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Here’s Tun looking at you kids

I’m posting this to annoy the haters.

The man will be 90 next year (remember that).

I think it’s sporting of him to make a funny face for the selfie.

Laughter will make Dr M live longer (more annoyance to the haters, good).



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Dapsters demanding Special Race status


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23 thoughts on “Here’s Tun looking at you kids

  1. Here is Tun M at Masjid Negara during Friday prayer, and I believe at his favorite spot, as someone mentioned before. No protocol necessary though he is great statesman.

    1. al hamdu lillahi rabbil alamiin ar-Rahmanir Rahiim, wa huwa bil mu’minina ar-Raufur Rahiim.

    2. The same old spot since 1980+..
      I once pray beside him in those days. No protocol…

  2. Hannah Yeoh looks and sounds very much like the rear end of an angry Rhino. It spits out the large volumes of digested cud and crap of the wide field of rumour which the anger in the belly digests into a pulp and lets out through its narrow round pump.

    Her head is shaped and acts like the Rhino’s rear orifice. What an unfortunate looking woman with an equally unfortunate head and face to go with it.

    If I were Hannah I would sue her parents for damages. With a face, mind and head like hers she would win millions from their estates.

    1. re: If I were Hannah I would sue her parents for damages. With a face, mind and head like hers she would win millions from their estates.

      Ramachandran Muniandy (her ventriloquist dummy) seems to think the world of her.

  3. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed is what the Chinese and Indians never ever expected of a Malay. Successful, a great leader, someone with a greater capacity than LKY who achieved as much if not more in a shorter space of time at the helm.

    As long as there is a Dr. Mahathir Mohammed the nightmare of the Indians and Chinese will grow exponentially. They can’t quite get over it. They can’t quite get over the fact he no long holds office, they can’t get over the fact that none of their so called champions of democracy and “clean incorruptible” government are only worth languishing in the wilderness of the opposition benches of parliament.

    Karpal Singh in his wheel chair is perhaps a manifestation of the state of the opposition. It is not cruel to suggest that whilst he is physically crippled the entire opposition is politically, morally and intellectually so.

  4. One of my biggest nightmare is to meet Tun… and thankfully I have not met him.

    1. So you’re from……..

      You have no chance of meeting him, and to exhibit your megalomania you have to come in here to make this statement.

      Sorry, but you came to the wrong place. Did the church give you the right address ?

      Today is not Sunday by the way.

      1. sri hartamas, your very existence means nothing to Tun M himself. Like a good parasite, you should have kept mum of your good for nothing nature! Apa lagi lu mau?

  5. To be fair, there are some things I disagree with him like on ISA and his Proton affair, nevertheless, he was the best leader that fate can provide in those 22 years of his premiership.

    1. William Shakespeare once said: “Reputation is an idle and quite false imposition; it is often gotten without merit, and lost without deserving.”

      As for Tun Dr. Mahathir, it’s his integrity of character and fine intelligence that merits our lasting admiration for him as our great Prime Minister.

    2. Yup, I also don’t agree with Dr M on a few things like the Proton saga, the sacking of judges saga in the 80s’, his favouritism towards Anwar in UMNO during the 80’s and 90’s.

      But despite these differences I still adore Dr M and will always have the highest regard of him. I like his no-nonsense attitude towards trouble makers like the Dapsters and especially adore him for “showing his middle finger” to the Western countries which loathe him.

      His statement, “Jews rule the world by proxy” which I think the most honest and truest statement of the reality of our world, is the bestest statement he ever made to the world.

      I learnt a new word ‘CANTANKEROUS” courtesy of the former Australian PM who labelled Dr M with that word when he refused to attend the APEC.

      Long live Dr M, insyaalah.

      1. re: I learnt a new word ‘CANTANKEROUS” courtesy of the former Australian PM who labelled Dr M with that word when he refused to attend the APEC.

        Not “recalcitrant?”

      2. No no I agree 100% with the sacking of the judges. The power to do so is in the hands of the executive and legislature and he exercised it properly. An ignorant Ambiga and her cohorts claimed it was unconstitutional. She ought to spend more time pretending not to be a Tamil. Suits her best. Ignorant as his critics are they do make waves which are at times destructive.

        Tun Dr. Mahathir was only corrupt to the extent he gave Anwar too much power and encouraged the kurang ajar bapok to run wild. That was his mistake.

        Tun Dr. Mahathir Bapak Malaysia.
        Anwar Ibrahim Bapok Malaysia

        Sounds similar but very different.

  6. I’ve met Tun in person when I was working as Royal/VIP butler in Penang. He was PM at that time. I was so gabra, after my boss assigned me as butler for PM.

    We spoke in Kedah dialek. It was fun because Tun’s down-to-earth style. He really proud of his origin as Kedahan.

    I also did butler for many VVIPs, I did check mini bar consumption for all of them. Trust me Tun is the cleanest. The rest, hemmm… don’t sangka clear water, no buaya!

  7. This is my soalan mulut, I know I typed it but I don’t care haha.

    Has H(b)ananah Yeoh personally met Dr M? As far back as I can remember I have never seen the two of them meeting or in a photo.

  8. I have meet Tun Hasmah when I represented NS during the first Jambory of Ranjer Puteri in JB. Got to say she has the most sincere smiles and seems to always look in the eyes of the one she shakes hands with.

    Then I meet Tun M during a Merdeka Parade and I always remember how he spoke to all of us and reminds us to become a thinker not a follower in lifes. Always willing to learns coz you will never know where the knowledge will come from.

    Both of those days will become the best days of my lives aside from the birth of my childs of course. Got to say if you gives me a chance to choose to meet Mr Obama or Tun M, I’ll choose Tun. ;):):)


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