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International magazine TIME disses Ultraman ban

“The Ultraman ban is the latest example of growing hard-line, religious conservatism under the country’s United Malay National Organization-led government,” said TIME magazine today.

TIME‘s portal, in its online report ‘A Japanese superhero is apparently destroying Malaysia‘, also said “Malaysian netizens have taken to social media to mock the government’s heavy handed response” and featured a tweeted remark by one Jackie Wong who criticized the Home Ministry order as “Kebodohan yang teramatlah…”.

TIME is misleading its audience such as when it writes that “… even though the word is simply the Arabic for God and even though Malaysian Christians have long used the word in that sense”.

Firstly, ‘Allah’ is specific to God (capital ‘G’) and attached to the term are the attributes of His being as the Muslims know Him. ‘Allah’ is not “simply the Arabic for God” as TIME would have the word to mean in a generic sense (in Malay, tuhan). And most certainly Ultraman King is not ‘Allah’.

Secondly, TIME also said “Malaysian Christians have long used the word in that sense”. This is just as misleading as the claim by Patricia Martinez that there are “64% of Christians” in Malaysia “who speak only BM”. Please read, ‘The Christians MUST be challenged, now!

It is the mainly only the Christian natives in Sarawak who have used the ‘Allah’ word for any length of time.

And even if “64% of Christians” are Sarawakian and Sabahan natives, there is still no data or census to show that ALL of them, i.e. the many sub-ethnic groups in Malaysian Borneo, say ‘Allah’ in their worship. Kadazans have their own translated Bible in the Kadazan language and they do not say ‘Allah’ albeit the Ibans do.

Those “Malaysian netizens” cited by the TIME report as mocking the government are too much. The Japanese superhero is not under a blanket ban by the KDN. It is only this particular issue of the comic with the ‘Allah’ translation that is not approved.

As such there is no need for any “rescuing [of] Ultraman” as sarcastically advocated in the TIME report, quoting the Human Rights Watch (HRW).

HRW’s accusation that “the ban on Ultraman clearly reveals the rights-abusing tendencies of this [Home] ministry, its hidden decisionmaking, and its total lack of accountability to the Malaysian public” is misplaced. There is no gross violation of “human rights” just because this one comic failed to make it pass the censor. If the comic had translated the word (in the context of Ultraman King) as ‘tuhan”, there would have been no fuss at all.

Certain belligerent segments of the Malaysian public are going overboard in their knee-jerk reflex to pick fights with the establishment and undermining the authority of the government.

The present mockery by Malaysian netizens and opposition cheerleader writers is one of a piece with their incessant and deliberate provocation of Muslim sensitivities. It is this behaviour of the mainly Pakatan-supporting Christians that is too much.

It does not help that the Western/English-language media and their pressmen are channeling the views and orientation of the pro-Christian publications. In this case, TIME had sourced a part of its story from The Malay Mail — a misnomer since the paper’s online version is controlled by Christian women.

The clock is ticking fast for Najib Razak if he is still unable to act decisively by putting a firm lid on the ugly bullying that the vocal minority has been inflicting on the silent majority.

What TIME calls the “growing hardline, religious conservatism” is a merely backlash to the evangelista push and push. It is a Malay ground reaction to the aggressive actions by the Christian-led provocateurs.

A lot of Malaysia’s Muslims and their NGOs are in a jihad mood already… is Najib aware?

The previous Prime Minister was dubbed ‘Sleepy Dollah’. The current Prime Minister does not claim to similarly suffer from sleep apnea but many readers will agree with me that Najib has an acute hearing problem. How can he remain so deaf to the buzzing of angry hornets whose nest is being constantly stirred?

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43 thoughts on “International magazine TIME disses Ultraman ban

    1. Yup I agree with you.

      I quit reading TIME eons ago. It’s controlled by Zionists.

      Enough said.

  1. Its a bad perception>>>> as a legitimate government it has the right to do what is right for its citizen >>>those who think otherwise please think wisely again>>>

  2. “Certain belligerent segments of the Malaysian public are going overboard in their knee-jerk reflex to pick fights with the establishment and undermining the authority of the government.”

    The Ultraman comic was banned on the reason that people may become confused because of the word ‘Allah’ used to describe Ultraman King.

    Certainly no Muslim is going to be confused and start worshipping Ultraman.

    “The clock is ticking fast for Najib Razak if he is still unable to act decisively by putting a firm lid on the ugly bullying that the vocal minority has been inflicting on the silent majority.”

    I agree. Najib and his faction won with a large majority in last year’s party elections. He should do more to those in his party that are intent on sabotaging his administration and those outside who are allying with extremist groups such as Perkasa to spite him and Khairy, instead of just launching DDoS attacks.

    1. re: “the word ‘Allah’ used to describe Ultraman King”

      The law can be interpreted as disallowing this.

      1. There are better reasons than ‘confuse Muslim youth and damage their faith’.

        A ‘wrong word used in translation’ would suffice, together with a notice to perform the correction.

        1. The KDN would have allowed the comic to see print if they corrected the ‘Allah’ word. But the publisher could not be found at their printed address (according to the Home Ministry’s explanation).

        2. “There are better reasons than ‘confuse Muslim youth and damage their faith’.

          That’s your own words. They didn’t say that was the reason, they say it’s because it contain elements that would threaten public order.

          The more I hear things like, “Are Malays stupid and this and that would easily confuse them?”, the more I think that some people do actually think that Malays are stupid hence they keep doing things not only to confuse, but to irritate, aggravate and agitate.

          1. Its not so much of a confusion. The Muslims are extremely insulted that a Cina pelampau decided to insults the Muslims wholesale. The Ibans, Indons, Pinoys and some Orang Asli Christians in Semenanjung & Borneo should feel insulted too. Not that the superficial Cina evangelis would care anyway!

              1. They have kept mum on Katy Perry music video as well. Hmmm…probably they worry that Reza Aslan and America would be laughing at them too..

    2. What is your stand on the rule of law? Do you agree that we should abide by the laws of the land at all times? Or do you believe that we can pick and choose to abide by the laws that we agree with? Do you even know the basics of the Malaysian Constitution or are you more familiar with the terms the “First Amendment”, “Second Amendment” or “Fifth Amendment”?

      All I can say is, the “certain belligerent segments of the Malaysian public” are very lucky they live in Malaysia in current times. If they were to display this conduct in say Singapore or Brunei or even the US, they’ll be in detention faster than can say LKS name.

    3. Stupid AC-DC…ALLAH IS GOD, a specific DIVINE Being, not a generic “god” or “gods”, So, how could Ultraman King be called Allah? It’s blasphemy of the most outrageous kind, calling a fictional character “Allah”. something we Muslims could not stomach.

      You godless bastard or worshipper of false god, do not know how to treat God. Whoever was or were responsible, surely did it on purpose to provoke the Muslims, stoke tension and incite hatred, knowing its inflammatory nature.

      Unless that pekak *******…najib, acts decisively and swiftly, and unless those kafir harbi change their disgusting and arrogant way…..they would support everything and anything that insults Islam……., we are very close to reaching the point of no return.

      1. bang Idris.. point of no return sounds yummy to me… but we have to wait it for time being.. maybe they didn’t know the foretelling of the story of black flag from the east that will storm every corner of the earth hunting each & everyone of them to the lubang cacing.. we that in the know had noticed the prophecy of the chain of events that have unfold.

        3 more signs before every prophecy is completed.. they can called us stupid, lazy, dumb or whatever they willed for now.. be patience sir.. 3 more prophecy.. just three more..

        Then, the mark of the day of al Baraah will descend just as at Taubah nullifies every single peaceful consensus with the Harb.

        1. ‘Then, the mark of the day of al Baraah will descend just as at Taubah nullifies every single peaceful consensus with the Harb’

          And they have the gut to label you a parang wielding pengadu domba!

          ‘Forgive me Father for they know not!’

  3. This is mild.. i have australian news where they describe malays in malaysia as being lazy while the chinese do all the work…. we malays are not as sensitive as many would think.

    1. they should change the word lazy to powerful mind manipulator.. without the Chinese being treated like Kunta Kinte, the Malays have the powerful and unique ability to make others to work hard for them..

      Wasn’t this a special trait that even the white American not capable of doing? That’s why they have Chinese Exclusion Act in America back then.. they’re afraid to compete with the Chinese..

      But the Malays make the Chinese competing with each other while serving the Malays as the Master race..

  4. Next month Obama will come to Malaysia and UMNO is going to give them the grandest welcome they can give to the protector of Zionist.

    1. (1) The Zionists do not like Obama.

      (2) Hawkish Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu and Obama famously can’t get along.

      (3) The one whom the Zionists adore is Canadian PM Stephen Harper. Tel Aviv University bestowed him an honorary degree recently in January during his visit to Israel. They’re also naming the soon-to-be built the Stephen J. Harper Hula Valley Bird Sanctuary Visitor and Education Centre in northern Israel after him.

      1. Ms Helen,

        the malaysian fella is a classic case of selective reading/reader syndrome.

        Read some do not read more and profess to be the know all wallah.


      2. Another thing that most of us really tends to forget is, Obama is the only American President who had lived along with the Malays and their Nusantara kin.. A President whom might have understand the Malay language and had lived in their unique culture when he was a kid.

        1. He had a Sabahan half kakak also! But I doubt he cares about the Malays except that whether we allow them to use the Selat to launch their attacks on China or not?!

          1. Ya.. everything is about the Selat. Obama want to choke it so that China may suffocates. But Malaysia as one of China String of Pearls may have to play tarik rambut dalam tepung when Obama is here. But still, Obama had lived and celebrated the Nusantara value once he is here. Di mana langit di pijak di situ langit dijunjung. Bukannya duduk tempat org dan menongkat langit..

            Vernakular mmg macam haramjadah…

            Langau Alert.. langau alert.. tgk sekejap lg langau datang la bila sebut vernakular…

    2. Petty and pitiful agenda to associate Najib with Zionist. Akin to the comparison made about diplomatic ties with China is the same as supporting communism.

      Lol. Go home, you’re drunk.

  5. Out of topic a bit Helen, we should also highlight that TIME at one time back and featured Anwar as a future leader for Malaysia, who we think is almost as invincible as ULTRAMAN, for wasn’t he paralyzed and on wheel chair at one time and now can walk, dance and scr*w Cinadoll. Here is also a man who was INJECTED with AIDS virus and poisoned with ARSENIC when he was imprisoned, and now still ALIVE!!

        1. He had just gotten his stock of air holi when he had visited the Kajang church to pray for Nabi Isa alahissalam the other day. Now we understood why!

    1. Time got it wrong. Tough to lead when you are behind bars. Looks like we gonna have more by-elections

      1. Karpal, the lead counsel, pleaded with the court “to postpone the mitigation to allow the defence team to present Anwar’s medical report” saying that his client is “suffering from high blood pressure, heart diseased, spinal [problems]”.

        If Anwar is so sickly, then why in the world force the Kajang Adun who is a much younger and healthier man to quit and make way for this high BP, heart-disease and spinal impaired man to contest the seat?

        What kind of party is PKR to want to foist such an elderly candidate with so many medical problems on the constituency? He’s not fit to serve the people in Kajang to begin with.

        1. I agree with the King errmmm Singh. They should get an independent comprehensive medical report on AI. Mana tahu, nanti AIDS dia datang balik or kena arsenic lagi or tiba-tiba tengkok patah.

          BTW, AI’s not fit to serve any constituency at all. The man was a rebel from very young first with a cause then without a cause, he’s a first rate troublemaker, he doesn’t have any integrity, and I find his penchant for bad-mouthing the country on international platform to be treasonous.

        2. Kapak Singh, in TV3 news just now, said that Anwar was no eligible to stand for the Kajang bi-election.

        3. Karpal is using his own medical report kut. Perhaps terkhilaf guna kes dia sendiri masa berhujah untuk bang non padayappa!

  6. Even Americans are sensitive about god word.

    “This series was aired on Cartoon Network starting in August 2002; however, many of the Gundams’ actual names were changed for different reasons. Three of them were changed for religious references (partly due to the fact that Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the United States, refused to stock toys of the XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe Hell during the run of Gundam Wing), one for an alcohol reference, and the rest for unknown reasons (some speculate that some of the names were too difficult for children to understand, while other names were changed to make them sound more appealing to young audiences). On the US DVD release, the original Gundam names can only be seen through English subtitles as the dubbed actors’ lines are the same as the Cartoon Network version. The English manga also uses the new names. ”

    “Original Name English Adaptation
    God Gundam Burning Gundam (includes all the attacks that have the word God in them) ”

    BTW there’s also a Malaysian Gundam in there haha.

  7. A lot of Malaysia’s Muslims and their NGOs are in a jihad mood already… is Najib aware? – I agree with this phrase. Why? because if malay/muslim read all the comment by non-muslim netizen at mkini, fmt, MI, MM online etc, it looks like non-muslim now prepare for WAR with muslim.

  8. Sigh. .. A lot of Japanese manga use “sen” or “kami” in their lexicon which can mean many things like divine, deity, cosmic force, god, goddess and so on. Absolutely should not use Allah. .. this kind of non – contextual translation, lazy editing and irresponsible fly-by-night publishing has lead to this current hoo ha.

    KDN needs to brush up on its PR skills though. Don’t say it’s banned, just say it’s “temporarily unavailable pending editorial changes.”

    Use the word banned and everybody goes crazy because it’s too heavy handed for a children’s comic.

  9. Don’t blame ultraman blame the translator for sengaja translate that word. Obama will not come. Last minute his advisor will advise him to abort visiting Malaysia, better stay home in US watch Ultraman Kosmos.

  10. I hv to add.. if u r christians, buddhists or hindus, how wd u like ultraman called jesus christ, buddha or lord ganesh, respectively? Not offended or insulted? That’s wd speak volumes of ur devotion or rather lack of it, to “your god”!

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