23 thoughts on “Anjing pecah kepala dipukul mati di tempat awam

  1. Oh my god.. the poor animal. I hope it faces a better life in the hereafter.

    Someone posted a video on facebook about the sluaghter house in america, it showed how a newborn piglet is immediately castrated by workers with box knives and some developed diseases, it was so mean that I cant bear to watch the part where they began killing the piglets with air gun on the head… and this happening in the US, home of the human rights and animal activists.

    manly tears were shed seeing that video, although as a Muslim dogs and pigs are unclean to touch, these are still gods creation and should not be ill treated. Woe unto me should i ever abuse any animals.

    I actually admire vegetarians for not consuming animals, but alas, i am just a weak human.

  2. That is really cruel. What is happening to the world these days? I love animals and I feel really sad to see such things. One of my neighbour’s dog (golden retriever) is three-legged because of an accident or something that had caused its hind leg to be amputated.

    There was once when the poor fella was caught in the drain at the street behind my home. There was no way for the dog to jump out of the drain on its own since it is three-legged. I went down the drain and lifted it out even though I am a Muslim and performed the cleaning ritual of ‘sertu’ after that. I couldn’t bear to see a three-legged dog being caught in a drain, let alone to see a dog being killed that way.

    It is sad but I have seen some parents who actually allow their children to throw stones at pigeons when the pigeons didn’t even do anything to them.

    1. re: “That is really cruel.”

      What kind of people are they?

      Note that China has a relatively sizeable Christian population at 5.2 percent (67 million Christians in China) whereas the Buddhists there are only 18.2 percent.

      re: “It is sad but I have seen some parents who actually allow their children to throw stones at pigeons when the pigeons didn’t even do anything to them.”

      Regina Lee tweeted: “I’m having a pigeon problem in my new place. How I wish I could just shoot those little buggers.”

      Regina Lee is not a Buddhist since Buddhism has a philosophy of ahimsa. Torture and wanton killing of animals is not consistent with the teachings of Buddhism.


      1. Is Regina Lee a Christian then? Or is she an agnostic atheist? Even if she is a Christian, I don’t think Christianity teaches its followers to be cruel towards animals or all living things for that matter.

        My family and I do feed the wild pigeons at my home on a regular basis with wholegrain bread and I never even complain cleaning their droppings from my porch. I even buried some of the pigeons that died of old age in my garden. There are even squirrels which eat fruits and bread in my garden since they have lost their natural habitat.

        My mom told me before that those who don’t have an ounce of compassion for animals are really ‘keras hati’. Regina Lee wants to shoot pigeons? Can I shoot her instead since I consider her a bugger and nuisance in the Ministry and ‘political ecology’ of Malaysia? She is a serious bugger.

        1. She appears to have a violent streak. See her “dumb fuck” tweet below. Former MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu commented on her “fury”.


  3. Since we are on this subject. This is a cautionary message from our animal lovers NGO in Penang


    Save Our Strays (SOS) – Penang
    Like This Page · 15 March

    Pls share this post widely to spread the news helping Pulau Tikus Stray dogs. Rei called up inform a Chinese Guy poisoning Pulau Tikus stray dogs by putting food at nite everywhere, some dogs died !!!

    Contact : REI 016 414 9875 / SOS 012 470 8308

    We are making poster to distribute and paste everywhere at
    P.tikus area , no one see his face & his bike no plate yet thus we need to give away award to nail down this killer. Big or small amount is doesn’t matter, we wish to raise fund to award to those who can snap his picture & his bike no plate.

    RM300 award to provide picture of the killer & his bike no plate
    RM500 award catch the killer to police station, before hand over to police station call us for spa treatement to this killer.

    No need to bank in to our bank , just PM us your contact no and the donation amount you wish to contribute.

    Pic source from google.

  4. Helen, kena bagi warning la lain kali. Pagi tengok gambar macam ni terkejut beruk sekejap. Of course, i stopped at looking after the first pic., which is already horrible enough. What’s wrong with people! Grow a heart!

  5. Our family have a wide range of pets, guinea pigs, cats, a hedgehog and sugar gliders. Our rule is to keep them until they die and not give them away.

    I’m proud to say we keep them in clean and well fed conditions. Ive been to other Malaysian house and they keep their pets in poor conditions, one of my good friend has a cat and it look sick and he didn’t bother to take it to the vet and says a bowl of friskies will just do, I dare say ramai orang Malaysia tak layak jaga binatang peliharaan.

      1. Good then. Some people is so cruel.

        My mom always say that those who give their foods to the animals will be grandted by GOD of having the blessing of rezeki in their living lives as long as they keep giving to the animals.

        So be good to animals guys and Rezeki in many disguise will come to you due to this starving animals will pray to God to gives you more rezeki.


  6. A word to that man in uniform:

    “All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog.”
    ― Charles M. Schulz

    But not all dogs are well-behaved as Lassie was; no reason to exercise wickedness anyhow.

    Allah’s Messenger s.a.w. once related this story: “A prostitute was forgiven by Allah, because as she was passing by a panting dog near a well she saw that the dog was about to die of thirst; so she took off her shoe, and lowering it with her head-shawl she drew out some water from the well for it. And because of that act of kindness Allah pardoned her sins.”

    1. I’m beginning to understand why the older Malays who lived through the Emergency freak out at the mention of the word “communist”.

      The level of cruelty that they are capable of inflicting have traumatized the Malay community.

      1. And the present day Chinese (most anyway) are well known to the Indians (most also) as being utterly mercenary and ruthless in their quest for absolute power and dominance.

        Their overwhelmingly materialistic characteristics render them incapable of compassion and humanness.

        Too bad the Malays are going the same way.

        Seems a dude called JC once said that it is the meek who shall inherit the earth.

        What if he’s right? :)

        1. The DAP evangelistas brings together the very worst traits. Their credo: “In GREED We Trust”


          1. these are quotable quotes:

            “Political correctness is Cultural Marxism.”

            “Cultural Marxists have taken over the institutions of the media, education, even mainstream Christianity (conservative and liberal), law, and finance. Their goal is the annihilation of Western Civilization in general and white people in particular.”

            I’d add that in the “so-called socialist” DAPster evangelism, we now have hypocritical oxymoronic “global capitalist” neo-Marxist Christians with a mission to overwhelm classical Islam and what remains of the Prophetic mantle.

  7. Have we forgotten about these cases close to home. All of the culprits are Chinese by ethnicity

    1. Hawker scalding stray dog

    2. Chinese girl stepped on Kitten

  8. kucing jantan aku asyik bergaduh siang malam dgn kucing jiran. Dahlah bising, Lepas tu pulak bila masuk rumah asyik pancut merata2.

    Kucing betina aku pula asyik beranak. etiap kali beranak keluar 3 ekor. Hari2 bagi makan lauk kembung rebus gaul dengan nasi. Nail geram pulak aku, sanggup depa tak maka bila putus lauk.

    Tahun lepas dgn berat hati aki dah buang seekor ibu kucing kat pasar sebab mengandung.

    Tahun ni anak yang dia beranak tu masuk kali ni dah dua kali mengandung. kalau dia beranak lagi matilah aku, rumah penuh dgn kucing.

    Jadi dengan berat hati sekali lagi aku rasa aku nak buang ibu kucing ni.

    Apa pandangan kau orang? . :-(

    1. Boleh makan; cuba google resipi vietnam. Kekeke gurau jer…. Ko bawak la kucing2 ko ke spca, kasi mandul je semo.

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