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Mr & Mrs Hannah praying for plane but BN always on their mind

Although Hannah Yeoh’s “heart is so troubled” by MH370 and despite her ardent prayers to God to comfort the families, she still couldn’t get the wickedness of BN out of her mind. See her tweet timestamped 9.08pm on March 13.

Mr Hannah Yeoh aka @ramachandran_m is someone highly attuned to his wife’s mood and feelings. Therefore it’s not surprising that he tweeted in unison on “the culture of cronyism in BN” following shortly after her tweet (see below).

Twitter - ramachandran

Twitter - hannahyeoh-bomoh

Two twits are better than one

The couple go everywhere together so that he can do his job of echoing her. By tweeting in tandem, their ‘Hate BN’ messages are better amplified.

BELOW: Their trip last year to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference saw Mr Hannah becoming an unelected, unappointed member of the Selangor delegation.

They criticize BN for “cronyism” but don’t see any nepotism in the husband tagging along on the state trip to South Africa.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Delegasi Dewan Negeri Selangor ... 2013-12-05 23-50-12

Two Tuns targetted

Although the search of MH370 is proceeding apace, nonetheless life goes on for the Gunting which continues to scissor away — see below, tweet yesterday urging a probe on Daim Zainuddin.

Btw, The J-Star is a Twitter follower of @hannahyeoh, @tehenghock (Mr Regina Lee) and @imokman (Ong Kian Ming).

The J-Star does not follow @MuhyiddinYassin on Twitter though.

Twitter - staronline- Probe claims on Daim

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10 thoughts on “Mr & Mrs Hannah praying for plane but BN always on their mind

    1. They are not Chinese nitwits and not Indian nitwits. They are bona fide MalaysianMalaysia nitwits — Barangan Buatan Malaysia tulin dan dicop Sirim.

      1. Tak boleh dapat cap SIRIM sis sebab Bahasa Melayu tak fasih. Kena ambil peperiksaan ‘Mulut’ Bahasa Melayu sekali lagi kalau nak lulus SIRIM ;)

    1. The media uplift helps, same as how KJ is hogging the headlines.

      J-Star was so excited at Hannah’s appointment as Speaker, they tweeted the news 10 times in a single day.


    2. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. A man’s reputation is what other people think of him; his character is what he really is.”
      [President A. Lincoln]

      In a hadith narrated by Abdullah b. Umar Prophet Muhammad said: “We are all shepherds and we are all responsible for those under our hands (i.e. our flocks). An administrator is a shepherd (of the people). The man is the shepherd of his family. And a woman is the shepherd of her husband’s home and children. We are all shepherds and we all are responsible for our duties as such.” (recorded by Al-Bukhari)

      It’s a social problem when a politician doesn’t think and feel herself to be a shepherd, nor the people like innocent sheep; but behaves like the empress dowager with a personal evangelism.

  1. Bercakap tentang bomoh. Adakah bomoh yg dimaksudkan oleh hy itu mrk mrk yg berdoa sebelum membuat satu satu kerja? Spt doa selamat dan solat hajat.

    Mungkin hy tak faham siapa bomoh sebenarnya. Nampaknya beliau masih tak boleh menjadi bangsa Malaysia kelas pertama lagi.

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