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Kit Siang on the road to becoming Deputy Prime Minister

Anwar Ibrahim said during his speech in the Holy Family Church, Kajang that Putrajaya had allowed “the voices of hatred, violence and destruction” to gain ascendency.

He said: “These troublemakers throw bombs into the church premises but nobody is arrested. Rewards are offered to the public to slap an MP, but the police do not take action. They threaten to bring about a repeat of the May 13 racial riots but again, appear to be immune and above the law.” (See TMI, 4 March 2014)

The opposition leader is targetting the Malay-Muslim extremists guilty of the acts he mentioned above.


Najib Razak in his National Reconciliation update similarly targetted “extremist groups”, calling them instigators who are destroying the trust between races.

He suggests that extremists can be destroyed if we (the moderates) have faith in ourselves and our fellow Malaysians. For details, see my previous posting.

Anwar is blaming the pro-establishment people for the extremism. Lim Kit Siang is daily screeching like a banshee blaming “extremists”.

Najib Razak is vague and leaves hanging in the air the identity of the extremists whom he pinpointed.

He forgets that the opposition is so aggressive, so strident and so totally in control of the national narrative. Najib’s wishy-washiness leaves the door wide open for the opposition to hijack his National Reconciliation statement. DAP evangelistas will convince the fence-sitters that the extremists whom Najib mentions are the Muslims and Malays aligned to Umno.

In other words, Najib has shot himself and Umno in the foot by delivering that National Reconciliation piece of cluelessness.


Najib is wrong to believe that extremists can be destroyed through faith in ourselves and our fellow Malaysians. Does he realise that the extremists are perpetually hysterical and delusional Dapsters? If they were reasonable and rational people to begin with, they would not be extremists, would they?

Najib is wrong to discourage the spreading of reports on actions taken by extremist groups. This course of action will only embolden them because they are not named and shamed but instead are allowed to get off scot free without any social sanction or punishment by the law.

Najib is wrong to suggest that if no one reports on their actions, they will not gain the recognition they want and thus will be unable to recruit more people to their cause.The truth of the matter is that there are only 47 percent of voters (a minority) who are inclined to the BN’s cause. ‘They’, i.e. those against the BN, are becoming a bigger and bigger majority by the day because they are daily being brainwashed with no let-up while Najib chooses to bury his head in the sand.


Najib goes to the extent of advocating “We don’t have to condemn them, just ignore them.”

This is despite that ‘they’ control the media and ‘they’ are masters at manipulating public perception. Najib is advocating that his own side buat tak tahu aje about the extremism in our midst, and give a free ride to the extremists to spin anyhow ‘they’ like without us providing and check or balance by taking them head on.

Najib is a Prime Minister hell-bent on political suicide. How can he ask us not to condemn the extremists but to just ignore them? This is a recipe for harakiri and worse than Neville Chamberlain’s Munich appeasement. Extremists can never be appeased. If they could, they wouldn’t be called extremists.

Najib thinks that the extremists “will fail” ultimately because all Malaysians are united in our desire for peace and harmony.


Extremists do not care about peace and harmony. They are single-minded in their purpose to see Umno buried. This also means that they want Najib stone cold and six feet under.

Just look at what they do to his wife — see ‘Manipulasi setiap aktiviti Rosmah Mansor‘ in Yuseri Yusoff’s blog.


Najib is under the illusion that the extremists will get no traction.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad only very recently cautioned:

“Failure to understand public sentiments would be disastrous for politicians. Self-delusion is even worse”.

Dr M’s advice sounds custom-fit for Najib. And boy is Najib is headed for disaster. Under Najib’s stewardship, the Umno Titanic is being steered straight towards the iceberg.

Not only have the extremists gained traction, what we have is a case of the ‘lunatics’ (extremists) getting ready to take over the asylum.

Najib Razak has failed badly in understanding the sentiments of the people who voted for the BN.

He is pandering to the enemy and punishing his own people. He rewards treachery by appointing to plum places those who stabbed BN in the back.

On the other hand, Hindraf that campaigned for the BN during GE13 is made use of, and habis madu, sepah dibuang.

Najib will however give MCA ministerial positions even though 9 out of 10 Chinese reject BN, and the MCA mouthpiece J-Star brazenly campaigned for the DAP evangelistas. The Prime Minister is sending out the message that anyone can betray the BN (think MCA), spit on the spirit of the Alliance, and he will still give them a pat on the back. And rewards. Najib will even let his Kangkung Minister bring a Dapster into the office.

Whereas he reneges on a deal made with Waytha Moorthy and Hindraf who stuck out their necks to side with BN and campaign for Najib’s side in the last general election.

This inability to grasp the frustrations and anger of BN supporters is now becoming increasingly disastrous for Najib Razak. His self-delusion is courting not only his own political demise but irrelevancy for the rest of the BN.

He is paving the way for the DAP to stride into Putrajaya.

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29 thoughts on “Kit Siang on the road to becoming Deputy Prime Minister

  1. Helen,

    As I said earlier, this guy is bodoh sombong tahap extreme. Tak boleh diajar lagi.

    I have given up on him already.

      1. Helen,

        Tidak ada “solution” bagi Najib dan general-general di bawah. Mereka inilah yang meruntuhkan kuasa UMNO/BN di Putrajaya. By next election Najib and his gang will join the “Club Of Doom”.

        Majority of Malays have lost faith in him to safeguard their interest and Islam.

          1. Helen,
            Tak perlu nak selamat Najib and his generals. Next election put them cold storage. Maybe we have no choice but to let Anwar, LKS, Hadi and LGE to pilot Putrajaya to see their worth. I don’t think they will destroy the country, maybe for the better.

            1. re: “Anwar, LKS, Hadi and LGE to pilot Putrajaya to see their worth”

              They are a plague of locusts.

              re: “I don’t think they will destroy the country, maybe for the better”

              They are a plague of locusts; they will destroy the country.

        1. Come GE14, GE15…the majority Malays being malay will still vote for Umno and the majority Chinese being chinese will still vote for DAP.

          Pity the Malays for having a soft and delusional 1Malaysia government leader and at the same time a corrupt hypocrite sodomizer opposition leader.

          This situation is to the liking of the hypocrite DAP chinese who want to have their ‘apa lagi Cina mau” and put a “baggage” Malay leader as their puppet. This despite knowing that DAP rampantly practises corruption but pretend to be the good guy.

          To me it is more of a situation than a solution. To the malays and muslims, how is it possible for a corrupt and dirty leader like Anwar to clean up corruption? But to the hypocrite chinese who want Umno mati, they will still support the “borrowed knife” Anwar.

  2. Anwar is correct when he said that “Putrajaya had allowed “the voices of hatred, violence and destruction” to gain ascendency.

    What he does not say is that these voices of hatred, violence and destruction are coming from Pakatan Rakyat and their blind, ignorant supporters.

    And Putrajaya has allowed these voices by removing ISA. These PR morons and other extremists should be thrown behind bars and have the keys thrown away.

      1. Anwar is correct when he said that “Putrajaya had allowed PR (DAP,PKR,PAS) to used voices of hatred, violence and destruction” to gain power to the road of Putra Jaya. Aint that supposed to be?

    1. Anwar gave a specific example of the ‘slap’ protest against Teresa Kok. The culprits are known. They are the “Council of Muslim NGOs”.

      Anwar also gave the “May 13 repeat” example. That would be the words coming from Utusan and Perkasa.

      Generally those unhappy with the churches (the molotov cocktail third example cited by Anwar) are the Muslims.

      Hence those whom Anwar considers as extremists (or he’s telling his church audience that they’re those are extremists) would be the Malay-Muslim culprits/perpetrators of the acts he listed.

      The question here is who are the “extremists” targetted by Najib.

      1. At this juncture, Muslims are not the only group having a motive for the molotov cocktails incidence. It could have been Christian extremists themselves. It could have been Cinas trying to menangguk di air yang keruh. It could have been anyone because whoever that is, they know really well that Muslims in the end will be blame.

        Just like what others had already insinuates!

        1. re: “Just like what others had already insinuates!”

          Anwar bukan calang-calang orang. Kan dia diuar-uarkan sebagai bakal perdana menteri?

  3. re, Kit Siang onthe road to becoming Deputy Prime Minister.

    No way !, Kit Siang want to become DPM, he is Prime Minister product ,nothing less.

    1. Fable of the Heavenly Mascot which turned out to be an Ass:

      Once upon a time there was no donkey in Guizhou. So a certain official shipped one there, but since no one had any use for it, he set it loose at the foot of the mountain.

      A tiger was prowling around the mountain. When he saw this big tall thing, he thought it must be something descended from heaven. So the tiger hid himself in the forest and surveyed the donkey from behind the bushes. Sometimes the tiger ventured a little nearer, but he still kept a respectful distance.

      One day when the tiger came out again, the donkey gave a loud bray. Fearing the donkey was going to devour him, the tiger ran away. After a while he sneaked back to observe the donkey again. He found that although it had a huge body it seemed to have no special ability.

      After a few days the tiger became accustomed to the donkey’s loud braying and was no longer so afraid. Sometimes he even came out and circled the donkey.

      Then the tiger got bolder. Once he paced in front of the donkey and purposely bumped into it. This made the donkey so angry that it struck out with its hind legs and started kicking wildly like the proverbial ass.

      Seeing this, the tiger’s belly rocked with laughter: ‘Such a bulky animal but it can only throw a tantrum when hammered!’ So then with a great roar he pounced on the donkey and ate it up.


    This is public lecture part of the dialogue on “Confucian Humanism as World Governance” held at Stanford University on 2012 Feb. 21.

    co-sponsored by the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law’s ‘The Governance Project’ and the Confucius Institute at Stanford University.

    Tu Weiming is Lifetime Professor in Philosophy and Director of Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Peking University and Research Professor and Senior Fellow of the Asia Center at Harvard University.

    Francis Fukuyama is Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow, the Center on Democracy, Stanford University


  5. Pada hari ini, pertembungan PAS dan UMNO membawa kepada suasana perlumbaan memperjuangkan kesamarataan semua bangsa di Malaysia tanpa mengambil kira kedudukan bumiputera dan kelebihan agama Islam sebagai agama persekutuan di dalam negara. Nada dua parti politik ini kini berubah dari suatu masa dahulu dan tidak berbeza dengan tuntutan perjuangan DAP yang suatu masa dulu dianggap ekstrimis.

    Idea “Malaysian Malaysia” yang suatu masa dahulu tidak mendapat tempat di kalangan pemuda pemudi Islam semakin menjadi daya tarikan. Konsep Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara Islam tidak lagi dipertahankan.

    Mungkin jika ada perkara baik yang kita harus pelajari dari DAP adalah ketabahan mereka memperjuangkan agenda negara demokratik sosialis.

    1. re: “DAP adalah ketabahan mereka memperjuangkan agenda negara demokratik sosialis”

      Agenda DAP bukan sosialisme tetapi kapitalisme. Nama DAP ialah singkatan bagi parti Developers Above People.

      Cuba lihat Pulau Pinang yang diperintah mereka di mana orang kampung diusir supaya projek perumahan mewah boleh dibuat. Cuba lihat tapak-tapak pembangunan baru (sejak kerajaan negeri diambil alih DAP) yang padat macam tin sardin.

      Cuba lihat perangai samseng (bekas) etpol Tong Gas KM.

      Cuba lihat keuntungan bakal diraoh pihak-pihak tertentu dalam projek terowong dasar laut.

      Cuba lihat kenaikan gaji 300 peratus yang diberikan kepada dirinya oleh Puan Speaker Selangor.

    2. XH,

      Sejak bila Malaysia adalah sebuah negara Islam? Islam adalah agama persekutuan sahaja. Islam tiada ‘significance’ di negeri Sabah dan Sarawak.

  6. asus.. Sejak bila Malaysia sebuah negara Islam?..

    Semenjak Kerajaan kesultanan Melaka lagi sudah dikenali sebagai Negara Islam.

    Bila penjajah datang memerintah.. adat resam melayu dan hal ehwal Islam masih lagi dipegang oleh Raja-Raja Melayu. Sehinggalah negara merdeka hak adat resam melayu dan agama Islam masih lagi dipegang oleh Sultan bagi negeri-negeri dan Yang DiPertuan Agong bagi Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

    Persekutuan Tanah Melayu adalah himpunan negeri-negeri yang bersekutu dalam Malaysia. Bagi negeri yg tiada Sultan.. Yang DiPertua Negeri mengantikan Sultan. Dan hak adat resam melayu dan agama Islam juga dipegang oleh Yang DiPertua.

    Sebab itu ada jawatan mufti negeri dan negara utk menjadi penasihat kpd Agong dan Sultan. Di setiap negeri juga ada Majlis Agama Islam negeri-negeri. Hakikatnya negara Islam itu masih berjalan seperti biasa. Cuma bidang kuasa sahaja yg masih belum menyeluruh.

    Ini disebabkan oleh pasca penjajah yg mengambil alih banyak hal dari Sultan dan memperkecilkan kuasa Sultan dalam bidang-bidang tertentu. Contoh hal ehwal pentadbiran, ekonomi, pendidikan dll dibawah kuasa penjajah.

    Apabila negara Merdeka, mereka mengariskan hala tuju Malaysia ini mengikut acuan mereka dgn wujudnya Perlembagaan Persekutuan yg masih diguna pakai hingga kini.

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