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Opposition exploiting the MAS opportunity

Blogger Gopal Raj Kumar of contributed the following comment:

“What’s disgusting and typically Pakatan about this note of condolence is that it is an insincere and exploitative bit of indecency typical of the Pakatan mindset.

“A condolence should be separate and stand on its own instead of standing on the bodies of 239 innocent passengers not caught up in this filthy PKR struggle.” — grkumar @ 2014/03/09 at 2:17 pm

Those oppo people can blithely say “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families (of MH370 passengers)” but in the same breath blame Umno, bash the government and badmouth everything about Malaysia.


The comment below by a Malaysiakini subscriber encapsulates the attitude of the anti-establishment crowd — “But today with MH370, the world has a chance to see what kind of government we have”.

With these kind of people, now’s the golden opportunity to tell the international community how bad the Umno-led government is.

Malaysiakini 2014-03-12 20-40-03

If we thought that their earlier calls for God’s comfort to be with the grief-stricken kin of MH370 passengers was hypocritical, by this late day in the week, their mask of concern has dropped.

Now the MH370 coverage by world media is providing them the chance and springboard to attack everything that they think is wrong with the country. They’re not even bothering to pretend anymore that their hearts go out to the families of the passengers.

Instead they are backslapping each other on how the Anak Bangsa have shown the depth of caring among Malaysians, across faiths and across ethnic groups, to come together in a time of “national crisis”.

It is really more about they themselves and rather less about the 239 individuals onboard.

The big story is not the 239 passengers but the demonstration of how Firsters are self-referentially stretching their hands in friendship to strangers. They are reaching out to fellow Malaysians who belong to a different race (bolstering the ‘colour-blind’ credentials) in a time of common grief.

The more important angle to them is how their churches are organizing joint interfaith prayers to ‘build bridges’ – across the backs of  239 missing individuals – and bringing together Malaysians irrespective of creed and colour, and in the process slaying the racist spectre of May 13.

It is their “see how Malaysians of different races and different religions have come together” trope that is hogging their write-ups and social media. Ultimately, it is meant to be a reprise of the Bersih 3.0 “togetherness” storyboard.

But for all their Firster naval-gazing, it is still unthinkable that they would think to leave off whacking Malaysia. In their own words, “today with MH370, the world has a chance to see what kind of government we have”.

For local consumption, they narrate their stories of building bridges over the Indian Ocean and South China Sea.

To the world, they tell their favourite stories of how bad and stupid the Malaysian government is.

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63 thoughts on “Opposition exploiting the MAS opportunity

  1. People should realize that this ordeal is not a test only to the Malaysian government but to all Malaysians as well.

    1. No it does not test or reflect on all of us. The board of Malaysian Airlines and perhaps government yes but not necessarily any of the rest of us. Just because the airline bears the name Malaysian on it does not mean everyone who is Malaysian has some degree of culpability or responsibility.

      1. Not talking about responsibility of the event. About the actions, reactions and words of Malaysians in the face of the event, showing their nature not only to other Malaysians, but to the rest of the world. You don’t agree?

  2. Untuk mengetahui perkara yang buruk jumpa DAP, tiada agensi atau mana-mana bomoh boleh tahu sebagaimana DAP tahu.

        1. Yes the Christian “raise the dead empty your wallet” conmen preachers are far better. They take your wives and if not then your sons. Give me the Bomoh anyday. At least the rear end is safe with him. Not with the church or Anwar.

          1. How about, taking neither of them.
            I would like it very much if people, especially politicians running the country, do not believe and use such people. Both of them abuse and ridicule their own religions. Worse yet, one might lose their lives and be chopped into 18 pieces.

    1. The NYT article quote Lee Ee May, “a management consultant and a former aide to a Malaysian opposition politician”.

      I wonder who the politician is …

        1. :-O

          The problem for BN is that the international media tend to interview oppo people — the usual suspects are always trotted out to give their views.

          BN has totally lost the Chinese and English (mainstream, alternative, local, foreign) media and social media. Yang hanya dapat bertahan di media Bahasa Melayu.

          Media Melayu pula dimomokkan sebagai kekampungan dan katak di bawah tempurung manakala pembaca Utusan digambarkan (oleh evangelista) sebagai rasis dan pelampau.

          It will be tough going for the BN with all the propaganda tools under Pakatan control and I’m sure I’m not the only one able to see this. How can Najib hope to be exempt from criticism from the big guns (Dr M, Tun Daim, etc) when they’re looking at BN being driven to the edge of the cliff?

          1. Majority of right-thinking Malaysians still support BN. Only those selfish elite and the mentally challenged are taken in by the opposition. If you can support a rascal and a sodomite like Anwar Ibrahim, that means you are irrational or simply evil.

      1. There you go. Shoot the messanger. But completely ignore the point. You are the one who brought politics into this. You are the despicable one Helen.

        1. And complaining on NYT about the govt and Anwar etc is not politicking? So it’s a case of when we talk/write everyone should listen because we are the opposition and if the other side chide you for it, that’s politicking.

    2. “Malaysia’s governing elite has clung to power without interruption since independence from Britain almost six decades ago through a combination of tight control of information, intimidation of the opposition and, until recently, robust economic growth.”

      The truth is that the BN got voted in repeatedly by the majority since independence, even though I never voted BN.

      What sickens my about opposition is that at times like this when 239 human lives are at stake, is that they are more interested in using this tragic case as an excuse to bash the government when others, including myself are cracking our heads to find answers to what happened and the whearabouts of the plane, even if we practically can do very little from behind a computer screen.

      This shows the opposition’s self serving, callous attitude towards lives possibly lost and I’m glad that I chose to vote independent in the last general elections.

  3. It’s funny to see all the armchair critics and “instant aviation experts” putting the boot in; saying that the search is done badly. Like, hello, have YOU ever had to handle a plane disappearing before? I wouldn’t wish such a disaster to handle even on my worst enemy.

    The job at hand now is to find it and find out what happened.

    (But on a side note, what happened to the food on MAS these days? No peanuts, cheese, crackers or dessert, those were usually the best bits!)

    1. Curmudgeon,

      I want to reply to your side note viz MAS food.

      This is the problem with Malaysians in general, we are a pampered lot.

      The MAS servings is comparable to any of the other legacy airlines. The only reason why we notice these things is because it used to be served when times are good.

      As we all know, MAS isn’t doing good these days, and they’re trying to cut cost by removing unnecessary top-ups but are still comparable to other legacy airlines.

    2. I agree with Curmudgeon somewhat.

      I haven’t travelled long haul on MAS for a while but in the last week of February, I travelled to Barcelona economy class on Qatar Airways, changing plane in Doha, and I wouldn’t say they are too generous with snacks.

      From KLIA to Doha, they handed out wet tissues and sweets and later served a hot “sandwich” which was more or less a small pizza with refreshments such as fruit juice and coffee upon request. Later before we landed in Doha, they served a hot meal with refreshments.

      It was the same on the Doha to Barcelona flight and on each of the two return flights.

      The seats were cramped quite close together and when the passengers in front reclined back, it left even less room and on the return flight from Barcelona to Doha, the passenger in the seat behind the passenger behind me protested when the passenger beside be reclined backwards all the way.

      The seats were also uncomfortable to sit on for long and I could not sleep and was exhausted when I arrived.

      MAS planes in that regard are much better.

      Sure MAS has its problems and they need to be sorted out and yes, I hope that SAR will soon get to the bottom of the disappearance of MH370 and identify what happened.

      1. Please don’t be a scrooge and want only free makan. I used to buy and take along nasi dagang, McDonald’s or KFC even when take short domestic flights like Kuala Terengganu-KL and Penang-KL. Some passengers were surprised when I opened my McDonald’s tapau and immediately asked: Wow, you got McD. How come I didn’t get? I smiled and nicely told them, buy ler brother. Some Malaysians are so cheapskate but the Mat Sallehs and the whole world know about them already. Just look at their behavior at free makan events, especially at the hotels.

  4. ****hannah Yeoh … those dungu bomoh surely earns less than you do and they’re staunch Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

    The key to untangled the MH370 mystery is through the Captain’s Flight Simulator data.

    1. Hannah should know that the Bomoh is no less than the pig eating pomeloe sacrificing Chiau Tung in her community. They have to perform an exorcism on her and Theresa Kok. Two of the most brainless self centered Ah Moi’s around. Must have been born to a tokong somewhere.

  5. Apa yang HY merepek ni. Mempercayai bomoh adalah perbuatan syirik dlm islam. Tak habis2 buat fitnah. Dan HY tahu ke apa itu syirik.

  6. Latest David news for Chinese speaking.


    The shaman is allowed at the international airport so bizarre witchcraft were not ashamed, I point out the fact that he was Ma Qing Chai Directive “national shame”, MCA confuse right and wrong really extraordinary skill, admire and respect. (google translate)

    1. Huh??? I don’t need a google translate, I need a David translate. That’s really garbled English. What or Who is “Ma Qing Chai” and why does he issue a directive, to whom?

  7. Helen…

    sudah menjadi darah daging dalam diri seriap firster ini untuk menggunakan apa saja insisden bagi memburukkan kerajaan yang sedia ada.

    mereka buat-buat lupa bahawa setiap kali mereka mengutuk, mereka jugak terkutuk sama kerana agenda politik-nafsu-songsang yang mereka utamakan.

    contoh mudah…apabila di Parlimen, Khalid Samad kata PR memboikot sidang Parlimen tempuhari kerana adanya campurtangan kuasa eksekutif dalam sistem kehakiman maka [Anwar] Ibrahim disabitkan kesalahan tetapi terus senyap apabila ‘brother’nya Shahril Samad minta tunjukkan bukti….!

    lagi satu kebodohan ialah apabila [Anwar] Ibrahim mengutuk kerajaan kononnya kerajaan lembab dalam kes kehilangan pesawat MH370….persoalannya sekiranya beliau sendiri yang menguruskan adakah keadaan akan jadi lebih baik?

    saya sudah letih dengan senario politiking di negara kita ini. samada pemimpin kerajaan BN atau pemimpin pembangkang PR…semuanya sama-sama kelihatan terlalu ‘bodoh’ untuk saya jadikan idola kepada anak-anak dan generasi saya yang akan datang.

    bekas bos saya seorang jepun pernah kata: two (2) fools (BN and PR) doesn’t make one (1) right…ternyata ada kebenarannya.

    1. I just read your comment about Anwar commenting kerajaan lembab. Dungu betul orang tua tu. Ini bencana, yang tak dirancang, tiada petanda, dia tak fahamke? Yang CEC DAP tu dirancang tapi masih tak resolve tu, dah berapa bulan ya? Hah, semestinya buta, bukan lagi gajah, dah jumbo jet depan mata pun tak nampak.

    1. Obama has referred this to former President, George Bush Jr about the Malay Magic and was asked to read his maternal grandfather book, Magick (Book 4) instead.

      ‘Magick, Liber ABA, Book 4 is widely considered to be the magnum opus of 20th-century occultist Aleister Crowley, the founder of Thelema. It is a lengthy treatise on Magick, his system of Western occult practice, synthesised from many sources, including Eastern Yoga, Hermeticism, medieval grimoires, contemporary magical theories from writers like Eliphas Levi and Helena Blavatsky, and his own original contributions. It consists of four parts: Mysticism, Magick (Elementary Theory), Magick in Theory and Practice, and ΘΕΛΗΜΑ—the Law (The Equinox of The Gods). It also includes numerous appendices presenting many rituals and explicatory papers.’

      MCA pun kena manyak baca ini buku. Lu olang semayang itu Latuk Malayu maa. Minta 4D, minta jaga kilang, jaga kedai, jaga kebun, jaga lumah, jaga keleta…haiya jangan hipoklit wor, apa lagi lu mau?

  8. DAP leaders lagi kaki jumpa sami-sami siam (for pendinding la konon), takut kena black magic pasal mulut mereka sendiri yang jahat.

    Notice the transparent bracelet they like to wear.

    1. Maybe it has become too obvious now, they resort to wearing it around their neck.

      Bomoh siam boleh jampi untuk rantai baru. No hal!

  9. Pakatan Rakyat ni bukan bertindak sebagai pembangkang dalam politik Malaysia tetapi lebih sebagai musuh kepada pihak pemerintah, malah sering dilihat juga sebagai musuh negara.

  10. I wonder if Anwar suddenly dropped dead some day, would the political scenario in Malaysia be more sensible?

      1. Before that the mother. Don’t forget.

        I predict she will win Kajang. With a sad tears eyed, my innocent husband and I shall carry the fort blablabla she can get tons of sympathy and votes.

        To Penang, even if DAP places a Kuching or an anjing at Bukit Gelugor (Island Glads is there) the sympathy votes for meow2 or bowwow will be there because of oh Karpal is speaking for justice blablabla.

        See PAS favourite church in Bukit Gelugor

      2. This thought can only come from a stupid woman, wishing to see another stupid woman to be PM. Nurul can’t even take care her own ****, whatmore become PM.

  11. The Oppo seems not to have the love for the country but yet wants to rule the nation they love to hate so much ….. sooo hypocritical.

    Anything related to the gomen shall be ridiculed and shot to the grave, condemn at their hearts’ content.

    1. re: “but yet wants to rule the nation they love to hate so much”

      Simple, the reason is GREED for Gold and Glory.

      Madame Speaker’s salary is bigger than Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s. Hannah Yeoh first became an elected representative in 2008, after a job stint as Event Manager.

      TS Muhyiddin became Umno MP for Pagoh way back in 1978 (before Hannah Yeoh was born). But Hannah’s Speaker is being paid more than the DPM.

      In what else but peddling the Politics of Hate can someone – yang hanya berbekalkan air liur untuk menipu dan menghasut – be so financially successful?

      1. Hannah Yeoh berwajah amat hodoh. Hatinya lagi busuk tapi orang Melayu, terutama penyokong Pas dan Pakatan tidak sedar betapa jahatnya betina ini. Seperti semua pemimpin DAP lain, dia amat membenci and berdendam terhadap orang Melayu dan umat Islam. Tapi dia amat pandai berlakon, kononnya mau tolong Melayu. Cuma orang Melayu yang bangang saja yang tertipu dengan dia.

    2. They think that they can do so much better … at stripping the country to its bones, I bet.

      1. Penang is a good (bad) example.The poor Malays and Indians plus the minority “mamaks” have no where to go but towards the sea! The houses built by the cronies of Dap*** are so damned expensive that reached near million of ringgit a piece.The Dap*** regime don’t give a damn.

  12. Who is this HY? How could a Malaysian be this ridiculous and heartless? Never in any part of the world a group of netizens could be so unpatriotic. Don’t they learn anything from the Japanese when Tsunami hit Japan? There’s so much difference between these two nationalities. It’s not a wonder they don’t see eyes to eyes with each other.

  13. Selagi bolih diperah, perah sampai habis.

    Just like the movies in which the aliens from another world who came the earth to destroy it after destroying other planets. Only that the hero was from planet earth. Are the Dap*** such creatures from another planet.

  14. I’m afraid of being called a bigoted racist, but this I have to say,
    “The ones condemning the Nation of Malaysia (Malai-si-a?) were the evangelist Chinese mostly with a smattering of the Michael Ramasamy type and the libral Bangsarite Malayuh!”

    1. You are a bigoted racist (according to ABU) but that’s okay b’coz so am I. ;)

  15. Their ‘management of this crisis’ reflects the negativity of their attitude. Why can’t they see beyond their political reasoning. It’s a moment of grief for the families of those on board. Why can’t the ‘oppos’ do something sensible towards those grieving? Where is their sense of humanity?

  16. I cannot imagine why we should even think of bringing these people to Putrajaya. They are traitors with zero semangat nasional.

    If they are not able to show any restraint from running down the country and its people now, what make us think they will act any different when they are in power? We cannot trust these individuals to act in the best interest of the country.

    1. They cannot take over Putrajaya, not in my lifetime. I will do everything and anything to prevent these goons from taking Federal power. Once people like me take the necessary action, these political pigs will regret ever being born.

  17. The pakatan leaders namely dap have no locus standi to lead malaysia ever. when malaysia is in crisis because of the missing mas flight mh370, and their contribution to this is to run down the government and the authorities on the sar exercise.

    This goes to show the calibre of these pakatan ‘leaders’ who should have put aside their political differences and rallied behind the current government and authorities to assist in any way to overcome this sad crisis.

    1. re: ” when malaysia is in crisis because of the missing mas flight mh370, and their contribution to this is …”

      … to say that their “heart is so troubled”.

  18. This Catholic, Ex-Convent Girl is dead right about Anwar:

    ‘During this time of great sadness, frustration and uncertainty regarding the missing MH370, you not once came forth in a show of solidarity, putting your political differences aside, to work with the ruling government to find the missing plane. You not once spoke to the nation as a concerned Malaysian rather than as a disgruntled politician, asking for calm and hope during this period. Instead, you criticised the government for their mishandling of the situation then issued a ridiculous statement that the bomoh’s crocodile slap threat to UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin was UMNO Youth’s karma. Seriously? You’re talking about bomohs and karma during a time of crisis like this while the whole world looks on in shock that the plane is yet to be found?’

    Anwar, how do you sleep at night?

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