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Dr M: “Supporters of the MCA flocked to the opposition parties”

Aiyah, Dr Mahathir Mohamad has just given the Dapsters a wet dream.

He cautioned in his latest article titled ‘The MCA‘ that if “the trend toward declining support for BN continues, it may result in the DAP vision of Chinese dominance in politics as well as the economy being realised. Malaysia will be like Singapore”.

Malaysia becoming like Singapore is the Dapsters’ fondest desire. In fact, even better if Malaysia ultimately becomes a part of Singapore.

As much as the Dapsters hate his guts, I’m sure they’re at the same time gloating that even Dr Mahathir has had to acknowledge how declining support for BN is the current the trend, and one that is set to continue.

The only problem is that the PM does not read the ground to be able to realise this for himself.

Ada maksud tersirat ke?

Writing in his Che Det blog today, Dr M said:

“In the 13th General Election, the DAP dangled before the eyes of the Chinese that this time (kali ini) they can grab both political and economic dominance. They point to the Perak model where when Pakatan won the head of Government was a Malay but he was totally subservient to the DAP (Chinese). When the Pakatan Government with Nizar of PAS as the MB was brought down, the DAP told the Chinese that they had lost a Chinese Government. The Chinese in Perak have since become anti-BN.

“Some Malay politicians are convinced that the Chinese being in the minority cannot ever rule Malaysia as Singapore is ruled by the Chinese. Physically holding office is not necessary. If the Prime Minister is totally under the control of the DAP then it would become a Chinese dominated Government.


Dr  M added that the DAP had “dangled this possibility of a Chinese dominated Government to the Chinese voters”. According to him, this caused the MCA supporters to flock to the opposition so that a Chinese DAP dominated government would rule Malaysia.

He also feels the “MCA leaders will have a tough time persuading the Chinese to once again reject the idea of Chinese dominance and go back to sharing Malaysia fairly”.

Return of the MCA

Dr M sees the decision by the MCA to rejoin the government as “a step in the right direction”.

He urges that the Chinese “must support the MCA because they cannot deny the benefits they gained during the partnership between the MCA and Umno. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush”.

MCA returning to the cabinet fold is a development that “should be welcomed by Malaysians; not all of course, but a majority”, said Dr Mahathir.

It appears that I belong to the minority in my belief that the cabinet door must be shut in the MCA’s face. Nonetheless I’m resigned to the fait accompli that PM-1Malaysia-Najib will, of course and indeed, invite the current crop of MCA leaders to sit in his cabinet.

After all, this is the way how things have been done since Merdeka.

MCA today is not the MCA of yesterday

Dr M has appealed to the Chinese that they “must support the MCA”. But what if they don’t?

Can we use the Kajang by-election as a yardstick to measure this support?

MCA’s Chew Mei Fun is as good as it gets. Kalau orang yang baik-baik belaka macam Datin Paduka Chew pun ditolak Cina Kajang, saya tak tahu apa lagi nak cakap.

MCA does not represent the Chinese. The party has seven Parliament seats. Six of them are in Malay-majority areas. MCA is in the current Parliament by virtue of the Malay (and Indian and orang asli) votes.

Dr M had led the country for 22 years and his long tenure is coloured by the popular perception of his warm personal relationship with fellow doctor, the MCA’s Dr Ling Liong Sik. However, the MCA as Dr Mahathir knew them then is not the MCA of today.

Today the MCA is beginning to be Dapsterized and heaven forbid, even evangelized.

Hannah, Elizabeth and Lee Hwa Beng, the MCA former 3-term Adun for Subang Jaya
Hannah Yeoh, Elizabeth Wong and Lee Hwa Beng, the MCA former 3-term Adun for Subang Jaya

Kajang — the referendum

Dr M remembers the winning BN formula where good performance was delivered by “Umno representing the Malays, MCA representing the Chinese and MIC representing the Indians and later together with the indigenous peoples of Sabah and Sarawak”.

I repeat: The MCA no longer represents the Chinese. On the contrary, the Chinese spit on MCA wherever the party goes.

What I say can easily be tested at the Kajang by-election. Why not we make it a referendum on Chinese support for the BN.

Chew Mei Fun memang seorang calon yang berwibawa. Orangnya cukup berprinsip, berbudi hahasa dan berhemah tinggi. Tiada cacat cela pada dirinya.

So if this paragon – the best candidate that MCA can offer – is still rejected by the Kajang Chinese voters, then once and for all, can we please accept that the 62-year-old Alliance formula of Umno-MCA-MIC is past its shelf life?

Lim Kit Siang and former MCA Subang Jaya Adun Lee Hwa Beng

Rejected in GE12, rejected in GE13

Hattrick to be completed in GE14.

The “social contract” is expired because clearly it was not renewed in the general elections of 2008 and 2013. This social contract has in fact been torn and thrown into the bin.

Three times, at the concert of Korean popstar Psy, Najib had asked the Penang Chinese audience, “Are you ready for BN?” Three times came the resounding answer “No”. And they boo-ed him.

And they daily jeer at his wife Rosmah.

If all this mockery by the Dapsters still doesn’t get the message through to the Yang Amat Berhormat, I don’t know what will … short of a Malay backlash from his party’s own rightist supporters who do not possess Najib’s reservoir of patience.

But hey, even dams dry up. We’re suffering a water rationing even as I speak. Najib must face up to the dry tap reality.

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25 thoughts on “Dr M: “Supporters of the MCA flocked to the opposition parties”

  1. The Chinese want to rule Malaysia by proxy only using the stupid PAS and PKR malays. After GE14, when Pakatan Rakyat has enough seats in Parliament to rule Malaysia, Singapore will be invited to join Malaysia and Malaysia will be a Republic forever and the Malays will be left sucking their balls forever like what is happening to the Singapore Malays.

  2. Dear Helen,

    I will say this again, the old notion of (Malay) political and (Chinese) economic balance of power no longer holds water.

    Until the day BN figures out why the Chinese is suddenly energized on the political front (i.e. their losing grip on economic dominance), they will continue to bleed when it comes to Chinese votes. Historically, they were never strong BN supporters anyway, especially after 1969. Can they be woo-ed? Sure, 1999 was a good case study.

    With the rise of an affluent and strong middle-class Malay, the Chinese is accepting the reality of an end to their economic dominance. Some pockets of filthy rich will continue to prosper, but they have never been handicapped much by the elite bargaining system anyway. The nouveau riche have benefitted from the system.

    What Malays must understand is that the Chinese have their own insecurities and fears. If their grip on the economy is loosening, they will seek other areas to ensure their survival and existence. The opposition party played that sentiment to the hilt, and many Chinese bought it wholesale.

    If BN cannot convince the Chinese that their power sharing formula is more equitable and more sound, MCA returning to the cabinet is just another footnote of history. We all know it is impossible for an emaciated / weakened MCA (with little mandate from the Chinese community) to do much in BN. Gerakan is a good example of a tiger turning into a mosquito party.

  3. Helen – Who do you think will be PR’s candidate for PM in GE14, if Anwar is in jail?

    I doubt PR will continue to exist when the man who is the glue of the 3 very different parties is no longer around. PR will disintegrate if they can’t find a leader to replace Anwar. PAS will dump PR (and DAPus) when their top leadership retires. PAS members know that they are losing supports from the Malays because of their uneasy association with DAPus. They would rather have supports from Malay support over orang Cina’s lalang support for them.

    A weakened BN is in a better standing than a lose and very unstable coalition in PR which does not have a new leader.

    1. re: “Helen – Who do you think will be PR’s candidate for PM in GE14, if Anwar is in jail?”

      Khairy Jamaluddin

  4. 1) at least WE would know roughly where the missing has gone down.
    2) at least we would know how to speak coherently when speaking press conference.
    3) We do speak English.

    Those morons has got 50 years to completely screw things up and embarrass the whole country, including apanama…. No harm letting us having a go at it.

    Fair what??

    1. re: “Those morons has got 50 years to completely screw things up … No harm letting us having a go at it.”

      Okay, let’s wind the clock back 50 years. That would be 1964, coincidentally a general election year.

      Suppose the opposition had won the government (and the Alliance had lost), how do you see that things could have been better or not “screwed up”?

      1. Helen,

        The chinese has abandoned BN for good. Let all of us accept reality.

        BN model that was workable in the past no longer applies in current political system. Not because it is not good. BN system is rejected by the chinese as they find a more appealing alternative: DAP led PR.

        DAP reigns supreme in PR. It is able to dictate terms to PAS. PAS has willingly renounced its islamic state goal. With DAP lording PR, winning election means political power shifts to DAP(Chinese).

        As until today PKR and PAS are unable to match UMNO when it comes to Mala y votes, they are willing to sacrifice anything to earn Chinese votes. Hence, the Malay bashing.

        Dr Mahathir stated the truth. as a malay, i am not that worried. why on earth Malays or UMNO must lose sleep over loss of chinese votes. AFTER ALL, Najib still can form a legitimate government recognised by the whole world without Chinese votes.


        1. Yes the malays can rise above the underhand tactics of the pakatan especially dap.

          The key is to be united and build the malay economy to be the best and biggest.

    2. Yeah, I can imagine Lim Guan Eng being grilled by international press.

      Instead of threatening to sue sue, probably would be crying for susu from mother China.
      Who else in the process of trying to get investments from HK whines on how terrible this country is?

      Such genius. Much impress. Just like how he ‘cut down’ Penang state debt. What kind of person would be not only so ungrateful, steals credit and yet calls the people giving him such great favor evil?

      No harm? really doubt that, considering the entire crux of DAP’s existence is antagonistic to the Malays.

    3. sayno, you are an idiot.

      1) …where the missing [WHAT?] has gone down.

      Clearly, you do not speak English.

      By the way, there is no such thing as “speaking press conference”. If you don’t know your prepositions, please don’t embarrass yourself.

      I am not a grammar Nazi, I just dislike dumb people.

      Chinese Malaysians have been a fucking big embarrassment ever since they open their mouths with broken English and pasar Malay.

      Sorry for the expletives, but hey, there is at least two words you can look up the dictionary you twat.

      1. re 1) …where the missing [WHAT?] has gone down.

        the millions, or perhaps, in the guy’s warped mind, the billions of ringgit gone missing due to the ruling coalition’s misdeeds ? heck, blaming people is our nation’s favorite pastime, the opposition shooting at the government and the establishment guys doing their bit to even it out.

        re By the way, there is no such thing as “speaking press conference”. If you don’t know your prepositions, please don’t embarrass yourself.

        you can’t blame the guy. he has to make his presence felt, so….after all, some people just can’t help it.

        re Chinese Malaysians have been a fucking big embarrassment ever since they open their mouths with broken English and pasar Malay.

        ouch !……..not all Chinese Malaysians speak broken English and pasar Malay, those who went to mission schools and those colonial government run schools the pre Merdeka/ prior to 1970 types) do have a decent command of English. The kids now enrolled in private and international schools are doing okay but they are in the minority.

        re Sorry for the expletives, but hey, there is at least two words you can look up the dictionary you twat.

        The British have a word for people like sayno. Its twerp.

  5. Kajang? What Kajang election? Urm, ok, now I remember there’s a by-election in Kajang. When’s the date already? Nobody’s talking about it around me, so it looks like rather muted this time. Probably most people are inundated with the other story out there. If I’m a Kajang voter (if one is an outstation voter, fugetaboutit!), I won’t bother to vote.

    PS: Looks like Helen will have more unflattering photos of H2O to lift from the Internet after this.

    1. Still enough time to change address to kajang to vote. If pakatan can do so can anybody.

  6. Go on hit the non-malays. Dah lupa ke that we just jail Anwar. The last time we did that the Malays – even the UMNO carrying card members – voted PAS. So go ahead, hit the non-Malay and see; if the history will repeat itself.

  7. NB: Demographics of the generation that’s remaking China …. individuals encountering the problematics of Big China.

    The speaker, Yang Lan, graduated with a master’s degree (MIA) from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), where she is now a member of the Columbia University International Advisory Council (IAC)


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