sarawak chinese are the bumis. the christians in sarawak are being cherished as the tolerance and kind hearted not provoking because the ibans christians love them soooo muchhh.. and kiss the feet of the chinese christians they walked on. the umno is the one who screwed sarawkians not themselves.

  2. Like Myanmar and the Rohingyas? Sulawesi and the Christians? India and the Christians? And many, many more examples.

  3. TO: the nut graph Surin FROM: a Chinese Taoist

    “Recognizing the other is a part of wisdom, but whole enlightenment is in realizing one’s own self.”


    To not be aware of your own identity is to be lost in a whirlpool of arbitrary relationships with the other; Yet no amount of self-knowledge can make one a mass murderer of the other. That, sister requires an evil heart and the mind of a devil!

  4. Helen,

    Precisely. But more importantly, Malays are finding it terribly difficult to “bersabar” when it comes to DAP for testing the patience to the limit.

    I too have had it enough. Enough to DAP that continue to portray that chinese are unfairly treated (by Malay government of course). I am sick and tired with chinese for tolerating DAP that bringing them to clash with the Malays.

    I am sick and tired with DAP that feeding lies to Chinese that they can outmanouvre the Malays. Which is why I understood when a friend of mine told off another friend that he (the latter) should migrate if he cant see anything good about Malaysia.

    DAP tries to rewrite history.

  5. komen2 orang melayu kepada kaum2 lain kat malaysia lebih teruk lagi lah cik helen, dah jadi tradisi turun temurun, dah berlarutan sampai ke generasi cucu cicit, tapi if the MAJORITY of melayu in semenanjung malas land nak jadikan negara ini serambi “negara zikir” suka hati bapak diaorang lah, ni kan tanah tok nek mereka.

    people of sarawak and sabah should think about leaving malas land sebelum terlambat.

    1. Yang saya rasa, komen orang Melayu berciri prasangka (contohnya “pukul ular”), marah dan menggertak.

      Komen-komen Dapster dan evangelista pula berciri sindiran, menghina dan putar-belit.

      1. don’t be naive cik helen :) …. sifat evangelista ni ada dalam golongan kristian dan islam, sama saja golongan dari dua-dua agama ni, lagi kurang diorang berfikir dengan akal lagi extreme mereka ni. end of the day both their goal sama saja, mereka tak puas hati selagi orang lain tak join agama mereka.

        1. Orang Islam di negara kita ada kuasa — tentera, polis, raja-raja, mufti besar negeri, majlis dan jabatan agama negeri, exco agama negeri, menteri kabinet menjaga hal-ehwal agama Islam, ustaz-ustaz dalam PMO, majlis fatwa kebangsaan, Jakim, mahkamah syariah, pejabat kadi (Tabung Haji, Baitulmal, etc).

          Orang Kristian, kerana mereka tidak ada benda-benda di atas, bergantung kepada kuasa pujukan — bantuan kewangan dan gula-gula lain (hiburan, kegiatan-kegiatan kemasyarakatan), dakyah, putar-belit, tipu helah dan memperdaya.

          Di tahap persengketaan blogosfera, kalau orang Islam marahkan saya mereka tidak akan hantar tentera untuk kacau saya atau polis untuk tangkap saya sebab tiada asas (no case, I’m a careful writer).

          Tapi kalau orang Kristian marahkan saya, mereka menabur fitnah tentang keperibadian di serata ruang alam maya yang dikuasai mereka.

          Maka kita dapat lihat bahawa orang Islam dan orang Kristian berada dalam persekitaran yang berbeza dari segi kuasa yang dimiliki mereka dan dengan itu, taktik-taktik yang digunakan mereka adalah berbeza juga.

            1. It is a testament to the extreme aggression and superlative daya helah (putar-belit) of the evangelistas that they should feel so.

              See previous posting — Christian Indians are a minority of a minority but they are at the forefront of Malaysian NGOs.

  6. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Re: The Nut Graph’s Article “Siapa Melayu?”.

    The definition of Malay is clearly written in the Article 160 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

    “Malay” means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and
    (a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation or in Singapore or born of
    parents one of whom was born in the Federation or in Singapore, or is on that day
    domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore; or
    ■ (b) is the issue of such a person;

    I hope those people will stop making wrong statements and stop using wrong facts just to get what they want or to justify that they are right. This is a serious matter and it can cause hatred and racial fights.

    Even I as a kid has been taught to use real facts to fight my case like referring to the Federal Constitution, Rukun Negara and others and not only use what I think as logic.

    We need to respect others and obey the law of Malaysia, the Federal Constitution and Rukun Negara when we live in Malaysia because Malaysia is a sovereign country.

    Those comments printed from the Malaysiakini are humiliating, silly and made lots of people angry. What kind of citizen are they?

    Are those part of Pakatan’s good governance?They need to learn and understand Rukun Negara. If they learn history, they’ll understand about the Malay States, the Federated Malay States, Unfederated Malay States and the Federation of Malaya. Collecting stamps helps.

      1. hahahaaha! ahmadalikarim……even u as a kid provide exemplary suggestion: i wonder when LKS, LGE. Teresa Kok, Hannah Yeoh,Tony Pua and so on will start collecting stamps…. since they are too old to comeback to history classes….

  7. orang melayu tahu dan faham apa yang tersurat dan tersirat.

    menyatakanya secara jelas ada baiknya. sebelum terlambat.

    jika kita merujuk tanah melayu ia adalah semenanjung dan orang melayu lebih dari 63%

    1. Orang Melayu ialah 54.6 peratus daripada penduduk seluruh Malaysia manakala orang Islam ialah 62.3 peratus.

      Kalau merujuk kepada orang Melayu hanya di semenanjung sahaja, itu saya terpaksa buat kiraan lanjut daripada data banci 2010 Jabatan Perangkaan, dan akan memakan masa sedikit.

      Bila saya ada masa lapang nanti, saya akan kaji. Terima kasih.


    Isma opposes renovations to a Hindu temple in Klang. Are you not going to comment on this, Helen?

    You should also ask them what they think of Hindraf and Waythamoorthy.

    To Isma, the existence of other races and religions in Malaysia troubles them. Their myopic declaration fails to consider that Malaysia also comprises Sarawak and Sabah. The Iban and Kadazan Dusun Murut races will not be enamoured with such a proclamation. I have an Melanau friend who rubbishes the ‘Malaysia belongs to Malays’ doctrine held by certain quarters. He once remarked that if they insist so, Sarawak should entertain them and withdraw from the federation.

    Abdul Rahman Mt Dali should try to bring his case to The Hague or the United Nations. He will be laughed out of town.

    1. re: “You should also ask them what they think of Hindraf and Waythamoorthy.”

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. I thought the Indians need whatever money they have to help the poor Indians championed by Hindraf, because BN gomen never help those poor Indians….

        But now they are spending a whopping rm10 millions to build a temple to promote tourism in Malaysia!!!!

        And yesterday I was driving pass a large Hindu temple in Jalan Bangsar. What I saw was hundreds of cars, Mercedes, BMWs and the SUV / MPV types included, parked by roadsides next to the temple. Phew, didnt know lots of non-hindu Malaysians visiting temples in mercys, beemes for “jalan2 mari melancong”.

        Poor Hindraf and poor Indians, not only the gomen refuses to help, even the rich Hindu temple association also feel that building a huge huge huge “tourism” temple is lebih priority than helping the poor.

        Who want to blame the temple or hindraf people eh. Blame la Isma, or Perkasa, got mileage wat.

        Encik Waytha, pi la minta 10 juta duit temple tu. Lebih afdal for the poor wat.

          1. The Isma president said: “Ternyata bangsa Cina dan India tidak setia dengan kepimpinan Najib”.

            What he says is true. We cannot discount the possibility that GE14 will see 90 percent of Indians and 95 percent of Chinese going anti-BN.

            That’s why I believe Najib made a grave mistake in allowing the Hindraf-MoU to breakdown. After all, the budget agreed to be given to the Blueprint to held the most destitute Indians is far less than that which is given to Khairy’s Ministry of Youth and Sports.

            1. “That’s why I believe Najib made a grave mistake in allowing the Hindraf-MoU to breakdown. After all, the budget agreed to be given to the Blueprint to held the most destitute Indians is far less than that which is given to Khairy’s Ministry of Youth and Sports.”

              The elections are already over. Waythamoorthy’s usefulness has passed. They gave him a deputy post, but stonewalled him with bureaucratic slowdown.

              The MIC is also happy to see him leave. They regard Waythamoorthy as a person stepping on their turf and a potential threat to their share of ‘subcontracted’ programs given in the name of Indian empowerment.

              1. Small typo error on my part. “The budget agreed to be given to the Blueprint to HELP the most destitute Indians is far less than that which is given to Khairy’s Ministry of Youth and Sports.”

    2. I thought the Indians need whatever money they have to help the poor Indians championed by Hindraf, because BN gomen never help those poor.

      But now they are spending a whopping rm10 millions to build a temple to promote tourism in Malaysia!!!!

      And yesterday I was driving pass a large Hindu temple in Jalan Bangsar. What I saw was hundreds of cars, Mercedes, BMWs and the SUV / MPV types included, parked by roadsides next to the temple. Phew, didnt know lots of non-hindu Malaysians visiting temples in mercys, beemes for “jalan2 mari melancong”.

      Poor Hindraf and poor Indians, not only the gomen refuses to help, even the rich Hindu temple association also feel that building a huge huge huge “tourism” temple is lebih priority than helping the poor.

      Who want to blame the temple or hindraf people eh. Blame la Isma, or Perkasa, got mileage wat.

      Encik Waytha, pi la minta 10 juta duit temple tu. Lebih afdal for the poor wat.

      1. kiasu,

        If the temple is in Jalan Bangsar, then what do you expect?

        In fact some of the allocations which Najib announced that his government had previously given were actually channeled to only a few projects and well-connected recipients.

        If you’re a poor Indian living in an urban squatter settlement, you do not have connections to gomen officials and Umno VIPs. It is the Indians whom you say you saw coming to the Bangsar temple in Mercedes, BMWs and the SUV / MPVs who have the cable to the right people (bureaucrats, politicians) to be able to tap the funds.

        The gap between the rich and professional (doctors, lawyers) Indians and the poor ones (lorry drivers, office cleaners) is huge. And if they don’t want to help their own communnity because like Mr Hannah Yeoh their Tamil is non-functioning and thus they’re unable to communicate.

        Or if they don’t feel that they are even “Indian” in the first place but prefer to identify themselves as Malayalee or Gujerati, then the onus is still on the gomen to assist its own citizens — the Malaysian Indian poor. Don’t wait for Tony Fernandes. As his AirAsia operations have clearly shown, he is very lokek, and secondly he sits on the board of The J-Star, so we know where his inclinations tend.

        As for the renovations to the temple, don’t lah begrudge the Kovil Perumal. It’s location is not too far from Jalan Tengku Kelana, which is the main street in Little India, Klang. It’s an old and beautiful temple.

        Klang has a huge Indian population, so the temple serves the needs of many and as a tourist attraction, it will help generate income for the Little India shopkeepers and the community there.

    3. Dan lagi Encik Waytha, if you asked that Klang Temple people to scrap the “tourism” temple and instead give the 10 millions to Hindraf to help the poor Indians, I promise you that you will not be brought to The Hague or UN. In fact, you will not be laughed out of town wat. Be a hero here.

      If I am Isma, this is what I think of you Encik Waytha: – a hero who single-handedly salvage a whopping 10 millions from a Klang temple to help the more needy poor Klang Indians.

      1. Next time anyone complains about poor Malays, I will ask them to ask the Kementerian Belia dan Sukan to scrap its many “awesome projects” (the words tweeted by the Minister’s Scissorati Secretary) and instead divert the money to them.

        Do not forget that the Ministry of Youth and Sports is operating on a budget of RM754 million for this year alone.

        And what is the alledged RM10 million temple renovations (how much of it is raised by the temple committee themselves) compared to the RM300 million splashed on the Monsoon Cup — an elitist yacht sailing event introduced by the Fourth Floor Boys during Sleepy Dollah’s time.

        At least that Indian temple serves the spiritual needs of the huge local Indian population. Who does the Monsoon Cup serve? Orang putih yachtmen.

        1. Sangat setuju.

          Priority comes first. 754 millions for the millions of youth should be scrapped too.

          300 millions for monsoon cup is not bringing any tourism to Terengganu. Scrap it too.

          Renovate the 10 millions temple. Sorry Waytha, not our day.

          Got to rush for prayer now. Salam

          1. re: “754 millions for the millions of youth should be scrapped too”

            More like costs for the Youth Minister visiting Manchester, Dublin, Wembley, London … as in his recent trip. Oh ya, and he and his secretary’s trip together to the SEA Games. Wonder if they put up at a 5-star hotel.

      2. kiasu,

        Need to separate private and public funding. If the money of building temple comes from private pockets, no one can ask for the temple not to be build and donate to the poor. Just like when you pass by a beggar, you have the choice of not giving money from your pocket.

        Helen said it aptly “cut the budget of KBS and channel to assist the poor Malays”. Prudent to use public money to assist the poor as opposed to organising Monsoon Cup.

        “Who does the Monsoon Cup serve?”

        1. The temple is not being built. It is being renovated because it is a very old temple. The sculpturing is remarkable.

        2. Private money…public money….public money….private money.

          Ya, ya, ya….the poor Indians care so much on what kind and what color of money qualify to help them.

          Sure no one can ask or force the temple….because the word PRIORITY is not in their dictionary. Kesian budak2 miskin yang sangat memerlukan tu, termasuk budak Sri Langka tu, the temple can even say lu budak2 are BEGGARS, we want tourists, not beggars.

          Having said that, the Temple deserved to be preserved and renovated. The problem is, someone relate this temple matter between Hindraf and Isma.

          Baca lah dulu komen sebelum tembak kaki sendiri, or kaki budak2 miskin India. No need to be prejudiced here.

          1. ‘Sri Langka’

            Ya Tamil speaking Serindip yang makan nasi lemak bercangkung dan minum daripada daun keladi Tajaan SABM dan Cina penipu!

    4. “To Isma, the existence of other races and religions in Malaysia troubles them..”

      You are wrong Sir, if that what you think about ISMA.

      About Hindu temples in Malaysia, did you know that the number of Hindu temples in Malaysia is far more than the number of Masjid or Chinese temples or Churches ?

      But Hindu devotees are among the least number.
      In Penang, I see the Hindus build their temples in just about everywhere…. even by the roadside that when they hold a ceremony, vehicles have to slow down so that we won’t hit anyone.

      If other religions can build places of worship according to rules and regulations, how come the Hindus can do whatever they like? Aren’t they united? Don’t they have rules? Don’t they respect their Gods? Tepi longkang pun ada kuil…. kat lereng bukit pun ada (won’t that cause soil erosion?)

      What Hindu Sanggam is doing about this? Tutup sebelah mata?

      So, if we the Muslims (the majority) raise this issue, are we being prejudiced?

      NO!.. We are just asking why can’t the Hindus learn to follow rules? That’s all!

      1. re: “did you know that the number of Hindu temples in Malaysia is far more than the number of Masjid … In Penang, I see the Hindus build their temples in just about everywhere…. even by the roadside … Tepi longkang pun ada kuil…. kat lereng bukit pun ada”

        Do you consider the little shrines in hillside crevices, under trees, tepi longkang (as well Hindu temples have also been offered relocation to tepi loji rawatan kumbahan IWK) to be among the collection of “temples” that outnumber masjid and churches?

        As for following rules, yes, it can be done and better still if the Indian Hindus have money. That’s how we now have the newly completed Bukit Jalil Calvary Convention Centre, the biggest ‘church’ hall in the region.

        1. Helen,

          A classic example is one Hindu shrine exactly on pavement on one public hospital in Penang.

          With due respects to Hindus, the habit of “creating” a shrine on corners of roads, near river and strange places must stop.

          1. And then there are also the gods that refuse to budge! Mid-Valley Megamall had to build around the little Hindu temple in its location.

            Compromise lah. I can agree with you that there should be a shift in mindset so that the habit of creating a shrine on corners of roads, near river and strange places must stop.

            On the part of the Malay authorities, be more understanding and allow the building of proper big temples and with gomen funding, say for a start, dollar-for-dollar. I’ve suggest this before — preserve their older temples for their historical value and heritage.

            The smaller ramshackle temples within a vicinity, merge and have one nice shared building.

          2. These cultural habits of establishing places of worship “almost everywhere” are the collateral effects of the highly divisive social caste system and the myriad deities of the Brahminic pantheism.


            A Brahmin, of the high caste, saw the Buddha meditating by the river. Seeing the sage absorbed in an uplifted manner, the Brahmin became curious.

            “What caste are you from? asked the Brahmin.

            “Brahmin, one’s caste is irrelevant,” said the Buddha.

            “How so,” asked the Brahmin, “surely you would agree that the highest caste is of considerable value whereas the low caste peasants are not?”

            “Caste and riches do not matter,” replied the Buddha, “it is your personal conduct that matters.”

            “How so?” asked the Brahman.

            “In as much that fire can burn any type of wood so can a wise person come from any caste. It is through knowing the Truth that one becomes noble – not through one’s social caste. The noble one is the one who does not cling to worthless worldly attachments. The noble one realizes the true significance of things as they are; he no longer conceives of himself as a socially-circumscribed individual and he therefore attains to purity of heart.”

            The Brahmin immediately perceived the truth in the Buddha’s words. “Sir, you are truly wise indeed,” the Brahmin acknowledged.

              1. Remarkable, remarkable. Thank you Sis for conveying this wisdom. Isn’t the venerable monk’s father a billionaire?

                1. How come bila Melayu tak berkira pasal gaji, tak kisah pasal rumah besar, kereta besar, rezeki tak banyak, Melayu dianggap bodo oleh pengikut Budi?

  9. Helen

    Kebelakangan ini terlalu banyak provokasi terhadap Melayu Dan Islam.

    Melayu dan Islam seolah olah terpaksa bersikap defensif dari semua sudut. SIFAT bersabar orang Melayu ni bolih bertahan sampai bila AGAK Nya ya.

    Asakan asakan MAKIN hebat dari hari kehari.

    TERBARU CINA dap Dari Perak PERSOAL pula TENTANG TANAH reserve Melayu.

    1. re: “Kebelakangan ini terlalu banyak provokasi terhadap Melayu dan Islam.”

      Yes, I’m aware. Unfortunately the oppo supporters are not being made to stop their bullying. If the Prime Minister does not act decisively to rein in the DAP/Christian extremists, I fear the Malays will mengamok.

      1. In fact I saw one of FB where the face of the PM was superimposed with Babe (the pig from the movie). To be polite I will not place the link.
        Tastelessness have been the new politeness.

      2. Who are to be blamed when orang Melayu mengamok ?
        Readers should know as the trend now seems to be in line with the start up of MAY 13 1969.

        Provok provoke and provoke until orang Melayu aka Sakai HILANG SABAR ……….hmmmmmmmm don’t know lah TAPI that idiot is still around !

        1. They surely can’t blame the Sakai, sapa suruh masuk rumah orang tak bagi Salam!

          Selamat datang ke Alam Amok Ksatria Vamsa!

  10. Siapa Cina dan India sebelum British membawa masuk mereka ke Tanah Melayu secara besar2an. Kelakarlah yg kata tiada MELAYU sebelum 1963.

    1. Yang lagi kelakar sibangang yang cakap Malay takdak sebelum Malaysia.

      Aku tak tau nak gelak ka nak nangis dengan kebodohan tahap babe (wa quote Mulan’s version ha, Helen, jangan double standard, Kencing Mau pun you sudah censored!)

      You are what you eats rings true indeed. Cer baca Mkini & MI, or Yahoo M dan yang sewaktu dengannya!

      1. That fler ‘wg321’ said “Malaysia did not exist before 1963”. It’s a disingenuous argument for the purpose of diminishing the Malay paramountcy lah.

        You know, I know pun why they argue like that. But what about the hordes of young people who don’t read history and rely on social media soundbites?

        This is the reason I’ve been saying there is a real possibility that BN will lose GE14. Rationality in thinking norm will favour BN. Brainwashing is advantageous to Pakatan. So which coalition is more successful — are Malaysians critical thinkers or having herd mentality?

        1. Aiyoh Helen, kan we agreed already that Malaysians, the average Malaysians are not critical enough.

          The fact that Najib is still around is one lah!

          1. re: “The fact that Najib is still around is one lah!”

            Do you want him to stay or do you want him to go?

  11. Hidup ISMA. Jangan biarkan Melayu yang mengkhianati Melayu.

    In the meantime, until and unless the following is done DAP should clamp up:

    1) reelection of dap’s cec. The person with the highest vote should be elected sec. Make it really clean. No cronynism and nepotism.

    2) all sjk(c) and sjk (t) plus all private chinese schools are closed and all the students are integrated into sjk.

    DSN, hold on with NR plans until the above 2 conditions are met.

    1. Faz,

      1) the system of DAP is to elect the most popular leaders and these people will decide among themselves on what position to hold. This is not illegal.

      2) why close private chinese schools? If they are not funded by government, aren’t they the same as private colleges and foreign universities? Parents should be given a choice. I agree to close SJKC and SJKT which is partially funded. What about the various pre-U courses like matrikulasi, STPM, STAM etc? MRSM, RMC and MCKK?

      1. It may not be illegal but why popular votes when it comes to GE?

        How does dap decide on who is popular? Generally it would be the one with the most votes right mr asus. So what does it mean when lge did not get the most votes in the last rigged cec.

        Whether privately funded or not, there should be no one race school.

        I feel all of the above institutions you mentioned have non-bumi students. STAM- is inclusive of various islamic studies. If you are muslim, you are entitled to apply.

        1. Fazillah,

          A previous discussion thread with islam1st prompted me to check the Mara figures specific to the year 2004, which I obtained from their annual report.

          A total of 21,650 Mara students took the International Baccalaureate (IB).

          That year, the total Mara students were 45,303 altogether (at various levels and in various courses, e.g. German technical programme, skills training, etc).

          A total of 1,718 Mara students were sent overseas and the Mara education expenses were RM594.3 million.

          In 2004, the MRSM intake of Chinese was 330 Chinese students whereas Mara’s intake of new students was 20,575. So the Chinese involvement in Mara could have been something like 1.6 percent insofar as I’m able to make out.

          1. MARA the racist institution initiated by the Melayu Kampungs, had started the Nambikei quietly, Carya Dharma, tetap mengapa pengikut Bodhi Buttha?

            1. Supposing the Mara intake from Day 1 had been based on merit (exam scores). Don’t you think the Chinese would then heap praises on the gomen saying no where else on the planet is there a gomen that takes such good care of its rakyat.

              So, Mara is good actually. But because it’s only open to Malays (and the token pribumi), the minorities condemn it as bad. As an education provider, Mara is good. For its exclusionary policy, Mara is bad.

              Now going into GE14, you will have almost all the Chinese and (following the Hindraf development) almost all the Indians cursing the gomen as bad. Some Malays, i.e. the Perkasa types, do acknowledge that the gomen is good — well good at least to them and for them.

              But you still have a section of the Malays (PAS types) who think that the gomen is bad.

              Going by the Obama Effect, Umno who is responsible for Mara and the rest of the NEP will still lose GE14. So there. Go chew on the irony.

              1. MARA is made to exist to help the poor and marginalized Malays. No two ways about it. The fact that it has open its door years ago, before the Cinas become so kurang ajar, wholesale, on their own kesedaran and kasih sayang, need to the very least be noted, even without thanks. Even with thanks, the Malays would say, sama-sama.

                But MARA is not PTPTN to help all Malaysians. Don’t la be so kiasu sampai the Malay’s cake also you mau makan!

                Lu punya cake sudah manyak maa. Carlsberg pun tak tolong sekolah kebangsaan, how racist is that?!

                Melayu tak minum Carlsberg meh?

                1. re: “The fact that it has open its door years ago”

                  We have already calculated. MRSM opened their doors 1.6 percent to the Chinese.

                  Chinese schools opened their doors 10 percent to non-Chinese.

                  1. Haiya, MARA sponsored wor, 300 less Melayu poor tak dapat masuk wor! My niece dapat 5As. Active in koku pun tak dapat MRSM wor! What 1.6 percent Chinese?

                    SRJK, mak bapak Melayu bayar sendiri maa. My other niece sebulan RM500 lebih wor, yuran sekolah tadika Cina. I bet ada yang lagi mahal kut?! Sendiri bayar la Helen.

                    You think Dong Zong mahu pupuk Cina bagi free lunch sama Melayu meh?

                    Gaji pun masih kurang 400-500 hundred wor, in company Cina la. See what a Cina would do whenever they can. Asks LGE tengok?!

                2. Carlsberg is a business run by private people. Up to them whether to donate or not. You can’t label Carlsberg as racist just because ‘Carlsberg pun tak tolong sekolah kebangsaan’.

                  1. So its the same with the private sectors where hiring (or not hiring) of Malays is up to the fancy of non-Malays who dominate the private sections? Up to them la?


              2. Helen.

                MARA was established to help the Malays. its old name, RIDA. RIDA was established in 1956.

                As the objective dictates, RIDA, now MARA focuses on the bumiputera.There is nothing cynical about that.

                As i said earlier, why there is specific mentions on Malay, Orang sungai in Constitution when there is none on Chinese, indians is simply due to the fact that world recognises Malays as the native of the land.

                What Chinese ofen fails to appreciate while there is specific agency to help the Malays, there is no hindrance to non Malays to pursue their studies. In fact, SJKC are funded by the Federal government itself. And many want to forget that UTAR was established with BN led government contributing RM50 million then.

                EVEN IF Mara opens downs literally wide for Chinese, I doubt UMNO led government will secure Chinese votes anymore. That days were “gone with the wind”.

                1. re: “world recognises Malays as the native of the land”

                  You are senada dengan Isma, then. What arguments would you be able to put forward to defend your position?

                    1. Go ahead, try me. As you can see from my entire article, I did not insult Isma in any way.

                    2. The one thing that’s being tried here is the patience of the Malays.

                      Do I think that people need to argue with the commentors in that website to defend what already is? There’s no point. No wonder Malays feel besieged, being put on the defensive position again and again.

                      I’m viewing your question as attempting to elicit your viewers to form reasonable arguments.

                      Unfortunately, I repeat that there’s no point. Those people believe whatever they want to believe, sometimes, making up things as they go along, and it’s tiring to keep up, the only thing that they know and understand and keeps them down is action and force.

                    3. re: “Do I think that people need to argue with the commentors in that website to defend what already is? There’s no point.”

                      It may boil down to a numbers game. What already is (i.e. status quo) can be dislodged. Take the narrative of May 13, as one example. BN has kept the incident buried, perhaps in the belief that it is for the better for the episode not be dredged up.

                      However by allowing the May 13 story to remain buried, the narrative vacuum is filled up by the Pakatan version which pins the blame on Umno and denies that the riot was racial in nature to begin with.

                      The same Malay patience that was tried in 1969 is being tested now with gusto.

                      re: “No wonder Malays feel besieged, being put on the defensive position again and again.”

                      Because the Dapsters and the evangelistas are trying to change the status quo.

                      re: “people believe whatever they want to believe, sometimes, making up things as they go along, and it’s tiring to keep up”

                      The Dapsters and the evangelistas are far, far more aggressive, manipulative, duplicitous and have greater stamina. If you (inertia) cannot match them in these, then they (moving force) will succeed in dislodging the status quo.

                      See how they have demonized Utusan editor Zaini Hassan for his pro-Malay stance. They demonize everybody (as “racists”, as “extremists”, as “religious bigots”) and through their sheer aggression wear you down so that you will tend or prefer to keep quiet rather than bear the brunt of their onslaught. It’s like the Jews and how they scream “anti-Semite” or accuse their detractors of anti-Semitism.

                      The reason why I’m an evangelista hate target is because it’s harder for them to apply all those labels on me. They can’t call me a “racist” because I’m pro-Chinese school and Chinese culture. They can’t call me “extremist” because my language is always measured and my arguments backed with facts. They can’t call me a “religious bigot” – a label they invariably slap on the Muslims – because I’m not a Muslim and I do not appeal to the Holy Books or scriptures in my debate.

                      All of the reasons above, i.e. it’s difficult for them to get me through their standard ad hominem, makes them really, really frustrated and madder at me than they are at any Malay guy who counters them.

                      re: “the only thing that they know and understand and keeps them down is action and force”

                      This you have to explain to your Prime Minister lah.

                    4. “See how they have demonized Utusan editor Zaini Hassan for his pro-Malay stance.”

                      Zaini Hassan deserves the criticism lobbed in his direction for printing racial and religious baiting articles in the Utusan. He has demonised various groups in Malaysia; from the Chinese, to the Indians, Hindus, the opposition, and Christians. He is protected by the powers-that-be.

                      “The reason why I’m an evangelista hate target is because it’s harder for them to apply all those labels on me. … All of the reasons above, i.e. it’s difficult for them to get me through their standard ad hominem, makes them really, really frustrated and madder at me than they are at any Malay guy who counters them.”

                      Yet it was the Barisan Nasional government that launched cyber-attacks on your blog, slowing or stopping access completely. This, you initially blamed on the opposition, despite the lack of evidence. If I had not pointed out the government’s involvement, you would still be accusing the opposition to this very day.

                    5. re: “Yet it was the Barisan Nasional government that launched cyber-attacks on your blog, slowing or stopping access completely.”

                      Touche. Yes, I think the attack was ordered by personnel high up in gomen.

                      Syed Akbar said he “can name fingers and point names”. I agree with him as to who is the prime suspect and I agree with Syed Akbar that the PM himself probably is unaware that his cyber critics were being attacked this way.

                      But it also shows the difference in the way that the Umno and DAP operates. One party mounts technical blocks while the other party shoots poison pen.

                    6. “But it also shows the difference in the way that the Umno and DAP operates. One party mounts technical blocks while the other party shoots poison pen.”

                      The Barisan Nasional uses poison pen propaganda to attack its opponents.A very good example is its ownership of mainstream news media such as Utusan, The Star, The New Straits Times, and TV3. It also has a well-funded army of bloggers, online portals, and social media outfits.

                      The recent cyber-attacks which disabled your blog on several occasions show what Umno is capable of, or at least the faction in power. The opposition websites and bloggers spend much effort to protect their websites against government assault.

                    7. re: “or at least the faction in power”

                      For once I’m in agreement with you, at least vis-a-vis the identity of my suspected blog attacker.

                2. SA,

                  May I know the source of funding for MARA? Is it paid by the taxpayers’ monies (including non-Malays) or purely funded by Malay/Bumi taxpayers?

                3. There has been some under-currents about the zakat and tabung haji funds which some quarters think should be made accessible to others.

                  I agree with shamsul that even if these funds were made available to all and sundry, there is no assurance there would be a swing in the votes.

                  Even in the civil service, there is a big population that are pro-opposition. The ruling government, ie the employer cannot compel the civil service to vote them.

        2. These kind of people are hypocrites. When DAP did it they it is not illegal, but when BN won PRU13 despite less popular votes, did these hyoocrites say its not illegal? Black 505 my foot.

          They could only mutter the word “not illegal” but in first place they were completely silent on the irregularity, rigging, manipulation and cheating of the CEC elections. Not once, but twice. And you never know over the past 30-40 years how many time this Lim Dynasty has rigged the CEC elections to hang on power.

          Sudah2lah, the CEC elections sendiri nampak sangat tidak betul, nak pertahan pula kononnya not popular votes itu tidak illegal. Dahlah tu, tuduh pula SPR tak betul sedangkan pemilihan parti sendiri menipu.

          Kalau tak blardy hypocrite, apa namanya tu?

          1. re: “Kalau tak blardy hypocrite, apa namanya tu?”

            “Blardy hypocrite” = 2 words, “evangelista” = 1 word. Same meaning. Brevity.

            1. Cina bagi rasuah OK, pandai buat bisnes. Melayu ambik rasuah Tak OK! Melayu takmau ambik rasuah kena tembak tauke Abang Besar!

        3. Faz,

          Each party or nation has its way of choosing a leader. For DAP, delegates elect the top 20 or 30 leaders by popular votes. Thereafter, they will decide among themselves on what positions to hold. DAP does not contest for specific positions like UMNO. Just a different system. Nothing illegal.

          Private funding vs public funding.

          Clear distinction on the above.

          As a citizen living in a democratic country, options must be given in education matters. If you are wealthy enough and can ignore subsidies, you may send your children to private/international or foreign schools. Even if the institution accepts only a single race. Demand and supply forces will determine the survival of these schools. If not mistaken, independent chinese schools do not receive government funding. Parents have to pay fees just like sending their children to private college or university.

  12. If you peruse the comments of the readers of Malaysiakini “World must recognise M’sia belongs to Malays‘ (Malaysiakini, 27 Feb 2014), one will see the readers of that online publication as the most racist buggers in the world.

    Louis Most UMNO leaders hardly have real Malay genes. Many are purely Indian origins, but claim to be Malay. And Rhman, are you of pure Malay breed?”

    tomkurus Yes, Malaysia for Malays only. Brilliant idea! Chase out all the Indian Muslims masquerading as Malays”

    For these so called high class globe troting Malaysian race, utter the same shit in UK and you will get a fine or a law suit or jail time.

    To Green Penang (as quoted in Kak Helen’s above), without the firemen (who are predominatnly Malay) who will put out the damn fire at Penang Hill. Let f***ing Penang Hill burn.

    1. Mulan,

      I’m always find it is easier to makes my point by by asking those who asked me why the Malay feel threaten, to read the comment column in MK. They were the best examples of abusive peoples on line.


      1. Mulan, me as a Melayu (ehem, ehem) baffled at their hates for the Mamaks. Maybe they hate Tun M so much for his hidung mancung.

        But how come they percaya another mamak from Tok Kun, so blindly?

        Apa Lagi Cina Mahu d’Kajang?

        1. re: “But how come they percaya another mamak from Tok Kun, so blindly?”

          ‘They’ are the arbiters of Race and that is why Zairil is Malay and Mr Hannah Yeoh has a Chinese kid.

          And when Pakatan takes over Putrajaya, it won’t surprise me if the mamaks will replace the Hindraf Indians as the most policy-excluded group in the country.

          1. Yup. Me guess the same. They only see Tun M in every mamak. But how come they can’t see the good things the mamaks are doing for the country.

            One Mamak is busy defending Miss Kok and belittling the Malays. Thank him at least!

            1. re: “One Mamak is busy defending Miss Kok and belittling the Malays. Thank him at least!”


  13. The assertion that Malays are immigrants too, I blame on the history syllabus that starts from Parameswara who was indeed an immigrant or political refugee. Our history books only touch in passing the vast history of the Malay Hindu and Buddhist empires of Langkasuka and Srivijaya, as well as the smaller kingdoms that were in existence in present day Kelantan and Terengganu. All of which can be evidenced in ancient Chinese records.

    I believe even the ISMA people are ignorant of this fact (or

    1. No ISMA people are not ignorant of this fact, I can assure you that!

      And NO, Parameswara was never ‘an immigrant’ as many would want to believe. He is a Bangsawan who seeks political refuge, away from where the problem is. And mind you, he does not came to the Semenanjung sehelai sepinggang and sleeps bawah pokok hungry!

  14. In 1969 those commenters are the kind of people who taken to the streets holding brooms and shouting to the Malays to balik kampung tanam jagung.

    Now they can just be doing that behind computer screens.
    Isn’t technological progress great?

    Makes me wonder if we had your kind of people back then, Helen. Chinese telling the others to stop before something bad happens.

    1. Helen wants the status quo intact. UMNO as it is. Not ISMA into the picture. Thus she felt PR becoming too aggressive (Christians only, Helen?) would catalyses the rise of ISMA, Pembela and many more (100 more watching in anger, mind you!).

      Malaysia with the real Melayu Baru, with ISMA calling the shot behind the scene, with UMNO being Mati Pucuk as it is, now, would be detrimental to the liberals. Helen is one, I think.

      Apa Lagi Helen Mahu?

  15. Helen.

    Saya harap orang cina, kristian semenanjung, orang india dan lain-lain berhentilah “provokasi” orang Melayu.

    Saya khuatir bila sampai ke satu tahap orang Melayu tak boleh bersabar lagi, akan terjadilah benda yang tak diingini. So jaga-jaga lah. Berhentilah provokasi ini untuk kebaikan semua orang.

    1. Tetapi ada juga melayu2 yang menyokong ‘ provokasi’ ini. Mereka adalah golongan yang samada tidak mahu mengaku melayu atau malu dilahirkan sebagai melayu. Ramai juga mereka2 ini.

      Mereka adalah yang liberal. Di malaysia, melayu = muslim= islam.

      Mereka ingin kebebasan yang seluas2nya .

  16. Ms H. During the 1960s period, the Opposition employed roughnecks to do the job. In the cyberage, the Opposition use cowards who hide behind the anonymity of the computer screen to spew forth vulgarities etc. All these emanate for the Lion City of the Republic of Singapore through decades of brainwashing, spying with swallows, ducks and tycoons since 1965. Fortunately, the Malays held up especially during Tun Dr Mahathir’s Administration of 22 years which delayed the capture of our beloved Malaysia by proxies backed by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore. Hence, after 2003, a determined effort was made to tie up the loose ends by delivering a conquered Malaysia to save the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s FAILED STATE OF SINGAPORE AND HIS LEGACY. But fortunately, the bungling DAP failed on all counts with their dull, colourless and obstinate leadership. IT IS AS CLEAR AS CRYSTAL THE SECRET INTENTIONS OF THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WHOSE OBSESSION WITH THE CAPTURE OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA BY HIS PROXIES, COHORTS, DIGITS AND SPIES is based on the 1941 conquest of Malaya by the Imperial Japanese Army which captured Malaya first. Why ? Because Malaya has all the human and natural resources which tiny Singapore does not have. And in the 21st Century Malaysia has become a progressive and stable Islamic State which is an international choke point as well. OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA IS A GLITTERING PRIZE FOR ANYONE WHO CAN THINK. Hence, also, the decades of doing down our compatriots, the Malays, by the below average non-Malays with much encouragement from Singapore vide. all the media since 1965 from Singapore. Actually, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE MALAYS. THEY ARE JUST LIKE THE CHINESE AND THE INDIANS WITH A MALAY BIAS ! Do not be fooled by that brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his brilliant Cambridge Law degree of 1947 ! Yes ! 1947.

    1. SOS, Helen, I actually wanted to post Shila’s Zui Chang De Dian Ying from I’am A Singer reality show clips. Boleh tolong cari and link it here. I tried twice but it seems the whole show yang keluar. How a?

      1. Oh, in that case I’ll just delete both your YouTube comments and you can resubmit later when you find the appropriate link.

                1. islam lst. As I have always said for decades there are really no differences between the different communities in our beloved Malaysia. The troubles began with those locals or foreigners who have secret agendas of their own to EXPLOIT OUR DIFFERENCES WHICH WERE NOT APPARENT FOR CENTURIES using the latest hi-tech devices and money to stir and to roughen up latent emotions. See the Arab Spring caper, the failed Syria caper and the Ukraine caper.

                  1. We hear you AK, so how can we make better our current predicament, as far as race relation is concern? As a bangsa, we are all over the place!

                    1. Islam lst. I hear you too. No problem. We have come a long long way. Not from 1957 but from the distant mists of time, centuries in fact. We see amongst us today those who have plenty and those who want more ready to make us tear ourselves apart for no reason at all. Fortunately, we live in a country where there are good human and natural resources. What has happened is due to 2 things – the creation of new wealth by the NEP and the negelect of NORMAL STANDARDS OF GOVERNANCE (see what happened to Singapore when they tried to fly higher and higher). No problem in having our beloved Malaysia as a progressive and stable State. All the Government and ourselves need to do IS TO BE NORMAL AND BUILD ON OUR OWN STRENGTHS RECOGNISING THAT DIFFERENT COMMUNITIES HAVE DIFFERENT CHARACTERISTICS. And we will be there. We have already succeeded but for the hiatus beginning 2003. No need to pay billions of ringgits to get foreigners to teach us how to suck eggs. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO EXAMINE THE MESS THEIR OWN COUNTRIES ARE IN TODAY. We employ foreign expertise to build specialised things only.
                      ist Islam. We will be there if we behave and think NORMALLY. This is what our jealous rivals and enemies do not want us to do and divide us deliberately so that we harm each other. Stupid !

                  1. What would be the advantage to other states for Thailand to fall? As I understand it, the current unrest is the manifestation of a royal power struggle between different houses, dating back to the incident of King Ananda’s untimely and mysterious death where the other noble houses had to swallow their gall at being out manipulated by Mom Sangwan, the commoner mother of King Bhumipol, in placing her 2nd son on the throne.

                    Now they are trying to seize the chance to control the succession to a more pliant monarch because they are deathly afraid of what the Crown Prince will do once he ascends. [deleted]

  17. Actually the biggest let down is the Najib government who allow all these to go unchecked. All these comments are coming out from Malaysiakini and no action is taken against them.

    As a news portal, they should be made responsible for the comment they release to the public. If the comment is seditious, they should filter it out.

    But there seems to be a hidden scheme to let all these seditious comment out to the public.

    Off course we cannot stop all those arrogant chest thumping anak bangsa Malaysia from throwing all the insult to others, but a least as news portal, they can filter it out. But it seems like they don’t and the do not feel like doing it because the government seems to act blind on their action.

    So if anything happens, Najib government should be blamed because they have the power, but they let this to happen.

  18. I have yet to read this whole posting and all the comments, the heading itself is enough for me.

    How will non Bumis know what is kedaulatan sebuah Negara? What do some of them know what is patriotism? Bangsa, some don’t even want to acknowledge their race of origin so deeply rooted in their DNAs. Religion, some newly converts are themselves clueless of the true teachings of their newly found religion yet they try to undermine other religions.

    Some from the minority in this country are aimless.. clueless as to who they actually are, so how can they be allowed to think for the rest of us? In search for greener pastures to ensure our future generation is able to lead a better life some with evil attention goes around trying to poison these pastures so that only they can survive.

    Masaly Bumiputra terutama kita Melayu, terlalu bagi muka..

  19. In China no Indians and Malays while in India no Malays and Cina so no issues. Malaysia,,, ermmmm better stay low.

  20. Ms H. As I said many times before and for years, there is nothing wrong with the Malays. If there is anything wrong with them why do they now in the year 2014 question themselves ? It is the little drops of poison, the brainwashing from Singapore, only they did it etc to exploit the previously hidden and small flaws between the different communities, TO DIVIDE US AND MAKE US WEAK BY NOT BEING UNITED AS A NATION AND MALAYSIANS. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore failed to subjugate our beloved Malaysia so that the one-street town of Singapore, now a failed State survives with his legacy intact. BUT MAN PROPOSES, GOD DISPOSES. At the end of the day in 21st Century, our beloved Malaysia is still stable, strong and resilient even with the utmost intimidation by Singapore’s proxies to divide us and make us fight amongst ourselves for nothing. And where is Singaporre now ? HOW MANY OF US ARE AWARE OF THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW’S 15 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE. And it was the good Dr Alfred Winsemius, Adviser to Singapore Government 1961-1984, idea to form the skeletal structure of present day Singapore with its eye-catching buildings. The development of human resources was left to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew who turned the indigneous population into shambles. When he assume power in 1959, the indigenous population was 100%, 2013 – 62%. 2030 – 45%. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2013.
    There is nothing wrong with the Malays. They are as NORMAL as anybody else. Traditionally, and historically, the Malays work best under a firm and good Sultan or a leader. This is confirmed all over in their historical tracts. No more. No less.
    Mischievous, cunning and sly characters work on the percieved weakness of the Malays which actually is their traditional courtesy and the hidden fault lines which have been around between communities for centuries, to break up our beloved Malaysia. THEY MUST NOT BE PERMITTED TO PREVAIL.
    Switzerland celebrated their 800 year Confederation in 1992. 4 races make up the nation. The French, German, Italian and the Romansch. The latter came from the Roman legions which deserted Rome 2,000 years ago and holed up in the high Alps. These 4 are still quarreling and making snide remarks behind each others backs today. This is why they always have a National Referendum on minor issues.
    Singapore tried to turn Ang Mo Kio into the Canton of Valais, Jurong into the Canton of Graubunden etc. But the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew found that tiny Singapore could just fit into Switzerland’s largest lake, Lake Geneva. He needed liebenstraum to talk big.

      1. Ms H. When I started to Blog in 2011, I found only 7 failed Polices of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew for Singapore. By 31 December 2013, this list of 7 has grown to 14. Then, ASUS tickled my brain, This brought out the 15. The failure of the Singapore Government.s Policy to manage foreign workers in a humane fashion. This resulted in the Little India Riots, the 188 bus drivers strike, the Rex cinemas sit-in etc.
        As time goes by, more failed Policies will be revealed.

          1. Ms H. I specialize in MALAYSIA – singapore political and socio-economics since 1954. The only person. Whereas all are involved in the present political socio-economic Malaysian conundrum in which I am no expert.

            1. instead of sticking to topic, u divert in almost every thread to your grievances against one u jealous, or envy. u r using this blog as a jumping board for your pet anglo, yr same kind.

              the host already hint u in a nice way, u cant scrutinize spore without scrutinising msia on the same thing, since u only discover some fail policies after dec 2013, that’s operating on a double std. lu ada paham apa itu double std?

              as time goes by, every reader know u r a loudmount liar that know only to kiss umno ass. yes u r right u the only person that do this.

              1. There you are. HY seriously aku ingat lu sudah mampus!

                AK47 does not divert from the topics, lu yang tak faham-faham. Helen talks about a better Malaysia. AK47 is doing just that, while highlighting the LK Jew failed policies!

                Lu Mana Sekolat?!

              2. HY. You have a hole in your head to worship the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP after their spiritual leader the brillliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore wiped off your Vernacular Chinese Schools and Nantah from the face of the Earth.

              3. HY. Your bad English betrays your big inferiority complex. I predict you will lose your job soon. Very soon.

        1. AK47,

          So the so-called 14/15 Failed Policies are propounded by yourself? Is there any other academics or researchers that share the same findings as yours? Has it been reviewed by peers or criticized/tested by experts? Has your findings been published or cited by any journals, websites, articles etc etc or even presented in any seminar or colloquium?

          Unless you can substantiate your findings with empirical research/finding done by other experts, your so-called ‘Failed Policies’ are merely ‘ipse dixit’. Sorry in advance if I have offended you.

          I can also easily find a leader (eg. Tun Mahathir), google his policies/decisions during his tenure, pick selectively and produce a list of 14 or even 140 Failed Policies of Tun Mahathir.

          1. I’d recommend Uncle AK47 to next time stick to the topic of the threads.

            Lee Kuan Yew has never been a topic of any of my blog postings.

            1. Helen,

              Yes. Please advice him. I tried to google ’14 Failed Policies’ but found no results on this specific term. As much as I respect freedom of expression, AK47 needs to substantiate his ’14 Failed Policies’ so as not to abuse this freedom.

              I would suggest AK47 publish his list of ’14 Failed Policies’ in some high traffic website, blog etc and allow readers to comment, review and criticise to test its credibility.

              1. The “x Failed Policies of Lee Kuan Yew” series had its origins at the number 7, see

                Since then it has progressed to the present 15, and with the latest news of Singapore being the most expensive city, it will soon become 16.

                Just google for “Lee Kuan Yew” “x failed policies” with x beginning at 7 and incrementing it and you will see how this developed.

                1. Regardless …

                  I don’t write about Lee Kuan Yew and his polices, thus Uncle AK47 continually bringing this up is going off topic.

  21. Ms H. The quality and capability of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is found very wanting when compared with their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore.
    If the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his brilliant 1947 Cambridge University academic results, failed so miserably at the end of the day, WHAT DO WE EXPECT OF THE DULL, COLOURLESS AND OBSTINATE DAP LEADERSHIP WHO IS PREPARED TO OPPOSE ETERNALLY SINCE 1966 ? Since the DAP leadership is just a copy-cat of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s version, the result if they are ever in power could only be much worse than the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew. The Opposition has shown only NORMAL ADMINISTRATION IN PULAU PINANG AND SELANGOR. To this day, there is no EARTH SHATTERING POLICY ANNOUNCEMENTS. This means no development for the benefit of the Rakyat.

  22. Ms H. Here is some more low hanging fruits for thought ( phrase from the PAP cadres parachuted into our beloved KL to pick the best 2004-2014 ). The reason why the one-street town Singapore failed as a State is that it is based on 2 legs :-

    1. Meritocracy. This meritocracy is a ploy to enslave the 99% of the population. How many of us can be the FIRST IN THE CLASS AND THE UNIVERSITY ? With the blow up of the Singapore dysfunctioinal meritocratic pyramid of yes-men with the smartest fellow on top,which lost a minimum of US$108 billions of the CPF Trust money in October 2008 on Wall Street after abdicating sovereign powers to the riff-raff of Wall Street by copying a Harvard University investment model (imagine a sovereign country copies a university- someone must be dreaming), in 2013, 2 Singapore Government Ministers announced that academic qualifications will have to be considered with hidden talents of the applicants for jobs or promotion. At the end of 2013, it was reported by Seah Chiang Nee in the Star that unversity graduates are to be discouraged by the Singapore Government. Kudos to them for correcting an injustice.

    2. Money. Money, money and money is the instinctive refrain of all Singaporeans. I asked some of my relatives why they cheated me. They told me that it is easy for us to make money in a corrupt way in the ULUS. I was shocked. Money has brought the downfall of the State of Singapore.

    Vide. This confirms what I have said that our beloved Malaysia has now become one of the World’s most important strategic choke-point and KL has become a major espionage centre with Singapore leading the role with her swallows, ducks and tycoons. All the more reason why we should stand united and support the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties to sustain our stability, peace and harmony. Why give POWER TO UNTESTED INDIVIDUALS WITH A SILVER TONGUE AND A QUICK TURN OF THE MIND ? You and me are as good as anyone of them.

    1. ‘This meritocracy is a ploy to enslave the 99% of the population. How many of us can be the FIRST IN THE CLASS AND THE UNIVERSITY ?’

      Meritocracy that imports foreigners for almost everything now. From the Orang-Orang Kaya from the crumbling First World, lari high taxes to the pekerja kilangs.

      Heck the Singaporeans even needs the China-ese to help breeds for them, courtesy of the so called Meritocracy some Cinas here wanting the Tanahair to emulate.

      Nasib baik Tun M cerdik!


        1. LK Jew would still be peddling his racist remark in Singapura should the Money Masters stop funding him and his New Singapore!

  23. HY. Why are you so shy not to tell us you have NO FATHER OR MOTHER. Because of this you worship your brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore EVEN THOUGH HE WIPED OUT YOUR CHINESE SCHOOL SYSTEM AND THE NANTAH AT ONE STROKE OF THE PEN. I applaud him for this correct act.

  24. Ms H. The known actions of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP are seen to be divisive to raise the ire of the Malays like the failed Policies of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew by founding the DAP in 1966 to be difficult at every turn to 2014.

  25. Ms H. With similar riots against the ruling authorities around the World, we Malaysians must stand united together to defend and protect our Malaysian values based on our heritage, legacy, religions and cultures as we have known them in keeping with our traditions and conventions. This has given us all peace, stability and harmony for centuries. Most of the activists who upset our peace are backed and encouraged by foreign busybodies who should look at themselved in the mirror everyday. The intellect of their proxies, digits and cohorts is much below that of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Polcies for Singapore. No more. No less.

  26. Ms H. I might sound like repeating what I have said many times before. I seek my saudara to see what had transpired on the TV sets every evening from the beginniing of the Arab Spring through Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bangkok and Ukraine. IN EACH INSTANCE WE SEE EACH COUNTRIES’ OWN CITIZENS EITHER WALLOPING OR KILLING EACH OTHER.- the same type of people. Fortunately for us the wisdom and the experience of the BN with the 13 (15) component parties were resilient and sustainable. Unfortunately, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which has been in the Opposition for over 47 years is beginning to doubt the veracity of their beliefs which is to divide us.

  27. Cudmudgeon of 72. The saga of the Bangkok Riots 2006 to 2014 arose from much earlier beginnings in the late 1990s. At that time there was a movement in Thailand to construct the Isthmus of Kra Canal. It is not a new idea but was bandied around since the 18th century. The Thai Monarchy was always against it because they claim a Canal will divide the Buddhis North from the Muslim South.
    By the turn of the 21st century, the capable Thaksin came into power and a more intense debate on the Canal was re-kilndled. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was for the Canal and the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore permitted the Singaporeans to discuss it until at the very end, he stepped in and said,’ The Canal will put the Singapore Harbour out of business.’ My argument in the international media and the Star was that if we decide to construct the Canal today, it does not mean the Canal will be ready tomorrow because its construction will take more than 10 years, and will give the ASEAN countries to re-invent themselves after the Cold War and the new American ‘Globalization, Free Trade and Human Rights’. Also, Thailand and Malaysia will boom especially Singapore being the perfect ;logistic centre for men and services. Democracy will bloom in Myamar. Insurgencies will die down in South Thailand, Acheh, and Mindanao.
    Singapore’s economy was down in the dumps from 2002 onwards and was forced to issue 2 casino licences instead. And pronto, Singapore bought out Thaksin’s business for US$1.3 billions and from then onwards, chaos, riots, deaths and injuries to innocent men, women and children amongst the Thais themselves. If Singapore had gone for the Canal too, its citizens would have been luxuriating in prosperity instead turning against themselves as of now.

    It is the dog in the manger attitude of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore which did not give his own people a chance to prosper in their lifetimes. Hey ! this is the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s 16th failed Policy.

    Also, see how foreigners interfere with the domestic politics of Thailand usning money as an instrument of Foreign Policy.

    1. Further, Cudmudgeon of 72, the Pax Americana’s ‘Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights’ slogan is actually anathema to the real practices of Singapore through the ages. Hence, Singapore has to try very hard to keep themselves above water which is a GDP of 5% with inflatiion not too far from this. IF THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 15 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE had supported the construction of the Canal, Northern Malaysia will boom. Kota Baru, Pulau Pinang will be boom towns stretching down to Kuantan. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s overdominance and his obstinacy put paid to all the lovely goodies FOR HIS OWN PEOPLE IN THEIR LIFETIMES. And now within 25 years, Singapore will either be :-
      1. The 53rd State of the Union of the United States.
      2. A British Crown Colony again. Even Scotland wants out.
      3. Merge with Malaysia again but a good horse does not return to old pastures.
      4. Status quo with a full fledged military costing billions of dollars to bear.
      All of the above is because the Singaporeans could not re-invent themselves and now like King Canute, wait for the tide of time to rise over them. What a pity !

  28. Ms H. I say once again to all our friends that the Arab Spring of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria is not Arab Spring. It brought a huge number of deaths and sadness to once peaceful and happy communities. We see for ourselves to the hiatuse in Thailand in which Thai fight Thai. And now Ukraine, With over 100 deaths, the West has no answer to protect tiny Ukraine from the Russian Bear.
    THIS IS WHY I ALWAYS SAID WE MUST SUPPORT THE BN AS LED BY THE UMNO WITH ITS 13 (15) COMPONENT PARTIES. See where the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, are now – the 90% up a pole of no return. A slight turn of fate would have made these Chinese and others lose all their wealth. LET US HOPE THESE CHINESE REALISE WHAT THEY DID IN THE 13TH GENERAL ELECTIONS WAS UN-CHINESE-LIKE and vote for BN in Kajang.

  29. Firstly, malays were already recognized as a single race back in 1795 (Blumenbach), that are the natives of 1/3 of the southern hemisphere, from Madagascar to Hawaii… which today is known as Malayo-Polynesians or Austronesians. Most newer generation of Malaysians don’t realise that prior to jajahan British, Dutch and Spain, the whole archipelago was the malay world. How can they claim the malays are from Indonesia when Indonesia and Malaysia didn’t exist then but it was gugusan kepulauan melayu? It was the Malayan Constitution describing the malays as muslims that had made the malay world smaller, that the other rumpun melayu who are not muslims became bumiputras, thus discording ties with the other rumpun melayu.

    Indonesia dropped melayu out of sensitivity of their rakyat who are of many faiths and call themselves indonesians. Filipines still consider themselves as Malays though are upset by Malaysian’s description of Malays being muslims. This also made the Malays believe that they are not a race but a description in the constitution, as well as agreeing that they are from Indonesia without realising DNA-wise they are the descendants of orang asli. The Malays pulak believe that Malays are all muslims, therefore they don’t think the non muslims are malays. the Bumis also went by the constitution’s description and never believe that they are part of the suku kaum of the bigger malay race.

    Right now DAP knows this as the Malayo-Polynesian world is bigger than they thought, even the last king of Hawaii described himself as the long lost Malay brother to the late Sultan Abu Bakar of Johore. Latest scientific evidences done by Oxford and Leeds scientists have proven the genes of the Malays are amongst the oldest genes in the human race… so DAP is trying very hard to rewrite history and implant the ideas of Melayu as bangsa asing in Malaysia so that the non malays will never believe in the scientific evidences (probably claim UMNO sogok the findings). But it won’t be long till their bubbles burst. More and more efforts are being made to rekindle the lost connection amongst the malayo-polynesian people. And one of the most important common link amongst all of us are the link we have with the land and waters, or our semangat pada tanah dan air. And from tanah dan air of the Malay Archipelago came the word tanahair orang melayu. DAPsters are already shitting in their pants now and their attacks are getting more aggressive. But the truth will prevail.

  30. Ms H. I feel a more appropriated title for your comment should be. ‘ ‘Why the Malays feel provoked.’

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