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Everybody was Sogo shopping — another kangkungsque gaffe by Najib

The title of this post ‘Everybody was Sogo shopping’ is a take on the popular song Everybody was kung fu fighting.

Najib Razak has responded to Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s panning of the RM4.5 billion cash handout given by the government to 7 million recipients by saying, “It is better to decrease lump sum subsidy and turn to targeted subsidy. Through BR1M and BR1M 3.0, over 7 million households (received BR1M) totalling RM4.6 billion.”

Najib added: “The first day, many went to Sogo, many went to the weekly markets” — see yesterday’s report in MSN.

Hmm, what can RM600 BR1M money buy in Sogo? Well, whatever it is, our government appears to stake its assurance as well as RM4.5 billion that the most essential things in life can be found in Sogo. Now ain’t Sogo lucky?

24feb_026.pdf 2014-03-04 21-01-45

Is the BN government edified that 7 million households – more than a quarter of the country’s population – are considered poor enough to deserve BR1M?

Muhyiddin Yassin’s retort “BR1M bukan rasuah” suggests that his denial is in response to some people who have indeed alleged that it was an election sweetener.

Read also, ‘BR1M need not to be continued, says Tun M‘ (, 2 Oct 2013)

Below is what Dr M said a couple of days ago:

If they [the rakyat] do not support it must be because they are not happy with something, maybe even with BRIM. Find out what they are not happy with and you [Najib?] will know what you should do.”

Dunno what is crossing the Tun’s mind although many highly placed conspiracy theorists have shared their speculations.

But nonetheless, what is on Najib’s mind has been reported in the papers. He promises a better next BR1M payment and the sum could eventually double to RM1,200.

br1m10_23 Feb.pdf 2014-03-04 20-58-58


The 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia is very detached from the ground. He is clearly insulated from the people, particularly the less than well-to-do ones who qualify from BR1M.

Najib only listens to his phalanx of consultants and advisors. These consultants and advisors have no love for Umno or the BN.

Dr M is right. Too many people are “unhappy with something”.

Tun suggests that the administration should find out what they [people] are not happy with.

I, for one, am quite willing to volunteer to put on public record what it is that I’m unhappy with.

I’m unhappy with Najib.

The Prime Minister is allowing the extremists to spit in our faces and pijak kepala dia sendiri.

And this clueless PM in his clueless National Reconciliation statement doesn’t even seem to have a clue as to what is going on among the grassroots.

The Tun in saying “Find out what they are not happy with and you will know what you should do” is certainly issuing a tall order.

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11 thoughts on “Everybody was Sogo shopping — another kangkungsque gaffe by Najib

  1. When punasihat adviced ahjibgor to take away/reduce subsidies ,…prices for a lot of things skyrocketed..esp food items… this causes massive inflation and great hardship to citizens… ahjibgor thought that giving brim would counteract such massive price increase.. but he did not know brim also contibutes to more deficit and more money printing and more inflation..

    This escapes ppl who dont know abt how dynamic thinking that required to manage the economy…brim reaching 1.2k cant even counteract the massive inflation unfolding and this that cant be undone. That is why this strategy is not going to please the ppl.. Even pru13 result showed that it failed

  2. I am not happy with Helen for hitting on Najib 24 x7 but I’am happy Najib being hit as he too clueless who Helen is and why he being hit.

  3. When your raison d’état for joining politics is to acquire power and money the rakyat is just there for the milking. Najib is not alone for 98 percent of politicians share similar attributes. Malaysia is lucky in that it’s first four PMs were honest, dedicated and competent. It won’t be long before Malaysia joins the likes of Nigeria, Kenya or Zimbabwe, if not Thailand, Egypt or Tunisia after ten years of misrule.

    1. re: “When your raison d’état for joining politics is to acquire power and money the rakyat is just there for the milking. Najib is not alone for 98 percent of politicians share similar attributes.”

      That’s why KJ is Najib’s pembodek No.1.

      1. Now I think I know why members of the cabinet are not heard from. It must either be because Najib ran the last election campaign US presidential style i.e on his own personal steam and not as a team, or because he does not even have a feel of the pulse of even his cabinet ministers, save a few, or both.

  4. I think a lot of ppl think that economy is like 1+1 = 2. That was why they think when the subsidy is reduced/taken away, the economy and deficit would go down. Unfortunately, when electrical/petrol prices increased, it caused a knock on effect of increasing the prices of many items, consequently causing massive inflation. This eventually, causes the government to need a lot more RM to manage the country. If you managed to “save” RMX due to subsidy reduction, know that RMY (expenditure to manage the country) , -after inflation-, are not going to be kind to you and more likely is some magnitude more.

    There is a different effect on prosperity/wealth, when the government (spend) subsidize electric/petrol cf without the subsidy.

    When subsidy is on, the inflation could be controlled to a certain extent; but when the subsidy is lifted, the massive price increase promoted inflation; the printing of more money (BRIM) will even encourage more inflation.

    The subsidy reduction is not really a “cure all”, as it causes massive inflation which affects the rakyat and also the prosperity/wealth of this country.

  5. If Sogo is what crossed his mind at the first mention of that stupid Brim, then truly this pm is detached from the people who voted for or against him. 99% of people in the kampung do not know Sogo. Their shopping revolves around getting the basic necessities like rice, sugar, vegetables and fish and they cant find it in Sogo

  6. I’m no economist, but when something that used to cost RM1.50 before Chinese New Year now costs RM2.00, the inflation rate isn’t 3% as the economists tell us. It’s been like that since forever but is worse now.

    Why are people allowed to increase prices by 25% when the official inflation rate is just 3%. This is what I’m unhappy about.

    Ada banyak lagi tapi cukuplah setakat ini buat hari ini.

  7. Dr M says Najib should know what he should do…Too susah for Najib to solve this teka teki?

  8. Helen,

    Apa yang Tun M katakan itu adalah asas kepada skil pengurusan yang cekap.

    Asas ini memerlukan seseorang pengurus itu mengetahui dengan jelas tentang apa yang sedang berlaku di dalam pentadbirannya dan pada kebiasaannya sistem ‘3A’ digunakan.

    ‘3A’ bermasud ‘three Actualities’ iaitu Actual Place, Actual Time dan Actual Facts.

    Apabila ‘3A’ ini jelas, barulah tindakkan bersesuaian diambil.

    Malang sekali, PM Najib ialah seorang ‘pengurus’ yang tidak berpijak di bumi nyata maka kelihatanlah setiapkali beliau bercakap atau bertindak sering tidak menepati tempat, masa dan keadaan sebenar.

    Tidak lain dan tidak bukan, ‘konsultan’ yang beliau percaya telah menggunakan sistem ‘3C’ terhadap beliau iaitu samada telah membuat beliau ‘Convinced’ atau ‘Confused’ atau ‘Conned’.

    Terlebih malang lagi, PM Najib telah dan masih membayar harga yang tinggi untuk perkhidmatan yang sebenarnya suatu pembaziran.

    Hasilnya: saya salah seorang yang juga ‘unhappy dengan PM Najib’.

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