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Social hostilities are very high in Indonesia due to religion

Like in Malaysia, the Christian population in Indonesia is also the magic number of “9 percent”.

There are an estimated 23.7 million Christians in Indonesia — see the Pew Research’s Religious Composition by Country list figures. Indonesia has a total country population of 251.2 million, according to the CIA Factbook last year.

Indonesian Muslims are worried about Charismatic churches taking hold in their country and the connection that these churches have to the Chinese political movement, see Voice of Islam report titled ‘Gereja Kharismatik dan Gerakan Politik Cina Menguasai Indonesia’ (23 Feb 2014)

China hosts the world’s third largest number of Protestant Christians at 58.04 million adherents.

Christian Traditions - Pew Research Center's Religion & Public Life Project 2014-03-01 21-54-21

Conversions have been rife in recent years in Indonesia.

Pastor Billy Njotorahardjo has seen his church congregation in Jakarta grow from 400 to more than 6,000 members in just four years. An example of his parishioner converts are Eddy, a former Buddhist and Sophie (Eddy’s wife), a former Muslim. See ‘Indonesia Churches Explode with Growth’ (CBN, 13 July 2012).

The Methodist denomination alone in Indonesia is 154,700 parishioners during communion. At 126,356 parishioners, the number of Methodist Christians in Malaysia does not lag too far behind Indonesia’s (see table extract, below).

Statistical Information 2014-03-01 21-59-28

Source: World Methodist Council, statistical information

According to Pew Research data, about 90 percent of Christians live in countries where Christians are in the majority. Only about 10 percent of Christians worldwide live as minorities, including those in China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

A Pew Research published on 14 Jan 2014 revealed that religious hostilities have reached a six-year high worldwide.

Indonesia is one the countries ranking very high in social hostilities due to the factor of religion (see chart below).

By the time next year’s Pew Research is published, Malaysia might well be joining our biggest neighbour in the ‘Very High’ quadrant for Social Hostilities.

Religious Hostilities Reach Six-Year High - Pew Research Center's Religion & Public Life Project 2014-03-01 22-15-40

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44 thoughts on “Social hostilities are very high in Indonesia due to religion

  1. So you point is trying to imply that the Christian trying to take over the Muslim in Malaysia and Indonesia. Since majority of Christian are Chinese thus actually the Chinese are the one trying to take over the country. So the Malay better be careful about the Chinese and should try to suppress them especially in Malaysia and Indonesia.

    1. i can paraphrase… christians the extremist ones are crap left by the colonialist as a time bomb… not only acknowledged by the maays but also ironically China.

      the malays have transitioned peacefully into hinduism, buddhism and islam because of trade… christianity sailed into SEA on top of barbaric colonialism, slavery and ethnic genocide peaked by two world wars where christian europe tried to annihilate each other…. hence to be wary of the christian extremists is natural.

      1. You should look at what is happening in the west, particularly in Europe to understand why the Christian extremists are moving to Asia to spread their religion.

        The people in the west, especially those in Europe, have had enough of Christianity.

        People in the west are becoming increasingly secular. Hence the power of the church to influence the masses is diminishing. As you should know, the church is big business. With the west becoming more secular, their business is toast, not to mention the scandals that’s being exposed of the church’s wrongdoing.

        That is why they are moving to Asia to get new converts = new businesses.

        1. Senang citer mcm Citi Harvest multi-level-marketing lar. Xtian dah bungkus di barat dan lagi no econ growth. Asia sdg nikmati hi econ growth n population boom. Hi mid class n purchasing power. No money, no agama.

          1. Jesus was born in the Middle East and maybe he looked something like Yasser Arafat. Yet the Bangsa Malaysia who look like Jerusubang Ah Soh (below) mass worship a Man-God who is painted/sculptured to look like an Italian Renaissance man.

            A white Christmas with snow takes place in our tropical country of swaying coconut palms.

            The success of the marketing sell across cultures is truly amazing.

            1. Mind you, the Jews and the Arabs share the same bloodline, even their language share similarities.

              Christmas is based on a pagan festival, it has nothing to do with Jesus.

              You should read the book Jesus Prophet of Islam to understand why when Islam arrived in north Africa, his followers embraced Islam to without hesitation why the pagans continued with their bogus faith.

              1. re: “the Jews and the Arabs share the same bloodline”

                So it is more likely that the Yeshua of 2,000 years ago looked more like Yasser Arafat than the depiction we usually see in famous Western paintings.

                1. The skin color should look light brown, not white. The Jesus of today’s Christianity is a white man’s invention.

                  1. If you don’t know what he looks like, then how can you say he does not look at all like Yasser Arafat?

    2. Majority of Christian in Malaysia are actually Bumiputera; Ibans, Kadazan Dusun Murut, Melanau, Bajau, Orang Asli, and other races.

      The majority of Christians in Indonesia are non Chinese Indonesians. They are the Bataks in Sumatera, Javanese, Ambonese and Moluccans, Dayaks, North and Central Sulawesi people, the aboriginal groups in Iran Jaya (Western Papua), and many more.

      1. The majority of aggressive Christians in Malaysia are actually not the Ibans, Kadazan Dusun Murut, Melanau, Bajau and Orang Asli

        1. The majority of aggressive Christians in Malaysia are actually the DAPster Talibans. And majority of these Talibans are Subang type chinese evangalists. The talam dua muka and the ultra kiasu “never do no wrong” hypocrite species.

  2. Previously… Christianity was link to colonialism… and I agree with that. But to say now it is still the same….dont think so. Why….. simply because the Chinese: whether what is their Confucianism, Buddhism, even Christianity…they couldn’t be bother about that. They want their Chinese identity to be maintain.

    This is true even in a Muslim Chinese community…. For them, what religion are you… they dont mind as long as you respect the Chinese tradition… For the Malays, they accept Islam as part and parcel of being a Malay… but for the Chinese… they wanted the religion (be it Christian, Buddha, Muslim…..etc) to be part and parcel of being a Chinese……

  3. Generally Muslims live in hardship. When they go to the mosques they only hear sermons about the hell and the doom days. From young to old age they are reminded of this. All their life they are bogged down by feelings of serba salah.

    When encountered by the Christians they hear of all things bright and full of hopes and all things good. Some more the Christians come with their clean face and cheerful disposition and soft soothing voice compared to the bearded screaming mullah or scorning sarcastic ustad. No surprise Christianity is gaining.

      1. Re Also the Christians have lots of song and dance.

        Once you get involved with them, you become perpetually hysterical.

        1. Rational people are not susceptible to a herd mentality and thus difficult to be mobilized into a mob.

          The perpetually hysterical mobs are the foundation of Pakatan power.

          1. The Christians believe they are being persecuted and the Muslims think they are under siege.

            It is not the Buddhists who are persecuting the Christians or laying siege to the Muslims, btw.

            So what do you think the Christians and the Muslims in peninsular Malaysia are going to do to each other once the hysteria takes control completely?

    1. You are so right.

      The ulamaks, ustaz or ustazah’s only feed their congregation with ‘if you don’t do this you will go to neraka’ . Or you also have the ustaz or ulamaks that may be uncouth but will attract many to their ceramahs. However, what they get out of this is secondary.

      I am unable to name a local ulamak, ustaz or ustazah that can capture the essence of Islam in its entirety. So unfortunate.

  4. I’ve always gotten along well with Catholics and vice versa. Never with the Prods.

    Too dogmatic and even fanatical for me. The Catholics think so too.

    But lately I’m seeing some Catholics beginning to subscribe to the Prod evangelista mindset via DAP.

    The cargo cult appeal is making its rounds.

    1. indian use to be nice, only lately some indian beginning to subscribe to the hindraf way, which according to many malay here, is no diff with gangster.

      must be the fault of caste n hinduism?

      1. Must be the Chinese effect. The Chinese used to be involved with triads. Then the Christians converted them into a different type of thugs, the cyber thugs for obvious political reasons.

        The Indians, sensing that the Chinese have left a vacuum, moved in to fill the void.

        The Indians have no viable means to hit at the Malay establishment but maybe, as a means of letting out steam, they can hit the Chinese. The Malay establishment is not going to stand in the way should the Indians choose to do so. After all, someone has to do the dirty work. The Christians too would want it to happen too since they see the Chinese as heathens while the Anglophiles will provide the agitation needed for such an enterprise.

        Bottom line is, the Chinese will be the first and foremost victims of any melee in Malaysia.

        Too bad nobody informed them that they have offended too many people.

        Oh wait, hold on, the people commenting here have warned them for quite some time but……….

      2. I agree that Indians are way too nice. They even allowed one of their kids to morphed from Indian to Chinese.

        I know the Chinese love the Indians because of people like a certain Mr Hannah, allowing them to steal Indian kids.

          1. Yet when a Chinese married a Muslim, you come out and say “Masuk Melayu”.

            Jealous ? Who’s talking ?

              1. Mana ada tak ada choice, tak ada freedom ? You mabuk todi ke ? Tak ada orang yang suruh orang Cina, sama ada lelaki atau perempuan, bercinta dengan orang Islam.

                Yang Cina kahwin dengan Kristian, lelaki atau perempuan, bila pasangan mereka orang Kristian, mereka pun masuk Kristian bila kahwin.

                Awak ni waras ke atau mabuk todi ?

              2. It was never a masuk Melayu in the first place, it was coined by the Cinas themselves, perhaps in good faith, but why are you soo jealous HY, it is a personal choice too?

              3. when that chinese married a muslim.. its his or her choice…and mind u they learned about Islam way better than some people even malays… why must jealous? double standard?? double faced?? typical shallow minded -christianity -bigot

      3. re: must be the fault of caste n hinduism?

        What has gangsterism got to do with casteism or Hinduism?

        Make the connection if you can. I’m interested to see how you slither your way around that.

        No, its because the Malays and Chinese have established their communal gangs long ago…some have even become major political parties.

        Indians oso must have their gangs mah. If not how to survive?

        Actually, many Chinese clans operated and are still operating as gangs…not above tacitly condoning or supporting illegal activities and even being directly involved like being financiers for loan sharking businesses, for example.

        Of course, their roles will be kept invisible and their investments appearing above-board for all intents and purposes. They will continue looking squeaky clean and reputable.

        DAP and their operatives behave just like gangsters…which is not surprising.

        Is it the fault of Taoism or Confucianism or even Buddhism?

        Naaah…its obviously due to Christianity.

        Anjua, sorhai?

        1. i think the fault is buddhism, v always look at the source. christianity, like islam, is a religion of peace, if we again look at the source.

          btw what is sorhai? is buddha one?

          1. i think the fault is buddhism, v always look at the source. christianity, like islam, is a religion of peace

            Does this mean that HY’s ancestors have been misled and practice all the pagan and chaotic customs? HY’s ancestors do not understand peace and they are lost in the evils of paganism.

            Ini HY tunjuk satu jari 4 tunjuk balik.
            islam 1st your comments please…. I am sure islam 1st will have something witty to say about HY.

            1. yeah make it 3 daft n one little indian.

              i wont call it misled, china is relatively secular, most of the time the people is allowed the freedom of belief. until communist came to power, communist control everything including religion, sound familiar?

              and buddhism is not as peaceful as many claim, look at ashoka, empress wu, so when one point his finger to christian, please go to the nearest mirror.

              oh btw, i am a buddhist, is fine u wanna call buddhism pagan. n china history is never about peace. inclusive maybe. mulan go to war, no?

              lu sekolah mana? orang kat estate tak mampu sekolah jadi tak pandai, tapi i jarang nampak mereka tunjuk kebodohan macam lu? gene nyonya punya pasal?

  5. Dear Aunty Helen,

    “Approximately 2 million people in Indonesia leave Islam for Christianity every year” – according to Save Mariam. So lots of Indonesian Muslims are not happy and angry.

    In Indonesia it is legal according to Pancasila for the Christians to use Allah for God, Rumah Allah for church, iman, Baitullah and others like what some people are asking for in Malaysia including lots of PAS leaders like Mujahid and Khalid Samad.

    It is legal for Indonesian Muslims to marry people from other religions and they can still practise their own religions. There is no official Muslim propagation control in Indonesia because Indonesia is not a Muslim country and they have to follow Pancasila. There are also a lot of Liberal Muslims and ‘Muslims’ who actually believe in Pluralism of Religions.

    In Malaysia, Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution says that Islam is the religion of the Federation and Article 11(4) gives the rights to the Sultans and Agong in states where there is no Sultans to control the propagation among the Muslims.

    The control is important before it can cause religious fights like in Indonesia. For example, today the non-Muslims have interfered into the Muslim’s religious affairs like complaining and humiliating JAKIM’s Khutbah Jumaat and questioning Al-Baqrah verse 120 of the Quran, some of COMANGO’s demands and others that made lots of Muslims angry.

    We have to avoid religious fights and to do so, Malaysians have to obey the law, follow the Federal Constitution, the Rukun Negara and do not use violence, humiliate or slander other people.

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