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The politics of ‘kill or be killed’ and Najib’s inability to go for the jugular

Najib Razak does not have the killer instinct. You can see from the photos below.

This man loves animals. He’s got a big soft spot in his heart.



The Prime Minister, his cat and her four five kittens

Dapsters only understand the language of force

Yesterday Zunar’s cartoon (below) appeared in the Washington Post. It depicts the PM as “too weak”.

Najib’s kindness is mistaken for weakness. It is not a quality appreciated by the Malaysian Chinese whose political idol is a kuku besi leader like Lee Kuan Yew.

Instead the Dapsters take advantage of Najib’s moderation and his willingness to accommodate.


What kind of people are they?

There is no appeasing Dapsters who are impossible to reason with.

They are not rational people. More than 80 percent of my 815 poll respondents believe that Dapsters are “perpetually hysterical” and “quite delusional actually”.

They are also a cruel people.

Malaysian couple to hang for starving maid - 2014-03-07 17-02-57

Putar-belit media

Recently on March 7, Malaysians Fong Kong Meng and his wife Teoh Ching Yen were sentenced to hang for starving their Indonesian maid to death. Aside from being beaten, the domestic worker Isti Komariyah was also deprived of food and weighed barely 26kg when she died.

Yet surprisingly – or maybe not – news aggregators in the English language reported the killer couple to be “Malay” despite their names being ‘Fong’ and ‘Teoh’.

Google News Malaysia listed the Telegraph story (cited and screenshot above) – under its own Google-modified headline that said “Death for Malay couple who starved maid”.

BELOW: Google News aggregation for Malaysia

Putar alam DAP evangelista

The maid killers are Chinese but ‘mistakenly’ reported in the news headlines as Malay.

In other words, this is just like how the DAP evangelistas operate. They point the finger at their opponents for being “racists” (Lim Guan Eng calls Umno “Nazis”), “extremists” (pro-oppo political analysts call Perkasa “Klu Klux Klan”) and “religious bigots” (accusation levelled at Isma).

DAP evangelistas are so successful in controlling public perception that 9 out of 10 Chinese buy into their dakyah.

Najib and Umno are losing the battle of perception. Very soon they will lose the war.

Within the next couple of weeks, Hannah Yeoh’s Twitter following will hit the 100k mark. This means that the brainwashed worshippers who are Hannah’s twits army will soon be bigger in number than the circulation of the NST (95,860 copies distributed daily).

Hannah Yeoh has consistently demonised Umno and their supporters as “racist” and “extremist”. Her latest tweet today is the war cry “Race-based BN must go“.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Race-based BN must go


Najib Razak simply has no idea how cruel his opponents can be. He cannot fathom the cruelty due to his aristocratic background and silver spoon upbringing.

He just cannot imagine from where his rivals come. Take Lim Kit Siang’s father. He “castrated pigs and poultry so that they could grow faster for consumption”. That’s what Lim Sr did for a living, according to Kit Siang in a 6 June 2011 interview with The Nut Graph.

There is nothing in the personality make-up of the cat-loving Najib that can enable our prime minister to understand, for instance, how a Chinese can take a shovel and beat a dog to pulp. Najib is not equipped to deal with opponents who are cruel for sport.

Dog eradication in Sichuan, China — photos from Weibo

The Bintang Tiga abuse of Chew Mei Fun

MCA candidate for the Kajang by-election Chew Mei Fun has been the target of a most vicious smear campaign. The vilest and most outrageous lies have been fabricated about her.

The efforts to tarnish Chew’s reputation is sheer cruelty. Slandering someone with the kind of fitnah that they have cooked up against her is crueler than punching someone in the face.

The present-day Bintang Tiga have also been calling Chew a “bitch” and labelling her “Umno running dog” as well as throwing the vilest canine adjectives at her. Yes, a dog is an animal but Chew’s detractors are beasts in human form. Their language and behaviour is like that of the communists during Emergency.

Dapster-Dapster ialah cucu cicit komunis dan sama kejam.

Malaysiakini 2014-03-17 21-13-05
This dog was the companion of the vagrant who is sitting hunched on the pavement

Bintang Lima terrorism

Why the passive, tacit and even approving support?

Some blog readers have asked me WHY DON’T the rest of the Malaysian Chinese – those who are not evangelical Christians or who are not DAP members or the party supporters – speak up against what the DAP evangelista leadership is doing.

Please look at the dog-killing photos on this page. What kind of people are they?!

Why did the many onlookers – photo above – do absolutely nothing to stop the uniformed men from beating the helpless dog to death?

Look at their expressions as they watched the act of killing. Some have got faint smiles on their faces, a few look pleased and others amused.

Now compare the reader feedback in The J-Star recently when the paper published the news that Wanita MCA vice-chairman Lim Bee Kau had died of cancer. A total of 60 percent of the J-Star readers were HAPPY, INSPIRED and AMUSED at the news of Lim’s death.

The vagrant (see below) in Sichuan, China did nothing to stop the uniformed men from beating his canine companion to death.

You can apply the same analogy to the Chinese in Malaysia.

    Minority Chinese remain passive to the cruelty
Minority Chinese remain passive to the cruelty

Chinese in thrall to the DAP 3.0

Why – except for a small handful of MCA insiders – do the vast majority of the Chinese maintain a deathly silence at the verbal abuse of Chew Mei Fun by the Dapster-evangelistas?

I’m sure all of you by now are familiar with the extremely vicious language that the hardcore Chinese supporters of the DAP are fond of using. So please reflect seriously on the mentality of those people who are capable of hurling that kind of abuse daily.

If such venom can spew out of one side of their mouth but at the same time they can still hypocritically posture, “My heart is so troubled” (ref. ‘MH370: Condolences, but …‘)

And yet they have been successful in brainwashing the public by the hordes, then what chance do you think Najib-Umno-BN stand in fighting the cruel, conniving menace that is the Evangelista Bintang Lima?

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32 thoughts on “The politics of ‘kill or be killed’ and Najib’s inability to go for the jugular

  1. As I mentioned before, Helen, the Malaysian Chinese who are brought up with good manners are getting extinct. I am saying this based on personal experience. For example, there was a case at Bobalicious Smoothies in PJ whereby a Chinese family ran off from paying the bill. Imagine that – the parents who brought their little children with them, ran off from paying the bill. They can actually teach their children to behave this way (stealing).

    I also witnessed a case nearby SJKC Puay Chai where one woman (who fetched her child after school) accidentally hit the car behind hers when she reversed her vehicle. Rather than apologizing to the woman in the car and checking to see if everything is OK, she just quickly drove away, leaving the driver baffled. There was another time whereby a Chinese woman also ran off from paying the bill at one Secret Recipe outlet in PJ. Sadly, even most of the students who who were caught cheating in tests and exams back during my university days were Chinese. When I was a child, I had a Chinese neighbour who could even allow her little boys to pee in my garden. And she was a teacher in a Chinese school. Imagine that, Helen, as a teacher and parent, she couldn’t even teach her children good manners and cleanliness. Is peeing in other people’s garden a virtue?

    And yet, these are the very same people who keep harping that we must have a clean, transparent, accountable, corruption-free government when they are corrupt to the core themselves. To them, corruption only translates to ‘rasuah’, when the word ‘corrupt’ also applies to those who behave immorally and that includes cheating, stealing, abusing, etc. This is why I am not surprised why the Chinese youth these days can be extremely rude and they love using foul language (the F-word and its variants seem to be cool for them), as well as slandering and spreading lies about others just to fulfil their goals – just look at how their parents bring them up nowadays. Chinese parents think that their children are bright and intelligent by merely getting straight As in schools and universities and yet they fail to bring up their children to be honest, ethical, respectful of others, etc. They fail to educate their children on good manners and yet they always keep harping on corruption etc. as though they are really ‘clean’.

    I have nothing against the Chinese, as we Malays and other races are also guilty of faults too. It really upsets me to see what’s going on with Malaysians recently and what kind of mindset will the future generations have.

    1. Not fair to stereotype all Chinese like that. They are bad apples among us, regardless of skin color.

      What we have here is the failure of those in power to uphold order. A law professor once told my class, “If you are dealing with someone who has an interest in the maintenance of chaos and disorder, you cannot appeal to that person a normative vision that you like. You have to disable him first.”

    2. Chicken Vindaloo ,

      How could i say differ ,when we could see all this happening in our daily life , though not all ,but most of the Chinese nowadays are ill mannered .

  2. One thing that comes to mind after seeing Jibby manjaing his felines while the Dapster mob bays for blood is:

    Jibby is pussy.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist that. :(

  3. When I read Madame Speaker’s tweet yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice Gobalakrishnan was trolling her with the local council makeup in Selangor.

    I was just surprised she didn’t say those elected as councillors were not Malays but were Malaysians.

    Btw, what’s your view on Teng Chang Kim’s condescending (IMO) offer of a councillor position for Chew Mei Fun if she withdraws from the by election? Didn’t see that being covered by Star, but I may be wrong.

    1. I think the impunity with which the DAP politicians and their supporters denigrate Chew Mei Fun is an indication of their dangerous hubris.

      Anyone (particularly if the person is a Chinese) who is not politically aligned with the DAP is marked as fair game to be degraded by any means.

      I’ve not repeated here the destructive rumours that ‘they’ have been spreading about her but those people who are slandering Chew are truly “evangelistas” (consider this a four-letter word).

      The attitude of Teng Chang Khim and people in his time zone will bring disaster on us. Currently MCA and MCA people are at the receiving end of their viciousness. Then it will be extended to Chinese who do not share their beliefs.

      This arrogance (like what Teng displayed to Chew) will sooner rather than later hit on the nerves of the Malay-Muslims who will then mengamok because like I said, there is no stopping the DAP juggernaut by reason or argument. They can only be stopped by force.

      And they (the Dapster-evangelistas) are so offensive that some people will feel that kalaupun negara dijadikan padang jarak padang tekukur, it is a necessary price to pay. Look at the devastation in Syria.

      1. Re: there is no stopping the DAP juggernaut by reason or argument

        You’re a pariah if you disagree with their viewpoints. And such is their hatred for those they detest that they’ll disparage those involved in the current SAR efforts.

        A few years back I was in Memphis, Tennessee for business when they cab i was in got caught in a crawl. Thousands of people were lining the streets to pay homage to a local boy who died in Afghanistan.

        In my conversation with the cabbie, he told me that despite the fact that a majority of Americans opposed the war in Iraq & Afghanistan, they would never disparage those who fight for the country.

        We didn’t see such respect in the aftermath of Lahad Datu & every time a policeman is killed in the line of duty do we?

        1. If the Dapsters continue to spit on the police, and their evangelista leaders continue to disparage the armed/uniformed services, what will happen in a riot situation when ordinary Chinese need the protection and goodwill of the men in blue?

        2. re: In my conversation with the cabbie, he told me that despite the fact that a majority of Americans opposed the war in Iraq & Afghanistan, they would never disparage those who fight for the country.

          With strong anti-war sentiments abound, Vietnam war vets were treated like shit back then but the Yanks eventually realised the folly of their ways.

          I guess they learned from their own shame.

          Not something I’d expect from the Dapster mob, though.

          They’re shameless to begin with.

          1. “Shame? What’s that mate? I’m perfect to begin with. What’s there to be ashamed about?” said ____________________*

            *fill in the blank with names of our perfect political leaders who are the only hope Malaysia has from the corrupt & inept UMNO/BN government

            1. These people can’t help it my friend. Like a friend, a Chinese friend of mine would remind me again and again, these Chinese are the descendants of coolies. The coolies, the Chinese who came to Malaysia during the coolies trade of the 18th and 19th centuries were what he called people without culture, they were not proper Chinese, majority of them southerners. And my Chinese friend said “what did you expect these coolies to pass to their descendants ?

              One more thing. My Chinese friend also said, the reason why he’s now moving to China with his family, is to protect his family from these people.

              1. Was at Jalan Ara Kiri, Bangsar this morning for brekkie. I don’t double park & always have my coupon for parking.

                So along came a DBKL truck with a few officers. The coffee shop staff called out “DBKL datang” to warn the customers.

                And at least 4 tables around me referred to the DBKL staff as dogs etc etc as they used all sorts of cuss words such as c****i, l*****i etc etc you’d think they’re talking about a murderer or a rapist.

                With a history as coolies, no wonder they’re adept at industrial language no?

                1. re: With a history as coolies, no wonder they’re adept at industrial language no?

                  Hell yeah…the way the curse at authorities like PDRM, MPPP etc and even gomen…you’d think they’re mediums in trance performing an exorcism or something.

                  At a safe distance, they let fly complete with the full set of racial slurs as garnish.

                  Such is their DNA and such is their vociferous hatred of those who represent authority, law and order, especially those with “inferior” dermal pigmentation.

                  Who else would come up with stuff like huanna hor and klinga kui?

                  They forget this is why they are known as t’ng lang tu.

            2. *fill in the blank with names of our perfect political leaders who are the only hope Malaysia has from the corrupt & inept UMNO/BN government…

              There’d be no room left for the names of leaders from PAS and PKR.

  4. Dear Helen,

    Like some Chinese friends I have, you have the same straight thinking that I like. From your posts, I can see that you love our country, and that is how it should be with everyone- whether Malay, Chinese, Indians or any others. This is OUR country- and we should all live with each other- we have no other places to go. Better make our home clean, peaceful, prosperous- so that we can all be happy and safe.

    Now, why do the Chinese DAP and PAKATAN supporters nowadays get so excited in banging the Muslims, BN and UMNO? (The last two being mainly Malay associated political parties?) for the simple reason that they have been MISLED.

    They have been made to believe that the CHINESE can have dominance, can change MAlaysia – FOR THE BETTER.

    Who dosen’t want to be in history? as the HERO who changed a country for the better???
    DAPTERS and their PAKATAN members believe they can do this. They REALLY BELIEVE that they can.

    Unfortunately, their belief comes from the words of ONE MAN- who had proven again, and again, and again, and again and again and again- THAT HE LIES TO PEOPLE STRAIGHT TO THEIR FACES.

    Can’t clever DAP leaders like KArpal see this? Can’t Kit Siang and GUan Eng see this? That they are listening AND following A LIAR??

    I KNOW that they can see this. They do know that he is a liar. They do know that he can’t be trusted- BUT they listen and follow ANYWAY!!!!!!

    Why? Because they are cheating him and using him- and he is cheating them and using them. They appear like they like each other, they hug and hold hands- but actually they are all waiting for the best chance to backstab their allies.

    Their political alliance is nothing more than a marriage of convenience. As along the way they can really bash their common enemy. The UBN. and to some extent- the Muslims.
    Why don’t the Malay Muslims retaliate???

    Our religion teaches us good manners, and we follow our teaching. We are patient- and it is a virtue So Do YOUR BEST.

    Christian evangalistas in DAP said that Christianity teaches them good manners- but LOOK AT HOW THEY RIDICULE others. They DO NOT ADHERE to their Christian teaching. In other words They are not GOOD Christians. They are not GOOD NEighbours to others.

    One last word to all readers of Helen’s page, ALLAH SWT – The Almighty, IS ALMIGHTY. When a muslim prays, ALLAH SWT HEARS and when A muslim asks, ALLAH SWT gives. How, and when- is for ALLAH SWT to decide. but my caution to all is, NEVER PLAY THE FOOL With ALLAH SWT, If you want to know more, go ahead and read the alQur’an. People who use each other and plan and cheat each other yet live together and smile at one another- these are called HYPOCRITES.

    And there is a special Chapter in al-Quran called the surah al-Munafiquun, literally a chapter on the hypocriets. Go and read up- and you will be surprised!!! It is as if the chapter is telling PAKATAN’s story…..

    1. Well, even if they deceive and use each other I have to say that right now DAP seems to get the most benefit in Pakatan, at the expense of others.

  5. What drive the Chinese to such extreme arrogance and rudeness? As though they are ready for war? And if a civil war does really break out, they will prevail?…..pussy loving Najib has to be one of the major reasons!

    1. love of the world is the root of all evil, and a mind that that is seldom still enough to introspect . . . to realize its own nature. Weak and poor as we are yet our egos can be deluded into self-conceit and arrogance over others.


    2. re: What drive the Chinese to such extreme arrogance and rudeness? As though they are ready for war?

      Just anecdotal but just about every Indian and Malay I’ve spoken to in Penang (even the pro-Pakatan ones) have observed that the level of arrogance, rudeness and chauvinism among the Chinese here increased extraordinarily after 308.

      No prizes for guessing who is responsible for stoking this fire.

      The Chinese were known to be arrogant, rude, strongly communal and chauvinistic to begin with. So easy for DAP to exploit these traits to their advantage.

      I’ve adopted by being just as arrogant and militant (and even kiasu) when dealing with them.

      It pays. They back off when I fight their fire with their own kind of fire.

      They’d do well to remember that the Malays would resort to the same reaction if/when the time comes.

    3. iDRIS,

      Not all chinese are rudes. But in all sincerity, the image of chinese as repressive, cruel , manipulative , looking down anything remotely resembling Malay institution is not that “far fetched’.

      The level of rudeness increases especially before May 5, 2013. As almost entire community(of chinese) believes that BN would have fallen(meaning UMNO out of power), they felt there is no need to be civil to the malays anymore.

      Unfortunately(OR FORTUNATELY), as I often said, due to “iman dan takwa”, Malays despite casual and carefree outlooks seem able to “see” that live without UMNO holding the power is a total disaster.

      I told off my chinese collegues who were confused after may 5. . i told them without chinese votes, UMNO still reign siupreme Meaning live goes on for Malays and UMNO even without Chinese supports.

      1. saya pun x tahu nak kata apa dah… mungkin trend global bagi orang cina kot… pasal saya pernah terbaca tentang kes di China yang seorang budak dilanggar oleh lori dan apabila dilanggar, pemandu tersebut cuba melenyek budak tersebut supaya budak itu mati.

        dan satu kes lagi saya baca ialah seorang polis atau tentera yang membantu seorang perempuan tua yang dilanggar. dia menghantar perempuan tersebut ke hospital tapi sebaliknya orang yang menolong pula dituduh melangar perempuan itu. dan yang paling malang lagi apabila perempuan itu juga menuduhnya melanggar perempuan itu. akhirnya dia dimasukkan ke dalam penjara…

        Sepatutnya cina2 di malaysia ini bersyukur kerana tinggal di malaysia… ini disebabkan jika mereka masih tinggal di china, kemungkinan mereka untuk mati diseksa adalah amat tinggi… saya sendiri telah membaca mengenai kekejaman kerajaan komunis China terhadap rakyat mereka sendiri… kamu boleh rujuk di

        adakah mereka nak kami menjelma menjadi melayu yang serupa pada 1969 yang hanya mahu membunuh cina sahaja??? kami mahu keamanan sahaja pasal ini tanah leluhur kami… kami mahu sahaja sebut pada mereka kalau tak suka balik berambus ke China

        1. ‘adakah mereka nak kami menjelma menjadi melayu yang serupa pada 1969 yang hanya mahu membunuh cina sahaja??? kami mahu keamanan sahaja pasal ini tanah leluhur kami… kami mahu sahaja sebut pada mereka kalau tak suka balik berambus ke China’

          Bahasa Mulut ko janggal. Kut ye pun nak maki Bangsa Sendiri, tak payah la berlakon macam kau tu wakil suara Melayu!


    1. From the article, the most important measure of success for the Mainland Chinese is money – the more money you have, the more successful you are.

      One of my Chinese seniors told me that money is not the sole purpose of living, it is the only reason. Hence, is true that money is the most important thing for a Chinese?

      Perhaps Helen and Mulan can give your viewpoints on this. I wouldn’t want to ask HY about this because she is not a Chinese, but ‘Bangsa Malaysia’.

      1. re: “Hence, is true that money is the most important thing for a Chinese?”

        Going by this measure, Khairy Jamaluddin must be a Chinese then. No wonder he and his favourite veginatable have such an excellent working relationship.

        As for HY’s Bangsa Malaysia, if ordinary Chinese wage earners are also given 300 percent pay hikes without a bat of the eyelid, then more might be tempted to join her Bangsar club and adopt their motto “In Greed We Trust”.

      2. “Hence, is true that money is the most important thing for a Chinese?”

        I think so. Most Chinese sleep with money under their pillow. Some sleep with Geneva gold.

        1. Those ‘Gold’ standard Chinese apply their personal greedy yardstick to the rest of Malaysians who are not at all like them in nature. They impute to others the same money motivation that only reflect themselves.

          That’s why they are unable to understand erti perjuangan — why the black flag of jihad has been flown over their ‘Allah’ theft attempt.

  6. melayu tak takut cina sebenarnya. melayu cuma terlalu akomodatif kerana dibesarkan sebagai bangsa toleransi terhadap bangsa lain. lagi sekali saya ulang, melayu tak takut cina sebenarnya….

  7. Bangsa Cina di Malaysia tidak racist. Quite a number among Malays who are either related by marrriage to Chinese or offspring from mixed marriage like me.

    Yang racist adalah bangsa DAP. Buktinya?: Setelah beberapa dekad hidup di Malaya, tidak banyak issue perkauman yang timbul. It only happened when DAP managed to gain power in some states.

    How do we overcome this? 2 ways; (1) Special Branch mark those people who are known DAPsters promoting racism, then Parliament passes a new law similar to ISA, after that police move in to arrest these people. (2) another May 13 (I will run to the mountains and hills because I look more Chinese than Malay)

    Take your pick.

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