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MH370: Aljazeera article thinks the 47% ulu voters are not plugged in

For my commentary on AlJazeera, please refer to the next posting ‘How Dr M retaliated against the British press in 1994‘. — updated 1.35pm

BN purported to sow racial disunity whereas Pakatan is depicted as Love, Love, Love

Always the usual suspects interviewed by foreign media

Malaysia is faulted for supposedly losing an aeroplane.

The leadership governing Malaysia is blamed for using Race and Religion “on a daily basis to rupture the relationships between the three ethnic groups”. The international press invariably interview the oppo people for their stories.

For example, one story by Bloomberg and carried in the Washington Post on 17 March 2014 interviewed a whole slew of PKR leaders including, again, Fahmi Fadzil.


These oppo people, such as Fahmi Fadzil, aside from constantly being given an airing by the international press are additionally given their own columns in the local mainstream media too, to propagate the Pakatan line.

And this despite the fact that the court in 2011 had found Fahmi guilty of defaming magazine publisher BluInc Media Sdn Bhd while he remains unapologetic – “I don’t feel embarrassed” – over his libel.

gunting star dalam lipatan

Gunting dalam Lipatan

And by the way, why does The J-Star provide a column space to Fahmi and not to, say, Dr Chandra Muzaffar who is the chairman of the 1Malaysia Foundation?

Here is a clear-cut case of the MCA machinery working to promote the opposition propaganda while perpetually undermining the BN. (Read also, DAP’s biggest social media network is The Star). Not only that, the Scissorati are using the social media platform provided by The J-Star as an extension of their Pakatan promotion agenda. Are they slick and smart or what?

On the other hand, the people who support the ruling party are popularly stereotyped as unsophisticated and stupid (“not plugged in”).

One is tempted to believe that there might be a grain of truth to the allegation, at least insofar as the Umno leadership goes. How else can we account for the reason as to why the PPTA continually allows itself to stabbed in the back like Umno allows the Sneaky Star to do?

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  1. Who watch Al Jazeera?

    I quit watching the news channel when its news started to out-do CNN and BBC in giving one-sided story.

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