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Dapsters demanding Special Race status

The Dapsters are demonizing Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Joseph Kurup, as a racist for urging Kajang voters to “Undilah calon BN yang merupakan orang kamu sendiri”.

Said the DAP’s evangelista MP for Serdang, ‘Apa Joseph Kurup maksudkan, selain undi ikut kaum?’ – Kian Ming (Roketkini, 18 March 2014)

Bangsa Anak Malaysia

Below is Barack Obama and his white mother. He does not pretend that his ethnicity is not ‘Black’ but instead some kind of Bangsa ‘Anak Amerika’.


Below is Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and her white mother. She does not pretend either that her ethnicity is not ‘Black’ but instead some kind of Bangsa ‘Anak Amerika’.


Neither Obama nor Berry hold a shotgun to the head of other Americans to try and force their fellow citizens to deny that they are white or black or Hispanic or whatever ethnicity.

Unlike some hypocrital politicians in Malaysia and their Dapster supporters who insist that Hannah’s special biracial babies simply cannot be ‘Indian’. These Firsters totally reject the ‘Indian’ label like it was the Black Plague.

Hannah Yeoh’s birth cert application form for her first born.

“Not Indian”

The usual procedure of the National Registration Department (NRD) is to categorize a newborn according to her father’s race. Hence Ramachandran Muniandy aka Mr Hannah Yeoh’s second daughter Kayleigh Imani is “Indian” as per normal NRD operation.

The couple’s firstborn however is a “Chinese”  as you can see in the certification above. Mama Dapster had, in the earlier round, adamantly refused to accept that her elder daughter Shay Adora is Indian.

Nonetheless when criticism flew her way as to why Shay Adora is “Chinese”, Hannah conveniently laid the blame on the NRD clerk. It’s not me, she claimed. The NRD did it.

See Hannah and Ram: NRD Officer listed “Chinese”

Hannah: “We demanded for Anak Malaysia”

Malaysiakini‘s Kuek Ser Kuang Keng reported (9 June 2011):

“Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh and her husband Ramachandran Muniandy (left), who failed to register their daughter’s race as ‘Anak Malaysia’, clarified today that the final choice of ‘Chinese’ was picked by the National Registration Department (NRD) officer.
“They maintained that neither Chinese nor Indian is inaccurate to define the race of their daughter, Shay Adora Ram.“’Chinese’ was what the system/officer picked. We demanded for ‘Anak Malaysia’,” the couple said in statement to Malaysiakini today.
“Considering that the ethnicity provided for in the system is already incorrect, it makes no difference if she’s Chinese or Indian. Therefore, we proceeded with the system’s selection in order to obtain the birth certificate first.”


Since when do Dapsters concede to the govt?

anakmsiaThe DAP SuperCyber Bully claimed that a lowly NRD clerk was responsible for the “final choice” of making her elder daughter a Chinese (and later in the second round, making her younger daughter an Indian). Can you beat that!

Now who would believe that the DAP’s pushiest politician actually agreed to defer to a government servant – one serving the counter – in the vital decision to make her daughter a “Chinese”?

Hannah claimed that the clerk had decided on her daughter’s Keturunan. This most aggressive Yang Berhormat would have us believe that the clerk classified the child a “Chinese” against the parents’ will.

Now imagine if the same ‘presumptuous’ clerk had also decided on the child’s religion and filled “Muslim” in the ‘Agama’ box. Would Hannah also abide by the same logic and acquiesce to the NRD clerk making the “final choice” on Shay Adora’s Religion too?

"super" a superlative adjective
File photo

With her third child on the way (well, it’s either pregnancy or obesity) , one wonders what kind of fuss Hannah Yeoh will be kicking up at the NRD this time around — 1st child Chinese, 2nd child Indian and 3rd child Special Race?

HannahUglyBy appropriating the term ‘Anak Malaysia’, the evangelistas are forcing their definition of what makes a “Malaysian” on the rest of the country.

In fact, the Super Cyberbullies are terrorizing everyone else not aligned with their straightjacket thinking on Bangsa Malaysia.

Their cyber terrorism is bolstered by the staunch support lent by the social and English media.

And most recently, aside from Minister Joseph Kurup being targetted by the Dapster slander, the MCA candidate for Kajang is subjected to a much worse smear campaign.

Driven by the Red Beaner vile hatred, the fitnah against Chew Mei Fun has reached the level of “sheer insanity” in its viciousness (read Chew’s press statement).

The opposition is too much!

Najib Razak risks his name going down in Malaysian history as the Prime Minister who allowed the country to descend into anarchy.

If Najib still fails to act firmly against this threat to national security and public order by the menace that is by the opposition’s Hate Army, very soon vigilantes (unable to tolerate any longer the behaviour of the Red Beaners) will take matters into their own hand.

The last vestiges of patience for the oppo hypocritical haters is hanging by a thread.

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33 thoughts on “Dapsters demanding Special Race status

    1. Even if you are insinuating that his children follow their mother’s race and are registered so as to be able to avail themselves of ‘Bumiputera’ privileges, nonetheless picking the “Malay” box is still a ready-made option already contained in the borang.

      Here the Dapster insistence is

      (1) the kid cannot be considered “Indian” because she is biracial

      (2) to reformat the borang so that their special demand for bangsa “Anak Malaysia” box (butir keturunan) is accommodated, or

      (3) abolish the Race box altogether, which in effect makes federal constitution’s Article 153 on the Malay Special Position null and void

      1. I just wonder how this b… HY wants to rub off her race. Does she not think how her parents would feel.

        What special race status – they want to be known as PATI is it.

        But then again, she is just doing so now. Should or if they get into power, ie DAP the malays and indians would be the first malaysians they would get rid off.

        HY i zapp you into oblivion along with all your fellow Dapsters.

        Oh dear! I need a bomoh to do that. Any recommendations?

        1. Bomoh 1Malaysia may be available after he sorts out the Si Biadab requiring the tampar buaya.

      2. If Hannah Yeoh insist on to be Bangsa malaysia and abolished the (race box), it would be wise for her to start with vernacular education that clearly giving the “RACE” image, that never reflect a Malaysian Malaysia.

        Would Hannah Yeoh really prepared to scraped anything that associate with race, or is just a political gimmick, if she do that wouldn’t be a good start.

        1. Agree! Nak ada kategori bangsa malaysia tapi bahasa malaysia pun tak dipraktikkan!

          I bet they don’t speak BM at home.

    2. RTee can register his children as Malay, because they meet the definition of Malay in the constitution.

  1. I am in total agreement with the last but second paragraph of this posting. Helen, you read the ground very well and compliments to you for that.

  2. ‘With her third child on the way…’

    She should have register her third anak as bangsa ARAB for change, in fact all anak2 kristian bangsa Malaysia should be registered as such, to legitimize (?) the Allah claim.

    ‘Would Hannah also abide by the same logic and acquiesce to the NRD clerk making the “final choice” on Shay Adora’s Religion too?’

    Very good Helen. Ermm, nampak sangat Mr & Ms HY penipu besar, don’t they?

    1. Nama anak pun tidak ada bunyi INDIA maupun CINA. Berlagak aje lebih ttp nama yg melambangkan bangsa sendiri pun malu hendak taroh. Memang CINA DAP RASIS… Kononnya nak anak Malaysia ttp sekolah Cina tak nak dihapuskan.

      1. re: “nama yg melambangkan bangsa sendiri pun malu hendak taroh”

        Nama trendy evangelista.

  3. Ms H. The different communities having lived together in harmony and peace for so many centuries, why are the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP so particular about the race of a person ? We are all the same under the skin.or a rose is a rose whatever the colour. It is the mind-set that is important not some piece of paper ! If people genuinely believe in our beloved Malaysia as led by the BN led by the UMNO with the 15 component parties and our unique Malaysian Democracy and way of life, this is as good as Bangsa Malaysia. I do not like to be long winded.

    The Swiss Confederation was formed 800 years ago. 4 groups, the Germans, the French, the Italians and the Romansch (the Roman legions which deserted Rome 2,000 years ago) make up the Swiss.
    They are as compartmentalised as ever and make uncomplimentary remarks about each other behind their backs. Yet, the Confederation is strong and united.

    1. Cuma Cina Malaysia yg pro DAP aje yg rasis. Semua ini berlaku selepas 2008 selepas DAP menjadi kuat. Seblm ini kita tidak ada masalah pun sbb saya pun kahwin dgn org Cina.

      Punca semua ini berlaku adalah krn Lim Kit Siang & Lim Guan Eng…. yg perlu lenyap barulah Malaysia akan aman tak lupa [Anwar & Nik Aziz]

      1. ABCD,

        What is it about race that DAP hates so much? It is a fact of life.

        There is a country known as ‘Saudi Arabia”. Saudi refers to the ruling family. arabia means “lands of Arab’.

        And there are China and India. And there was a country previously known as “Tanah Melayu”. for obvious reason it was inhabited by Malays.

        I used to study in USA. In official documents, there are columns for race such as “white, Native, asian americans, Latino, Blacks”.

        I must say that despite all these slandering said about UMNO(meaning Malay), its rule is a beauty and source of inspiration when it comes to racial treatments.

        At times when it controlled almost 70% of parliamentary seats, it had the power to “bulldoze” its Malayness to others. But it has never done that.

        It stands firm when PAS went on and on chiding UMNO for its alliance with non Muslims. UMNO has no problem letting MCA and MIC to contest in Malay majority areas. UMNO does not disturb economic activities of Chinese.

        THE ONLY SIN UMNO commits (in eyes of DAP) is its position as “supremo” in BN. To DAP, it is a sin for a Malay based party to dominate ;local political scene. A “good” Malay party to DAP must serve as ‘pecacai” . That is what Malays are only good at supposedly.

        No need to be upset. Did not a racist Chinese politician said that government servants(meaning malays) are “kucing kurap”?

        What many people tend to ignore is that UMNO reigns supreme simply by winning the lion share of Malay votes. And malays happen to form more than half of voters. Not because UMNO MPs are more brilliant. It is just that until today even to this moment, despite prominence given to those malay who hate UMNO., the majority of malays still leans towards UMNO.

        Me too. Especially when I see PAS supporting everything EXCEPT ISLAM and PKR is led by a person whom Prophet does not recognised as his “umat”.

        As for DAP, for a Malay supporting it is tantamount to putting hope on “yahudi” to take care of their interest.,.

        1. quote,”As for DAP, for a Malay supporting it is tantamount to putting hope on “yahudi” to take care of their interest.,.”unquote.

          one of the few baffling phenomena in Malaysia is to see Malays having DAP membership.

          * tepuk dahi *

  4. Her third child should be registered as ‘cindian’ for the mixed parentage of Cina and Indian. Errr.. what if she marrie a Bai?

  5. Bangsa anak malaysia? How about abolish Sjk Cina and Tamil first.. all the traditional wedding ritual…festive ritual.. ughhh…Dont they get it? It’s the differences that make us Malaysian..

    If u dont want your race to be Malay or Chinese or India or Kadazan or Iban..simply choose the ‘LAIN-LAIN’ box in those forms.. Want to tunjuk pandai la tu… this B*&#÷$ aa… in terms of stupidity and arrogance orang Sabah bilang ..”Paling Manang” ( champion..)

  6. Mr and Mrs Hannah Yeoh, may I suggest a name that truly reflect Anak Bangsa Malaysia for your third child ?—–1MALAYSIA

  7. Since it is so difficult for HY to put her first child’s race as ‘Indian’, I wonder how will she react if her husband is Black, instead of Indian. If the scenario is such that she is married to an African-American, she will probably insist that her child’s race is ‘American’ and not ‘African-American’.

    I guess that’s why the Aussies rejected her for PR. She probably wanted to put her race as ‘Australian’ instead of ‘Asian’ when filling up official documents. Race is just an issue which is extremely challenging for her to deal with.

  8. Why Camels are Flightless

    One day as Nasruddin was preaching from the pulpit in Sivrihisar, he declared, “O true believers! We must give thanks to Allah for His infinite wisdom. For example, you must thank the Creator that He did not give the camel wings.”
    The congregation was confused. Why?
    Nasruddin explained, “If He had done so, imagine what it would be like. Camels would be flying up onto our roofs and shitting down our chimneys — and eventually they probably would come crashing down through the roofs.”

    *Let’s pray that the Dapster Evangelistas’ wings will become stunted:

    re : “By appropriating the term ‘Anak Malaysia’, the Evangelistas are forcing their definition of what makes a “Malaysian” on the rest of the country. In fact, the Super Cyberbullies are terrorizing everyone else not aligned with their straightjacket thinking on Bangsa Malaysia.”

    *Otherwise there is a danger we might become so deluded as to deny our father and mother’s identity, and lose confidence about our own personality. Knowing full well that racial identity is not the whole story about personality still doesn’t make Roti Canai a non-Indian food nor could we attribute Bak Kut Teh to the Italians, just because “WE” eat it all in Malaysia (but I thought Malays never want to be near pork rib soup, bukan?).

  9. She exploited her own child for political mileage and to maintain her status quo with the Chinese dominated DAP.

    What kind of woman or mother is she?

      1. HY. You are a racist of the worst kind. What is wrong marrying an Indian or anyone for that matter. This shows what you comment is not worth a dime ! I have relatives who married Malays, Indians, Americans, British, Australians, French, Germans, Canadians, Italians. They are all very happy !

      2. HY. Why do you insult our fellow Malaysians the Indians. When I was a boy in India, I found them friendly, hospitable and compassionate. You should hang down your head in shame !

  10. It’s just scoring political points.

    Strip away the racial emotion and actually, having race on the form is just for data collection and statistics.

    Granted, our population mix is changing, so just ask the NRD and Jabatan Statistik to expand on the choices of ethnicity and clarify the guidelines. Seems to me that the NRD was already more than accommodating in classifying her child as Chinese when convention rules that it should follow the father (not that that is accurate anyway).

    1. ‘having race on the form is just for data collection and statistics.’

      Ya lor, how to answer the Cinas without it, when they tuduh the Malay Gomen-the kucing kurap no less-as not helping the Cinas or when they claim that they had pay the most tax?!

      Numbers don’t lie or does it?

  11. A month or so after PRU13 last year I commented that my “favorite” optical shop in Bukit Bintang sent SMS about their sales promotion, which they have never done prior to that. That was the time the ABCD campaign started. Today I am happy to announce that they have finally closed shop for good.

    For those of you who require optical/optometry services you can now visit a big optical shop in Berjaya Time Squares owned by Mamak or Pakistani (I think) or you can visit the optical shop next to Restaurant Puteri in Brickfield owned by a Brahmin Lady. She is super duper polite and I am very happy to have met her last week.

    For those of you who are into branded glasses which normally cost nothing less than RM1000 just for the frame. The next time you see them on sales at 40% to 50% discount, just buy the frame and take it to other optical shop to do the glasses. For if you do it at the same shop, that is where they “KETUK you hidup-hidup”, by charging you extra on the glasses to make up for the losses. This is not a matter of being a CHEAPO or WENGER, but being a Smart Shopper.

    The Chinese don’t need the Malays to support their business as they have proudly claimed time and again. They even have the gall to claim that Malaysia will go bankrupt if they move out.

    Prior to PRK Kajang, Giant has prevented Wan Azizah to approach or give a talk to any of their customers during campaign. What does that tell you?

    Seng Heng which had reached RM1 billion sales in 2012, just last month launched a campaign trip to London with celebrities Awal Ashari and wife, Scha Al Yahya, with their selected customers. Why not Chinese celebrity?

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