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Hannah slags Najib over Anwar court decision, Elizabeth Wong slags Chew Mei Fun

Hannah Yeoh accuses BN /Najib Razak of being “Shameful. Pathetic. Disgusting” in their using “same old tactics” over Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction.

Hannah’s tweet (screenshot below) has been retweeted 860 times.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- After more than 15 years

Hannah YeohAmbigaKajang

Meanwhile Elizabeth Wong, a Selangor state exco, said photographs taken with Perkasa expose MCA candidate Chew Mei Fun as a “hypocritical, double-faced and zero integrity” leader.

Said Wong: “She [Chew] colluded with Perkasa without hesitation to fish for Malay votes. This is double-faced. Her integrity is bankrupt and she has no morality to contest in the Kajang by-election.” See Malaysiakini article today, ‘Photos show Wee also shared stage with Perkasa‘ — screenshot HERE.

Hannah, Elizabeth and Lee Hwa Beng, the MCA former 3-term Adun for Subang Jaya
Hannah, Elizabeth and Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, the MCA former 3-term Adun for Subang Jaya

Pakatan’s empty rhetoric

Pakatan leaders such as Elizabeth, Hannah, Lim Guan Eng and their devoted followers are too fond of using the words “integrity” and “morality” which are really rather distant from their own selves. They are fonder still of accusing their opponents of deficiency in these qualities.

It is very rich of Elizabeth Wong – given her own controversies – to allege that MCA’s Chew has “zero integrity”, “[her] integrity is bankrupt” and “she has no morality to contest” in Kajang.

Chew Mei Fun had resigned as MCA Wanita chief after Chua Soi Lek won the party presidential election in order to keep her word that she would quit if the latter won. As a Wanita leader, she had objected to Dr Chua’s sex tape as signalling the wrong values.

Not only that, barely a week later Chew resigned as senator and Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister too for the reason that her senatorship and ministerial post were given her by virtue of her Wanita MCA position. She reasoned that since she was no longer Wanita MCA chief, then she should not be holding the Senator or Deputy Ministership anymore.


Now, if what Chew Mei Fun had voluntarily done in relinquishing all her three positions is not reflective of high principles, then I don’t know what is. Unlike the evangelista politicians, she didn’t bang drums loudly preaching about “principles”. She just quietly acted in a principled way.

Elizabeth Wong – who is a Christian by the way – chose on the other hand to cling on to her Selangor exco post after making a tearful and half-hearted “offer” to resign.

And here is Wong presuming to slag Chew for purportedly lacking morality and being bankrupt of integrity. This is really one of the many reasons I refuse to support Pakatan because well, the oppo people are like that.

What kind of people are they?

They buy lock, stock and barrel into the Pakatan vainglorious but hollow rhetoric but are yet so blinded by their hatred that they cannot see when the deeds of the BN reps speak louder than words.

There is really something very wrong with the Pakatan sheeple now heckling, haranguing and harassing Chew Mei Fun.


Truth be told, Chew would make an excellent representative for the people in Kajang. She is one of the most hardworking, dedicated (and married to the job) people’s rep you can hope to find. However, I don’t expect Chew to win.

Her anticipated loss will underline for us what kind of people we have in the country today that are unable to distinguish the gold from the dross. And these are the kind of people who do not possess any capacity to realise that their idols have feet of clay.

Rational and reasonable people must never reconcile with such odikals and their duplicitous leaders. So it is a resounding ‘No’ to Najib’s “reconciliation plan”.

Lastly, about Eli Wong’s accusation with regard to politicians being “hypocritical” and “double-faced” just to “fish for Malay votes”, she sees the speck in the BN’s eye but ignores the beam in her own Selangor exco club.


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56 thoughts on “Hannah slags Najib over Anwar court decision, Elizabeth Wong slags Chew Mei Fun

    What kind of brain do these people have.

    Never expect our elected rep to have low thinking power.
    It was unaninimous by three judges !
    Not one when the case was in high court !
    What to do….. born stupid ma..

    1. re: “What kind of brain do these people have.”

      Washed with Holy Water.

      Hannah is a church lay preacher after all. So is Mr Hannah.

  2. 1 cents comment. I vote Lim Kit Siang as Malaysian Future PM since he worth 1 cents. Hannah the dear DPM. She worth 3 cents. LGE as Minister of Finance as he worth 2 cents. Betty will be the `1st Lady as it doesn’t matter in DAP eye.

  3. Looks like the Saga of Malaysia’s favourite penis is not ending yet. Heard that something is coming up in Kajang.

    1. The Sick Heart of Anwar Ibrahim’s Vision for Malaysia …. if only the homosexuals had their day it would be our Constitutional nightmare with same-sex marriages:


  4. Said Wong: “She [Chew] colluded with Perkasa without hesitation to fish for Malay votes. This is double-faced. Her integrity is bankrupt and she has no morality to contest in the Kajang by-election.”

    lest we forget how 5 years ago this women was caught being screwed.

    until today i remember a statement she quoted publicly

    “I am not ashamed of my sexuality”
    yes bravo to you elizabeth wong your are a icon to all men and women in pkr

    [deleted] nak cakap pasal morality….. pleasa lar these ppl all to thick skin and think they a self righetous

    as for hannah wong ask the so called pastor to go read the bible book of genesis chapter 18/19…..or better still preach about it on sunday

  5. The Edge kata market boleh jatuh Monday akan ada protest oleh penyokong anwar… ada banyak tweet tweet marah PM kata paper tu..

    1. we just wait & see.. most of the Malays has had enough of bang non and his wielding parang kontot saga.. unless the Chinese prepare to golek2 atas jalan with Unit Anal PAS..

      1. hahah.. latest news.. they change the event of Bang Non amanat from a stadium to bilik gerakan… hahahahahah…. why? couldn’t stand the overwhelming crowd of bunians?

    2. id like to see the DAP mr beans to riot on the street to defend their anugerah tuhan or at least smughle him to Israel..if not..DAP redd beans are just paper tiger.

  6. I believe that comments by HY and EW are just political respond of another affiliate , but soon when they see Anuar is no more in used for their political agenda , just see what their comments will be.

  7. One by one they fall. But I think the pr supporters either they are too lazy to think, or they have peanuts for brains. They just took the easy way out. Blamed Umno/BN for their leaders’ misdeeds.

    1. Thanks, therefore I had The Word & phrase spot on, wasn’t sure before , belum pernah pakai phrase tu. There are a Lot of CGBs out there.

  8. Actually Ambiga is the most stupid one. Because she is a lawyer, was president of bar council. So she know exactly how the court works. She has been ripping millions, staying in nice house from the money she got through the Malaysia legal system and now she wants to disbelieve in the system where she profited from?

    What a hypocrite.

    1. quote,”What a hypocrite.”unquote.

      There are plenty of that specie; just look at DAP, and SOME MCA members.

      1. Methinks the ultimate in hypocrisy is when Madame Speaker’s one kid is officially categorized as Chinese while the other is Indian (with both having the same set of biological parents).

        So the most hypocritical species must surely be the Firster.

  9. hannah is perfectly right! bn not jantan, no wonder many here call najib soft, the daft here shd reward her with a skirt.

  10. I have not been too update with these Pakatan leaders.. 80% tak kenal even the Adun serving our area, I don’t know her name or how she looks like. Ooops.. sori someone just tegur, my area Adun is a PAS fella.. name or face also tak pernah dengar. No wonder my Apek kaw kaw DAP kaw kaw these days, when garbage trucks don’t service our area for 5days they personally disposed their daily rubbish themselves – quite a distance – mungkin nak complain under Pakatan rule rasa shy shy wan.

    What? That Eli Birth Wong still around? Did she contest the last GE? Busy body juga nak tau, what happened to her male selak kain pelikat mate, disappeared and still not found? BTW I was one early bird able to watch her pictures on the cencorship dah terlupa website – a joker as an Adun/MP!

    Don’t worry Anwar sure win wan, if majority there are Chinese voters. Letak prostitute pun they still will vote as long as a Pakatan candidate.

  11. Thanks Helen – nice writing. Now I’ve learned more about Chew Mei Fun.

    When BN won big in election (in 2004 I think) – it was Pak Lah time. MCA leaders said they wanted to continue work very hard and they wanted to talk less and drama less. If I not mistaken the moto was “Bekerja Secara Senyap”.

    Now they have to face the very very very loud tong kosong DAP/PKR making noises all around the places. Can MCA focus to work hard quietly with such big noises going round outside?

    Personally I like that moto “Bekerja Secara Senyap” – well we know that action speaks louder than words.

    I wonder if MCA is still like this.

    And if action really speaks louder than words – will the Malaysian Chinese, someday notice our PM Najib who hasn’t give up dan terus memujuk.

    Terima Kasih.

    1. ‘Can MCA focus to work hard quietly with such big noises going round outside?’

      No way. Cinas and work hard quietly macam langit dengan bumi ok.

      1. Islam1st,

        The issue here is not working quietly or making big noises.

        The issue here is that MCA refuses to tell the chinese that they alone(the chinese) cant ignore demographic reality. That by virtue being the largest race in term of population, Malay base party naturally will reign supreme in politics.

        MCa is plagued by crisis after crisis due to its being replica of DAP within DAP. it must stand up and point blank tell the chinese that it would be suicidal to be hostile the largest etnic group in the country.

        This needs courage. Courage to tell chinese that they cant separate themselves from non chinese or behaves as if this is China. Courage to accept reality that no one on this planet put MCA as equivalent to UMNO. The former is dying and saved from total irrelevance by associating with UMNO, thus enabling it to earn Malay votes. The latter(UMNO) despite its wart and all manages to secure the largest pie of Malay votes, enabling it to secure control of Federal Government and recognised by the whole world.

        Reality hurts. Chinese vote are material . But still not enough to dethrone UMNO.

        1. re: “thus enabling it to earn Malay votes”

          More recent reports have mentioned that many of Chew Mei Fun’s whistlestops are organized by Umno and hence she was photographed at the several functions with Perkasa members.

          The tack that Elizabeth Wong and other critics are taking is that Chew becomes a “racist” by associating with racists, and they are spreading the tagline “A vote for MCA is a vote for Perkasa”.

          1. ‘“A vote for MCA is a vote for Perkasa”.’

            Just another hate campaign. At least they had sedar diri that by blaming UMNO would have meant Malays and the Malays know it. Now they try their luck on Perkasa.

            Apa lagi Cina mahu?

            1. Islam1st,

              Helen already said it all. They want the only party that keeping their unbridled ‘nafsu” dead. Meaning they want UMNO dead, “dikafankan” and ‘ditalkinkan”.

              with UMNO out of picture, the “coast” is clear for Lim dynasty to achieve ‘immortality’.

                1. Islam1st,

                  Precisely. Lim dynasty cant be fulfilled until today as UMNO is standing on their way.

                  With UMNO “gone with the wind”, Lim Kit siang will achieve ‘immortatlity’.

                  1. Abang Shamsul, macam la kita tak tahu ek?

                    Melayu buat-buat bodo tapi depa ingat kita betul-betul bodoh. Kesian kat depa, menipu tak habis-habis.

                2. And that will get you some flaks. That’s that.

                  Kita semua kan rakyat Malaysia, kenapa mau pikir ini macam bro.

  12. Hannah should argue intelligently.

    The case is with Saiful…………….pl la cerdik sikit.

    You’re a RM20,000 speaker ma. Bukan nyonya tepi longkang.

    1. “Hannah should argue intelligently.”

      1. give it up – its not possible.
      2. we need to find a new way to deal with this kind of matters.

    2. Nyonya baru turun tongkang!

      Atas Tongkang snakeheads ajar cara macam mana nak menipu dan putar belit fakta for survival – tukar nama (Ah moy jadi Hannah) , tukar keluarga (Lee jadi Yeoh), tukar Agama, tukar kampung halaman (Putian jadi Pontian), malangnya nak tukar bangsa takleh muahahaha

  13. Hannah tu sebenarnya Nyonya tepi longkang yang dilantik jadi YB… sbb tu jadi cenggini… otaknya masih longkang longkangan :)

  14. Ironic today is the anniversary of Tsunami politic 2008. Anwar lost his case on the eve and today with the MAS plane tragedy.

  15. A friend of mine found this disgusting Christian blog. Is the writer drunk with all the alcohol from holy water?

    “I literally just posted on the fact that God hates Islam when the Holy Spirit led me to an article about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappearing en route to China. Malaysia is a heathen country filled with Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and witch-doctors, and God has allowed this plane to disappear as a way to open they eyes of the Malaysians to the wrong-ness of their ways.”

    Jim Solouki, you article just opened my eyes how fucked up your brain is. With your faith, instead of being kind you have become so cold. Jim, On behalf of all sane Malaysian we wish you FUCK you and have a nice day.

        1. In answering one commenter this born again guy had said this.

          ‘What do I know? Only what the Holy Spirit has told me.’

          Dear Mulan, I don’t think neither of us can match that. Nuff said!

  16. Hannah and Elizabeth and others like them believe that Anwar and people like him ought to be above the law because they are members of parliament. That’s the gist of what Ambiga and Tommy Thomas implied about this case 2 years ago in a so called analysis published in the Nutgraph.

    1. re: “That’s the gist of what Ambiga and Tommy Thomas implied about this case 2 years ago in a so called analysis published in the Nutgraph.”

      Pls share with us article link, thanks.

      1. Here is the link to he Tommy Thomas and Ambiga commentary published in the Nutgraph 5 July 2009 on the Sodomy trial which I made reference to in a previous comment on this subject here.

        The following is a response carried on our blog Gopal Raj Kumar. It was a response to that article in the Nutgraph and to the comments made within that article by Thomas and Sreenivasan.

        1. should have read “the” instead of “he” in the first line of my response above appearing before “Tommy Thomas”. Apologies must be more careful in future.

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