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Who is reconciling with whom?

The distinguished looking gentleman below is Dato’ Abdullah Jaafar. He was the police commissioner of Muar in 1903 and became Menteri Besar of Johor in 1923.

Abdullah Jaafar

The first Johor Menteri Besar was Dato’ Jaafar Muhammad who held office from 1886 to 1919. His son Dato’ Onn Jaafar was the state’s seventh Menteri Besar (1947 – 1950). As you can see below, they are distinguished looking gentlemen too.


Our country’s third Prime Minister is Tun Hussein Onn (below), who is the son of Onn Jaafar and the grandson of Jaafar Muhammad.

Then we have the fourth generation in politics — Hishamuddin Hussein who is the son of the third PM, grandson of the seventh Johor MB and great-grandson of the first Johor MB.


It’s certainly very difficult to reconcile Hisham (picture below) with his impeccable political pedigree.

And the moral of this story: Politics is the Art of the Possible, and in politics nothing is impossible.


“National reconciliation”

(1) MCA reconciled with DAP

We’re looking at Chinese unity now with almost all the Chinese voters under one pennant; which is quite unlike the Indian votes running helter-skelter to MIC, Hindraf, DAP, PKR, PSM, IPF, PPP and other mosquito parties. Under this Chinese unity banner, MCA has surrendered control of its J-Star paper to the opposition cum Christian ideological slant.

(2) PAS reconciling with Umno?

Ever since Perak in March 2008 where Umno tried to cut a deal with PAS post-GE12, unity talks between the two Malay-based parties have been held intermittently.

Former Umno vice president Muhammad Muhammad Taib is a recent emigre to PAS and an example of cross-pollination. PAS exco Kamaruddin Jaafar is a former Umno man who is seen as close to Anwar.

Nik Aziz Nik Mat has been the main stumbling block to a PAS-Umno reconciliation. However the elderly leader is seen as withdrawing from the political scene after relinquishing his Kelantan Menteri Besar post as well as his party Mursyidul Am post.


(3) Umno reconciling with PKR? 

This one is currently doing the rounds. The Granddaddy of All Conspirators, Raja Petra Kamarudin has this story:

“Anwar is not really interested in the job of Menteri Besar of Selangor. He just wants that job to facilitate a deal with Umno and ‘give’ Selangor back to Barisan Nasional through a ‘unity government’ in return for the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.” (See ‘A realignment of alliances‘ in Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today column on 28 Feb 2014).

Raja Petra derived the scenario above from Kadir Jasin’s ‘The KKA Version of Conspiracy Theory‘ (The Malaysian Insider, 28 Feb 2014).

In all of this, we must also wonder where Khairy Jamaluddin’s loyalty lies. He is after all widely seen as Anwar 2.0.


Chinese unity has done its utmost damage and gone as far as it can go in the 2013 tsunami. So the next question is where will Malay unity go? The Dapsters and the evangelistas should think on it unless their idea of Plan B is doing a Regina Lee.

Isn’t it amazing that Regina (above) has never been criticized by the oppo cybertroopers even though she is – unprecedentedly – a Dapster working in an Umno office. Under normal circumstances, the Red Beaners would have been slapping the most demeaning labels on her for being directly under Umno employ.

Regina is one of the cases where the silence of the Bintang Lima Chinese, who are usually ballistic over “race traitors”, is suspicious and most telling. There is something in her infiltration that the DAP people know and the Umno people don’t because Umno is after all the PPTA.

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Can Khairy replace Anwar as Pakatan figurehead?



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6 thoughts on “Who is reconciling with whom?

  1. On Hisham… Onn Jaafar and Hussin Onn the Turkish DNA is strong and Nasionalism is high while ehem the keris apologetic man seems having a misunderstood complexity of Turkish and Malay DNA that made what he is now. Forgive me for saying that.

    Sad and disappointed to say that but that what its look like for now.

    When will he, Najib, The next DPM in line tin kosong Zahid, and the very quite no sound anymore see I also forgot his name the other UMNO VP CHANGE for the better Malaysia need a charismatic, effective, discipline, strong, visionary, STRICT, national interest first (not RELIGIONS be it Islam, Buddish, Hnduism, Christianity) LEADERs aka PM that is so much MISSING in the current leadership of KOW TIM with what ever opposition or demands from pressure group such as Dhong Zhong, Perkasa, Green Movement, the kotoron BERSIH , the militant style Hindraf and many other more inclusive of small mosquitos political, NGOs.

    BRIM or Bantuan Rakyat Igauan Malaysia or 1kedai Malaysia or 1 keldai Malaysia? I’m so disappointed with what happening in Malaysia now when all efforts should be toward ensuring strong economy , creating opportunity and One National education for unity as younger generation is the key to future Malaysia.

    Diesel Seludup, Illegal immigrant also susah mau tackle but Singapore prove it can be done. In Malaysia it’s heaven for foreigner be it illegal and legal why? Oh Malaysia Ku yang ku kenali dulu dan sekarang zaman berlalu masih banyak tin kosong dan lobang sana sini.

  2. Why the need for national reconciliation in the first place?

    Let’s continue in the current path of having 2-party system. We wait for PR to be officially registered as a united party of 3 party components; PAS, PKR and DAPuss.

  3. Tinjauan Tun Dr. Mahathir:

    Perjuangan pemimpin dan ahli pengasas UMNO pada masa itu ialah untuk bangsa, agama dan tanahair. Tidak ada tujuan lain yang menggerakkan mereka, sudah tentu tidak ada kepentingan diri atau niat untuk jadi pembesar negara merdeka dengan upah yang lumayan.

    Melihat UMNO hanya berjuang untuk diri sendiri semata-mata, dan tidak lagi untuk bangsa, agama dan tanahair, orang Melayu tidak lagi nampak kenapa mereka harus sokong dan jayakan semasa PRU orang yang utamakan kepentingan diri sendiri sahaja. Jika ada sahaja parti lain, mereka akan sokong parti itu. Hanya jika parti lain lebih buruk baharulah sokongan kepada UMNO diteruskan. Inilah yang berlaku pada PRU 13.

    Mereka amat takut kalau-kalau Anwar Ibrahim menang bersama dengan DAP. Akan hancurlah harapan orang Melayu sama sekali. Seburuk-buruknya UMNO, ia masih berbau Melayu, masih lebih mungkin memelihara kepentingan orang Melayu. Justeru itu tidak ada pilihan bagi orang Melayu jika tidak sokong UMNO. Namun demikian dalam PRU 14 UMNO tidak boleh harap keadaan ini berterusan. Jika UMNO tidak bersihkan dirinya dari rasuah dan kepentingan diri, orang Melayu mungkin mencari jaguh yang lain.

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