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1Coconut Khairy

Ada seorang menteri muda cari gaduh dengan bomoh 1Malaysia (photo below).

What we have here is called equilibrium, one from each side with a Slap Bounty on his/her head. From the Umno side, it is Khairy Jamaluddin and from the DAP side, it is Teresa Kok … 2 x 5.

Two coconuts weighed and found to be equal

# Tampar buaya

The threat by bomoh Ibrahim Mat Zin to slap Youth Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has made it to the international Yahoo! News.

Saya tampar KJ macam buaya, baru dia tahu” – Raja Bomoh [YouTube: Suara TV]

Ibrahim wants to slap the Umno junior minister – described as a “budak hingusan” by the bomoh who wants to give KJ that croc slap – in retaliation for KJ’s “biadab” attitude.


Fruits, nuts and veginatables

It looks like the queue of people who are keen on calling Khairy kurang ajar/biadab is getting longer by the day. Line up and take your number.

Dah lah Menteri Kangkung, sekarang ni Kepala Kelapa pula.Waiting for KJ to do kacang next.

And The Malaysian Insider is pushing so hard for KJ to be seen as the Najib administration’s “shining light”? Try harder, yah.

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The bomoh is wearing Najib’s signature 1Malaysia pin on his lapel and a name tag too



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5 thoughts on “1Coconut Khairy

  1. Nasihat daripada Raja Ali Haji:

    Barang siapa tiada memegang agama,
    sekali-kali tiada boleh dibilangkan nama.
    Barang siapa mengenal yang empat [syariat, tariqat, hakikat, ma’rifat] maka ia itulah orang ma’rifat
    Barang siapa mengenal Allah,
    suruh dan tegahnya tiada ia menyalah.
    Barang siapa mengenal diri,
    maka telah mengenal akan Tuhan yang bahari (luas lautan).
    Barang siapa mengenal dunia,
    tahulah ia barang yang terpedaya.
    Barang siapa mengenal akhirat,
    tahulah ia dunia mudarat.

  2. Gambar pegang kelapa hijau…satu ‘?’ kj..satu ‘?’ Teresa… kena pulas…adoiiii

  3. KJ like his pollitical counterparts Hannah, David etc thrives on attention and controversy. He thrives on the same model the Kardashians and Paris Hilton. The 2 “ladies” thrive from the sensational antics and not because they came up with a awesome movie or art but “awesome” videos.

    Let us remember KJ’s antics. Remember bersih antics

    No one from UMNO has dared with such antics.

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