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1,001 little cuts to Najib’s reputation

As I have illustrated in my previous postings ‘MH370: Condolences, but …‘ and ‘Rosmah, Guan Eng and the flight disappearance‘, the fate of the missing MAS airplane cannot avoid being politicized because that is the key plank to how the opposition operate.

As a further example of the politicization, the DAP’s tudung-wearing evangelista Yang Berhormat tweeted: “Whole world searching for airlines, Najib searches for chickens. Fantastic” (see below).


(Ref. ‘DAP Teo Nie Ching’s sarcastic tweet on MH370 unbecoming of Member of Parliament’ rebuke by the MCA publicity bureau.)

Where is PM Najib? is yet another a piece of condemnation (by one Soraya Salim), and published in The Malaysian Insider, that also bambu the PM kaw-kaw. While the author is not a prominent name in the writing fraternity, her article nonetheless has been widely Facebooked due to the prominence given it by TMI.

These are only the tip of the iceberg. There is nothing that the PM or his wife can do that will not be politicized (see also ‘Manipulasi setiap aktiviti Rosmah Mansor‘ in Yuseri Yusoff’s blog).

Every conceivable situation – even one involving 239 human lives like MH370 – will be politicized or milked by oh “my heart is so troubled” opposition Event Staging Managers.


The whole set-up – e.g. TMI providing the platform, the J-Star doing its subversive sabotage every now and then, the manufactured public outrage on cue against Umno luminaries – is one big Pakatan juggernaut on the roll. Mission: To destroy the reputation and erode the moral authority and legitimacy of the BN and that of Umno leaders.

Meanwhile the PM lurches from one kangkung episode to another. Doubtless the chicken (whole bird) sold at RM1 to the PM is nothing more than a publicity stunt. But it is one that has clearly backfired given how open the photo ops is to ridicule.

Najib’s market walkabout also demonstrated – not that everyone didn’t already know – how divorced the PM is from the daily grind of life, urm, you know, chores like buying groceries. I’m even sceptical as to whether Najib keeps one-ringgit notes in his wallet or if he has ever handled the (relatively) new shillings / sen.

May I ask if Najib’s consultants and advisors are secretly in cahoots with the opposition, and these events which they have planned for him are actually a plot to deliberately diminish his stature?

How can even the most hardcore BN voters shore up the Prime Minister if it is Najib himself who keeps on providing the ammo to his opponents?

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29 thoughts on “1,001 little cuts to Najib’s reputation

  1. Well, Pakatan got 52% of the votes last GE.

    Wouldn’t be farfetched to think their sympathizers exist in GLCs, government departments ministries consultants etc, Even KJ employs Regina.

    Their plans are always ongoing. I have no doubt Zahid Hamidi had been punked with the Malicekini award thing.

    And this is all they are busy with. Do they care about anything else?

    Doubt it. Even Lim Kit Siang snide submarine comments are on the same low level of Pakatan cybertroopers. Nizar makes a joke on tragedy on foreign celebrity tweet pages.

  2. I am concerned with the reputation of gomen pertaining to the use of bomoh to locate the missing plane.

    The bomoh claimed “…….. invited by one of the country’s top leaders, to help locate the missing plane using a spiritual method and prayer.”

    I can understand if the use of Bomoh is done on personal capacity, like the grieving family members of the passengers. But for a gomen in its official capacity to use Bomoh is ridiculous. No offence to the believers of witchcraft.

    I think gomen must clarify whether or not it invited the Bomoh as netizens already poking fun of this news believing that the gomen is desperate to use Bomoh.

    1. Do a Google check. I do not think it’s the first time and if I’m not mistaken, it is the same “top leader”.

    2. The bomoh incident – most people take it as a joke. What’s disturbing however is the oppo-supporters are everywhere in the forums putting down the government.

      For example, I’ve been following this –
      from Day 1.
      Everyone’s weirded out by the news and putting in their two cents worth and their what-if scenarios. But today there’s quite a lot of comments on the Malaysian authorities and most of the comments are quite negative and quite a few quoting Malay Mail and MI.

      I have problems with the govt too but putting it out there for the whole world … maybe I’m old but that to me is disrespectful of your own nation.

      1. They (the anti-gomen commenters) stretch their tentacles into every nook and cranny of cyberspace including foreign websites just to badmouth Umno.

        And they’re not cybertroopers. They’re just Malaysians bursting at the seams with hate.

        1. Yes, you are correct. No body paid us. We don’t need to be paid to hate UMNO and Perkasa and the silat guys shaking thier fat lazy punk asses. And there are A LOT of us out there.

          1. Yes, while there are innumerable things done by UMNO, Perkasa et al to justify being angry but does that mean you *have* to wallow in anger? It must be tiring and non productive.

            Any new issue that pops up, and off you lot go, shooting from the hip before checking the facts.

            You think you’re doing your bit for the country, fighting your politician’s battles online? Let me tell you, they are all pals behind closed doors.

            In the end, they are all richer by the day while you continue typing away, expressing your rage with nothing to show for it.

            Just calm down.

            1. re: the politicians “are all richer by the day”

              Absolutely true — 300 percent!

              And our oppo fanboys think they’re being such ‘smart’ Chinese. Well too bad, the evangelistas outsmarted them (the Chinese Dapsters) who are merely the grunts in the political scheme of things. One day in the future when the realization sinks in on how they have been played, then boy will the Dapsters feel cheated.


              1. The pix above shows the cosy relationship between Guan Eng and Abang Mat.

                It wasn’t too long ago that DAP and PAS couldn’t see eye to eye.

                And it wasn’t too distant in the past either that PAS’s Amanat Hadi was issued, and when the PAS people labelled Umno people “kafir” for working with MCA and MIC.

                If Dr M thinks “Melayu mudah lupa”, the Chinese are more remarkable. They’re not even aware to begin with. Sheeple just driven by blind hate.

          2. Then this is one more reason to not vote for PR. Hate will breed more hate.

            PR and their supporters lost moral high ground by behaving the way they are behaving. That makes you more or less the same if not worse that your enemy.

            If you can hate and behave unjustly towards an institution wielding power, what hope are there for the average Mamat and Minah?

            Litmus test to Fans of Political Party is simple. Disagree with them and see how they behave.

    3. Perhaps you should also use the bomoh to locate the Air Panas “sri langkan” boy and his family.

      I am sure in you have exhausted all means to locate them, via contacting the photographer, the era college, the dong zhong, the sabm, the embassy as well as the MP of that constituency,

      I am so touched by your concern and your commitment to help them. Let us know the progress of your search for Zahka please.

  3. Ha ha I wonder what would be DSNR defensive explanation to this RM 1 chicken tomorrow. Last time he says he mentioned Kangkung because he does like Kangkung very much. Now? ;)

  4. Najib, i feel, is the right PM at the wrong time. He is a great PM for bangsa Malaysia because he truly believes in meritocracy. He embraces free enterprise, he welcomes globalisation and he probably believes he understands the youth and GenY sincerely likes him.

    Unfortunately, the Malay majority is at the lowest ebb in confidence and spirit and need a leader who is or at least comes across as a strong Malay Muslim to stand up to the continued offensive strikes against the Muslim/Malay psyche. Being continually on the defensive is taking its toll on the Malays and having to stand up for the PM against the opposition’s lunacy on almost a daily basis, i’m not sure how much longer it can be sustained.

    And yes, we are wondering who besides the PM are his consultants working for?

    1. re: “He is a great PM”

      He is, if only his opponents were gentlemen like Dato’ Onn and Tun Hussein.

      Unfortunately Najib’s enemies are gutter politicians and samseng to boot. There are no words to describe Anwar and Guan Eng, really. They’re indescribable.

          1. A human being comprises of a psychosomatic matrix that is substantiated by the following integrals:

            (1) sifatul syaitaniyah, or devilish inclinations (2) sifatul haiwaniyah, or animalistic drives (3) sifatul insaniyah, or rational intelligence (4) sifatul malakiyah, or angelic qualities (5) sifatul rabbaniyah, or lordly virtues.

            God does not burden a human soul with what it is not created to bear. To every individual is what and how he chooses to act, but upon him also are the resultant effects of his freely chosen deeds. Thus, the question is, what kind of actions will we habituate ourselves with, given the range of our moral capacity?

            1. Thanks for the inadvertent Arabic lesson on the origins of words which we’ve borrowed into the Malay language.

              1. The tragic reality is that the Islamist ideologues who are banked on an idiosyncratic interpretation of the creed of Islam will harp on Pan-Arabism, yet the fundamental elements of religious wisdom such as the human reality outlined above have no place in their thwarted “educational curriculum” – founded upon Hanbali-Wahhabi religious literalism and anthropomorphism, coupled with Saudi monarchical hegemony. And they are the fiercest adversaries of traditional Malay pondok scholars.

  5. Having Pak Lah to bergardening with his newlywed wife (then) and Ah Jib Gor running chores with his entourage yesterday was a testament to their lacks of PMship. Seriously Tun M do not have to resort to all this nonsense did he?

    How much are they paying the consultants again?

  6. Despite Najib shortcming, you have to give credit to him for maintaining his composure and his premiership despite the barbarian Pakatan consisting of the chauvinists anglophiliac Lim dynasty led DAP, the Taliban hand chopping PAS and the led-by-sodomite PKR at the gates.

    It is a blessing that we can have a patient PM like him, woe should the likes of Ku Nan or Nazri Aziz is n his steed instead of Najib.

    There are many things one does not like abut Najib.. but he is the best PM we can have while common sense prevails.

    In Islam, we are told to appreciate the current leaders we have because he is probably the best leader Allah sent you, I bet the Arab spring perpetrators in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt learnt it hat the hard way

    1. Perhaps. I can agree with that. But I seriously hope he would stop the stunts already. No more sarapan kat warong, swarmed by bodyguards and officers. Tun M can be found strolling in bazar ramadan kampung baru with one or two bodyguards only. No more grocery shopping. Mr PM, you are not running a cooking show, are you?

      Perhaps I should add, ‘Or what are you cooking, really?’

  7. I guess Dr M had the wisdom not to appoint Najib as the DPM when he sacked Anwar in the 90’s. Now is for everyone to see that Dr M was right. Probably he was also referring to Najib’s M.C.E results (from 2-3 diferrent sitting) when he was deciding who to replace Anwar as DPM. :) Nakal aku ni ye, Helen! Kekekeke….

    1. Didn’t Najib finish his secondary education at Malvern Boys’ College in Worcestershire, England? This is what his official biodata says.

        1. Don’t think a guy’s exam grades 44 years ago matters all that much.

          Rafizi is claimed to have been Best Student in MCKK, and look at him.

          1. Best Student?

            I wonder if that history have anything to do with the aura of arrogance he emitted during his speeches.

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