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PM also lost, ah? (1)

I’m going to do a series of short postings on Najib Razak’s social media communication.


The PM has two million Twitter followers (half of whom are fake).

Dr M does not have any Twitter account, btw, for those who are curious.

Most of Najib’s tweets are being made by admin. Continue reading “PM also lost, ah? (1)”

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Dr M: “Supporters of the MCA flocked to the opposition parties”

Aiyah, Dr Mahathir Mohamad has just given the Dapsters a wet dream.

He cautioned in his latest article titled ‘The MCA‘ that if “the trend toward declining support for BN continues, it may result in the DAP vision of Chinese dominance in politics as well as the economy being realised. Malaysia will be like Singapore”.

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Tuba dibalas dengan susu kerana Najib suka buat baik berpada-pada

Machang Bubuk ialah kawasan DUN di Pulau Pinang. Pada tempoh hari, si Adun Machang Bubuk telah menyumbat ikatan kangkung ke dalam mulut watak kartun ‘Najib Razak’ (yang dilakar atas styrofoam).

Baru-baru ini, Adun Machang Bubuk dengan konco-konconya sekali lagi memperlekehkan Najib menerusi gimik ayam RM1 mereka. Continue reading “Tuba dibalas dengan susu kerana Najib suka buat baik berpada-pada”