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UPDATED: What kind of people The J-Star is breeding

What kind of people are happy at the death of a woman whose name most of us are unfamiliar with?

Updated 12.23am (March 16) with J-Star reader responses to the Wanita MCA vice chairman’s death from cancer.

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Six die of drug overdose at music festival‘ (The J-Star, 15 March 2014)

This story was Facebooked more than 10,000 times by J-Star readers and tweeted more than 1,900 times.

Six die of drug overdose at music festival - Nation

Responses by the J-Star readers:

25% are HAPPY at the news that six people died of drug overdose at a concert in Bukit Jalil, KL (see screenshot at bottom of page)

4% are INSPIRED by the news of the six deaths

10% are AMUSED that six people lost their lives

Only 8% are SAD

Wanita MCA vice-chairman Datuk Lim Bee Kau succumbs to cancer

20% of J-Star readers are HAPPY, 20% INSPIRED and 20% AMUSED that Lim Bee Kau succumbed to cancer.

Now take a guess where the majority of J-Star readers might have learned their attitude from?

Flashback: Hannah Yeoh once told her 80,000 devoted twits that attending 3 funerals in a week “did something good” to her soul.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Attending 3 funerals in a week

Yup, maybe the role model exalted by the MCA-owned paper to its readership has exerted a trending influence after all.

MCA paper is Hannah Yeoh’s biggest fan

Remember that they tweeted her appointment as Speaker 10 times within a span of 24 hours … so very excited were the editors at the news.

And when Hannah Yeoh give birth, they trumpeted the arrival of her Firster baby over half a page (a Star treatment reserved for celebrities the stature of Princess Diana).

@hannahyeoh Twitter was given a rocket boost in its meteoric rise due to the aggressive promotion carried out by The J-Star.

On the other hand, how do you think J-Star readers are reacting to MCA vice president Chew Mei Fun?

Dapster Khairy is new J-Star favourite

The paper’s report headlined ‘Kajang folk warming up to Chew, says Liow‘ ANNOYED 75 percent of its readers who gave their feedback and AMUSED the remaining 25 percent. None of them were HAPPY or INSPIRED by the lacklustre article written half-heartedly by a Scissorati. The J-Star reporters howl in protest unhappily whenever they are assigned to cover MCA.

It’s clear as daylight that The J-Star is a nest of evangelistas.

Can anybody tell me the name of the current Wanita MCA president? Her name appeared in the MCA-controlled paper a grand total of 3 times during the past month, btw, compared to “Khairy Jamaluddin”, 40 times.

Dapster Khairy is becoming the J-Star‘s new blue-eyed boy. So maybe his Girl Friday does really deserve her big salary that she is getting from him.

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Six die of drug overdose at music festival


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11 thoughts on “UPDATED: What kind of people The J-Star is breeding

  1. Anak2 saya kalo tanya siapa Hannah Yeoh mereka tak kenal pon! Dia ni sekadar community leader (DAP Apek and Aney) so boring le. Her tweets and thoughts tak beri ape kesan to ordinary citizens like us.

    KalauTan Sri Michelle Yeoh baru mereka kenal. Her latest Final Recipe pon mereka yg alerted me. Bukan sekadar anak2 saya, my mom too is her big fan.. semua movie Tan Sri dia mesti tengok wan.

    Hannah o Hannah, try to be at least 1% like Tan Sri bole tak?

  2. I wonder what are the ratings when Malaysia’s favourite ***** was sent to jail again.

    I rated HAPPY. Saya jahat?

  3. Death is the ultimate sanction. The dead don’t grieve. They could not care less if you urinated on their graves. They are at peace and hopefully in one piece (for the undertakers sake). For her family’s sake we ought to without reference to MH370 offer the family our condolences.

    1. I screenshot at 12.20am, our time.

      Your comment is at 2.47pm. There’s been a 14-hour 20 mins time lag which saw the SAD go up from 40% to 57%,

      Sometimes when the story reaction backlashes against the editor’s agenda, they withdraw the article.


      TMI Padam Artikel Wan Azizah, Khuatir Sokongan Merosot (



      1. but then again they didn’t withdraw the article. maybe they summoned those red beanies to change the %. who knows. i wanted to share the article to show my friends how disgusting the star readers are but tak jadi because of this.

        thanks for sharing the info on the article about wan azizah. i guess that’s their standard SOP.

        1. Alright, they managed to move the percentage points by 17.

          If you look at Six die of drug overdose at music festival’, 24 percent were HAPPY to read the news compared to 9 percent dad — this is the current feedback reading.

          So for this story of the six deaths, the percentages only moved by one point from the time I screenshot some 16.5 hours ago.

          I suspect that for the MCA story, the ratings hit too close to home (i.e. MCA being the owners of the paper) and that’s why the quick shift compared to the non-movement of the drug OD article.

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