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The black flag of Ar-Raya was raised this morning

… in Putrajaya. See below: Note the black flag bearing the white kalimah hoisted during the Federal Court hearing on the ‘Allah’ appeal by Herald. It signals jihad.

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Najib has lost it this time.

The tide of affairs is now spiralling beyond his control. And it is due to his own absymal weakness in leadership.

Why is jihad descending upon us?

Because the straw has broken the camel’s back. Banners decrying the “kurang ajar”, “biadab” dan “jangan cabar orang Islam” behaviour of the evangelistas were seen at the gathering outside the Palace of Justice. For too long Najib has done absolutely nothing to curb the kurang ajar insults and biadab provocation by the evangelistas.

Worse still, it appears that the Prime Minister agrees with his consultants and advisors that it is the Malays and the Muslims who are the “extremist” culprits — see ‘Siapa sebenarnya “pelampau”, boleh Najib tolong sebutkan‘.

Front page of The J-Star on 26 Feb 2014

Ties are broken and cannot be mended

The spineless BN chairman is still coddling the MCA when it is already clear that they are munafik — see ‘J-Star dan liputannya ke atas pilihan raya kecil Kajang‘.

MCA is DAP is MCA is DAP. Dibuat tunggang-terbalik oleh mereka yang haq dan yang batil.

And after all their fitnah and putar-belit, the DAP evangelistas still have the cheek to play victim. Their appeal to victimhood is like the bully who taunts an opponent that his mother is a whore. When this bully is punched in the face for making the insult, pula dia merengek mengatakan orang yang menumbuknya itu bersifat ganas dan pelampau.

All this permainan licik has been allowed to go on with impunity by the Najib administration to the extent that sekarang ‘Allah’ pun berani diorang nak kebas.

The reservoir of goodwill has been almost totally depleted. Whatever passes for the ‘social contract’ is rent in two, from top to bottom.

Tolerance already snapped

The altercations this morning between the Muslims and the pro-Herald camp congregating outside the courthouse could have easily turned violent.

When enough people feel their patience is at an end, then a resort to force will be the next course of action.

In such a scenario, there is no room for a leader of Najib Razak’s temperament. He is incapable of averting the impending anarchy. See ‘Will Najib be able to control an unstable country?

The answer is ‘No’. Najib does not have the mettle for taking tough action promptly and decisively.

Under the Najib premiership, pasti yang kalah jadi abu, yang menang jadi arang.

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5 thoughts on “The black flag of Ar-Raya was raised this morning

  1. Tolerance has coming closed to the end , and acceptance was badly regrettable , what is left now is just a time to click for the last straw , that will broke the camel back.

  2. All this show of intolerance eventually becomes the gain of extremist organizations like ISMA who manangguk di air keruh, not to mention the other sides represented by DAP and Dong Zong. Despite the rhetoric, there were only 1000 people present at the court building, not an impressive presence compared to the standards of the Arab springs and Ukraine.

    I keep thinking that the malaysian cathilic church deliberately make the move now to whip up sentiment following the PRK Kajang development and act as a smokecreen for the PKR internal crisis [deleted] ..double whammy if Anwar returns to the mothership if the conspiracy theory come true.

  3. The black flag signifies either you fight till you win or die a martyr.. no surrender and no backing off.. They’ll burn everything that reminds them of any reason to back off or to stop fighting..

    Remember how Gibraltar got its name..? once they are completely in the full gear of fighting mode, their mind will tells them, “Apa nak jadi.. jadilah!”

    better heed their warning.. no Mat Sabu or Two Minute Stopa Ali could defend their fellow instigator.

    Throw away the last straw before it breaks the toughest camel back.

    We had lived peacefully until those instigators keep on pounding on the patience of the most patience people on planet earth.

    Ada law tp tak ditegakkan.. yg ikut law dianggap extremis.. yg hina law, diangkat sebagai pejuang hak asasi.. bukan ke org melayu percaya, kalau sudah selalu didoakan, maka benda tu akan jd kenyataan. Selalu sgt doakan org Melayu sbg ekstremis.. hari-hari cakap org Melayu sebagai ekstremis.. mcm mana kalo satu hari nnti doa tu dimakbulkan?

    Kalau itu yg diorang tetap mahu… apa nak jadi.. jadilah.. jangan cakap org tak bagi warning secukupnya…

  4. Could not have expressed it better myself. Najib’s leadership appears to have been resting on overdrive. “Let them eat cake”. The way things are moving, one should not be surprised to see the rise of a Mahathirist from some corner of UMNO rise to put the brakes on this unbridled form of “libertarianism” a by word for self destruction. Perhaps another Putin in this world will not be such a bad thing. After all whoever he or she is they will have to out out the same fires of fascism parading as democracy and freedom financed by the same flamethrowers of the US.

    Neglecting the deteriorating law and order situation by allowing these so called opposition of the faithful (especially of a religious make up like the Catholics who supported Hitler in World War II) I a recipe for disaster.

    Najib’s paternalistic attitude (as if these were prodigal children likely to simply come back to the fold) is something he will live to regret.

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