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Prediction made 4 years ago comes perfectly true

Today Nurul Izzah was photographed in court (photo below).

See, ‘Nurul Izzah’s divorce case fixed for March 11‘ (The J-Star, 18 Feb 2014)


Earlier when queried by reporters about her divorce petition, Nurul Izzah immediately made a denial, see Malaysiakini report below — “When quizzed, the PKR leader [Nurul] responds with a Nope tweet”.

Also refer, ‘Watch the Dapster mob in action‘ (24 Jan 2014).

If the Pakatan sheeple (sheep people) had any sense, they’d be quick to realise that oppo politicians are the last persons one should trust. Nope. The Pakatoons would even believe that the Fountain of Youth gushing Holy Water is located in Jerusubang if their political idols told them so.

Malaysiakini Nurul Jan2014

Pakatan sheeple will swallow anything

A mere 4 days following Nurul’s flap with the media in January, it was leaked that Anwar Ibrahim was eyeing the Selangor Menteri Besar seat. Like father, like daughter. In the wake of the sudden resignation by Kajang Adun Lee Chin Cheh, Anwar immediately denied the rumours. See ‘Anwar dismisses speculation he will be Selangor MB‘ (The J-Star, 27 Jan 2014).

But before anyone had time to digest the PKR supremo’s bare-faced denial, came his party’s Boy Wonder Rafizi Ramli with his tall tale that Umno was about to launch a Mahathirist coup to take over Selangor.

And again the Pakatan flock allowed themselves to be duped and shepherded into the pen for delusional sheep.

The truth is that nobody can see signs of Umno mounting any manoeuvres to oust the ruling Selangor state government at this juncture. On the other hand, what is crystal clear is that the rival PKR faction is most certainly attempting to oust the sitting PKR Menteri Besar.

Yet the sheeple are bleating in chorus to the far-fetched and hysterical Pakatan tune on the Kajang by-election.


Sheeple are the biggest suckers

Now please take a look above at the 20 July 2010 news article headlined ‘Enough water for all in S’gor, KL: MB Khalid’ in The J-Star.

Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim said in a press release that the Selangor government guaranteed that “there will be more than sufficient water supply to meet the demands of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur consumers well up to 2019”. [Credit to blogger Seademon for unearthing this item of news harking back to four years ago.]

Khalid was refuting the federal government’s contention that Selangor would have to initiate water rationing by 2014, reported The J-Star.

So four years ago the federal government had already contended that Selangor would be required to ration water in 2014. Well guess what? The federal government was right!

Not only was Putrajaya correct in its prediction about the impending water shortage, it even got the year – 2014 – right on the dot. Whereas the Pakatan state government was dead wrong in its optimistic assurance that there is enough water for all in the Klang Valley “well up to 2019” (indeed … Tan Sri Khalid’s foot!).


Pakatan and Pakatoons are a menace

Any Malaysian with a modicum of critical thinking will be able to see through the Pakatan great hoax. So why is it that the opposition supporters can’t?

Here’s a clue: Just look at their level of toxicity and viciousness. Every day they lie, they slander and they incite hatred. Yet they have the gall to turn around and be “the thief crying thief” — i.e. taunting “haters gonna hate” as well as accusing the pro-establishment folks of “spewing venom”.

On the Barisan side, you need to have your head examined if you still harbour some hope that these venomous sheeple who are so blinded with hate can in any way be reasoned with.

Indulging in kumbayah talk of National Reconciliation is like saying to the bully – who is openly holding a pair of lethal, poison-tipped scissors in his hand ready to stab you – “Here, this is my back, peace and love, bruder, peace and love”.


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26 thoughts on “Prediction made 4 years ago comes perfectly true

  1. Ohhooo…. nobody can phrase this out better than you Helen… bohong and fitnah is their forte…

    1. Please support me by introducing my blog to your friends.

      I’d also appreciate it very much if the regular readers could bring over my writings to their social media network (Facebook and Twitter).

      Thank you all!

  2. BTW, why home ministry banned the Malay ultraman comic book citing threatening the social security as reason? They think Malay are stupid or what? Even comic can confuse them?

      1. “ultraman, batman, kelawarman”

        —they even use the “BTW” to divert from the topic.

    1. Bukan masalah confuse atau tidak, yang pergi menjolok sarang tebuan tu buat apa? Ada aku permainkan nama tuhan kau? Sabar ada batasnya.

  3. From the photo Nurul seem just gain freedom of Indepandent, why the other seem lost.

  4. Uh huh, makes you wonder what kind of experts the Selangor government consulted back then and how much they were paid.

    Let’s not forget DAP’s Excel and typo ‘errors’ as well. So much for CAT.

    Must be nice for them to have such die hard followers. They seriously believe everything is bad and due to UMNO and if Pakatan win federally the country will turn utopia overnight.

    1. re: “They seriously believe everything is bad and due to UMNO and if Pakatan win federally the country will turn utopia overnight.”


      1. NI and HY sharing what they believe dap and their commrades are doing in parliament. TIPU, LIE, BOHONG, DUSTA. But somehow for them, that’s the only way it works.

        Pandai2 tupai melompat, lambat laun jatuh ke tanah juga.

    2. Have you seen tony pua’s comment on this water deal. I will post. Need to confirm if tony pua is malaysian. Will post his comment shortly.

    1. My favourite line – “Pua said that many Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders had objected to the agreement, citing a “complete distrust” of the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government’s ability to keep its promises.” ROTFL

      I’m still waiting to see all the wonderful things the PR promised in Selangor from 2008 elections.

  5. Well. As I see it, a pr sucker is borned every minute.

    Dan juga bertepok sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi. Ada yg suka menipu, dan ada pula yg suka ditipu.

    1. re: “ada pula yg suka ditipu”

      Hahaha, I like your comment. Yang rela ditipu tu ketagih minum Holy Water.

  6. Susah nak maintain as Politician’s menantu owh! Mulut berbuih asyik kena sebut ‘ya Bapa’ 24/11.. muahahaha

    Nak naik k/terbang kena hantaq
    Turun k/terbang kena tunggu
    Tak lebih tak kurang kena hidup macam opis boy!

  7. to be fair to MB Khalid, I think the current water rationing is due to less rain that we have experienced.

    1. Adoi, blame it on the less rain pulak… Malaysia is in the ITCZ la.. these phenom is bound to happen… i guess the PR consultant didn’t have them meteorologist as panels… remember 1998? Aku kengkadang tak mandi gi skolah…gosok gigi, basuh muka, basuh ketiak…jalan….

  8. Helen,

    This was another one from 4 years ago, and it was reported by the ‘unbiased’ MalaysiaKini:

    “MB S’gor: Air di Lembah Klang cukup hingga 2019” (20 July 2010)

    Khalid’s stubbornness is finally biting him in the ass. Not even his Anugerah Tuhan economic adviser can help him now.

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