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Rosmah, Guan Eng and the flight disappearance

The wishful thinking that Malaysians will all come together over the MAS plane mystery is a mixture of idealism, political correctness and naivete.

Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki is an Umno supreme council member. Responding to the opposition-dominated social media, he tweeted: “Usahlah kaitkan malapetaka MAS dengan kes jatuh hukum Anwar. Di mana letak keimanan kita pada qada’ dan qadar?”


Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang shares Asyraf’s view. Tan tweeted: “those opposition supporters who try link #MH370 tragedy as diversion to Anwar’s sodomy conviction are sick. 239 lives, get it?”

Tan has a point when he highlights that while the government and MAS had spent the whole of yesterday carrying out search-and-rescue missions, Pakatan had been busy with their annual convention.

Yesterday was the 8th of March, which is the sixth anniversary of the 8 March 2008 general election that swept the Pakatan to power in the West Coat of the peninsula.

Twitter - tankengliang- @hwabeng Govt & MAS

Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, the former MCA Adun for Subang Jaya and in recent times a trenchant BN critic, tweeted: “… u have to agree the response of MAS & Govt is lacking & given Msia a bad image(see above).

Tricia Yeoh, who is the Chief Operating Officer of a Pakatan-backed think-tank was at the Pakatan convention in Shah Alam which attracted a good turnout.

Tricia tweeted that the convention’s closing session showcased an enthusiastic Lim Kit Siang reminding the crowd of Anwar’s 1998 Reformasi (see below).

Twitter - TriciaYeoh- At the 5th Pakatan Rakyat


Politics as usual for Pakatan

Tricia, who is a staunch Christian by the way, also managed to squeeze in another tweet touting Wan Azizah (see below).

Lim Guan Eng’s contribution to hashtag #Pray4MH370 is to ask for a “speedy closure“.

Regarding the various reports and queries especially on social media, Guan Eng said: “These must be given attention as they do affect the image of the country and the airline.”

It is uncanny how the DAP sec-gen and former MCA Adun for Subang Jaya (Lee Hwa Beng, quoted above) sound so alike.

Twitter - TriciaYeoh- Wan Azizah

The last public personality in this round-up is Rosmah Mansor. She is the main headline in Malaysiakini today — ‘Rosmah sheds tears with passengers’ families‘.

It is hardly surprising that her show of sympathy did not go down well with the Pakatan supporters. Aside from calling her nasty names and ridiculing her size which are par for the course, they also insisted that she “lacked sincerity” but “a good actresss” doing “a wayang”.

They further accused her of shedding “crocodile tears”, attempting to gain “cheap publicity”, “sell her [own] image”, “trying to steal the limelight” and “exploiting the MH370 victim families”. The mockery and insults hurled at Rosmah are expressed in the most degrading of tones.

Now compare with the attitude when their DAP evangelista chameleon politician tweets: “My heart is so troubled.”

Would the Dapsters ever apply the same contemptuous words – “devoid of sincerity”, “selling her image”, “exploiting the distress of these families” – to a Yang Berhormat on their side of the political fence telling the world that her heart is so troubled?

One Malaysiakini subscriber had even likened Rosmah’s visit to a “vulture-like circling of victims to play some angel offering comfort“.

Will the tweet by a DAP politician that goes – “May God’s comfort be with the passengers’ loved ones” – be subjected to the same vicious scorn that was poured on Rosmah’s similar efforts to offer comfort?

Even Najib Razak giving the press conference yesterday was accused of seeking cheap publicity and political mileage. But all of these derogatory barbs are only directed at BN politicians and mostly by the Pakatoons who are have a thorough control of the English social media.

Obviously no national reconciliation

BN is being bashed by the Pakatoons for playing the “worst form of politics” over the plane tragedy, if you can believe it.

Let’s be realistic now. Do you really think that this or any other national disaster is capable of bringing Malaysians together?

At the moment, everyone’s attention is very much caught up with this tragedy, one upon which Guan Eng is calling for a speedy closure. Nonetheless in a couple of weeks, news and speculation about MH370 will slowly fade away except for the memory lingering among the family members of the passengers.

The behaviour of the Dapster-evangelistas, on the other hand, will continue to stay with us coupled with their most unbelievable hypocrisy in insisting that BN is behaving badly whereas Pakatan is irreproachable.

Rather than bringing Malaysians together, the MH370 plane conundrum is intensifying the verbal slanging match between the two sides. This is the reality we have to confront which no amount of slick public relations by the evangelistas can obscure.

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MH370: Condolences, but …


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53 thoughts on “Rosmah, Guan Eng and the flight disappearance

  1. Busuk hati. Terlampau busuk hari.

    Desckripsi yang tepat untuk org2 Pakatan.

    And some of them are Muslims. Sad.

  2. The Pakatoons are looking at the big picture. The population of 28 million is more precious than mere 239 souls.

  3. The Dapsters are from another planet, a class-conscious one, and racist to the core. Hence their “low-class” pronouncement on others and their cakap tak serupa bikin posturing.

    1. They get very angry when they’re told to balik to their original planet wor.

  4. EBila terbaca .’rosmah shedding crocodile tears’ saya teringat tentang Wan Azizah yang mengalirkan air mata bila DSAI dijatuhkan hukuman… Takde pula saya terbaca orang Umno sebut Wan Azizah mengalirkan air mata buaya… What the heartless people they are…

  5. Helen, ramai rakan saya yang sudah mula muak akan perangai berpolitik 24 jam pemimpin dan penyokong Pakatan.

    Ustazah segera Pas, Abby Abadi menganggap kejadian MH370 sebagai ‘bala tuhan’. Biasalah, perangai holier-than-thou.

    1. There must be a new Bermuda triangle in Jerusubang. The Banglas suddenly dissapeared when they were sprayed with holy water.

  6. I have observed among my friends who are pakatan and non-pakatan supporters. What I noticed is the pakatan supporters tend to be more selfish and arrogant people. They are more ego centric and demanding, often expect others to fulfill their needs. They also have less respect to people around them and are quick to turn against them in the even of conflict. This I am talking about daily life when you are dealing with them.

    One good example is that among us, we have many personal friends groups, such as facebook, whatsapps, etc. You will find most of your friends who are hardcore pakatan supporter tend to post political message into private friends group disregarding that they might offend those who are in opposing view.

    Such attitude is translated in national sense as you see generally, the pakatan supporters are arrogant, self-indulgence and lack of sensitivity. The MAS M370 is just one example. Have we forgot Lahat Datu?

    1. re: “hardcore pakatan supporter tend to post political message into private friends group”

      In other words, being extremely pushy lah.

      But how lah? This same pushiness is enabling them to control the airspace. See this comment below in a foreign website and see which Malaysian news outlets are cited.

      Being thoroughly dominant in cyberspace allows them to reinforce their narrative as well as the confirmation bias. All of which leads to the entrenchment of their political views leading them to win the court of public opinion because they’re loud, aggressive, they do carpet bombing, scorched earth and they kill (character assassinate) people who disseminate any ideas contrary to theirs.

      There is no marketplace of ideas because there is only one vendor — themselves. They have no qualms in most foully murdering all the opposing idealogues.

      1. Helen,

        I already stopped trying to reason with those worshipping PR. They are beyond any rational thinking.

        They are ‘venomous”. They are full of hatred, so consumed with hatred towards BN(meaning UMNO, Malay, Najib, islam) that they spend entire life finding faults.

        This is a tragedy. So if there is sense of ‘kelam kabut’ it is expected. This is not Oscar red carpet moment.

        1. re: “I already stopped trying to reason with those worshipping PR.”

          Yup, mission impossible.

          re: “They are beyond any rational thinking.”

          Then BN must start taking firm action based on this premise.

      2. I agree with much of what Grandmarquis said about Pakatan supporters and I have experienced this too in my dealings with them, including opposition NGO types.

        I had served with such types on my union exco branch and in the end clashed viciously with them.

        I find them pompous, arrogant, condescending with a “hollier than thou” attitude.

        1. re: “I find them pompous, arrogant, condescending with a ‘hollier than thou’ attitude.”

          Kalau setakat mempunyai sedikit kuasa dalam cawangan union pun mereka ni sudah memaparkan sikap sombong, bongkak, suka merendahkan orang lain serta menganggap diri maksum, bagaimana pula lah kalau mereka diberikan tampuk pemerintahan tertinggi untuk dipegang?

  7. I’ve been reading international forums over the lost MH370 because they are so much more emphatic to the families and friends of the 239 on-board and also encouraging to the efforts made by MAS and the authorities.

    I find MAS and DCA and Transport Ministry’s management of the crisis to be quite good, considering none of them were around during the Kubang Pasu crash. You can have the greatest SOP for any event but until the event occurs, you wouldn’t know how effective your SOP is. They could improve, yes, but what they had done, in my opinion, took into consideration the urgency, families and friends of passengers, international relations and national security. Under those conditions, they are doing all they can and they are not a disgrace to the nation.

    1. pakatoons especially dapster non malays are gleefully using the missing plane issue to put down the Malays and other hardworking Malaysians and highlight Malay incompetency.

      its common for them to create bad impression of this issue. These people are mere sour grapes and even as a group of people they barely contribute to society, so best we ignore them and share their impudence for other to see.

      As PAS and PKR Malays foot in mouth comments..well…its a reason why DAP call them towering Malays.. the PAS/PKR are dumb enough to be considered domesticated pets by the DAP and the anglophiliacs.

      1. re: “even as a group of people they barely contribute to society”

        They claim that they contribute the most income tax.

        1. Hahaha. Let me tell you, if you want to know about tax loopholes and how to hide your income, go find a Cina tax accountant. So over 1 million public servants and GLCs yang kebanyakan bumi semua kena cukai PCB tak boleh lari, contribution to taxes kurang dari pekerja-pekerja from Cina private sector.

          Btw, macamana golongan tertindas, second-class citizens boleh contribute terbanyak cukai? Kesian Cina. Tak tahu pulak selama ni ada cukai dikenakan mengikut kaum. Patutlah nak hapuskan tanda kaum dalam pengenalan diri. Satu soalan ya, kalau nama say Hannah Yeoh atau Ambiga agaknya satu Malaysia tahu saya Melayu, ya? Lol.

          1. I agree with orang kampung about income tax loop hole. I have meet a malay manager who paying a higher income tax while having 5 kids than a Chinese manager who paying much lower tax even only having two kids and proud of it.

            That when I decided to help this manager. Turn out he really don’t know about income tax deductions. First times I help him, he reduce up to 50% of his income tax payment. That using the straight path but I also know how to deduct more (thanks to a Chinese friends who show me how).

            So when this people tell me about paying higher income tax I can refuted them with what I know.


    2. Agree that mas and dca are doing their utmost. They are also very careful when answering the media reps during the press conferences. They are very cautious in order to protect all parties concerned.

      The media sometimes i feel are not fair. They need to understand that the authorities are under so much pressure but want to solve the mystery as quickly and efficiently as possible. They do not want to be giving wrong information.

      The dumb pakatoons don’t have heart.

      1. re: “The dumb pakatoons don’t have heart.”

        They don’t have a soul either but they have a very sneaky and devious brain.

        1. ktemoc picked a comment in english where the writer insinuate that god is punishing malaysia for that sodomite via MH370. The way its written have christian lunacy all over it.

  8. In fact Pakatoons are jealous that their 308 anniversary has been replaced something bigger. Face it DSAI is passe.

  9. My son is never interested in politics and all this racial issues as being the only Malay in a class where 24 others are Chinese they are real close buddies.

    However, the first he commented to me when he came home for the weekend was “Pakatan dah mula duk meghapu. ibu.. such a tragedy and they are going to start spinning as usual”.

    I do hope our Opposition clowns don’t start their nonsense.. Families and lives are involved here so please behave yourselves.

  10. One Malaysiakini subscriber had even likened Rosmah’s visit to a “vulture-like circling of victims to play some angel offering comfort“.

    Remember that time Hannah Yeoh felt good after going to a funeral.

  11. Anyone consider a pilot suicide? It has come to my knowledge that the pilot was a staunch supporter of PKR. People mind can be distraught my major event like the guilty verdict on Anwar Ibrahim on Friday evening.

    I am sorry if my post is regarded as insensitive but there are cases of pilot suicide such as Egypt Air 1999 and Indonesia’s SilkAir.

    1. best wait until the black box is found, best not speak ill of the highly possible dead.. something muslims and our hindus and taoist friend share.

  12. Setiap kejadian yang yg telah ditentukan Tuhan mesti ada hikmahnya.

    Dalam keadaan pergolakan politik yg semakin serabut dan memuncak. Masyarakat semakin resah, gelisah dan sgt tidak selesa dgn keadaan ini.

    Perseteruan antara pembesar-pembesar politik negara ini menyeret sekali rakyat yg rata-rata mereka terpedaya dgn mainan politik hampas.. Setiap rakyat yg terikut dgn mainan politik ini sebenarnya menjadi mangsa kerakusan individu tertentu utk berkuasa.

    Negara Malaysia yg dulunya terkenal dgn aman sejahtera dan rakyat yg berbilang kaum boleh hidup harmoni.. sekarang sudah tidak begitu lagi..

    Setiap hari rakyat dihidangkan dgn berbagai hal yg boleh merosakan lagi perpaduan.. Kata nista, fitnah, caci maki, provokasi tidak habis-habis.

    Jika keadaan ini berterusan, tidak hairan nanti negara menjadi kacau bilau dan yang rugi adalah rakyat sendiri. Dan jgn lupa musuh-musuh diluar sgt menunggu sahaja utk masuk dan menjajah semula.

    Oleh kerana bukan semua rakyat yg terlibat dgn konflik politik ini.. Mereka sgt berharap dan berdoa dgn ikhlas semoga Tuhan kembalikan ketenangan dan keharmonian.

    Bila kes perbicaraan Anwar dimahkamah dan didapati bersalah. Para penyokongnya tidak boleh menerima hal ini dan tuduhan konspirasi dan mahkamah sengaja menjatuhkan bersalah ini sgt merbahaya..

    Musuh-musuh diluar dan didalam sgt fokus dgn kes ini dan mereka mengambil kesempatan utk membakar lagi kemarahan rakyat yg tidak puashati.. Apakah kamu semua tidak sedar?

    Oleh kerena ada itu, atas doa rakyat yg tidak mahu terlibat dgn kancah ini, maka Tuhan pun bertindak dengan melakukan satu peristiwa yg sgt gempar dan sekaligus meredakan tumpuan masyarakat terhadap Anwar.

    Peristiwa kehilangan pesawat HS370 ini sebenarnya kita semua bersalah. Jika kita duduk dlm aman dan tenteram tidak bergadoh, mungkin Tuhan tidak akan melakukannya.

    Marilah kita semua bertaubat dan kembali kpd Tuhan masing-masing. Dan koreksi diri adakah kelakuan dan perangai kita selama ini bersesuaian dgn perintah Tuhan.

    Umat Islam, Kristian, Budha, Hindu dll kembalilah kepada Tuhan masing-masing. Cara kita selama ini menjadikan Tuhan kita sangat Murka. Maka dgn itu Tuhan bertindak dgn caraNya. Kalau kita masih lagi belum insaf..tunggulah akan ada lagi kejutan dari Tuhan…

    1. re: “Jika kita duduk dlm aman dan tenteram tidak bergadoh, mungkin Tuhan tidak akan melakukannya.”

      Dalam pesawat itu kebanyakannya warga asing dan bukan orang kita.

  13. Most of us here, I think, are not pr supporters. So I believed, its better for us if we too do not think like they do.

    1. Najib Razak is sitting down with Guan Eng and grinning away, and taking selfie when all of LGE’s political career (and his father’s) has been about destroying Umno.

      As a comparison, MCA has never evinced that it ever wanted its Chinese arch rival annihilated. So it is not a case that Chinese politicians must necessarily be brutal but more that LKS (jailed 1-and-1/2 years for his role in May 13) has raised a hit-below-the-belt streetfighter son.

      Our bangsawan berbudi tinggi PM simply cannot fathom that DAP wants him ‘dead’ and Umno buried.

      The behaviour of the Dapsters which is like savages should be clear enough. Najib’s wife, daughter (the Perth CHOGM “shopping” lie) dan sons (the one in Manhattan and the one in Beijing), father have been endlessly and ferociously attacked but still the YAB is unable to understand the nature of the DAP evangelista beast.

      Sorry to go on a rant but while we do not think like them, we nonetheless have to diligently expose their thinking, like their brazen double face unravelled in

  14. pihak pakatoon dah tak boleh mengawal hati//jiwa mereka.

    mereka terdesak dalam dunia perasangka buruk yang mereka cipta.

  15. But what are you doing writing about the MH370 tragedy, yet allocating more than two-thirds of your 766 word piece to launch subtle attacks on the former Subang state assemblyman, Guan Eng and Tricia Yeoh? Tricia Yeoh’s faith is even brought into the equation.

    1. You think I’m an avionics engineer, meh?

      Please go to international aviation-based websites/forums where they have more informed commentary and comments if you’re interested in the mechanics of flight.

      1. I was not discussing about the flight mechanics or technical issues which may have brought down flight MH370.

        Perhaps you intended to reply to another reader??

          1. Another [deleted] attempt from you that fails. That is typical. You started off talking about flight MH370, then divert towards bashing other people.

            1. [deleted] is a redaction of AC-DC’s ad hominem. Consider this a final warning to desist or you can please leave my blog. I will not entertain such low standard commenters.

              1. Do not toss stones if you live in a glass house.

                You love to label other people with pejoratives, yet when the tables are turned you cry foul.

                1. Do not test my patience any further.

                  You are one of those people who do not know their limit despite being repeatedly reminded.

      1. Malaysian BN government’s crisis management mode: sitting, slowly, etc.? Friends, human life and God

        (using Google Translate)

        1. Ok, original pun tak tahu, translate pun tak faham. All I can deduce is if it’s from Nga it’s never anything good or positive towards the gomen.

    1. (Looking at Nga Kor Ming’s timeline)

      Dia ni ahli parlimen Malaysia ke Taiwan? Kesian orang Taiping kena belajar Mandarin baru boleh faham apa yang dikatakan oleh YB mereka di Twitter.

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