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MH370 crisis: Putrajaya must urgently rethink its relationship with MCA

It is not the fault of Najib Razak or Umno or BN or Putrajaya that flight MH370 went missing.

And although there were admittedly a few shortcomings in the way the authorities handled the matter, still there is not much more that Najib, Umno, the BN, Putrajaya and MAS could have done to placate the Chinese families.


Twitter - hwabeng- Putrajaya should apologise

In light of this, the tweet (screenshot above) by uber evangelista Datuk Lee Hwa Beng – former three-term MCA Adun for Subang Jaya – sharing that “Putrajaya should apologise to Chinese families of MH370 passengers” must register a question mark in the seemingly impenetrable tidak apa mindset of the Umno leadership.

Alahai Umno! Tolong lah bangun dari tidur lena tu, boleh tak?

If you follow Datuk Lee’s public pronouncements closely, you will realise that he is more DAP than the DAP. But this man represented the MCA in the Selangor state assembly for three terms as well as was appointed by MCA-BN to be chairman of Port Klang from 2009-2011.

Hannah, Elizabeth and Lee Hwa Beng, the MCA former 3-term Adun for Subang Jaya
Lee Hwa Beng with Hannah and Elizabeth

There is something very, very wrong with Umno!

The Umno Yang Berhormats are not Mandarin speakers. So we do not expect that they can do much personally, due to language constraints, about the unbridled anti-government hatred that is on display in the Malaysian Chinese social media.

Neither do we expect Umno to be able to deal with the Beijing officials, Chinese media and the China families affected by the disappearance of the plane with regard to the fitnah being spread about the “useless Malay” government agencies, statutory bodies and GLCs connected with handling the MH370 affair.

Effecting damage control and liaison with Chinese speakers is the job of the Malaysian CHINESE Association which is claiming its place in the BN on account of nothing else but its Chineseness. It is also a task in which the MCA fails abjectly. F-minus.

MCA has not been of any use in protecting Malaysia’s international reputation nor defending the government’s handling of the issue in the Chinese sphere. Instead of contributing to the solution, the MCA has compounded the problem through its Gunting dalam Lipatan.

Lee Hwa Beng with Kit Siang

Umpama mendokong biawak hidup


What is the use of MCA to the BN?

Somebody from the Umno Sleepy Supreme Council please answer me this, can or not?

Our country is under various attacks from the international and Chinese media.

Below: “Ma Lie”


Yet the MCA media machinery as well as the MCA are doing nothing about helping to clarify the situation on behalf of the government. Instead Putrajaya has been stabbed in the back to the point of having to confront the hysteria of the Chinese families and China public.

Under the circumstances of language and cultural barriers, do you expect Umno to be at the forefront of defending the government? They can’t even if they wanted to (they don’t speak Chinese). The job falls to the MCA.

Cukup-cukup lah. If MCA is unable to stand up and deliver, then the party most certainly does not deserve to be in the cabinet.

The MCA is not behaving like they are a part of the Najib administration. They are instead behaving like they are a fifth column. How else do you explain the unmitigated bad press that has beset Malaysia in the Chinese-speaking world?

If the PPTA is still refusing to be proactive about this, then expect a backlash from the Malay grassroots to kick the Umno fat arses out of their cushy chairs in Putrajaya.



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Open letter to Dr Mahathir


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28 thoughts on “MH370 crisis: Putrajaya must urgently rethink its relationship with MCA

  1. Haha, Helen really go all out to provoke Malay to go against Chinese and she wants [deleted]. Try harder, I don’t think they are listening or they have to gut to expel MCA though it won’t make a difference at all.

    1. …..bukan all out against Chinese ttp “DAP Chinese & evangelist Kristian yg anti govt, Islam & Melayu… apa yg Helen cakap memang ada kebenaran kecuali Melayu umno yg tidur serta Melayu PAS & PKR yg buta yg tidak nampak konspirasi utk menganggu gugat ketenteraman negara & memburukan imej negara & pemerintah di mata dunia.

    2. Do you care if MCA is in the gov? Almost all Chinese is asking MCA to do the following:- “GFY”

  2. UMNO = PPTA – Parti Paling Tidak Apa
    MCA = PPTG – Parti Paling Tak Guna

    Rentetan dari peristiwa demi peristiwa, PPTG ini sudah pun begitu jelas tindak-tanduknya yang pro-DAP…

    UMNO pulak ialah PPTA maka wujudnya PPTG ini dalam selimut sendiri pun masih dikatanya ‘tidak apa’ jugak ke?

    Tak tahu dah nak kata apa….

    MIC pulak: PPTN – Parti Paling Tak Nampak… walau di siang hari yang terang benderang!

  3. Helen…pendapat anda memang ada asasnya.

    UMNO sebagai parti utama BN seharusnya melihat semula formula perkongsian yang telah digunapakai sejak pilihanraya yang pertama dulu.

    Pada pendapat saya, formula perkongsian itu masih lagi relevan. Yang tidak relevan ialah parti-parti yang tidak lagi menunjukkan prestasi cemerlang dan sebaliknya menunjukkan prestasi petualang.

    Tidak rugi mana pun jika MCA dan juga MIC dipinggirkan buat sementara waktu sehingga mereka berjaya kembali mendapat sokongan kaum mereka.

    BN khususnya UMNO perlu mengukuhkan kedudukan dengan sokongan parti-parti dari Sabah dan Sarawak dengan memberikan lebih banyak tumpuan dalam memajukan dua negeri berkenaan.

    Jangan sampai kehilangan negeri fix deposit ini baru hendak menyesal di kemudian hari…..
    Tindakan segera amat perlu…. itupun kalau sudah tersedar dari lamunan yang panjang….

  4. Ms H. In times of crises, those orgainisations or individuals who are able to help must show their compassion and volunteer to help whether it is the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 15 component parties or not.

    In recent times, I have observed nearly ever so often in the Press, 3 Chinese Tan Sris who claimed to be social workers. But in this MOTHER OF ALL CRISES, THESE ENOBLED TAN SRIS DATUKS AND DRS ARE NOWHERE TO BE SEEN OR HEARD. Hats off to you, Ms H. You have guts and the gumption. I support you !

  5. re , The UMNO Yang Berhormat are not Mandrin speakers ,so personally they cannot do much because of language constrain.

    Helen ,
    When China officials visits Malaysia ,were they fluent in Bahasa Malaysia ?. What does prove hear is that this DAP commentator and their supporters are actually nut’s ,unworthy of attention .

    Anyway I would agreed if UMNO revise MCA position in BN which UMNO should have done long time ago.

  6. Kesian Ong Ka Ting terkontang kanting seorang diri.

    Bagaimana agaknya kalau presiden MCA selamat terima jawatan Menteri Pengangkutan, lepas tu baru MH370 hilang.

    1. Kami sini pon terfikir jugak.. This Ministry specifically reserved for them and suddenly this mysterious air disaster? Anih betoi.

      Help is coming from all over the world yet this set of people are just so silent? Kan ramai dari kalangan mereka are BILLIONAIRES?

      1. Interesting point Rina.

        The Ministry of Transport was indeed reserved for MCA, as you say, but now we can see that the Chinese are declaring war on the acting Minister of Transport.

        Again, why is this Ministry being reserved for the MCA when the Chinese (whom MCA claims to represent) are rubbishing the Minister and his agencies?

        1. Few months ago a hexacopter spy camera found snooping over Kuala Lumpur residence of MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong. Now this crisis.

          Us wondering minds cannot but also quiz could it possibly be some work of some evil HACKERS? Read sometimes ago even Pentagon once kena hacked just to gain access to important files? Okay, taknak add fuel to fire.. just food for thought!

          1. The goings on memang tak masuk akal, November 2010 Somali pirates hijacked a Malaysian-flagged container ship in the Indian Ocean. World news then, Najib sakit kepla kejap.

            GE13 MCA kena hijack and 90% of their voters kena kidnap, the tireless effort of Red Beans Army. Kalau tak coordinated effort masakan sampai dapat tarik begitu banyak sekali. Najib lagi sakit kepla.

            Now this… also Indian Ocean jugak.

            Why all these happening suddenly to Malaysia?

  7. BN chase out MCA. Send Ibrahim Ali to deal with the Chinese la.

    Then THIS TIME, his giving out of white color Ang Pao will be appropriate.

    Fucking Ketuanan Melayu!! Now you know THE WORLD is bigger than Kampong Baru.

    1. what ever u said u are second class citizen , this another bastard , aust wanted to chased chinese espc from malaysia , i suggested send them all to southern part of indian ocean

    2. Come on, Ibrahim Ali? He is the greatest coward. When Malaysia is being bombarded by the China Chinese, where is he? He is good at only being tin kosong in Malaysia against fellow Malaysian Chinese.

  8. Unsavory editorials and commentaries are coming not just from media in China, but also Taiwan. Phoenix channel (available on Astro) is pounding M’sia everyday on this issue.

    1. Helped along by the bangsa Malaysia. Did you see that Bfm (or whatever) Radio guy gleefully raising the issue to Hishamuddin that Malaysia and its reputation is taking a real bashing from China and international and what is Hisham going to do about it (or along that line) during the media briefing today? Hisham gave as good as he got in a gentlemanly fashion.

      If it was me I’d punch his lights out. Sakit hati.

      And why do they allow every Ah Tong, Ah Dick and Harry into the media briefing?

      1. Don’t know about BFM, but I can agree that M’sia is overly bashed in this issue. Some of the complaints in foreign media (especially Taiwan) is not just unsavory, but half-truth sensationalism; something far worst than any local media I think.

        Now I’m starting to feel for MAS, especially Ahmad Jauhari; he’s a pretty steady guy throughout this issue and I can see he’s very very sad. Straight two weeks, every evening, they had press conference and they got a lot of black eyes last week; all of them especially the DCA guy must be having sleepless nights. I’m sure nobody want to be in their current positions now including those loud mouths from the other side.

    2. That is coming from foreign media. Some of the local mainstream as well as electronic media is also adding fuel to fire. The likes of malaysiakini etc;

      and also the b…..y oppo also did not put aside their political differences to unite during tjis crisis. It just goes to show how ‘kiasu’ they are.

      The pakatan is really low class.

      1. The responses of Malaysians, parties and publications of different political persuations with regards this unfortunate incident of Flight MH-370 has opened my eyes to how the opposition are more interested in using it for their political gain, without any regard for the lives on those on board, the feelings of their relatives and the dedication of all those involved, whether Malaysian or foreign, in the SAR efforts of this plane.

    3. Phoenix channel is now the CCP’s mouthpiece. The Taiwanese have sold themselves in order to be “licensed” to air in China.

  9. china plane also collapse ,sia air france , delta -lee latuk hell u go chinese all takut mati maaa

    all this bastard should mampus asap mmmmmaaa

  10. And I agree with you Helen. When I heard the gomen was sending volunteers from MCA my first thought was “Oh Crap!” And what do you know I was right. Pergi sana kena crap-shoot and cannot handle. I won’t be surprise if they join in sekali. I can just picture the scene.

    Victim’s father: What happen to my son? Why Malay gomen cannot find prane?

    MCA volunteer: There, there… don’t cry. What to do mah? Dey like dat one, vely slow and not so smart one.

  11. People should understand what is fate all about >>>there are many other lives involved > What the government is doing is not only for one race but for all. There is no difference what level of status one will be once ones are in the plane >>>

    if MCA is sincere they should indulged deeply in this matter. I am sure DS Najib government not only UMNO should be very considerate or appreciative>>>why talk about crap things >>>> how I wish we have a real superman, ironman or the 4 avengers be around to settle this issue at a lightning speed …

  12. re: “Yet the MCA media machinery as well as the MCA are doing nothing about helping to clarify the situation on behalf of the government. Instead Putrajaya has been stabbed in the back to the point of having to confront the hysteria of the Chinese families and China public.”


    It appears that MCA is deviating from the ethical foundations of Confucianism in the way it administers its operations and hence may not represent the best interests and vision of Chinese civilization. There is of course no need to mention Maoist DAP in this regard, since Mao Tse Tung was fiercely anti-Confucian, and was atrociously genocidal in his cultural revolution against the Chinese people.

  13. Aku suka tengok Kit Siang and Hwa Beng doing their `dancing kaki` memang `seirama` nampaknya.

  14. Chris, please dont bring Mao Tze Tung into this issue. Why? Bcoz he loves his country n his “rakyat” not like Lks DAP n pengikut dia + Anwar “bontot” brahim Pakatoons. Mereka ini hanya yg ada dalam benak mereka “keuntungan politik” sahaja.

    Now we Malaysian can see their true colors. Even dalam situasi yang menyedihkan begini mereka masih mengutuk Ibu Pertiwi tercinta, Malaysia.

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