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MH370 reveals how the opposition think and what they really feel

Lim Kit Siang gleefully reproduced in his blog today an article titled ‘MH370: Pressure starts piling on govt‘ written by FMT columnist Jeswan Kaur.

In her very first paragraph, Jeswan already strikes the Pakatan standard note. She accuses: “Even in the face of a heartbreaking crisis, the Malaysian government could not let go of its insatiable hunger for politicking.”

Is Jeswan “just one” (Malaysian individual) who thinks and talks like that? Nope. The entire English media landscape of the country is dotted with Jeswans — legions of them.

Hannah’s “heart is so troubled” by the missing plane, konon

“Raw hatred”

Dr Mahathir blogged ‘The raw hatred for Proton‘ (a separate issue but we’re still taking about the same bunch of haters).

Is it only Proton for which ‘they’ have such a raw hatred or do they hate MAS as much too?

Who/what else is the object of their raw hatred?

The DCA? The PDRM? The TUDM?

Blogger Seademon believes that those who criticize incessantly are simply “bent on hitting out at any institution of His Majesty Yang DiPertuan Agong”.

Hannah Yeoh was asked about her contribution to the MH370 crisis, other than sitting in her Madame Speaker high chair and pontificating and posturing away — see tweet below.

Twitter - ahlang888- @hannahyeoh so far

Vitriol by “dumbass cavemen”

One worshipful Hannah fan named ‘Rajiv Jay Kumar’ quickly counters that the detractors, i.e. those who question the DAP Twitter star’s pontificating and posturing, are “dumbass cavemen” who spew “vitriol”.

It’s “unbelievable” to Rajiv that anyone would dare query Mama Dapster. If they do so, they must be “dumbass cavemen” and what they say can only be considered as “vitriol”.

Note: If you refuse to drink their Holy Water, your comments are “dumbass cavemen vitriol” which poor Saint Hannah of Jerusubang has to put up with.

Flashing a martyred smile emoticon, Hannah replies that she puts up with the “dumbass cavemen vitriol” in the name of “freedom of speech”.

Only sheeple will believe her.

Twitter - RajivJayKumar- @hannahyeoh often read the

(326 words)


Hannah Yeoh sekali lagi sekat pengkritik-pengkritik di Twitternya

Hannah Yeoh sekat tweet seorang blogger, dakwa

Hannah Yeoh pun boleh buat silap mata ‘Excel’ !!


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

32 thoughts on “MH370 reveals how the opposition think and what they really feel

  1. 2:56PM ABC News (US) quotes US Navy sources saying a US P-8 is nearing the search area where the satellite images show two items.

    12:01PM Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said Australian Maritime Safety Authority has received credible information that two objects located in their search have been linked to missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH37.

    Satellite imagery had spotted the two objects in the Southern Indian Ocean.

    Australia was leading the search in what authorities in the “south corridor” as part of the international search for the missing flight.

    The prime minister said “two possible objects related to the search have been identified” to parliament.

    A RAAF Orion has been sent to the location and was due to arrive around now. Three more aircraft are due to fly to the location.

    “The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has received information, based on satellite imagery, of objects possibly related to the search,” the prime minister said.

    “Following specialist analysis of the this satellite imagery two possible objects related to the search have been identified.

    “I can inform the House that a RAAF Orion has been diverted to attempt to locate the objects. This Orion is expected to arrive in the area at about this time.

    “Three more aircraft will follow this Orion. They are tasked for a more intensive follow-up search

  2. Whats disgusting about this discovery is that Pine Gap the American spy facility in Australia has the most sophisticated tracking devices and may have had the information about where to look for this plane the day it vanished but for “security” reasons and self preservation of their ally’s(US) spy facilities in Pine Gap and Alice Springs, they chose to remain silent till Obama gave the first hint it was the US’s first priority this morning.

    1. Did you see the image? There’s a date on it which clearly states 16 March. And they call M’sia incompetent…

  3. Drinking holy water puts in the state of perpetual hysteria. Who would want to do such a thing to himself ? Unless the person is not sane to begin with.

    The Chinese who do not subscribe to their warped ideology, what are they to do ?

    My friend is moving to China with his family and his family business. He is rich so he can move out, but what about those who are working class ?

    Stay in Malaysia ?

    Continue to tolerate all this vitriol ?

  4. Speaking about this, one of the Melayu liberal firster wrote this

    “It is tragic that the lives of 239 people may have to be sacrificed for the world to see the mentality of our government leaders. The good news is, when this crisis is long over, hopefully with a miraculously happy ending, the world will forget the incompetent people at the helm of the crisis and we can still salvage whatever pride we have as Malaysians. The bad news is: these same incompetent people will be back to their old task of managing our affairs”

    This is the typical sitting on high chair kind of comment as what HY said.

    1. Does the High Chairer sound pro-establishment or like someone who wants the federal government changed?

    2. I am no fan of the BN govt but I could not stomach the demeaning remarks/insults hurled at it over the MH370 incident. Can’t those people be supportive until it’s all confirmed and settled?

      The govt is facing the most bizarre, first of its kind in the world incident. Slips, blips & whatever are only to be expected. What incompetence are those hati busuk people talking about? The search is done by a host of nations with the most sophisticated equipment. Who’s being incompetent? Ours is not a technologically advanced country.

      Do they they think they can do a better job? BN govt may be their political enemy but isn’t it the time and occasion to put political differences aside, even if temporarily? Please symphatize with Hishamudin, DCA DG, MAS CEO & others. They are trying their best to do the best they could but not everything is within their control. help ease not add the pressure on them.

      Must you bark at their every mistake & omission? I believe those mistakes and omissions were due more to inexperience than incompetence.

      Did you hear anything constructive from the critics? ideas, suggestions etc? Nothing so far, only venom in excessive dosage. The oppos really are primitive minded people with the filthiest hearts. Come on people, we are facing a national tragedy…. the govt needs our support.

      1. Tell you what, they can denigrate all they want, but if it’s them handling it, they will do way, way, worse, I guarantee it. Their inability to take in the magnitude of MH370 and act accordingly, united along with the rest of concerned people instead of treating this just as another political cheap shot confirms it.

        The same way they condemn SPR behind the guise of Ambiga and yet mess up greatly their own internal elections with even less demands and work.

        1. Like I’ve said before – kalau isu DAP CEC pun tak boleh nak settle jangan banyak cakap. Everytime they mention incompetence, we should bring up ROS and everytime they speak of Hisham’s PC we should show them the Utusan/TV3 not allowed message they put up.

      2. If we put Anwar or LGE to lead the Malaysian team (in place of Hishamudin) believe me only Star would be around. The rest “see u in court” or “u ulang I saman”. The Pakatan are a bunch of spinners and liars.

        1. re: “The Pakatan are a bunch of spinners and liars.”

          You’re too kind. They are worse than that.

  5. We will find it and the blackbox will reveal. This is a sign from God to show who are our friends and foes.

  6. Please Helen, you are not as “enlightened” as the Kool-aid guzzlers who are now on a different level from the sorry/despicable/dumb/ignorant (please delete whichever inapplicable) sods who have evolved to the highest of high amongst men that walk the face of the earth.

    How could you even begin to understand their train of thoughts?


    Btw, why didn’t Madame Speaker respond? Her response is way too complicated for country bumpkins like you & me to understand is it?

    1. What Jeswan Kaur fails to say in that Lim Kit Siang blog is that responses to her article and to the Malaysian Insider article that appears on the Kit Siang blog are restricted to those Kit Siang and his blog will allow access to.

      There is a permanent anti democratic anti free speech dimension to that Chinese blog which carries the occasional house girl house boy like Jeswan and their handiwork on it for ‘racial diversity’.

      Whats perhaps not said in that Jeswan Kaur article is that the government did a favour to the opposition when it sidelined them form any involvement in the search for the MH 370 search and investigation.

      Hishamuddin addressed cabinet, not parliament in this regard. The opposition the majority of whom, are criminals (Sedition, Sodomy,) or trying to put their marriages behind them in Syariah courts are said to have been by some to have been the cause of the pilot suiciding if that angle or theory is to be believed. He was so distraught at Anwar’s conviction.

      If it is true then it is an indication of the fanaticism and absence of rational thinking in the opposition. Now why would anyone want any of the opposition to participate in this disaster management when cool and level heads like those who have raised the nation to a level of unprecedented prosperity are available to do the job?

      The MH 370 disaster in many respects is like the Malaysian opposition. Taken over by incompetence to disaster then demanding that logic explain its behavior.

  7. My friend from Bangsar who is a BN supporter said that many of the residents from Subang Jaya who are Chinese originated from Penang.

    Come to think of it, it is true. The Kepong or Jinjang Chinese are mostly Cantoneses and considered “low class” in standards while the “high class” Chinese live in Subang Jaya. You would also notice the need for Hannah Yeoh or Regina Lee to go to Penang for a regular pilgrimage. (You can from the Tweet Regina’s husband is from Bishop Street)

    If you think carefully it is Penang which is fueling the Chinese Tsunami – which the DAP denies. (Strange but DAP’s publishing house has a new book called Tsunami Cina)

    BTW. Today is a very good day for Terasa Kok. Terasa can plan her 50 birthday.

    1. re: “it is Penang which is fueling the Chinese Tsunami”

      Interesting suggestion. Will you elaborate?

      1. Who are the people screaming “tak bersih”? The JSubang-nites. (which are mostly Penang migrants) During the Bersih rallies, were there many of the “low class” Jinjangers at the rallies? Sorry they were more interested in cari makan. It is the “high class” Chinese were so busy complaining how fair the government is.

        And secondly which state has sanctioned Bersih rallies?

        1. What are the factors you think drove the Chinese tsunami? You cited Bersih as one.

          Any others that you can link to Penang?

      2. They are all Jinjangs in their head. (the DApsters) Make no mistake of it. Regardless of their perceived class status they are Jingangs. “I no no speak English one”.

        There is an old saying. You cant fashion a silk purse out of a sows ear.

  8. Helen, I have this bad feeling that this was suicide act. I hope it is not true. But, now after reading your post, and understanding more of the Pakatan’s psyche, I am not surprised if someone on that plane wanted to teach the BN govt a lesson because of that jail sentence to AI. Everything showed that someone wanted to be incommunicado and let the plane flew till no more fuel. Scary scenario. Pakatan goons are dangerous to society. They are nothing but law breakers and criminals. I have goosebumps now.

    1. If it was suicide, it would be the most bizzare suicide ever. Taking a plane on a zig zag journey then letting it go down. It could only be an Anwarite (a supporter of Anwar) capable of such warped logic.

      A fire on board disabling all communications is a likely idea. The wiring of Boeings is notorious for its fires. There was one over Newfoundland a few years ago and many more before that involving McDonnell aircraft and Boeings all of which were denied till the FTSB published their findings years after the event and the anger had died down.

    2. I hope not, but now the world has known of the pilot as an opposition political fanatic and now they know of Zunar as another opposition political fanatic.

      Wonder if the ‘too weak’ message in the cartoon is a taunt of some sort.

  9. And their behaviour and taunts just add to the weight on the camel’s back. In my hometown, some of the Malays are getting sick of the dapsters saying stupid Malay minister, sial Malay MAS and a lot more along the same line.

    When this is over I do believe and hope that there will be a sort of reckoning.

    1. This MH370 episode opened the valves for a Dapster outpouring of contempt.

      Suddenly the bureaucratic weaknesses are exposed from every conceivable angle and Immigration, DCA, TUDM, MAS, police etc became sitting targets. So lantak lah. Niat untuk mengutuk dengan sepuas hati seolah-olah termakbul.

      And the there is the superpower China that is also unhappy and the fact of a shared language i.e. the relatives who created a commotion carried a banner with Chinese words which could have been supplied by some Dapster provocateurs.

      I’ve been feeling the force of the 90 percent tide but with this incident, I feel that we’ve passed the point of no return and thus rendering any rapprochement impossible now. I see that there is no willingness at all on the part of the oppo (esp. Chinese) to cut the government at any slack.

      They are so hardened in their attitude to destroy the reputation of the ruling party. With this kind of hate driving them, there is no middle ground left to negotiate. At 90:10 Chinese support, check and balance has gone out the window.

      1. True and if I were the PM, I would seriously start thinking of the Malays, Indians and other bumiputra groups. I would probably start with education – stop all support to Chinese schools (sorry, I know you support that), convince the Tamil schools to close down and join the national school.

        Pay them as in provide transport to new school, lunch for kids, extra Bahasa tuition to catch up that kind of thing. Make life more difficult for opposition, who cares what they will say. After all their motto seems to be the end justifies the means. Forget or reduce federal aid to Penang with regards to water, roads and all other areas that fall under federal jurisdiction. Make sure the churches toe the line and keep strictly to all requirements. I could go on…

        If they keep telling the world that they are being persecuted then it’s about time they learn what persecution is all about.

        1. And no BR1M to those 90% racists (easily identify as a three LGE names) who made the tsunami. And even the Jinjangs aren’t spared.

  10. BTW gotta ask, what does HY means by high chair? Doesn’t high chair refer to the booster seats for toddlers to sit at the table? Or is she referring to her Speaker chair?

    1. Self-referential just like when she points her finger and screams “racist!”, “extremist!” and “bigot!”

      1. Ahhh… lol. I can actually picture HY in a baby high chair screaming “racist”

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