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Open letter to Dr Mahathir

Preamble: Kajang by-election a referendum on MCA

Please look at the table below of the Kajang polling centres. It is a postmortem detailing how Chinese voters conclusively turned their back on the BN during the last general election. The trend will be identical for the by-election today.


Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,

My heart sank when I heard your call for Malaysians to welcome the MCA’s decision to rejoin the cabinet.

I hope through this open letter to bring to your attention the views of many Malaysians who do not want the MCA’s return. Please hear us out. We are the ones who marked Dacing on our ballot slip on 5 May 2013 when the MCA members themselves had ticked the Rocket symbol.

Bear with me please while I endeavour to explain why we object to the undignified scramble by MCA to acquire Ministerial positions.

Window dressing that will fool nobody

Dear Tun, you yourself have admitted: “Supporters of the MCA flocked to the opposition parties so that a Chinese DAP dominated Government would rule Malaysia”.

Yet here you urge us to share your optimism that the “MCA opting to rejoin the Government is a step in the right direction”.

No, it is not. Allowing MCA to rejoin the Government is a betrayal when MCA has clearly transmogrified into the DAP.

(I) MCA should keep their word

The MCA in its AGM on 2 Oct 2011 passed a resolution that the party would refuse any government posts should they perform badly in the following general election.

On 21 Oct 2012, the MCA general assembly reiterated its resolve of “declining all government positions if the party fails to achieve better results in the 13th General Election”.

On 20 Oct 2013, the majority of the MCA delegates voted to maintain the party’s earlier resolutions in 2011 and 2012 to turn down any cabinet posts.

For three consecutive years, it was the party delegates who declared that MCA politicians should not become Ministers if they cannot perform and do not enjoy the confidence of the Chinese public.

Well, not only have the MCA failed to deliver, they were wiped out by the Chinese tsunami. The voice of the Chinese community spoke loud and clear through the ballot box.

(II) Chinese voters had sent MCA packing

Our current political reality is that the Chinese have chosen the DAP – unequivocally – to be their representatives.

The BN leadership must listen to the Chinese ground. If the BN respects democracy, then it must respect the democratic wish of the Chinese grassroots that have rejected the MCA in no uncertain terms.

It cannot be said any plainer than this: MCA do not represent the Chinese. Today in the Kajang by-election you will again witness the Chinese voters throwing MCA vice president Chew Mei Fun out on her ear.

Her boss, MCA president Liow Tiong Lai and his deputy Wee Ka Siong are hugely unpopular among the Chinese.

Wee was jeered by thousands when he attended the Dong Zong rally at the New Era College, Kajang on 25 March 2012. The rally participants, who were protesting the shortage of Chinese school teachers, threw mineral water bottles at Wee and one of them even tried to punch him in the face.

In comparison, Lim Guan Eng is so well-received by the Chinese masses that his minders need to form a human chain to protect the DAP sec-gen from being mobbed by his adoring, surging fans.

(III) ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?’ Equality, they reply

Dear Tun, you mentioned that “the partnership between particularly Umno and MCA, the second biggest party, kept this country stable and able to develop for over half a century”.

It may have been so but still, sir, you used the past tense.

(i) MCA not second biggest BN party anymore

MCA has only seven Parliament seats — only half of the PBB’s haul of 14.

Even Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), which is a young party of a decade’s standing, has six Parliament seats. During GE13, PRS stood in six seats and won all six, achieving 100 percent success. MCA stood in 37 seats and won seven, a ‘success’ rate of 19 percent – Fail.

Not only that, six out of the MCA’s seven Parliament seats are Malay-majority constituencies. Thus it is not Chinese that sent the MCA to Parliament; it is the Malays.

Come GE14 however, the BN’s Malay supporters will not be as kind to MCA candidates. The beginnings of this trend were evident in GE13 when spoilers like Isma put up their flagbearers as third party candidates.

For example in Seremban, MCA fielded Dr Yeow Chai Thiam, DAP Anthony Loke and Isma Ustaz Abdul Halim Abdullah (standing on Berjasa ticket). Ustaz Halim obtained 6,866 votes to Dr Yeow’s 33,075. It is impressive of an NGO like Isma to be able to collect some 20 percent the number of votes that MCA got.

Furthermore, MCA Seremban division chief Datuk Peter Lai Yit Fei had lent assistance to the opposing candidate, causing the MCA disciplinary board to suspend his membership for a year.

(ii) Arrested development

Stability is helped by balance. The Selangor government is tripod that stands on three equal legs — DAP with 15 legislators in the state assembly, PAS 15 and PKR 14.

Umno has 12 state assemblymen in Selangor; MCA has zero and Gerakan zero, MIC zero. There is no Sino-Malay balance in the BN.

Within the BN, Umno has 88 Parliament seats, and MCA seven. Within Pakatan, DAP has 38 Parliament seats, and PAS 21. The Umno-MCA relationship is too lopsided.

The Chinese do not see MCA as having any influential role in the BN. MCA is not getting anywhere.

(IV) Pointless appealing to the past

Dear Tun, you urged that the Chinese “must support the MCA because they cannot deny the benefits they gained during the partnership between the MCA and Umno”.

You have many times lamented the “Melayu mudah lupa” syndrome. Similarly with the Chinese. They have forgotten the MCA’s efforts in facilitating almost one million Merdeka citizenships for the non-Malay immigrants. To them “pendatang” is a four-letter word meant to insult.

(i) Yet history repeats itself

Dear Tun, in your keynote addresses to the Umno general assembly as party president, you have repeatedly warned against the DAP’s chauvinism.

You had observed too in your 28 Oct 1987 statement to Parliament with regard to the ISA swoop that MCA was trying to prove itself more communalistic than the DAP in order to keep up with its arch rival.

Today we cannot tell the MCA and DAP apart.

(ii) Gunting dalam Lipatan

If you read The Star, you’d be hard-pressed to think the editors and reporters were seconded from The Rocket.

The MCA newspaper is a nest of evangelistas. It is steering the Christians on a collision course with the Muslims. If previously social confrontations in Malaysia were on account of Race, the next one will be sparked by Religion.

Dear Tun, you have cautioned before that a religious conflict might soon break out in our country. If this were to happen, you can be sure that The Star would have contributed significantly to its outbreak. The Star was deemed a threat to national security under Ops Lalang and its publishing permit suspended.

This harimau bintang is a leopard that has not changed its tompok-tompok and continues to incite. MCA must be viewed as complicit in the actions of its Star Media Group. This makes MCA api dalam sekam.

So why in the world do you want to bring such backstabbers to Putrajaya?

(V) BN spirit dead and buried

Dear Tun, you opined that “The best that can happen is a sharing of political and economic power with one race dominant in one field and another in the other”.

I respectfully beg to differ. This neat split, with Malays in politics and Chinese in business, is quite outdated.

(i) BN past its shelf life

The colonial legacy whereby Chinese surpassed the Malays in the economic field has already been reversed largely thanks to the NEP. Aside from SMEs and neighbourhood retail outlets, the big companies nowadays are controlled by GLCs. Take Proton, for example. Its bosses are Malay.

If the Chinese really dominated the economy, this would mean that Tun Razak’s social engineering to uplift Malay society had failed. This would mean that your administration, Tun, has failed also. I would rather credit your success and hence cannot in good conscience accept the Alliance formulation that power-sharing entails Malays controlling politics and Chinese controlling business.

The Alliance power-sharing concept broke down in May 1969 when the Malays wanted in on business too.

Meanwhile, the BN formula expired in March 2008 when the Chinese decided they needed more political clout after losing their economic dominance.

(ii) From kingmaker to king

Dear Tun, permit me to reference a recent passage where you wrote: “Today the Malays are divided into three parties. For any party to win, Chinese support is essential. The Malay parties have become dependent on Chinese votes to win. The DAP sees this as an opportunity to choose which Malay party should win.”

Please do not say that the “DAP” saw an opportunity. It is really the “Chinese”. (DAP card-carrying members are only around 150,000 people.)

It is the Chinese who bought wholesale into “Ini kali lah”, “wu yue wu huan zheng fu” (5 May, change government), “ubah” and “kuburkan Umno”.

(VI) Why is BN rewarding treachery?

Mollycoddling the MCA with cabinet chairs is a slap in the face for those of us – the 10 percent Chinese – who have had to swim hard against the current. We voted BN when MCA people took the ABU route, riding along with the Chinese tidal wave.

We defended BN when the MCA media machinery was cheerleading their favourite DAP evangelistas and covertly, and overtly, campaigning for Pakatan.

The amalan setiakawan BN was made a mockery of when Umno boys and girls were left to man the MCA pondok panas because MCA did not even bother to campaign in their own areas. Pro-establishment Malays voted BN Chinese candidates only to see the MCA people ushering in the opposition (memenangkan pembangkang).

(i) A syok sendiri exercise

Appointing Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and their associates as Ministers will not legitimize the BN as a multiracial coalition in the eyes of the Chinese.

Dear Tun, please accept that the MCA you once knew no longer exists. You will not be able to recognise anymore the MCA which has turned into a different creature altogether.

Taking the current MCA slate into cabinet will be committing as big a mistake as Khairy Jamaluddin taking on board his Dapster-Scissorati secretary.

(ii) Mission Impossible

Dear Tun, you have conceded: “The MCA leaders will have a tough time persuading the Chinese to once again reject the idea of Chinese dominance and go back to sharing Malaysia fairly between the three major racial groups …”.

Nope, not “a tough time”. Impossible, more like.

Chinese political allegiance has come down the wire to an all-or-nothing gamble. With 90 percent of the Chinese votes going to Pakatan, there can be no doubt as to which party the Chinese are betting on.

To secure our future under the Malaysian sun with the BN, the Chinese remnants will need to renegotiate the social compact. The MCA leadership is not up to this task. Personally I prefer maverick outsiders like Wee Choo Keong to assume the mantle.

(VII) BN must bite the bullet

MCA buat masa ini hidup segan, mati tak mahu. Nonetheless come GE14, I guarantee that Liow Tiong Lai will lose his Bentong seat and Wee Ka Siong his Ayer Hitam seat and the rest of their colleagues as well. They are fat cats, not fighters.

Dear Tun, we deserve better from the BN. By ‘we’, I’m referring to those of us Chinese in the trenches — the battle-scarred soldiers who have been taking the bullets from the Bintang Lima. To reinstate the backstabbing MCA in cabinet is nothing short of a betrayal!

And it will remain that BN is merely propping up the illusion of Chinese political inclusion when in truth, the MCA has become a hollow shell. Liow and Wee wearing Minister titles have absolutely no impact on the Chinese, whether those in Pakatan or those who are anti-Pakatan.

MCA have done precious little to contain the DAP juggernaut. They are only paving the DAP’s path to Putrajaya. The BN would be betraying us by electing to give MCA any cabinet portfolios.

Liow and his gang are actually a hindrance to any future return of the Chinese to the BN fold. The MCA’s continued presence in the BN will only serve to block other avenues for a Chinese revival which must necessarily be created under a new (non-MCA) leadership.

MCA is simply tired, ineffective, directionless and disloyal.

What the Chinese voters decide in Kajang today will just reinforce all that I’ve said above.

Thank you very much for your time in reading, Dr M.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Ang


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74 thoughts on “Open letter to Dr Mahathir

  1. Wow Helen, i agree that mca is dead. It is not that Tun has high hopes that mca can garner the support of the chinese through mca.

    I see Tun as meaning :
    BN was and is still the best coalition of the 3 major races. it is a well-meaning and almost well- balanced party.

    However, the biggest cause of the erosion was Pakatan especially Dap’s unrelenting efforts of indoctrination that it is time for the Chinese to take over the country that has resulted in the chinese tsunami. It was dap that also created the chinese to redirect their votes from mca to them and pkr or pas wherever and whenever it was necessary.

    It is a well known fact the chinese race and this includes HY will at all cost support another chinese. There are too few of them who would not. This underground infiltration is a communist style of propaganda and pakatan used this as their modus operandi. BN always chooses the transparent method.

    Tun was suggesting the mca incumbent because malays usually will not forget the people who helped them. Therefore BN should not forget that MCA has been a partner over the years.

    Tun knows well where the Chinese of MCA stand. Kerana beradab orang melayu tidak akan senang2 lupa. ( this is in reference to Tun). He does not forget.

    Tun is the best PM Malaysia ever had. He thought of everybody and everything and he has Malaysia at the very core of his heart and thus his stand. I am in awe of him and i salute him.

    1. One thing i can see is that MCA was never and will never sincere with BN and it’s idealism .

      Refer Liow T Lai press statement on the day Kajang candidate was announce by TPM and the day of penamaan calon.

  2. Kita semua tahu bhw Wan Azizah akan menang.

    90% kaum Cina akan mengikut arahan Lim Kit Siang utk mengundi PKR. Kaum Cina sedar hanya ada satu jalan shj utk mereka merebut kuasa politik dan memerintah secara mutlak di Republic of Malaysia – iaitu dgn memperkudakan orang2 Melayu PKR dan PAS. Melayu PKR dan PAS ini adalah bodoh sangat yg akan berpuas hati dgn sedikit pemberian kuasa oleh Cina DAP. Lihat sahajalah kedudukan bilangan PAS dlm Majlis2 Tempatan di Selangor yg dikuasai oleh Cina DAP dan PKR. Itulah sebabnya peniaga2 kecil Melayu dgn mudah boleh dihalau dpd berniaga tetapi peniaga2 Cina tidak terusik langsung.

    Wan Azizah yg begitu lembik akan dgn mudah diperkotak-katikkan oleh Cina DAP.

    Dgn keadaan Najib yg begitu telah hilang arah spt orang bodoh maka dgn mudah shj Cina DAP akan merampas Putrajaya di PRU14 nanti. Barisan Nasional akan jadi Pembangkang yg akan terkangkang shj. Setelah Pakatan Rakyat berkuasa, maka Cina DAP akan menjemput sekutunya iaitu Cina PAP dari Singapura utk menyertai Malaysia. Dgn Ahli Parliamen Cina yg sudah ada melebihi dari 2/3, mereka dgn mudah akan mengubah Perlembagaan Malaysia dgn menghapuskan Keistimewaan Kaum Bumiputera, menghapuskan Institusi Raja-Raja Melayu dan menjadikan Tanah Melayu sebagai sebuah Republik – the Republic of Malaysia.

    Orang Melayu akan mengemis di negara sendiri. Menangis air mata darah pun sudah tidak bermakna lagi. Anak cucu-cicit kita akan kencing di atas kubur ibubapa dan nenek moyang mereka yg begitu alpa akan nasib dan masa depan mereka.

    Begitulah jadinya dgn kehendak nafsu kita, insyaallah………..

    Melayu mudah lupa …………..

    1. Well said….jgn nasi jadi bubur. Yg perlu disalahkan ialah orang Melayu sendiri yg tak sedar akan permainan puak komunis DAP. Ttp kerana dendam kesumat PAS terhadap UMNO, apa saja sanggup dibuat.

      Anwar memang tidak dpt diharap langsung krn akan kegilaannya utk jadi PM at all cost. Sanggup gadai apa saja asalkan dpt kuasa! Maka sedarlah wahai org MELAYU semua, bersatulah kita utk hapuskan Cina DAP lebih2 lagi LIM KIT SIANG & ANAKNYA – FOR GOOD OF THE NATION. ALLAHUAKBAR 3X

  3. Jangan ingat kita melayu akan biarkan sejarah singapura di berikan kepada china begitu shaja berulang, kita akan tentang habis habisan sehingga ke titisan darah terakhir.

    1. Boleh ke? Dulu yang bagi adalah Melayu walaupun Lee KY menentang cadangan SIngapura keluar dari Malaysia.

      1. quote,”Lee KY menentang cadangan Singapura keluar dari Malaysia.”unqote.

        gosh..all these years you were not aware LKY was play acting?

        and Melayu sekarang lain dari Melayu 60an…

        1. Klau LKY menentang cadangan itu, dia pun dah bermati-matian meminta Tunku jangan halau dia.
          Ada tak? Takde.

          1. Tunku was a bangsawan. A typical lembik ones just like Ah Jib Gor. A working class bangsawan like Tun M is different. We need more people like Tun M!

      2. LKY menentang dan bersedih Singapoura dihalau dari Malaysia kerana hapuslah cita2 dia untuk menjadi PM kapada Negara Malaysian Malaysia…. ada paham?

        Hari ini anak didik dia LKS sudah hampir dapat capai cita2 ini dengan cara yang lebih licik, menggunakan Melayu2 lembu dan menjanjikan PM boneka kepada Melayu peliwat.

  4. the shortage of Chinese school teachers? and yet they fight for Bangsa Malaysia ha ha.

    Chinese question the Bumi special rights, DEB and so many more but they never question themselves when they are the economic kings since Tunku Abd. Rahman. Who monopolized Sugars, Motorcycle and so many more that made then super rich and when things started to change a little, now they question on AP, bumis rights and so on.

  5. What is needed is for a very rich tycoon to take over the MCA infrastructure and reinvent the Alliance. After all politics is all about power and money, a concept fully embraced by MCA and DAP.

    1. eduardloong…. you posted a very good idea but it is unrealistic when the tycoon are opportunist and they will go to where most chinese were…. means DAP.

  6. Obstinate people aren’t they ? Even if PKR put a dog or anything of that matter they would win.

    I supposed that’s why anwar wasn’t allowed to postpone his trial. Might make his way to adun & become MB of this state. This small election seals it.

    1. “Even if PKR put a dog or anything of that matter they would win. ”

      I believe the same result would be Bukit Gelugor, Pulau Pinang.

  7. Sometimes one has to do soul searching and ask why did the Chinese until 2008 give full support to BN. In 1999, when Malay votes was fractured, it was the Chinese who came to the aid of BN. Its the Chinese votes which carried BN to victory. Until 2008, BN never lost its two third majority. Johor until the breakthrough was an UMNO-BN fortress.

    So, where did it all go wrong ?

    1. Norman,

      No. Even in 1999 despite UMNO’s reeling from Anwar’s sacking, UMNO still managed to get the lion share of Malay votes.

      Chinese no doubt in 1999 voted for BN. But it is the malay votes that carried BN through. simply because they are the largest voters in term of racial composition.


      As one Malay poltician, Anwar, who cant accept reality that he is not destined to PM, started to sell the Malay in order to entice the chinese. He knows that as he cant get the lion share of Malay votes, so he decides to woo the chinese by destroying Malay political power. And this is something that the Chinese wants.

      Unti today, the political power is in hand of Malays through UMNO. Should BN fall, the power is shifted to PR. And no prize for guessing which party dominates PR.


      1. SA,

        Do you have any data/info that compare the voting trend of the Malay and Chinese vis-a-vis BN for the 1995 and 1999 general election?

        1. Asus,

          Many people make the mistake by saying Chinese votes carried BN through in 1999. Chinese after seeing how Chinese in Indonesia massacred during the turmoil in 1999 decided it would be better to vote for BN.

          But even in 1999, the percentage of chinese who voted BN is still less than 50%.

          There is no denying that the Chinese total rejection of BN in 2008 and 2013 resulted in BN losing 2/3 majority. But BN (mainly UMNO) still survive as even in 2013 more than half of Malay voters who votes chose UMNO.

          To say that BN survives due to Chinese vote is misleading. It is the Malay votes that make UMNO still ruling the country until today. Check the data. Do not be surprise that even in 2004 when BN won big, the percentage of Chinese vote to BN is less than 50%.

          1. The Cinas like to think themselves as the kingmaker. The one who calls the shot. Kiasu will always be kiasu. But not until, tsunami cina and the Malays started asking Apa lagi Cina mahu?, they started to sembunyi tangan. Itu oun sebab kiasu dan lebih tepat lagi kiasi!!

          2. SA,

            I am unable to find any info on the percentage of Chinese support for BN in the 1999 election. I am inclined to believe that the figure would be more than 50%, perhaps at 70-80%.

            Do share the link here if you are able to find any info on the above.

  8. The following is what I commented in Annie’s Blog on February 1, 2013 in respond to one I-am-not-Indian-Actually’s comment

    LOL1 February 2014 09:55

    Re. If anything, the Kajang by-election will be more of a testing time for MCA

    MCA is dead or MIGHT AS WELL DEAD. You don’t go to war to test the Market, you go to war to win. It is the tax payer money you are wasting, not to mention time wasted.

    Re. It will be almost like a victory if MCA loses by a much smaller margin.

    You don’t go to war to lose, even by a small margin. If you are not 110% confident then better back off. Latest statistics shows that 49% voters are Malays, 41% are Chinese and 10% are Indian. In the last election, PKR won by 6000 plus margin only.

    Given that the Chinese are no longer with BN and Asal Bukan UMNO, they won’t swing their vote en mass and no amount of goodies will do that. If any, the PRK Sungai LImau is a good example , where majority of them didn’t come out to vote.

    It is the “MELAYU” UMNO’s battle and no longer MCA Chinese battle. Should UMNO/BN field MCA candidate, it will suffer major repercussion by the “MELAYU TOTOK” since this is a Malay majority constituency and WE ARE NOT HAPPY WITH MCA and CINA. Should UMNO/BN field UMNO candidate, the following will be revealed win, lose or draw:

    a. Should UMNO win, the talk about the Malay Tsunami after PRU13 is in fact true considering that Chinese votes are not longer relevant and needed after PRU13 (due to their own doing, Gelang Patah is the testing ground and Bukit Katil is another). It is an affirmation of Malay Unity and Support to the GOMEN of the day and moving forward.

    b. UMNO/BN will have to work really hard to appease the MELAYU TOTOK and has to sacrifice the “Semangat Setiakawan” with MCA, for what happen to them is their own doing not UMNO/BN/Melayu and their mere existence today by the grace of ALLAH is at the MERCY of “TOTOK MELAYU” votes in the last PRU13 not the Chinese;

    C. Sadly, nobody talks about the Indian, they are left in the rut as usual and being used again and again by both sides. There are 10% of them there ( according to report quoting Helen) and the split is 45% BN and 55% Pakatan. The trend should likely to remain the same this time around,unless Anwar Ibrahim’s Kampung Buah Pala debacle has been forgiven and forgotten by the poor Indian; A point to note, the rich, the professional, the christian and “I am Not Indian Actually” don’t root for BN/UMNO anymore.

    The question now is, what is the new “gula-gula” that Anwar and Pakatan will peddle to the poor Indian community this time around? Last time was his antic as “Sivaji the Boss” complete with the costume, look here you Indians:


    D. The Chinese are irrelevant in this coming PRK, they are just bonus point for UMNO/BN, in fact MCA Chinese is the one who is “terhegeh-hegeh” begging for the “Totok Melayu” votes while they themselves are already a Pariah in their own community.

    And here is the result of PRK Kajang, the Deja Vu of PRK Sungai Limau.

    BANGI: PKR mengekalkan kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Kajang apabila calonnya, Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, 62, menang Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) dengan majoriti lebih kecil 5,379 undi.

    Keputusan itu diumumkan Pegawai Pengurus Pilihan Raya DUN Kajang, Datuk Hasan Nawawi Abdul Rahman, di Pusat Penjumlahan Rasmi Undi di Kompleks Sukan Bandar Baru Bangi, di sini, sebentar tadi.

    Wan Azizah memperoleh 16,741 undi berbanding calon Barisan Nasional (BN), Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun yang mendapat 11,362 undi.

    Terdapat sebanyak 176 undi rosak.

    Peratusan keluar mengundi kali ini merosot kepada 72 peratus berbanding 88.40 peratus yang dicatat semasa Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 (PRU-13) tahun lalu.

    Hanya 28,314 daripada 38,055 pemilih berdaftar keluar mengundi pada PRK kali ini.

    Pada PRU-13, calon PKR, Lee Chin Cheh, menang dengan majoriti 6,824 undi apabila meraih 19,571 undi berbanding calon BN, Lee Ban Seng yang memperolehi 12,747 undi. Kerusi DUN Kajang kosong berikutan peletakan jawatan Cin Cheh pada 27 Januari lalu.

  9. The way I see, chinese and UMNO is the end of story. Melayu call talak 3. But Melayu still can get the support from the Chinese. In fact the Chinese are supporting Malay candidate in PKR and PAS. What Melayu needs to do is to reinvent themselves into a new party with new faces.

    1. Re. In fact the Chinese are supporting Malay candidate in PKR and PAS.

      Those are Malay majority areas or slight more as compared to Chinese. The fact remains that they don’t support the Malays, they support anything against UMNO/BN including their own kind.

      Re. What Melayu needs to do is to reinvent themselves into a new party with new faces.

      Even if the Malays go to Korea and have plastic surgery to look Chinese and adopted Chinese name, they still won’t vote UMNO/BN. Singapore is a lesson to all MELAYU where they will do whatever they have in their power to marginalize the MELAYU systematically.

      In Singapore, the Malay birth rate is higher than that of the Chinese, to counter this on yearly basis since mid 2000’s they have been “importing” new citizen mostly from PRC at an estimated 25,000 people per year.

  10. the best to describe MCA

    “If someone is trying to convince people to do or feel something without any hope of succeeding, they’re flogging a dead horse. This is used when someone is trying to raise interest in an issue that no-one supports anymore; beating a dead horse will not make it do any more work.

    let that horse die in peace………….RIP

  11. My very frank opinion, BN should leave them be as after 4yrs they will come crawling back and begging for a packet of bubur lambuk to keep their families alive!

    Jgn marah ya Cik Helen, many Malaysian Chinese berlagak lebih dari kemampuan. Probably 30% are doing very well, yg lain tu sama aje.. kais pagi makan pagi like any one of us TAPI they go flashing around like they own the world.

    Yg sedih the politicians playing with the livelihood of these gullible fools, promising to fly them to the moon and the stars.. when in fact their rocket can only fly highest is the pokok nyiok.

    Common la APEK NYONYA, AKOW and AMOYs.. be realistic, you are merely a minority group, your business, main source of income for survival needs the support of us the majorities to survive.. jangan kalut dok eksyen sangat.

  12. Dalam PRU 14 akan datang, kita akan melihat Pakatan Rakyat menentang UMNO di semenanjung. Selama mana UMNO mampu bertahan, biarlah masa yang menentukan untung nasib mereka. Generasi pengundi baru saban hari meningkat pada setiap penggal PRU. Golongan profesional lebih cenderung menyertai Pakatan Rakyat disebabkan UMNO dikuasai oleh golongan elitis.

    Samada formula perkongsian kuasa ala BN masih lagi relevan atau tidak, masih terdapat pengundi di beberapa negeri yang kekal menerima pakai tradisi yang dipraktikkan sejak zaman pasca merdeka. Dari corak pengundian golongan muda dibandar, parti berasaskan kaum bukanlah menjadi pilihan. Mungkin mereka telah bersedia untuk menerima sistem dwi parti asalkan calon yang mereka pilih tampak bertenaga untuk memimpin masyarakat dan juga negara. Tambahan pula sentimen bangsa Malaysia menguasai pemikiran masyarakat khususnya anak-anak muda di bandar.

    Setakat ini, Sabah & Sarawak menjadi deposit tetap kepada BN dan bertindak sebagai kingmaker kepada pembentukan kerajaan BN. Ambil iktibar yang berlaku di Crimea manakala Scotland akan menentukan halatuju masa depan mereka pada September ini. BN jangan berasa terlalu selesa dengan kedudukan semasa. Tangan-tangan ghaib sentiasa menanti peluang sesuai untuk meranapkan kerajaan pimpinan BN. Jangan bertangguh-tangguh melaksanakan perubahan. Masa tidak akan menunggu BN. Dari Rancangan Rekonsiliasi Nasional kepada pemantapan parti di bawah payung BN, semuanya berjalan perlahan hingga mengambil masa melebihi 1 tahun. Untungnya Tun M, beliau bersara pada ketika ledakan maklumat media sosial baru mula mengganas.

    Strategi kempen BN pada masa akan datang juga perlu berubah. Jangan terlalu jujur dan lurus bendul untuk menarik undi. Perang psikologi terhadap PR perlu diambil perhatian. Lihat saja poster menadah tangan memohon doa Dr Wan Azizah di Kajang yang mampu mengalirkan air mata serta mencairkan pengundi di Kajang kerana masyarakat zaman sekarang sangat terpengaruh dengan kempen mengikut format rancangan realiti, drama dan retorik.

    [ “Melayu mudah lupa”]
    Pada saya, golongan generasi baru bangsa Malaysia yang sentiasa “terlupa” asal usul dan sejarah.

  13. You predicted Wan Azizah will win. Presto you are right.

    But I doubt this. More Chinese supporting MCA? I doubt it. Could it be more Malay support?

    “There is a return of Chinese support. And we also managed to reduce their (PKR) majority. Do not worry. The PKR vote majority this time around is definitely below that of the 6,824 in the elections last year,” he said.

    With a smaller voter turnout, could it be that the overseas voters (esp like from Singapore, Australia) are not voting? More Chinese support may not be true.

    PS My Indian friend who always bugs me to comment on her behalf will comment on her own as Mulan’s friend.

    1. SYA made analysis. Check his Facebook.

      According to him, BN suffer more lost vote as oppose to PKR.

      Undi PKR berkurang 15%
      Undi BN berkurang 20%
      PRU 13 result
      PKR 19, 571
      BN 12, 747
      Others 1,432
      Total 34, 290

      PKR 16, 784 (-15%)
      BN 10, 323 (-20%)
      Total 27, 007 (-21%)

  14. Ms H. Well-done.

    The May 13 1969 came about because of the lack of intellect of the MCA since 1957 at least when its leadership could not advise its erstwhile partner UMNO what was really happening on the ground. (i) The largely Chinese populace unused to a working relationship with the Malays (ii) The leadership was oblivious to the desires of the young Malay intellectuals of the 1960s at the slow pace of economic reforms which would benefit them also.

    Good of you to up-date all of us to recent events and the shenanigans of folks with only a certain level of intellect which is very important in politics, Malaysian politics. We cannot have donkeys to lead us. Times have changed as their are many more highly educated people amongst us. We are not fools anymore.

    The filp-side of your treatise reveals a glimmer of hope.

    There are win-win answers for all to the two white elephants of Malaysian Chinese politics (i) The Mandarin language (ii) The vernacular schools.

    The Constitution has the game plan for all to play by the rules.

    It is the leadership of the UMNO which is very important to lead the flock of Malaysians out of this mess caused by all sorts of human problems and behaviour.

    A first step is for those responsible to revert back to NORMALITY/NORMALCY..

  15. Would be interesting to get a sense of why 11, 000 voters didn’t bother to show up.

    School holidays? Fed up with the whole farce? Apathy?

  16. Ms H. Actually, the chronological history of the real achievements of the MCA since its vaunted and flaunted 1,000,000 citixenships act of 1951 were very scanty.

    There have been no major moves by the MCA since 1951 in the Malaysian Chinese and the National Interest. From 1951, the MCA morphed into a social welfare association which produced immensely wealthy leaders from 1957 to 2014.

    The first batch of leaders 1949-1961 came from the Kuomintang

    There was a coup of sorts in 1961 or thereabouts by the Straits born towkays with blessings which was more in keeping with the realpolitik of the day. Because of the nature of the MCA Contitution at that time, the President was a one-man show who spelt out the rules for play.
    The 1960s did not bring anything of political worth to the MCA. It was a club of sorts.

    Suddenly, the MCA was hit by May 13 1969. It left the Alliance in a pique because it said the Chinese did not support them, at 2.30 pm May 13 1969.

    Riots erupted at 5 pm that afternoon. The MCA was back in the Alliance by 10 pm in the evening. In the meantime, many innocent men, women and children lives were lost.

    Thereafter, the MCA leadership was in the Alliance dog-house until April 1974 when the Mandarin speaking small town boys took over the MCA leadership. On the pretext that the Malays took over Sime Darby and was going into business bigtime, these Mandarin speaking boys made the MCA exclusive to themselves and plunged into business in a very big way for themselves- to protect Chinese businesses was the refrain.

    The Chinese were taken for a ride in supporting the MCA money-making leadership and many lost money in the MCA money making schemes. This brought about further internal disruptions in the MCA which eventually eschewed that they will not touch business anymore. But then, the money was already safely ensconced in the relevant pockets and empires have been built at the Rakyat’s expense.

    As it is said, the rest is all history due to the careless use of MONEY !.

  17. I am not sure that disenfranchising the Malaysian Chinese will help in any way – which is what I think you are advocating, although you have cleverly skirted around it by raising all sorts of other issues.

    Cut to the chase – what Malaysian Chinese and Indians are looking for is respect. “Face”, if you will. Not to be constantly reminded that political dominance is the preserve of the Malay-Muslims in Malaysia, and that Islam has predominance over all other religions in the country.

    It’s as if Malaysian Chinese and Indian faces are being constantly rubbed into the miasma of “second class” citizenship, with all that it implies.

    You may dismiss the “brain drain” as the futile outpourings of a disgruntled few who are not willing to accept the “realities” as they are. That is your prerogative. But those who are “mobile”, with education or resources, have the luxury of being able to make choices, including “”voting with their feet” if push comes to shove.

    I suspect that Dr Mahathir, battle-scarred as he is, is ultimately (like Lee Kuan Yew) a realist. If that means coming to a modus operandi with China, Japan, India and the US, I believe that the Tun is canny enough to make the appropriate choices.

    1. Oleg Skilgannon. By voting over 90% for the Opposition, the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese have already disenfranchised themselves. They have no more say in major or minor political issues of the BN as led by the UMNO with the 15 component parties.

      In British Malaya, the British knew the Chinese best and just left the Chinese alone. But they kept a baleful eye over their politics which were Chinese schools inspired, through the establilshment of the Protector of the Chinese ( a euphemism ) in the Straits Settlements, Penang and Singapore, and the Federated Malay States, Kuala Lumpur. In fact the KL office is still standing at the head of Petaling Street opposite the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

      1. “Cut to the chase – what Malaysian Chinese and Indians are looking for is respect.”

        Sumbat kangkung is respectful is it? [YouTube]

        Sumbat kangkung itu cara orang Cina menunjukkan bahawa hidup mereka susah. Alright!

  18. Oleg Skilgannon. The political reaity of Malaysia dictates that the ruling Government of the day must have a Malay bias.

    This is why one should wonder about the sincerity of the raison d’etre of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP’s eternal slogan ‘Malaysia for Malaysians.’

    The fact that the DAP is in cahoots with the very rich PKR and the very pious PAS, does not jive in the heads of knowledgeable folks.

    Irony of all irony, down in the spiritual homeland of the DAP which is Singapore, the populace is now shouting ‘ Singapore for Singaporeans. ‘ It is alleged their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore keeps clear of his old haunt, Hong Lim Green these days.

    1. We are into “political realities” now, are we?

      Well, do “political realities” dictate that we accept the pre-eminence and suzerainty of the People’s Republic of China in the Asia-Pacific region or that we have to hide behind the coat tails of Uncle Sam?

      When the PRC asks us to jump, do we only pause to ask “how high”?

      Be careful when you mouth off about ” political realities”. They have a nasty habit of biting you in the butt when you least expect it.

      As for LKY’s alleged or apocryphal “15 failed policies”, the reality is that on every documented measure, Singapore seems to be doing fine. Including, shall we say, a Dollar that is worth 2.6 Ringgit….which proves that, currency-wise at least, size is no predictor of strength.

      1. Olek Skigannon. I was in a particular national institution when the Malaysian Ringgit was RM1: Singapore Dollar $1.30. It does not pay for Malaysia to have a strong currency because we export for a living based on our petroleum, palm oil, and manufactured goods. A strong currency does not mean you have a strong nation.

        1. AK47,

          When was that when the Ringgit was RM1: Singapore Dollar $1.30? It may be many years ago. Taking that as a point of reference and compare both nation as of now, which country has progressed better?

      2. Olek Skigannon. For your edification please read the following from the respected journal ‘ The Economist ‘. :-



        The ordinary Singaporean opines that Singapore will top the list soon.

        1. so yr face never turn red by citing the western media/source when it suit u huh? u r still a joker.

  19. Our good Christian friend David is making fun of Chew Mei Fun’s loss.

    To date 4131 Mandarin reading readers like the post. (2.32 pm March 24, 2014)

    1. Everytime someone makes a post about David, I will click the link even when I know it’s gonna be in mandarin. Uuugghhhh .. hoi melayu PR, see the guy you voted doesn’t even want to share his thoughts with you, and you expect him to listen to your problems and work for you,

      1. What else. The Cinas introduces Mandarin to Canto speaking Malaysians for the sake of having keeping the conversations, strictly among themselves. How many Malays, Indians & Lain2 had felt unpleasant when their few Cina kawans in their group having Mandarin exchanges slightly after some laughs. Why the switch? Your guess is as good as mine!!

        1. Easy, lah. Go study Mandarin, as many Malay kids do in Malaysia.

          And they don’t feel left out if their friends prattle away in English, Malay or Mandarin. Heck, they can even switch seamlessly between the 3 languages.

          Now Tamil…..that might be a problem….

          1. Haiya…semangat setia kawan maa, sama kawan2 mandarin bey hiau, tak payah la cakap mandarin. Bila india cakap tamil sama lu olang, tau pulak tak senang duduk…

  20. I believe party representation in the government should be reflected by its performance in the election, not by race.

  21. nah! Singapore talks about integration.

    “INTEGRATING into society involves many dimensions, and the most meaningful way is to take a genuine interest in another person’s life, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said at a fund-raising event for business leaders who are Indian expatriates and new citizens.”

    Hmmm. Integration for rich Indian expat. For the worker Indian treat them like drunk pariah. Majulah Singapura!

    1. The laws apply equally to all, rich Indian expats and worker Indians included, in the city-state?

      I don’t see Western tourists being told to guard their belongings or hang on to their handbags while traipsing around in Singapore’s Little India.

      In KL?…..That’s another kettle of fish.

  22. Yeah it’s the Tun fulfilling the role of a grandfather to the country.
    Its okay.

    It is the MCA that must be in sync with the reality on how the Chinese had rejected it and the BN in the election.

    A very shameful act indeed if MCA was to rejoin the Cabinet. MCA in the Cabinet is nothing more than a Dong Zong mouthpiece fighting for everything Chinese from language to school system, a bane to Malaysia national integration.

  23. BN RIP in Advance. What ever Anwar do is no issue in the Chinese eye because to break the Malay unity is to play Anwar as the bait to united PAS-DAP-PKR and to disunite UMNO and the Malays.

    Chinese are gambles. Now it seem all bets on Anwar for PM in GE14. Chinese are also good investor and they are investing in Anwar cause the true master in PR is Chinese DAP evangelist, Choi Lek is a disgust to the Chinese with his scandal while Anwar is pure as a white paper in the Chinese eyes even though the court found him guilty, even Karpal Sngh publicly declare who Anwar before he was sack. Why? Anwar is the best tool to break Malay Unity and to disintegrate Malays from UMNO’s.

    Chinese are opportunist while Malays tidak apa. GE 14 Anwar will become PM and LGE the DPM. Najib too seems don’t mind for it to happen. His action speak for him selves.. AyamSatu MalaysiaSatuRinggitSahaja.

  24. True Madam,

    MCA is a Dead Horse… Flogging a Dead Horse will not make it come to life!

  25. The Indians may not be everybody’s cup of tea. A constituency of the bullied, the deprived, the marginalized if not by their own then by everyone from the BN to the opposition they are the future to the balance of power in Malaysia unless one is blind.

    The Indians who are majority Tamils were brought to Malaysia from certain parts of Tamil Nadu (Madras then) by the British who realized that many of these were good workers who could be exploited because their socio religious conditioning imbued in them the belief they should suffer in this life to be reborn and escalated up the social ladder through suffering and pain.

    The Malays including Dr. Mahathir whom I adore in many respects, failed them. The fact remains though that inspite of their failures, they were never made to feel welcome in Malaysia. The Chinese who the Malays prefer because of their wealth and the fact that they assimilate more readily to advance their causes have now overridden the Malay position in Malaysia and that situation with the BN is rapidly deteriorating to a point only another May 13 will cure the Malay decline.

    But out of a position of ignorant arrogance they the BN continue like the DAP to believe the Tamils will sit by idly. It won’t happen. The Waythamurthis and MIC’s don’t control any group. The groups control them. They make them they break them. And if the Tamils are to be understood one merely has to look into their recent history. Regardless of how it ends, one merely has to look at the price Sri Lanka paid for that same careless attitude towards them.

    Malaysia has been caught up in that middle class trap where the vast majority now have the coveted lifestyle albeit at a cost they can ill afford. They want more. Very few analyse the position they are in and ask what are the consequences of this rapid transformation (socially and economically).

    Unless they court the middle ground the situation will turn ugly because whoever wins will win by a small margin which is really no win at all.

    The Tamils have a higher threshold of pain and suffering than any of the other groups who have been molly coddled by the economic prosperity of the country.

    Unless inclusiveness means including the Tamils like Najib has done the place is bound to become another Chinese enclave where the Indians first then Malays will be reduced to a nation of peons and drivers like in Singapore.

    The Tamils for their part must also learn to identify good leaders to lead them. They must discard their caste shoes and move forward. There are Keralites who are their cousins who have a better sense of leadership and achievement who they reject from the MIC which should be re named the MTC (Malaysian Tamil Congress)>

    Leave the Sikhs alone. These are an anti intellectual group often referred to as the “Brawn” of the Indian communities. They believe their religion makes them a race. They are Punjabis and parochial.

    As for the Gujaratis and Maharashtrians they are too engaged in their commercial successes to be troubled by politics.

    1. re: “The Tamils for their part must also learn to identify good leaders to lead them.”

      Waytha Moorthy.

  26. The comments of the Tun in respect of your open letter above are slightly (and I say this respectfully of him) are misplaced and based on sentiments that were perhaps valid in the 1970’s and 1980’s but not today.

    The Chinese cannot wag the dog anymore than they did in the past. Much of the Chinese “power” based on their economic prowess and capacity (which still provides and endures) is no match for the ballot box and the power of the administration in government that wields it.

    Much like how the Arabs of the late 1970’s were no longer the tent dwelling Bedouin the Israelis walked all over in 1967 when they defeated Israel in the Yom Kippur war, the Malays, urban and rural are a more sophisticated bunch exposed to the same influences and forces the Chinese and Indians had accessed, manipulated and benefitted from immediately post independence to this day.

    A betrayal of the kind the Chinese demonstrated at that Tsunami last year was a “do or die” moment for them. They demonstrated their true colours at that final hour when the ship they believed was sinking. Rats do that. They should not be rewarded for their betrayal. It is a gamble they took and lost. They should not be pampered and molly coddled for losing that gamble. At least Judas was honourable enough to hang himself after betraying Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver.

    What sort of a message does that “forgiveness” by the Tun snd out to the many Judas’ in government? Brutus was an honourable man. I doubt Ceaser would have forgiven him and taken him back to the senate if he survived the assassination. That’s what the Tun appears to be proposing.

    We must forget that hype that the Chinese are invincible and somehow possessed of the magic of commerce. Everyone is. Especially if they adopt the Chinese method of success of threats, blackmail, bribery and corruption.

    For all their faults the Hindraf mob inspite of the kick in the pants they received at the hands of government, showed loyalty and put whatever skin they had in the game. The government came through.

    Without the enormous financial resources of the Chinese the Indians had everything to lose and some say lost in that gamble. But that’s for another day and subject to what government may yet have in store for them.

    The corruption in government as the popular media and opposition to government claims exists is almost to a fault and to a man the game of Chinese entrepreneurs bribing low paid and ambitious public servants to access public property and opportunities without having to submit to a meritorious assessment of their capabilities.

    Yet the blame is always directed at people like the Tun and the Malays and to every element o the BN government. Not one of the beneficiaries of the largesse of the Tun’s era in politics including the late Eric Cheah, Vincent Tan, the Kwok Brothers and others who benefitted immensely bothered to stand up and say, I got my license and my opportunities through merit or at the very least, the Tun is not guilty as accused.

    Unless the Malays wish to be relegated in eternity to the role of high paid peons, baggage boys and drivers of the powerful Chinese interest in Malaysia, they should stand up now and show the Chinese what consequences there are for betrayal.

    There is an old Sicilian saying that goes like this:

    “Revenge is a dish that is best served cold!!”

    To the Tun: Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.
    You have an enormous degree of influence amongst Malaysia’s majority: its Malays and Indians (at least of the latter those who do not support Ambiga and her Brahmins). You must re think your strategy because many hang on to your every word. Once given the opportunity to rule the Chinese will never let go. let Singapore be an example of that point. However rich a Malay may be after that, he would have lost his position of primacy in a land destiny, God and history gave him. And if that happens which it could, all of us who stood by and di nothing or said nothing about the Tsunami approaching in its second round will be responsible for it.

    Salaams to the Tun and well said Helen Ang.

  27. I always thought Helen Ang was a women, turns out she has a penis, I guess thats why shes always angry, attention-whore

    1. You mean you thought Annie was a woman?

      Helen Ang is a real person and female.

      Annie the anon.

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