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PM also lost, ah? (1)

I’m going to do a series of short postings on Najib Razak’s social media communication.


The PM has two million Twitter followers (half of whom are fake).

Dr M does not have any Twitter account, btw, for those who are curious.

Most of Najib’s tweets are being made by admin. Some of the tweets are made by the PM himself.

To compare, Obama’s Twitter profile specifies that the account is run by Organizing for Action staff whereas tweets coming from the President himself would be signed “-bo”.

Barack Obama (BarackObama) on Twitter 2014-03-13 22-24-52

Najib’s Twitter, on the other hand, doesn’t inform us that we need to distinguish between tweets personally made by himself and those made by his staff.

“Discerning” people would of course be able to discern from the message content which tweets are @NajibRazak speaking in his own voice and which ones are made by his Twitter admin(s). The problem though is that not all Malaysians are discerning. Many twits abound, for example the 90k following @hannahyeoh.

Compare, @cmlimguaneng’s Twitter states clearly which tweets originate from admin — see sample below. Btw, Guan Eng has about two dozen Special Officers the last we heard, among whose duties include taking care of his social media.

Twitter - cmlimguaneng- (Adm) DAP congratulates 70

Najib’s current Twitter timeline is choked by squadrons of retweets of @H2O (Hisham Hussein) Comms — see screenshot at the bottom of page.

The PM is very much missing in his own Twitter. Just like how he is missing from the national landscape because his presence is sure not being felt, is it? It doesn’t feel like there is a safe pair of hands steering our country at a time when Malaysia desperately needs a Winston Churchill.

Najib outsources the thinking to his advisors and subcontracts the delivery to his consultants. His fattest fatcat consultant is Pemandu, whose young hotshots also operate the Twitter handle @etp_roadmap.

ETP Roadmap (etp_roadmap) on Twitter 2014-03-13 22-48-00

ETP refers to Najib’s Economic Transformation Programme comprising the 12 NKEAs and the 6 SRIs (and 3 DMEs).

Pemandu’s @etp_roadmap administrators do not tweet in our national language Bahasa Melayu but they do tweet in German — see screenshot below.

Welcome to Najib’s 1Malaysia.

Twitter - etp_roadmap- Die Berufsausbildung ist gut

Najib is bodysnatched

@NajibRazak Twitter timeline has been possessed by @H2OComms.

Our PM takes a backseat to consultants, to advisors and now to his Transport Minister’s communications team.

(372 words)

Continues: PM’s Facebook of Bangladeshi friends (Pt 2 of Najib ‘Lost’ series)

Mohd Najib Tun Razak (NajibRazak) on Twitter


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

13 thoughts on “PM also lost, ah? (1)

  1. RE: “Najib outsources the thinking to his advisors and subcontracts the delivery to his consultants. His fattest fatcat consultant is Pemandu, whose young hotshots also operate the Twitter handle @etp_roadmap.”

    How can I found work that will give me joy? [YouTube]

  2. H2O is another clueless moron. He heads the Defence And Transport Ministries. Yet his Defence and DCA chiefs are at odds with one another in disseminating information in PC. Poor leadership at both Ministries by H2O.

    In the long term, H2O is selling the sovereignty of the country in sharing raw military data with other countries.

    What an incompetent fool is this H2O?

    Hisham, can you get lost ?

    1. re: “Hisham, can you get lost?”

      Manpower and resources will be wasted by Transport Ministry to look for him.

      1. If Hisham was Finance Minister in 1998 Currency Crisis, he would have sold the country to Soros. No doubt about that at all, given the pathetic leadership qualities he exhibits now in MH370 incident and the Lahat Datu earlier.

        Whatever Ministry Hisham touches will turn into a leaderless and weak Ministry.

        Hisham, please get lost… And don’t expect Us taxpayers to look after you.

    2. true, he is a minister for transport and defence…but the whole tea, kelam kabut. pretty disappointed in the crisis management team…especially that bufoon DCA chief who quack like an idiot every day 4-5pm.

  3. Kalau berfikir, usaha semua di sub-con, ahjib buat apa? Mkn gaji buta? Elok resign je

  4. Crisis management is only easy if left to the DAP. Should anything go wrong they can always blame either UMNO or the poor defenceless computer or both.

  5. Helen,

    Out of curiosity, say, the PM himself would invite you for a 10 min, one-on-one dialogue, would you be willing to?

    And more importantly, would you be able to say whatever it is you write to his face, with actual facts and data?

    Just curious.

    1. Sure, why not?

      I’m not an enemy of his administration … just think that he has one Menteri Kangkung and the favourite veginatable who are spoiling the broth.

      Secondly, I don’t have any personal dislike for Najib. I believe he has good intentions. Unfortunately he’s unable to follow through on them.

      Thirdly, my criticism is meant to be constructive. He has the next 4 years (and time is of the essence) and must urgently address the slide in public opinion and public confidence.

      I’m blogging all of this so that the PPTA (Parti Paling Tidak Apa) will wake up from their selamba and take corrective measures if they do not want to lose Putrajaya.

      It’s bad enough that @reginalah is sitting in the Minister’s office. Do we want Kit Siang as DPM, Teresa Kok as Home Minister, Tony Pua as Finance Minister and Hannah Yeoh as Culture Minister?

      Face palm …

      The prospect of the DAP evangelistas ruling the country is as unpalatable to me. I hope this horrifying fate in store can be averted.

    2. Whether your question is hypothetical or not is not the issue, but rather how well is our Jibby is equipped to deal with constructive criticism rather than hoping everything will just go away in his escapism mode with his superficial advisors. As a leader he needs to understand the sentiment of his people not of his useless half past six advisors.

      Jibby is a silver spoon bloke with his opportunist advisors without a single clue on the frustration and sentiments on the ground. He thinks he can buy people with money like his advisors or his predecessor. It may work on the short run but eventually it wanes away as money is to be spend unlike your principle and morality as a leader of a nation.

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