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The Zahid principle: Treat your friends nice and treat your enemies nicer

And remember the very best treatment is for your worst enemy …

Zahid Hamidi with Malaysiakini boss Steven Gan

While the opposition continuously carries out Search and Destroy missions – destroy Najib’s credibility, destroy his administration’s legitimacy, destroy the government’s authority – as well as they are daily consolidating Pakatan real power on all fronts and in every possible sphere, here we have the Home Minister going all touchy-feely with the editor-in-chief of the chief opposition organ.

Oh yah, and Zahid’s boss the PM wants us to emphasize that “we are all part of a Malaysian family” by highlighting a Malay policeman helping a Chinese little old lady to cross the road (click 2x on screenshot below to read Najib’s 1Malaysia National Reconciliation message).

Sin Chew critical of Utusan

A Sin Chew editorial yesterday titled ‘How to unite without reconciliation?‘ said:

“The suggestion of removing the race column from all official forms made by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup is indeed a start to promote national unity. The move could establish a single identity, namely Malaysian, while truly embodying the 1Malaysia concept and preventing some people from asking Chinese and Indians to go back to China or India. It is a cornerstone to promote national unity. However, the suggestion has still been opposed by Malacca Umno grassroots, while Utusan Malaysia editor Datuk Zaini Hassan wrote in an article that the suggestion of removing the race column from forms is the first step to convince Malays to surrender their Bumiputera benefits and other privileges afforded to the community. It showed that the path towards national unity will be rugged if such mindset is not changed. […]

“It is still understandable to ignore remarks made by extreme organisations to prevent spreading the ideas for them, but if even influential print media are trying to promote racism, we should not just ignore it. The Utusan Malaysia should bear the responsibility for publishing any articles provoking racial and religious sentiments.”

So what do you make of the admonishment of Utusan by Sin Chew?

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Pengarang kumpulan The Star menyelar sikap “rasis” sesetengah pihak


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18 thoughts on “The Zahid principle: Treat your friends nice and treat your enemies nicer

  1. It is NOT the ‘Bangsa’ in the form that determined racis or not. It is your own attitude that make u racis or not. Sin chew blame the malay mind set to be the the obstacle to national unity. It seems that they want the malays to sacrifice everything, then only national unity is possible.

    Why not sin chew ask the chinese to sacrifice something and change their mindset instead?
    Why cant chinese and indians accept the fact of the position of malays and Islam in this country as stated in the Perlembagaan.

    The malays has sacrifice so much already in fact to the point of kera dihutan disusukan…

    If I were the Tunku I will give citizenship only to the Babas and Nyonyas.

    Helen Ang was right when she says bowing to their demand is like bowing to the demand of putri gunung ledang ie finally they will demand for blood.

    1. The Chinese will only bow to power. Look at those Chinese in western countries.

      They will only do so here in Malaysia if Malays demand them to.

      Copy the white man’s method when it comes to dealing with them.

    2. Agreed. Let’s ask Sinchew what they make of MI criticising the content of Khutbah Jumaat (again?), should MI be held accountable for “provoking racial and religious sentiments”?

  2. Itu Zahid Hamidi manyak babut lo oo , itu Cina tengko mesti manyak shyok maa . ini menteli atak ingat itu Cina punya undi manyak penting lea…….

    Wa.. pon helan apa pasat Cina tatak sokong menteli Bulayu maa , ini Bulayu atak manyak babut loo…. selupa itu Najib juga leaa….. .

  3. All this silly demand to abolish the race column is just an effort to diminish the Malays identity.

    You think we dont know ah?

    1. Ya lor, after no Melayu anymore, how to help the Melayu. Siapa Melayu they will asks pulak! And me also Melayu, they will claim, then!

      Melayu buat-buat bodo tapi lu olang-olang pandai ingat kami semua bodo!

  4. Badawii, Zahid, Najib and Hisham were and are still ANWARISM.

    For the remarks mentioned CIna balik China and India balik India, no offence, if still not able to speak National Language fluently then better balik. Do Cina and India as Bangsa Malaysia dare to wear Baju Melayu the official Baju Kebangsaan for all functions including Deepavali and CNY and can the Melayu not heart filling when they really do it?

    Bangsa Malaysia without race can be achieve by our youngest Generation when there are in one NATIONAL SCHOOL with ONE EDUCATION not the Sekolah Cina, Tamil and Melayu etc as that is the key to racism.

    Will Melayu forgo their Bumi previllage like the discount when buying a house

    1. re: “… Najib and Hisham were and are still ANWARISM.”

      Can pls elaborate? How is Najib Anwarism? Thought he’s wasatiyyah.

  5. Every Chinaman knows that Malays are the easiest to please since they do not have a high level of expectation and low level of satisfaction; easiest to cheat as their knowledge is limited and thus naive of many things; easiest to bribe as their threshold level is so low.

    Has anyone realize that the phrase tolak ansur literally means give and give and not ‘compromise’ as commonly thought. Is it any wonder then that Najib and gang have been on charity drive before and after GE? Apa lagi Cina mau? You may ask. They would reply, Lu lagi ada apa?

    1. re: “the phrase tolak ansur literally means give and give and not ‘compromise’ as commonly thought”


  6. My immediate husnul-zhon is that zahid is advocating tsun-zhe’s principle of keeping you friends close, but keep your enemies even closer.

  7. Seems like a planned trap to embarrass him and get revenge, agreeing with what some other bloggers say.

    Though he deserved it very much for not putting a permanent stop to Malicekini all this time. Serves him right.

  8. the choice of language says a lot about Sin Chew. If they are really ambil berat tentang semua orang, sama rata, tiada diskriminasi, then why, please tell me why, the chose to speak to the Cinas and among the Cinas only?

    Why Cina ONLY?

  9. UMNO aka Melayu memang baik hati. Walau teruk dihentam musuh aka Malaysiakini atau DAP atau yang sewaktu dengannya, mereka tetap tak kisah. Malah diambil mereka untuk melakar dasar Negara.

    Sikap seperti ini adalah menakutkan, dan hanya akan membuatkan berjuta-juta Melayu yang undi mereka tawar hati. Tapi memang itulah yang DAP mahu, supaya Melayu tawar hati dengan UMNO. Apa-apapun it’s a win-win situation for DAP. They’ra lucky, Najib always listen to them.

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