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Understanding the hate that drives ABU

Reacting to yesterday’s headline news on MH370, anonymous blogger ‘Hardtalk Malaysia’ wrote: “Reading the comments in Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider, the ultimate source of information for the group who call themselves ‘Bangsa Malaisia’, I cannot help but feel scared for Malaysia”.

According to him, most of the heartless comments truly reflect the nature of the oppo supporters — something he knows for a fact because he is friends with these people.

“They can say a prayer and swear in the same breath (expressing hatred against the government),” observed Hardtalk Malaysia.

He adds: “Let me warn you that the hatred of these ‘Bangsa Malaisia’ is real”.

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Separately in ‘The People’s Parliament’ blog, Haris Ibrahim wrote about how, towards the end of 2010, he decided to quit legal practise in order “to focus on getting rid of Umno/BN”.

Haris is the founder of Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) as well as Asalkan Bukan Umno (ABU).

A couple of days ago, Haris – who is himself facing a sedition charge – blogged about Anwar’s sodomy conviction. He says such events unfolding in the country has steeled his resolve to rid Malaysia of Umno.

His article has been Facebooked close to 500 times.

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The war on Umno received very strong support from Umno haters who put their money where their mouth is.

Just prior to GE13, Haris managed to collect RM974,721 for the ABU War Fund to carry out the anti-Umno election campaign activities (see,

That’s almost one million ringgit donated to ABU. The amount is a good indication of the intensity of feeling thatthe ordinary  Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia harbour against Umno.

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Awareness of the evangelista rapture will help you understand the mob mentality.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

54 thoughts on “Understanding the hate that drives ABU

      1. Helen, I’m not sure about HY. But your obsession and hate is clear for all to see. Not even a national crisis escapes your bitching and hate mongering. Truly a most despicable and disgusting human.

        1. The obsession of despicable and disgusting Dapsters like you who unceasingly leave your hate droppings in my blog is clear for all to see. Not even a national crisis escapes your invariable swearing and hate mongering.

          Out of one side of your mouth, you Dapsters say “Our hearts go out to the families of the passengers” and in the same breath your kind of people add in the same sentence “But let us not forget about what just happened [to] Anwar yadda yadda never forgive”.

          Out of one side of your mouth, you Dapsters say “My deep condolences” and in the same breath your kind of people add in the same sentence “crony … second-rate runaways with cracks … siphoning money from public projects … ethno-religious fascism … third-rate … judges … sick UMNO system”.

          Out of one side of your mouth, you Dapsters say “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families” and in the same breath your kind of people add in the same sentence “UMNO’s escalation of religious strife … element of corruption. Whatever it is, UMNO is not getting any sympathy from this tragedy … link between the two national tragedies – abuse of power, corruption and incompetence.”

          Do you think anybody in their right mind could actually believe that the heart of disgusting and despicable “D” is so troubled over this “national crisis”?

          1. The dapster are hypocrites, they started by their malicious comments that are both hurtful to the mh370 pasengers and the country and they expect not to be noticed and not have a reaction.. in ur dreams. Sad to say these dapsters have university degrees, but have gutter mentality.

            1. Agree.

              They constantly aggravate but when you react to their provocation they call you “racist”, “Nazi”, “extremist” and “religious bigot”.

              When Hannah is criticized, her critics are automatically labelled Umno and MIC cybertroopers who are “racist and distasteful” and must learn to salam 1Malaysia.


              1. Helen, at least you don’t collect funds like this haris did…..! and just a matter of time, someone will then ask where did all the money goes to….. just like PAS and their ‘tin-milo’ collection which they preached to built highway…..!

                1. Haris was doing roadshows, flying here and there to campaign plus ABU had an office and staff and training recruits, and they produced materials (flyers, CDs, stickers, etc).

                  I on the other hand just sit behind the computer and blog. Blogging does not earn me a single cent. On the contrary, it comes at personal sacrifice and cost.

                2. P.S. Alwie,

                  I pointed out the ABU war fund to show that there are enough Umno haters out there that they have been willing to donate RM1 million of their money to the cause of ‘Kuburkan Umno’.

                  My focus is not the fund collection but the donors who are SABM.

                  Please allow me to repeat that I do not believe money is one of Haris’ motivating factors.

          2. You crazy bitch. You are so deluded that you think anyone who sees you for what you are is a political party member? Wake up and smell the roses. Youre a parasite. A nasty, dirty one. Period.

            1. Does someone who is labelled a ‘Nazi’ necessarily have to be a member of the national socialist Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (DAP) – the Hitler party’s name in German?

              There has been no Nazi party since 1945 because it was outlawed following the fall of the Fuhrer. Nonetheless up till today, a person who behaves like an SS Blackshirt is still called a Nazi despite that the eponymous party is defunct.

              You may not be a DAP card-carrying member but your behaviour is Dapster through and through. Nobody doubts this — ‘aa’ or ‘d’ or whatever alphabet you choose to call yourself.

            2. Dear readers,

              As you can see from above, I’ve tried very patiently to reason with ‘aa’ who also goes by the name ‘d’, ‘dd’ and other assorted alphabets. I have layan his karenah (his viciousness and his language) for a good part of two years but rationality is simply not in their genetic make-up.

              The kind of people just like him are also out there in hordes. They support the DAP 3.0 and they read The J-Star, among others.

              From now on, I’ve decided my blog policy will PULANGKAN PAKU BUAH KERAS. I hope that BN supporters will do the same to the Dapsters and evangelistas when they pijak kepala.

              The next time ‘aa’ or ‘d’ or ‘dd’ uses such foul language on me, he is banned for good.

              If you feel that the oppo leaders and supporters are mostly aa‘s fraternal twins, then you must strongly urge PM Najib no more compromise and no more talk of reconciliation.

              You cannot reconcile with someone whose sole purpose if to kill you. Bertolak-ansur to them means that it is you who gets pushed and pushed and pushed. They do not have a ‘Stop’ button. Understand that.

              1. Helen, i suggest not to ban because you are much more intelligent than him. He is not worth it.

                Just ignore low lives like him. Just like ABU = ASHES.

                Lama2 nanti lenyap macam abu juga.

                We have to show them that they are nothing and will never rule Malaysia.

            3. tak ada telor lawan perempuan. Helen “a parasite”? Awaklah parasit, tak malu bertenggek pd blog Helen. Main jauh2lah.

        2. Hannah is praying for Anwar & Karpal today. She said so in her tweet this morning.

          She also seem to be a (brand new?) fan of MAS.

          “Day 4.Don’t give up #MH370.For discouraged MAS team,I’ll still choose to fly with u.When it comes to services, u make me feel at home,always”

          “@alfiantalib tq. If I have a choice, MAS is always the preferred airline.”

          Did she say anything about the losses incurred by MAS or condemned those who criticized MAS about it? All of a sudden super supportive of MAS. Please lah, save your hypocrisy.

          I fly 2-3 times a month on biz trips. I’ve flown MAS 9 out of 10 international flights, be it inbound or outbound. Always been supportive of our national carrier & always will be.

          1. The tweet by DAP’s “Event Manager” has already garnered 118 retweets btw.

            Wonder when Mr Hannah Yeoh flew to South Africa as the spouse of a “visiting dignitary”, which airline did the high-flying young couple use.

        3. It is typical of Helen to take an incident, write several short paragraphs about it, and then devote the remaining two-thirds to bashing her usual targets. By the midpoint of the article, it is not unusual for all relation to the original headline to be lost.

          1. if your mind keeps vacillating between alternating and direct current, you’ll get shorted between your premises and your conclusions.

      2. HY? You are delusional, kurang cerdik lah you helen, semua orang yang tak setuju dengan anda adalah DAPsters? I am giving my opinion, kena ada orang suruh ke? That is how it works for you?

        1. I’m replying you in the same off-kilter mode in which you attack me.

          Regular readers familiar with my usual rationality will know in what spirit in which to take my response. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are. My reply above is tailored for a jerk (like you).

          How else to reply to people like you, lah?

          Or in other words, how can a Malay reply sensibly to the Dapster accusation that they (Malays) are racists? How can a Muslim reply sensibly to the evangelista accusation that they (Malays) are religious bigots?

    1. They, i.e. the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia who want ABU to happen, freely donated their money.

      If you’re implying that Haris is doing ABU for the sake of money, I’d have to disagree. I don’t think that’s his motivation.

      1. If it’s about money politics in UMNO, then these ABU PAKATAN guys are just pots calling the kettle black. If it’s about sex and politics then these ABU PAKATAN guys have no equal to the furthest ends of Malaysia.

          1. TEO’S Trick or Treat: “Seluruh dunia sedang cari pesawat, Najib pula cari ayam. Menakjubkan!”

            Nasrudin and a few of his buddies went to one of their friend’s homes one night for a dinner of chicken and rice.

            As they ate, the friend, wanting to play a little joke at Nasrudin’s expense, snuck the chicken bones from his meal into Nasrudin’s plate. Then, when everyone had finished eating, he remarked, “Nasrudin, you’re a real pig! Look at all the bones in your plate-you must have eaten enough for two people!“

            “If I am an overeater,” Nasrudin quickly responded, “then what about you? You have been eating like a starved man this entire time, and every single bone in your plate as well!“

            NB: Mdm. Teo, if your intellect is sky high, don’t take slaughtered chickens to task for not flying to rescue a jet plane; you’ll be enjoying them soon enough at a price you couldn’t complain about.

  1. Helen,

    Make sure you do not miss the statement by Bar council on the “consensual sex”.

    Good subject for discussion..

    1. KKK 1,
      I found it in the sun.
      I guess many missed it cos of the sad news of the missing plane.

      Bar troubled by Anwar’s sentencing
      Posted on 9 March 2014 – 09:30pm
      Last updated on 9 March 2014 – 10:11pm

      Annie Freeda Cruez

      KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Bar today said it is deeply troubled by the conviction and sentencing of five years’ imprisonment of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim by the Court of Appeal, for what was essentially consensual sex between two adults.

      1. At least no one now has trouble accepting the fact that the man actually penetrated the rear of his personal driver while he was serving Malaysia as her deputy prime minister. Why hadn’t the troubled bar admitted this much in all these many years?

      2. Go amend the laws on sodomy, then you can talk about consensual. Lawyer apa ke benda, basic thing like hormat undang-undang pun tak tahu!

        1. Yes. But the thing is in condemning the appeals court decision, the bar council is also damning da man

        2. Itu sebab anwar kata law on sodomy tu archaic. Dia mahu tukar so nobody can take action. But Alhamdulillah pakatan kalah pru 2013.

          Karpal pun dah fed up nak defend anwar sebab he knows the truth, so does the bar council.

    1. The way malaysian insider and malaisakini write wrt to the mh370 incident also seem to deliberately bait the dapster and pakatoon morons, when they realize the type that flock to these portals are foul mouthed racist xenophobes anglophiles and islamists, best they feed these demons in human skin to keep the dough rolling and readershio high, what mkini and minsider doing is akin to Nazis propaganda feeding hatred to their common people, its ironic that mkini and minsider mirros nazism,not utusan or NST , nor the MSM which have been mainly inert wrt to racial and sensitive issues.

      1. But they insist it is BN which is milking this issue, remember their words? “Umno is not getting any sympathy from this tragedy”, “Rosman shedding crocodile tears”, Najib out to gain “cheap publicity” and “political mileage”.

      2. I actually read on an international forum someone cautioning readers about news from MI. To verify cause MI info not reliable. Lol.

  2. annonymous 12.41

    what would you expect especially from morons who can only use 1 or 2 alphabets to create a nic. good examples would be

    D dickhead

    and his conjoined twin

    RD retarded dickhead


    One of your comrades blogs published false news alleging that Teresa Kok said the disappearance of MH370 was the work of Muslim terrorists.

    A comment by a pro government conspiracist who probably took too much ketum:

    Kem Luar diharap jgn. membenarkan perisik Amerika mahupun S’pura menyiasat – kerana CIA-MI6 dan perisikan S’pura dikuasai Mossad-ZIONIS! Baik panggil Kedutaan Russia utk. memabntu – yg. punya pakar terkemuka dan bukan pengampu Barat-Zionis!

    Saya syaki, kejahatan perampasan pesawat MAS kita ini, mungkin perbuatan CIA-Mossad, dgn. tujuan:

    1. Menghuru-harakan China dan menambah kebencian pd. Islam/umatnya, oleh rakyat China dan Bukan Islam di M’sia serta seluruh dunia, kerana ‘PENGGANAS’ akan dituduh dr. umat Islam Xinjiang kononnya. Tengoklah tuduhan si BETINABANGKAIBABI ni!

    2. Maka, Malaysia dan China akan dipaksa utk. menerima kerjasama dari Barat-Zionis, terutamanya CIA dan MI6. dan inilah yg. dimahukan si PAP-DAPBANGKAI, yg. disyaki ditaja CIA-MI6-Mossad.

    3. MAS akan dipaksa utk. bergabung dgn. syarikat Barat-Zionis – spt. sy. penerbangan Arab yg. telah di’Barat-Zionis’kan contohnya Emirate dan Etihad Airlines.

    Saya juga berharap mana-mana pegawai k’jaan terutamanya yg. Islam/Melayu jgn. bagi lagi maklumat terutamanya di WhatsApp dan Facebook tentang maklumat peribadi yg. menyeluruh atau awam, terutamanya tentang tugasan diplomatik di luar negara dan dlm. negara juga. Facebk dan WhatsApp dikuasai Mark Zuckerberg, yg. disyaki antara Zionis plg. licik tapi plg. mrbahaya – yg. disyaki agen CIA-Mossad.

    Semoga ALLAH SWT menyelamatkan mereka semua, INSYA-ALLAH, tapi memang sedih betul.

    Makcik Sambal Belacan.

  4. The wife of a friend of mine asked what the church has done lately for the victims of the MH370. Thinking about of it, the answer is very little. The Muslim community has their sembahyang and many Muslims have gone for the search and rescue operation. The Buddhist has come out with support groups for the victims i.e. Tzu Chi. The unpopular MCA has sent Mandarin speaking interpreters for the victims.

    What has the church especially the new church done? NOTHING and make thing worse messages of hate and anger. Remember our friend David. Remember the Christian blog which says the Muslim faith is the cause of the tragedy. Nothing positive from the new church. The church could have sent counselors that could help the victims but NONE.

    Malaysian BN government’s crisis management mode: sitting, slowly, etc.? Friends, human life and God(using Google Translate)
    There is no kind words for the families only anger,anger, anger.

    What the opposition done? More ill messages like the Bermuda Triangle message. Can’t the DAP, PAS or PKR send any helpers or counselors?

    At times like these I feel embarrassed to be Chinese and Christian (even though I am from the centuries old one.) These new Christians talk about love, love and love but from the MH370 tragedy all you see is inaction and hate, hate and hate. Christianity is all about being free from bondage (including anger) but all these people are show is anger,anger,anger and hate, hate,hate.

    How do these New Christians expect others to belief in Jesus if they radiate so much hate and anger? Can non Christians believe the gospel would help us from the bondage of anger if you only hear hate and anger? In times of crisis new Christians are so caught up with politics and show in action.

    1. And all this while they’ve been saying Jesus is about love. Kesian mereka, samada tak habis mendalami agama sendiri atau confuse.

    2. It’s the work of the Anti-Christ, the one-eyed jack who makes the world to see with lop-sided vision like Itself, and the tongue to utter what the heart believes otherwise. It is the demagogue of Insincerity and absolutist power relations.

  5. Here is today’s LOVE of David

    And his message on Kak Rosmah

    The face of government corruption, rampant corruption, judicial injustice, political persecution, topiramate state to seize power, debt as a mountain, the deficit again and again, commotion, soaring prices, you also believe that tears do XX (Google Translate)

    That is Christian love?

    1. re: The face of government corruption, rampant corruption, judicial injustice, political persecution, topiramate state to seize power, debt as a mountain, the deficit again and again, commotion, soaring prices, you also believe that tears do XX (Google Translate)

      That is Christian love?

      That is how Pakatoons are indoctrinated with carefully selected keywords in mantra form, to chant endlessly so that they remain in a vacuous and perpetually hysterical trance.

      Shaman or Voodoo oso no fight lah.

        1. ‘Use garlic and stake?’

          Only for the chief bloodsucker.

          The rest need a bullet/arrow in the head or potong kapra with parang/katana or hantam with baseball bat etc like in The Walking Dead.

          Zombies mah…(

          Sorry for the gore…its one of my fav tv shows :(

          Wonder why :)

    2. The Bangsa Malaysia Firsters wants to badmouth the non Bangsa Malaysia Firsters in a vernacular only understood by them and amongst themselves. Remember Theresa Kok Ma Lay, Sei Ley Ah!, but hey this is not racist, but stupid Malays demand in a bahasa understood by all, is, except maybe some Sri Lankans in some blogs and some ‘malayu tatau’ Dong Zong sponsors!

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