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Isma, Marina to face off in court

The Kuala Lumpur High Court fixed the dates May 15-16 and May 22-23 to hear the libel suit filed by Marina Mahathir against Isma. Counsel for the defendant Azad Bashir Abdul Kariem Bashir was present in court this morning for the case management.

Isma is one of the Muslim NGOs at the forefront of the opposition against Comango. One of the prime movers of Comango is Sisters In Islam.

Marina Mahathir, who is a SIS director, however disclaims any involvement with the Universal Periodic Review report submitted by Comango. She is suing Isma for linking her to any purported role in Comango vis-a-vis the UPR-Malaysia process conducted by the UN Human Rights Council.

Marina is a member of Najib’s liberal National Unity Consultative Council.

Marina flashmobbing beside SIS co-founder Zainah Anwar

Zainah: “We are all Allah’s children”

The placard carried by Zainah Anwar (above) will prompt Muslims to question if Allah begets or is begotten. Isma women’s chief  Ustazah Norsaleha Mohd Salleh has urged Jakim to take action against Zainah over the latter’s “kesongsangan” (topsy-turvy understanding of Islam).

Isma’s Kempen Selamatkan Ummah identifies Christianization as posing a threat to Muslims in Malaysia.

Isma vice president (I) Ustaz Muhammad Fauzi Asmuni says that the kalimah Allah can be potent tool to be manipulated by the evangelistas.

The Christians have been evangelizing most aggressively and enjoying a great take-up by the Chinese, both in China and among the diaspora. China, a communist country, has only 18.2 percent Buddhists but posseses a relatively sizeable Christian population at 5.2 percent — see Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures project.

There are 67 million Christians in China.


Evangelista succeed in Singapore

Today one in every five Chinese Singaporean is Christian. In 1980, only one in every ten (10.9 percent) Chinese Singaporean had been Christian.

Twenty percent of the Chinese in Singapore identified themselves as Christian in 2010 compared to 17 percent a decade ago in 2000 (Source: National census 2010, National census 2000). Chinese form three-quarters of the Singapore population.

Service held in the halls of the Singapore Expo to accommodate the mammoth crowds
MEGA … An evangelical church service in Singapore

Christians closing in to a quarter of SE-Asia population

According to a study by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, there were 9,145,000 evangelicals in Asia in 1970. This number rose sharply to reach 54,787,000 in 2010 and is projected to hit 67,247,000 by the year 2020.

According to the above study, Christians were 17.7 percent of the population in Southeast Asia in 1970. They are projected to form 23.4 percent of the population by 2020.

Singapore is among the Top 20 countries in the world where Christianity has the highest growth rate and in another 16.3 years, the number of Christians in Singapore is expected to again double.

Mama Dapster on stage during Subang Jaya City Harvest Church building launch
Mama Dapster on stage during Subang Jaya City Harvest Church launch

Harvesting new converts in the city

The City Harvest Church which was founded in Singapore has spread its wings and set up several affiliate churches in Malaysia, most prominently in Subang Jaya.

Picture above: Look who is on stage at the City Harvest Church in Subang Jaya.

Below: Hannah Yeoh’s former personal assistant Rajiv Rishyakan is an evangelist who had conducted some of the DAP political activities in the City Harvest Church.

Twitter rajiv4malaysiaBack in City Harvest Church

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17 thoughts on “Isma, Marina to face off in court

  1. RE: “The placard carried by Zainah Anwar will prompt Muslims to question if Allah begets or is begotten.”

    Zainah, ALLAH did not beget you as his biological child. Your mother is not married to Allah; your mum was sexually conjoined with your father and they, your parents begot you their biological child.

    All men and women, indeed every species in creation have our common source in the Lord Creator and Sustainer, namely ALLAH the One and Only, the Absolute, Most Merciful and Just.

    So please don’t go around in public waving placards to the faithful that broadcast your smarter-than-thou attitude at the risk of being recognized as an ignoramus, who should be busying herself instead with helping our less fortunate, or oppressed sisters in Islam.

    You were not born yesterday sister Zarinah [Zainah], and ALLAH was never begotten, by the way. We, men and women will all die in the near future, but ALLAH is eternal and immutable. So if you meant “we are all Allah’s children” in a metaphorical way, recognize that the evangelical Trinitarian Christians with whom you are in close association, mean for ALLAH in their malay-version bible to beget a son, they claim is Jesus, through a woman whom they know as Mary.

    And this is not “a metaphor” to them but the 3-in1 dogma which they uphold with regards to “ALLAH”; in their false worship they insist that the sacrificial blood and body of Jesus Christ, Son of God, on the cross will absolve all the sins and transgressions of all mankind till the kingdom of heaven comes again. But you have heard all this before sister.

    We the faithful know otherwise: “There is no god worthy of worship but ALLAH, and MUHAMMAD is the Messenger of Allah.” We love Jesus the Messiah but we know full well that the modern-day Pauline Christianity does not represent the original teachings of Isa ibn Maryam r.a. and his personal disciples of the Jerusalem Church.


      1. shake a nut in an empty vessel and you get loud noises right? ikut nafsu saje lidah yang liar otak terbiar.

  2. Why do you need an organization like SIS if you have Islam? The Islamic Law is perfect. There is no flaw at all. This organization is promoting that Islam is not good enough for them. They still think that there is no fairness between men and women. I think this happened because most Muslims do not know their duty as men and as women. Both have their own responsibility and rights in the eye of Islam.

    For most people nowadays, they think Islam is just a religion. They sure is wrong. Islam is not just a religion. Its a way of life.

    Muslim means surrender to Allah and do what He commands. So if a person claim that they are Muslims, they must follow the law laid down to us by Allah S.W.T. through His messenger Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

    If a person who does not fallow this set of law then he/she is not a Muslim. If you do not want to follow this set of laws then DO NOT CALL YOURSELF AS MUSLIMS. I can see that this SIS do not want to follow this law. And they dare to call themselves Muslims? I can see how SIS is destroying the beautiful image of Islam.

    By the way, Khairy’s wife is a member of SIS.

    1. This is what happens when feminists put feminism first, Islam second. SIS can even question syariah laws – they are really far gone. They create their own fatwas based on their own interpretation, rather than consulting those who really experts. And what’s worse – they put the name ‘Islam’ as part of their organization.

        1. Thanks Helen, for the link. I never knew that. Initially, I thought SIS is one NGO fighting for Muslim women’s rights. But l have read some other people’s blogs commenting on SIS – the part where they are being contradictory to Islam. Looking at Zainah Anwar’s placard is enough to convince me that something is seriously wrong with them.

      1. It is like the ordination of women in the Catholic church or the recognition of women or men of certain castes in Hinduism to perform certain rituals (which is prohibited and unacceptable according to the theology and doctrines of these religious groups). If you don not like it get out of the church or temple. God (if he is almighty all forgiving and ever benevolent) will forgive you as it is a human failing.

        SIS is an organization funded by the National Endowment for Democracy. It was specifically designed and created to infect Islam and weaken its cohesion as a force. And they relied on weak pseudo western women within the fraternity of Islam to advance their causes with ‘trinkets, glass beads’ a few dollars and the ‘recognition of their efforts by great white masters’.”.

        And in a polity of over a billion you are bound to find these vain self serving misfits in some form or the other to carry someone elses burden because they feel so inadequate themselves. Not that women, blacks, Indians or Chinese or homos do not have rights. But independent minded freedom loving people everywhere do not depend on their rights to fall from the graces of some colonial power especially one as devoid of any goodness and morality as the US.

        The point was made by Gandhi to his Christian minister mate in that eponymous film, when he tells that Christina minister friend of his he must move on. This is an Indian fight.

        It saddened his colleague the English ordained minister who was at his side from their time together in South Africa fighting injustices side by side. The point though is lost on the many “freedom fighters’ Like the NGO SIS. But the man understood the point.

        None of the SIS have any sense of dignity, self respect, confidence or direction. They depend on the handouts of a nation without direction to direct them.

        These are what Malcolm X called “House NIggers”. The accepted amongst the exception. Accepted because they dance to the tune of their oppressors and masters. Like what the Anglo Indians did during Indian independence and before.

        You don’t agree with the teachings of Islam that fine. But why worship on the alter of Americans and their money? change will come eventually as it has over the years.

        Men and women have always been different and long may that difference remain. We can get over it without the morality of America (if that’s not an oxymoron) being injected into these arguments.

        I too have differences with Indians, Hindus, Men and women like most of us do. But since when did the US become the moral and political policemen of this world that these women have to lay themselves bare for others to carve out their politics on?

  3. Where is the defamation here that Marina Mahathir sues for? On what basis does she claim to have been defamed? Being a public and political figure she is the subject of much discussion. She places herself in the thick of controversy inviting comment on her style, her statements, her politics, her ideology and her person.

    Marina cannot claim to be defamed just because someone erroneously described her as something she says she is not. Or in the alternative aligning her or ascribing to her something she did or did not say or do.

    In order to establish she was defamed she must be able to firstly raise the fact of her “good character” being defamed unjustly by another. And the result of that defamation (without justification) is such that it has caused her to be shunned or ridiculed by her friends or other members of society.

    But the onus will be on Marina to prove she has been defamed and has a such a good character that has been impugned by that defamation. The opinion of someone about her or her views or opinions is not defamation. This is especially so where that opinion is on a matter of public interest and based on proper material (not gossip).

    Other defences include fair comment, truth, contextual truth, various classes of privilege etc etc.

    I recall Rose Ismail being found guilty of defaming Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar at the time as is the case now did not have a “good reputation” to protect. How the registrar or judicial officer at the time could have found in his favour raises serious questions of the skills of Rose’s lawyer and the judicial officer’s knowledge on the subject.

    1. When Marina threatened to sue, it was an attempt at gertak not only of Isma but any website reproducing Isma’s flyer.

      She was using a sledgehammer to to knock any potential flies.

  4. Christian claimed and believed Jesus is God son and Zainah Anwar place card reads ‘We are all ALLAH children? Masyallah. Zainah if happen you read this comment do carefully read and deeply understand surah al Ikhlas.

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