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1,001 little cuts to Najib’s reputation

As I have illustrated in my previous postings ‘MH370: Condolences, but …‘ and ‘Rosmah, Guan Eng and the flight disappearance‘, the fate of the missing MAS airplane cannot avoid being politicized because that is the key plank to how the opposition operate.

As a further example of the politicization, the DAP’s tudung-wearing evangelista Yang Berhormat tweeted: “Whole world searching for airlines, Najib searches for chickens. Fantastic” (see below). Continue reading “1,001 little cuts to Najib’s reputation”

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Why Comango allowed inside but Muslim NGOs kept out?

An ‘interesting’ (if we can call it that) screed yesterday from The Nut Graph editor Jacqueline Ann Surin in her column. Her article ‘Malaysia’s pursuit of anarchy‘ talked about some “recent favourite targets for threats, hate speech and criminal intimidation”. Among the targets — the Christians, Teresa Kok, Malaysiakini and Comango, according to Jacqueline.

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