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Muslims will soon be given a bloodbath in Central African Republic

Central African Republic: ‘Massive scale ethnic cleansing’ (BBC News, 19 March 2014)

Bloodbath in prospect in the Central African Republic‘ (The Telegraph, 20 March 2014)

Central African Republic (CAR) is a Christian majority country with a 15 percent Muslim minority.

Shrouded bodies lay in a Bangui mosque in Bangui, Central African Republic, Thursday Dec. 5, 2013, following a day-long gun battle between Seleka soldiers and Christian militias, when gunfire and mortar rounds erupted in the town, leaving over 40 people dead and many others wounded. To try to put an end to sectarian violence, the UN security council passed a motion allowing French troops to deploy in the country in order to protect civilians and insure security by all necessary means. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay) (The Associated Press)
5 Dec 2013: Dead bodies in a mosque in Bangui following sectarian fighting (AP photo)

Country on the brink of genocide

The latest news — Christian terrorists

AU brands Central African Republic militia ‘terrorists’ after peacekeeper killed‘ (Reuters, 25 March 2014)

The African Union yesterday branded Christian militia targeting Muslims in Central African Republic as “terrorists” after the anti-balaka killed a Congolese peacekeeper in Boali, 80km north of Bangui, the CAR capital.

Monday’s incident is the latest in a wave of attacks on AU peacekeepers by the Christian militia.

Report by UN Human Rights High Commissioner

Press conference in Bangui on 20 March 2014

By Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

  • “complex emergency afflicting much of the country”
  • “people continue to be killed on a daily basis, especially by the anti-Balaka [Christian] groups”
  • “Around 15,000 Muslims are reportedly trapped in Bangui and other areas in the North, North-West and South of the country, protected by international forces, but nevertheless in an extremely dangerous and untenable situation.”
  • “The inter-communal hatred remains at a terrifying level, as evidenced by the extraordinarily vicious nature of the killings.”
  • “This has become a country where people are not just killed, they are tortured, mutilated, burned and dismembered – sometimes by spontaneous mobs as well as by organized groups of armed fighters.”

Source: Full text can be read at United Nations Human Rights office website

Two children beheaded in Bangui in late December 2013

Christian extremism causing regional instability

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay reminded the international community that it seemed to have forgotten some of the lessons learned in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda, Kosovo and East Timor.

Pillay said civil society organizations had told her that they “rang the alarm bells long before the crisis turned into a calamity, but nobody listened”.

“If we get it wrong again, by failing to support this country wholeheartedly in its time of need, we risk decades of instability and the creation of a new and fertile breeding ground for religious extremism, not just in CAR but in the wider region,” she added.

Trapped Muslim populations are “in real danger of being slaughtered en masse”.

Dzanga Sangha, CAR

Water shortage despite many rivers and plenty of rain

The irony of CAR is that with its fertile soil and valuable gold, diamond and mineral deposits, the country should be rich. Instead it is one of the poorest countries in the world.

CAR has many rivers including tributaries of the mighty Congo River and a long rainy season.

However due to bad management of natural resources and a quiescent population that accepts poor governance by its successive criminal Christian governments, CAR has not been able to provide its people with even the basic necessity of clean water.

The impoverished republic has had to buy drinking water from its neighbours.

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23 thoughts on “Muslims will soon be given a bloodbath in Central African Republic

  1. Christian militias targetting Muslim minorities in the CAR.

    Yes, that’s reprehensible.

    Just as the Rohingyas are treated in Myanmar, the Uighurs in China and the Chechens in Russia.

    Strangely there is no outpouring of emotion for these beleaguered minorities, even though they, by and large, are Muslims.

    Are the emotive words “Christian” and “Muslim”?

    1. re: “Are the emotive words ‘Christian’ and ‘Muslim’?”

      Are you one that you’re emoted by the word?

      1. Well, how many times are the words “Christian” and “Muslim” mentioned in your post?

        And “emoted”? A tad over the top, don’t you think?

        Any why shy away from posting about the Rohingyas, Uighurs and Chechens?

        Or about Shi’ite and Sunni militias going at each other?

        It seems to me that you have a ” thing” about Christians and Muslims, and a fascination with the word “evangelistas”.

        I would argue that radical Muslim clerics or firebrand Hindu nationalists are just as much ” evangelistas” as those of the Christian persuasion.

          1. Is CAR the only “genocide-in-waiting” that is worthy of your attention and erudition?

            What about possible “genocide” against the Rohingyas, Uighurs and Chechens?

            Not so “sexy” or headlines-grabbing, are they?

            Because they lack the essential “Christian versus Muslim” frisson?

            And that’s my 2 Euros worth of opinion. Which is worth heck of a lot more than 2 sen, if you think about it!

            1. re: “And that’s my 2 Euros worth of opinion. Which is worth heck of a lot more than 2 sen, if you think about it!”

              Your comment in my blog has no value add.

  2. Not forgetting that Uganda and Kenya , with evangelist unfluence are highly homophobic, umdun see BBC panorama or CNN making a fuss.

    Anyway, found an intersting article of an Indian who observed chinese chauvimism growing up among the Malaysian Chinese, its not to point they are racists as everyone are tainted by racism by malays, but its an interesting perspective, from an indian

  3. I have some African acquantances, my swiss cousin married a half black half white south african with prominent black features too, u can tell you they are bery friendly and confident. They are not violent and war mongets as some Asians and westerner like to think, in the past they built civilizations and cities while the mat salleh were barbarians and at one time black african pharaohs ruled the nile and the Sudan.

    Their continent is incerdibly rich and would fuel the world economy when Asia and the West starts to taper growth, but they are languishing, IMO, due to neo colonialism, where new countries in Africa were created as time bombs with several conflicting ethnic groups bundled into single countries, which are bound to ignite into ethnic strife as they battle for control of resources and political power. Malaysia was meant to be a time bomb but by sheer luck we gradually grow to become a resource rich and a top exporter.

    The lesson from the CAR is not that christian are evil or the mulims started it, it’s the ultimate outcome if we test each other to the limits, the 5000 year old civilzation, lovey dovey jesuit values or islamic virtues will be thrown out the window and itd be war against the foreign devils or jihad to the end.

    1. re: “at one time black African pharaohs ruled the Nile and the Sudan”

      Fascinating. I read the story in the NatGeo.

      re: “Malaysia was meant to be a time bomb”

      Kit Siang’s book is titled ‘Time Bombs in Malaysia‘. I’m convinced that he, his son and their evangelista proteges will light the fuse.

      re: “the 5,000 year old civilization”

      Yup, the civilized culture that smashed a helpless dog’s head with a shovel.

      re: “lovey dovey Jesuit values”

      They have a cruel and bloody history. Meek and mild are the last things that they are. Holy Water (you must be intoxicated to believe that the evangelical Christians are peace-loving) really needs to be banned as an brain-incapacitating substance because the drinkers get so drunk that they believe in the Firster cult.

      re: “jihad to the end”

      Very soon the Muslims will see no other way except jihad in order to stop the evangelista aggression.

      1. “A cruel and bloody history”?

        My, my – being a tad selective, aren’t we?

        I suppose that the Ottoman Turks were ” paragons of compassion” in comparison, eh?

        Or those who spread Islam through fire and sword into Europe? Go refresh your knowledge of European history of those times.

        1. re: “those who spread Islam through fire and sword into Europe”

          So you see the Ottoman conquest but you do not see how the Conquistadors/Christian colonial empires annihilated local culture and local peoples in the New World, in their dominions in Africa and their colonies in the East?

          1. Well, then, who is “right” and who is “wrong”?

            Islam spread through “fire and sword” or Christianity spread through “fire and sword”?

            It seems to me that “evangelistas” or “jihadis” on both sides claim to be privy to the thoughts of The Almighty and instruments of His Will.

            I am not sure what agenda you are pushing here, but it seems to me to be tediously rote and formulaic.

            It’s almost as if you are being “evangelistic” in inveighing against the alleged wrongdoings of the “evangelistas”.

            While deliberately ignoring the “excesses” from the “other side”.

            And just how biased is that?

            1. You have to contextualize our local situation vis-a-vis the Christian extremists vs the Muslim extremists.

              Who are they? How much inside or entrenched within the political party structure are they? How much do the political parties employ religion to further their agenda?

              For example, what is the DAP plank (the thrusts that the party is banking on) in the pursuit of increasing its influence in Sarawak?

              Mullah Nasrudin Hasan (at Tantawi) was the radical PAS Youth chief who contested and won the Temerloh Parliament seat in GE13. He gained his victory on the back of Chinese votes. He defeated the Umno Firster/moderate Saifuddin Abdullah.

              So who is supporting religious extremism? Isn’t it the Chinese who elected Nasrudin on the basis of ABU?

              Who has been invoking religious terminology “wicked BN politicians” (Hannah Yeoh’s favourite phrase), the Dark Side, evil, (fill in blank with politician’s name) will burn in hell, divine retribution …

              Who is okay-ing the implementation of hudud now?

              As for bias, what kind of wolf in sheep’s clothing is it to pretend that Christians love their neighbour, turn the other cheek, “the meek shall inherit the earth”?

              At least the Muslims are straightforward and upfront, and in Malaysia wrt the Malays thus far their bark is worse than their bite.

              With the DAP Christians, hah, try to defend the indefensible. Go ahead. You have the floor.

        2. Any rise of an empire comes with bloodshed, that is the reality that I accept in the rise of Islam but somehow, Christian and westerner are unable to accept with regards to their bloody history.

          Even if you count the dead of war casualties in the past 100 years, the causality are created by civilized Christian Europe who after an age of brutal colonialism from ethnic cleansing from South America to Acheh was followed by two world wars which killed 50-100 million people.

          I doubt the Muslim extremists can boasts as much bodycount as christendom not to mention the recent iraq and afghan wars that killed 1 million Muslims. Its thanks to skewed western media that muslims are shown in this light, though I also blame extremist \Muslims.

          As far as the Malay muslims were concerned, islam was a practical transition from Buddhism/Hinduism as Islamic trade prospered, Christendom on the other hand came as a conqueror reeking of death, and i am glad our ancestors shun the western terrror religion. But that’s just my opinion.

          Its ironic that christian countries like Uganda, Kenya are homophobic and many attribute it to Christian value, and their charlatans in Asia pretend they love gays whereas they condemn gays to hell, just like us.

  4. It is retaliation against the Seleka militia that overthrew the last government. The Seleka are Muslims.

  5. Don’t say it too loud. The story thus far is that the Muslims are the only people in the world who do these sorts of things. Shhhhhh

    1. I met a Swiss who claimed that hitler caught the Jew hating disease after shaking hands with mufti of palestine, if the teutonic Swiss believes this, god knowns what the untermensch in central and eastern europe think.

  6. I am sure Madam Speaker would ‘love’ to help. After all her soul is awaken by funerals.

    1. re: “After all her soul is awaken by funerals.”

      Her ghoulish born again Christian soul is made to feel SOMETHING GOOD from funerals.

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