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Campaign of violence by Christian militia drives out 99,000 Muslims

By Stephanie Nebehay

(Reuters) – Fewer than 1,000 remain of more than 100,000 Muslims who once lived in the capital of the Central African Republic, after a campaign of violence by Christian militias, the UN aid chief said yesterday [Friday].


With 650,000 people displaced by the religious conflict, Valerie Amos (pix) said the United Nations had received much less than a fifth of the $551 million it asked for in December to provide food, medical care and shelter.

“The demography of CAR is changing, from a situation where you had 130,000 to 145,000 Muslims in Bangui, to where you had around 10,000 in December,” Amos told a news conference.

“That number we think has now gone down to 900. So we have to act very rapidly.”

The Security Council on Thursday discussed a proposal for a nearly 12,000-strong peacekeeping force to stop the killing, but reached no decision. France is expected to submit a draft resolution within weeks, diplomats say, but the United States and Britain are concerned by the cost of a large force.

France has deployed 2,000 troops to support a 6,000-strong African Union peacekeeping mission in the country of 4.5 million people but they have failed to halt the violence.

“More troops are needed now to restore security and stabilize the country,” Amos warned, adding that the deployment of a U.N. peacekeeping force would take at least six months.

Some 290,000 people, most of them Muslims, have fled across the border into neighboring countries. In the west of the Central African Republic, many towns have lost their entire Muslim populations in an exodus to the north.

slaugther in CAR
They use machetes to brutally kill, injure and maim — AFP photo


Human Rights Watch says tens of thousands have been killed since the Seleka, a coalition of mostly Muslim northern rebels, seized power a year ago and many of its fighters embarked on a 10-month campaign of looting, torture and murder.

Since the departure of Seleka leader and interim president Michel Djotodia in January under international pressure, Christian “anti-Balaka” militias have stepped up reprisals against Muslims.

“We have made suggestions, for example that we should be perhaps targeting three or four cities to try to stabilize those cities, to try to make sure that they retain a mixed population,” Amos told a news conference in Geneva.

With the onset of the six-month-long rainy season due in April, aid workers fear malaria and dysentery in makeshift camps like the sprawling settlement of cardboard shacks and tarpaulins beside Bangui airport, home to around 70,000 people.

Muslims sit at a camp for displaced people at Mpoko international airport in Bangui
Muslims sit at a camp for displaced people at Mpoko international airport in Bangui — Reuters

Efforts to bring humanitarian supplies to a desperate population are being complicated by attacks on aid distribution sites by armed groups as well as robberies and looting, Medecins Sans Frontieres said.

On the road westward from Bangui, running through the towns of Mbaiki and Boda, villages and hospitals have emptied, UN human rights spokesman Rupert Colville said.

In Boda, which lies 100 miles west of Bangui, some 11,000 Muslims have been surrounded in four neighborhoods by Christian militias.

Colville said at least 80 people were believed to have died there in fighting which began with attacks by Muslims on the Christian population. Thousands of Christians fled, many of whom are hiding in the bush, waiting for Muslims to leave to return to their homes before the rains begin.

“Anti-Balaka elements interviewed told us that if Muslims don’t leave, particularly before the rainy season, they will attack,” Colville said. (Editing by Daniel Flynn; and Andrew Roche)

Source: ‘UN says almost all Muslims have fled Central African capital‘ (Reuters)


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41 thoughts on “Campaign of violence by Christian militia drives out 99,000 Muslims

  1. what’s preventing the Muslims to seek revenge against the Christians in the future in that god forsaken country?

    1. re: “that god forsaken country:

      CNN article: ‘Religious violence in CAR plagues “most abandoned people on earth‘ (12 Dec 2013)

      Their society is totally polarized and there is “a complete lack of trust among communities”.

      re: “what’s preventing the Muslims to seek revenge against the Christians”

      The former French colony is a Christian-majority country. Christians and Muslims have already “devastated northern Nigeria and [religious war] is percolating in neighboring Cameroon”.

      The Central African Republic’s Christian militia intentionally destroy mosques and write “Tuer les musulmans” (Kill the Muslims) on the mosque walls of mosques.

      Its towns, including Bouca, Bossangoa and Bozoum, are emptying out the Muslims.

      The civil war had its roots in the hatred for the government. Greed is also a factor in the clashes between the warlords. Greedy people exploit religion to fool gullible people so that their own pockets can be lined.

      Click to access car1213_web.pdf

      1. Jews and Christians are kept safe in Muslims majority countries. The same can’t be said on Muslims in Jews or Christians hand. Even a Jew is never safe in Christians countries. No wonder many runs to Muslims countries, ie northern African countries, to seek shelter.

          1. From out outside looking in…

            Youth are always aggressive. ABIM Youth. PAS Youth. Ask Mr Anwar Ibrahim and he can tell you more about this.

            Having said that, I must stress that there must be a strong foundation that, ‘Christian missionary activities targeting’ the country and its people. What else there is to it. Its a worldwide phenomenon and I don’t think the Christians can deny this. Perhaps Pakiam and Andrew would!

            So the youth being young and perhaps too naive for their own good (me, outside looking in), it would seem natural that the Anatolian Youth Association would wage an aggressive campaign, the only way they know best. But its nothing than a mere cry for help, as best shown below.

            ‘The group distributed fliers reading, “We are crying out that the New Year’s and Christmas celebrations held in our country are wrong and constitute a blow dealt to our Muslim identity.” The flier also included the following paragraph: “The adoption and practice of Christmas by Muslims should be regarded as religious and cultural degeneration. One should bear in mind that such behavior is accelerating the process of alienation and estrangement from our own religious beliefs and values, and will breed a favorable ground for Christian missionary activities targeting our country and people.”


            It is always about us, the Muslims protecting our own brethren. It was never, us not wanting them to have their own way of life but more of us wanting us to follow the fundamentals of Islamic teaching and not to go astray.

            Right or wrong very much depends on the action they commit. There’s no proof that the numbers of deaths or violence are committed by them. Although the numbers and incidences may be real, one must always find fault with the aggressor. Although at times the aggressor may be the victim as in the case of ‘the savage murders of missionaries’.

            What were they doing when they were killed. Are they doing missionary works in the Muslim area on the Muslims themselves? I’m not justifying the killings as an event that should have happened but rather as an event that would have happened, should the missionaries going around targeting Muslims were not stop.

            Murtad is a serious offence for the Muslims. It brings shame to the families as well. Its the ultimate offense one can bring to one’s family. Thus the immense animosity towards the missionaries.

            But then again, no one is even bothered when more Muslims are being killed in an even more savage manner all around the world from Palestine to Yemen to Afghanistan. No one even bothered documenting, thus reading the headlines, portraying the Muslims as ‘the aggressors’ are always meaty to say the least.

            I have my dejavu moment reading the article form the headlines to the tone of the article, much like reading Yahoo Malaysia on Malaysia, on the way we, the Muslims had treated the Christians of late. And why am I not surprised…

            1. re: “reading Yahoo Malaysia … on the way we, the Muslims had treated the Christians”

              Not just Yahoo! but Google News and MSN too.

        1. What a load of poppycock.

          Ask the Syrian Christians, Egyptian Christians, the Nigerian Christians under attack from Boko Haram, and more.

          A lot of the Muslim countries which had a significant Jewish minority saw a mass migration to Israel or Western nations in the 1950s.

  2. Helen, don’t want to stifle your writing spirit, but maybe today’s not the time for this issue.

    1. No worries, I didn’t write this article. It’s copypasted entirely from Reuters.

      1. Ugh, how did I miss that.
        Can’t comment because I never even heard of CAR before all this.
        There’s always things to learn though.
        Anyway, for me the morale is Malaysians should stop taking things for granted.
        Today just proves it.
        I like to be hopeful and I pray for those people to be safe, but the circumstances reminds me of Adam Air 574 so much.
        Don’t like to to speculate much more. Pisses me off that rumors circulate so early, who the hell started them.

        1. CAR has been in the news. Other parts of Africa too are witnessing Christian-Muslim clashes and countries on the verge of genocide.

          The most famous in recent times is the civil war that led to the separation of Sudan into two sovereign countries — one for the Christians and one for the Muslims b’cos they cannot live together.

          1. I mean before it made it into the news because of the Christian Muslim conflict.

            Well, if it’s not religion, there would be other things like ethnicity, race, political affiliation, what have you.

            1. There are conflicts because of ethnicity like Kurds vs Turks or Hutu vs Tutsi but the ethnicities involved will always vary from country to country.

              However the Christianity vs Islam conflict is a constant even those that occur in different countries on different continents.

              The Christianity vs Islam war has been ongoing since time immemorial and even warned about in the Quran.

              1. Conflict is a constant in human civilization.

                I get your point though, it is relevant here because there’s potential for one here as well.

                I hope that this possible plane tragedy could help us set all those aside at least for the moment.

  3. Basicly everyone from both side have stopped politicking because of the missing MAS plane, you are still trying to demonize the Christian Chinese?

    1. (1) re: “still trying to demonize the Christian Chinese?”

      Do you see the word ‘Chinese’ appearing anywhere in the entire article? Do you see the word ‘Chinese’ appearing anywhere in the rest of the 5 comments on this page?

      Or siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.

      re: “Basicly everyone from both side have stopped politicking because of the missing MAS plane”

      Typical Dapster bullshitter. The kind of people on your side of the fence have been making hundreds of insensitive politically flavoured remarks blaming BN (kononnya “corruption” causing the plane to be poorly maintained, is one of the allegations).

      (3) This Central Republic of Africa article is current – note: The UN official was quoted yesterday Geneva time – and only appeared in our Malaysian news today.

      So what do you want me to write? Pretend to be an aviation expert and blog on the possible causes of plane mechanical failure?

      Hypocritical people like you are really crawling out of the woodwork in swarms now. You’re like Elizabeth Wong saying Chew Mei Fun has no morals.

      1. This is so typical Helen Ang article, the purpose is to imply that the Malaysian Christian may one day drive out the Muslim by militant way or even eliminate the Muslim. She is just trying to warn the Malay that Christian is their true enemy and provoke them to make Christians the lifelong enemy of Muslim.

        1. re: “This is so typical Helen Ang article”

          My name is not Stephanie Nebehay and I’m not a reporter working for Reuters.

          1. Ok My mistake. Let’s rephrase it. It is so typical of Helen Ang’s way to use articles to imply that the Malaysian Christian may one day behave the same way to drive out the Muslim by militant way or even eliminate the Muslim.

            1. Helen, this malaysian is typical of a dapster when caught making mistake, he/she will spin another way round to justify that you are still in the wrong…..
              hahahaha! real odikal!

            2. Such moronic, idiotic “mistake” and pathetic damage control reply. Malunya, mana mau letak your self-inflicted embarrassment.

              Is it so difficult to sincerely admit your mistake and move on? Ah, so arrogant and sombong lu ahpek hipokrit. Typical Tokong Lim species.

        2. She needs to rouse her conservative closed-minded readers into a two-minute hate.

          Then when they start hitting Waythamoorthy she wonders what went wrong. Is she that ignorant not to know that demographic is hostile toward other races and religions that are not like them?

      2. I have E Wong kain batik pics (I like to simpan gambar high morals people, like Azmin baju pink), but has anyone seen Mei Fun kain batik pics?

        1. We already have a fair idea of what kind of people they are but I must say that Eli Wong yesterday took the cake.

          Just when we thought the hypocrising couldn’t get any more over the top, here on this thread we have the ‘Loo’ person claiming that his side stopped politicking today out of respect for the missing plane.

          1. ‘his side stopped politicking today out of respect for the missing plane.’

            much to the amazement of their pengikuts.

    2. re: “Basicly everyone from both side have stopped politicking because of the missing MAS plane”

      Yeah, right.


      1. Typical Dapster evangelista yang mana memfitnah sudah menjadi darah daging kamu.

        It is your favourite politicians who have to spread hate to ‘earn’ their 300 percent salary increment.

        1. Cik Helen..
          “Tidak akan redho Yahudi dan Nasara (wahai Muhamad) selagi kamu tidak mengikuti cara hidup mereka”

          .Ayat ini adalah pemberitahuan dan amaran kepada Nabi Muhamad s.a.w dan kpd umat Islam keseluruhan bahawa tidak sesekali yahudi dan nasara itu rela/redho kpd umat Islam selagi mana mereka tidak mengikuti cara hidup/agama mereka.

          Kebencian mereka terhadap umat Islam telah Allah bongkar melalui wahyu dan ia kekal sehingga kehari kiamat.

  4. hi Helen,

    can i suggest a simple predictive write-up on how the DAPsters/PR will use the apparent MAS disaster for political point? don’t know about everybody else but I see a trend with every incident from lahad datu to the recent slained cop.

    A few suggestions to get the ball rolling:

    1. MAS (they’ll mention it’s a GLC, under UMNO etc.) is incompetent. All GLCs (read: UMNO=Malay) are.

    2. This is another UMNO drama (to distract from other “real” issues)

    3. “Planes crashing is not uncommon, but Anwar going to jail now that’s a problem”

    4. Mkini reported quoting a “reliable source” that Rosmah had planned a shopping trip on that plane but cancelled last minute”

    5. (a few days later) Mkini posted a correction: Rosmah was actually planning to visit the late Lydia Shum grave.

    If u’ll also consider a predictive write up on Najib administration’s response to this…now that’s interesting *grin*

    1. Brace yourself. Pakatan’s vultures will use this sad event for their disgusting political gain.

  5. I watched al ajzeera inside story about CAR…i snigger when the bloody mat sallehs call for reconciliation.. if it was muslims chasing out christians.. they will talk about islamic fundamentalism and secession to create a christian state like what happened to Sudan.

    I really hope the Ukraine crisis will split Europe and reveal the hypocrisy of the mythical Christian and European unity where Teutonic Europeans have this condescending attitude towards Slavic Europeans who dominate and central and eastern Europe, despite the Slavic Poles being Catholics, it didnt stop the Teutonic and Christian Nazis from slaughtering 6 million Poles.

  6. The Crusades have begun as was predicted, and it will now spread world wide, the christian world has had enough of the murder and mayhem inflicted upon them by Islam

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