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More Chinese in Red Bean Army than in Angkatan Tentera Malaysia

Annie asks in her most recent blog post title, ‘Malaysian Chinese, were you all loyal to this country?

The popular blogger had observed that the small handful of Malaysian Chinese who tried to defend our country over the MH370 episode were flamed by their Malaysia-hating friends.


The bash Malaysia bandwagon

Annie is prompted to query our [referring to Malaysian Chinese] loyalty following her observation that:

“Well, if you have been monitoring the Chinese media the past weeks, you would [have] realized that Malaysians, mostly of Chinese ethnicity who took part in forums on MH370, had in the majority joined their counterparts from China in bashing Malaysia and its government.”

Her question is put across mildly. Elsewhere in Malay blogosphere, the same is being asked stridently, and coupled with the most belligerent “Cina babi” name-calling.


Will Chinese lay down their life for the country?

Annie gives a hypothetical scenario: “Now, let’s say China decides to attack and invade Malaysia.”

She is curious: “I would like to know whether these Malaysian Chinese were willing to lay down their life defending this country”.

The statistical answer to Annie’s question appears to be largely ‘No’.



Below are two pie charts showing the ethnic composition of the Malaysian armed forces — the first, regular soldiers and the second, army officers.

The Malaysian army comprises 98.3 percent Bumiputera and 0.2 percent Chinese soldiers.

Officers in the army consist of 96.2 percent Bumiputera and 1.4 percent Chinese (source: Utusan).

Comparatively the population of Malaysia is 67.4 percent Bumiputera and 24.6 percent Chinese.

The proportion of Chinese, which is a quarter of the total population, contrasted with their lack of participation in the army, which is less than one percent, is very stark.

Note: The use of ‘army’ (terrestrial) is differentiated from the Navy and Air Force branches.




Picking sides in badminton

Lee Chong Wei is Malaysia’s No.1 badminton player and holder of the All-England crown.

Lin Dan is China’s ace player and Olympic gold medallist.

So … would the Malaysian Chinese cheer for Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan when the two players meet in court?

When our Malaysian badminton hero plays the Chinese (People’s Republic) champ in crucial competitions, the pro-oppo Malaysian Chinese watching the match prefer to cheer for Lin Dan.

Read their testimonies below.



MH370 passengers

Among the China citizens flying MH370 are: Wang Shouxian, Wang Shu, Wang Xianjun, Wang Chunhua, Wang Chunyong, Wang Dan, Wang Haitao, Wang Houbin, Wang Linshi, Wang Yonggang, Wang Yonghui, Wang Lijun, Wang Rui and Wang Moheng.

As can be seen, many of their surname is Wang. In Malaysia, the same surname, but spelled Wong, is equally popular.

A dozen China nationals with the surname Li were also on board the ill-fated flight. Their clansmen in Malaysian spell their surname ‘Lee’.

Wan Azizah

Other passengers on the MAS plane are a couple of Chinese with the surname Feng. In Malaysia, the same surname when Romanized is rendered Fong.

Then there are the China Chinese passengers with surnames like Chen, Ding, Gan, Hu, Lin, Liu, Ouyang, Tang, Zhang and Zhou. Malaysian Chinese share these surnames albeit with very slight differences in spelling (for some of them).

Insofar as family names go, Malaysian Chinese have a lot more in common with China Chinese than we do with Malays who go by the names bin Hussein or binti Wan Ismail.



Malaysian Chinese and China Chinese reached out to each other in the borderless social media.

The MCA however has not been forthcoming in keeping its BN senior partner Umno up to speed as to what the Chinese buzz over MH370 has been ferociously concerned about.

Thus the Malays were gobsmacked when suddenly confronted with situations like, ‘Are Chinese celebrities stoking resentment against Malaysia over MH370 disaster?‘ (South China Morning Post, 27 March 2014).

The Hong Kong paper reported that China film star Chen Kun (cover boy, above) is pushing for a boycott of Malaysian products and tourism until the Malaysian government “takes down their clown-like mask and tells the truth” about MH370.

Chen Kun has 70 million Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) followers. His twits following of 70 million fans is more than double the current population of Malaysia.


How many Ministers in Najib’s cabinet above are able to speak Mandarin or write Chinese?

MCA’s loyalty is suspect

Although there is no physical fighting, it nonetheless feels as if there is a civil war in Malaysia. The oppo, hell-bent on bringing down the government, are carpet-bombing 24/7.

The international and high profile incident of MH370 was used as a springboard by Malaysian Chinese to deal a crippling blow against the BN.

BN is reeling from being hit left, right, centre and below the belt over the crisis. The injuries sustained have been compounded by the vulnerability of the Najib administration floundering at sea due to language constraints and cultural barriers.

MCA – the Malaysian CHINESE Association championing everything Chinese – claims to have one million members. So how much help did MCA and their one million membership lend Umno in its time of need when faced with an angry superpower?

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25 thoughts on “More Chinese in Red Bean Army than in Angkatan Tentera Malaysia

  1. All of what one witnesses with the Chinese and sprinkling of irrelevant Indians comments on this and other matters these days reminds of the head of steam that built up before May 13 1969. It will happen again with worse consequences for all.

    1. I agree with you. Personally since MH370 I’m not feeling the love, just the hate and gleeful “padan muka” towards the government and by extension the country. To such a point that I stopped reading local news and started reading the guardian and I also started watching the coverage by RTM1. To such a point that I wanna send all these Dapsters on a tongkang to the Indian Ocean.

      I have never felt this much anger and hatred towards the Dapsters then I do now. If someone screamed a battlecry towards the dapster I’ll surely join.

      1. This MH370 tragedy is very sad. Pwincess is certainly very sad and will not be able to forget it forever. However, it seems to give us, Malaysians a very rare opportunity to look at what being Malaysian is all about.

        You see, the Sultanate of Malacca did not simply fell to the Portuguese ships and cannons in the 16th century. If we were to put it simply to disparity in terms of technology, then how can we explain about the Vietnam War for example? The Americans possessed significantly superior armaments and yet ‘kalah’ juga pada Vietnam. The answer was simple. Malacca fell because of traitors such as Si Kitol colluding with foreign invaders. Vietnam stood proud because it was not cursed with having such traitors. Now, now, Pwincess is not naughty enough to start labelling others as ‘traitors’ ok, so don’t jump the lipstick. But then again, you wouldn’t call a fake Chanel handbag as a Chanel handbag, would you? It is still a fake copy like those being smuggled from China.

        Vultures do not attack a breathing, healthy animal. They wait patiently and only slaughter the sick and wounded ones. It seems that when we are facing a national crisis like this ill-fated missing plane, some of ‘us’ are behaving like a cross-breed between Si Kitol and vultures. The last time Pwincess saw these unique species was during the Asian Financial Crisis 1997/98. Only this time, they are more greedily ferocious.

        Positively 1 Malaysia.


        P.S. Zhang Ziyi’s face reminded Pwincess of grandmama’s plate.

  2. Quote from Annie’s article:

    “For the Malaysian Malaysia-haters, it’s just not fashionable to defend this country. Instead, running down their own country was deemed cool, it seems.

    They seemed to forget that if you love your country, you would not join forces with those attacking it, especially in a time of crisis.

    I know, some of them will come here and claim that they do love the country but just don’t like the BN government and its handling of the MH370 crisis.

    Well, to them I would say, whatever their excuses, if you are indeed loyal, you would not join forces with outsiders to thrash your own country.”

    I agree with Annie on this one. This is why I disagree with Liew Hui Mei’s article ‘Hey, world, we Malaysians know you want straight answers about MH370. But you’re asking the wrong government’.

    The main reason why I disagree with the her article is because I find that there is nothing objective and constructive about it. It is just one-sided political bashing with a conciliatory note at the end, offering condolences to those onboard MH370 and their families.

    The author has proven that she is a just a political activist and unfortunately, the MH370 tragedy is not a suitable platform to express such criticisms. That is, if you can even call the article a critical analysis, since it appears as outright condemnation. Who, in their right mind, would want to bash their own country (highlighting all the bad and ugly) in the face of grief and tragedy? We are all grieving in the present.

    Western media bashing Malaysia is nothing new. However, when our very own Malaysians bash our country in times of crisis, this reflects what kind of mindset we have. For me, rather than expressing my dissatisfaction with the government on the handling of the MH370 publicly, I would rather give ideas and solutions on where to search for the missing plane.

    Sure, there are flaws in the way we handle the crisis, but the least I can do is offer my support and prayers so that the missing plane will be found. Since I am no expert to give ideas and solutions, I abstain myself from associating politics with this tragedy. If we have nothing good to say, it is better that we keep quiet, right?

    Regardless of our political ideologies and beliefs, this is the time where we must unite as one since we are all Malaysians. Good or bad, Malaysia is our country and we stand by it through the thick and thin.

    Indeed, why would Malaysian Chinese root for Lin Dan and all the opponents of Lee Chong Wei just because of BN? This reflects their mindset. Regardless of differences in political ideologies and beliefs, can’t they root for our own Malaysian badminton champion?

    I, for one, am proud of Lee Chong Wei and his achievements in the badminton arena. When he won the silver medal in the 2012 Olympics, my heart went out to him and I could see the tears brimming in his eyes because I knew how much he wanted to win a gold medal for Malaysia. The third match was really a neck-and-neck finish. But still, Lee Chong Wei is an Olympic silver medalist! How many Malaysians (including the disloyal Malaysian Chinese) out there can claim the same thing?

    It is really pathetic. Perhaps most Malaysian Chinese believe that being patriotic means contributing taxes. The typical claim is that without money, there is no way we can build infrastructure etc. However, they conveniently leave out that other Malaysians (Malays, Indians and the ethnics in Sabah and Sarawak) also contribute in taxes.

    Perhaps most Malaysian Chinese believe that being patriotic means joining forces with foreign governments to topple the evil and callous BN regime, which is why there is no way they will sacrifice themselves to defend our country. Liew Hui Mei’s article is a clear indication of that.

  3. The Chinese government shouldn’t just sit quiet on this whole issue. They should control their people not to overreact and behave sanely. Why?

    Because if this whole issue is just a game and we’re pawns in it, Malaysia’s relationship with China will suffer and China will have a difficult time to maintain their good neighbor status in South East Asia where quite a number of SEAs countries are not in favor of China already.

    This is where the region will strengthen their ties with you know who(US) for strategic defense policy.

    I’m not at all bothered with all these because come on, who are we kidding. The Chinese community in Malaysia loyalty’s has always been in question. They don’t want to speak the national language, they don’t want to socialize with the Malays, they don’t know anything about the Malays nor do they care to know. All they know is how they can squeeze what they can from this beautiful and prosperous land while they poison the soil.

    All I can say is that, we should all be prepared with the backlash.

    In China’s case, the chinese is not exactly winning any support internationally with their behavior.

  4. ..and when another 13may happens, blame it on Najib because he is too coward and pondan to deal with the ‘red bean army’

  5. I always wish that some one from MCA leadership would eventually have the gut and respond to postings about MCA in Helen’s blog.

    I am pretty sure they read this blog.

  6. With the current trend of hate among races mounting, i sure the incident of 13 mei, surely happen again, the question is when? Its like a sleeping valcano.

    This event is hindered from happening because the government still assist bumiputera economy. what happen if the government stop or not capable in assisting bumiputera economy. The main reason of 13may 1969 tragedy is uneven economy cake distribution. lim kit siang knows it perfectly but this time he thinks with some helps from some malay party this potential tragedy can be curb.

    Some chinese youngster not aware about this historic event may be they are still following their school sylebuss or the their veteren sweep this history event under carpet.

    But history circle will always happens again, believe me the moment emergy again. Please be rational my young Malaysia.

    1. Halim,

      No. you are wrong.

      The main reason why May 13, 1969 took place is DAP (and Gerakan’s) provocative attitude. Economic disparity IS NOT THE CAUSE of May 13, 1969.

      Remember the procession from Kepong that proceeded right into Malay enclave, Kg Baru. Those in the processions insulted, spitted at Malays. They behaved as if “negeri ni bapa dia yang punya”.

      Saying the economic disparity resulted in May 13, 1969 is tantamount to blaming the Malays by making it as if they were so jealous of Chinese economic might. The procession that resulted in Malays being insulted crossed the line. Not to mention Kit Siang provoking the Malays before running to Sabah.


  7. Herannya Chew Mei Fung boleh sokong RBA pula.

    MCA menerusi Naib Presidennya, Chew Mei Fung marah apabila Bung Mokhtar mencadangkan agar kerajaan menapis Internet kerana kebiadapan Red Bean Army serta sebahagian pengguna Cinanya yang sudahlah tak reti dan tak faham Bahasa Kebangsaan, bahkan melakukan tohmahan dan fitnah ke atas Malaysia untuk menyeronokkan saudara-saudara mereka di Tanah Besar. Golongan berkenaan turut mengapi-apikan dan menulis pelbagai perkara buruk tentang Malaysia dan Kerajaan Malaysia.

    Menurut Chew Mei Fung, usul yang dibuat oleh Bung Mokhtar Raden itu seolah-olah menggambarkan masyarakat Cina tidak matang dan ucapan tersebut sebagai ‘menghasut’. Sama ada Chew Mei Fung sendiri buta perut atau terlalu melindungi masyarakatnya sendiri, sepatutnya dia cukup tahu apa yang telah dilakukan oleh Red Bean Army tentang dirinya sendiri.

    Dalam PRK DUN Kajang, Chew Mei Fung sendiri mengeluh tentang fitnah yang dilemparkan ke atasnya. Begitu juga dengan cerita-cerita karut terutama sekali kes penderaan pembantu rumah warga Indonesia. Dari manakah semua itu kalau bukan dari Red Bean Army?

    Dari manakah TSUNAMI 2013 berlaku kalau bukan TSUNAMI CINA sehinggakan MCA kehilangan hampir keseluruhan kerusi DUN dan Parlimen yang pernah dimenanginya dahulu. Menjadi seorang Cina tidak salah, tetapi apabila seorang Cina melabelkan orang lain RASIS semata-mata kerana saranan agar orang Cina tidak terus-terusan melakukan pengkhianatan ke atas negara ini, merupakan satu perbuatan yang cukup melampau.

    Mengapa agaknya Chew Mei Fung tidak menganjurkan peperangan ke atas Red Bean Army, sekaligus mengembalikan kewibawaan MCA yang sudah tercalar teruk berbanding menyerang orang UMNO yang bertungkus lumus cuba memenangkan calon-calon MCA? Tanda soal yang cukup besar!!

    1. ‘Chew Mei Fung sendiri mengeluh tentang fitnah yang dilemparkan ke atasnya. Begitu juga dengan cerita-cerita karut terutama sekali kes penderaan pembantu rumah warga Indonesia.’

      Apa lagi Chew mahu?

    2. And CMF is gonna be M’sia’s rep to Beijing to meet with MH370 families. Hmmm

  8. angkatan tentera darat (army)

    non-pegawai pegawai nisbah
    cina 0.2% 1.4% 1:7
    india 0.7% 2.2% 1:3
    lain2 0.8% 0.4% 1:0.5

    majoriti pegawai dari kaum cina & india terdiri daripada doktor & jurutera. (they are professionals and not soldiers – should be considered civilian).

    ‘How many Ministers in Najib’s cabinet above are able to speak Mandarin or write Chinese?’

    yes, there is one – the 3rd row from top, 2nd from right.

    1. re: “‘How many Ministers in Najib’s cabinet above are able to speak Mandarin or write Chinese?’ / yes, there is one – the 3rd row from top, 2nd from right.”

      Ha ha ha ha.

  9. Annie gives a hypothetical scenario: “Now, let’s say China decides to attack and invade Malaysia.”

    They will take the next Air Asia to Australia and leave their maid to defend their house.
    Remember Ah Boys To Men


    Cakap saje. All these people are good for using their mouth. Without maids and foreign workers most Chinese can even handle their toilet and baby poo.

    China dont want their ancestors 50 years ago

  10. Hope Zhang Ziyi falls off her Jimmy Choo and fractures her leg and she becomes fat and obese after that.

    Hope Chen Kun falls of a horse during filming.

  11. Not surprised. Najib Chinese sur name ‘Ah’. like Ah Beng, Ah Kow. Famous PM in Malaysia Ah Gib Gor What you expect Helen.

    Lee Hwa Beng proved he’s a racist when he more concern on Mainland Chinese fate rather than Malaysian Melayu, Cina dan India in the MH370 tragedy that goes to DAP too.

  12. Confucian Morality Primer: The Human Negotiating between Law and Civility.


    As Malaysian Chinese and China Chinese reach out to each other in the borderless social media, we ought to recall that Confucius and Lao Tze are universalist teachers of a common humanitarianism.

  13. JLKN should have stats of which race always ask of posponement of National Service. Does JLKN follow up with recalling the kids who posponed National Service to complete training years later. I understand many Chinese parents use education as a reason.

  14. btw with all the trashing malaysia is receving wonder why no mca or gerakan leaders have come forward to address this mass chinese onslaught , cabinet post these idiots from mca want now,,, do they really deserve it tong lai and kha siong and donald duck faiures in the highest degree

    at least tun ling has come out to the defence of malaysia

  15. I seriously see this article going no where. Almost entirely all replies were Malays, If DPA indeed paid these so call “Red Bean Army’ Troop to do such a splendid job, how much did BN paid people to create such articles/blogs and also people to read and replies these ghost sites that exist in a dozen out of the millions wordpress. How did this wordpress end up attracting so many replies. I wonder.

    Condemning or hating were all towards the federals. It has nothing to do with the country. There are many times that all articles refer opposition supporters as people who oppose or hate the country.
    I personally find this kind of blunt. When did BN equates to Malaysia.
    By right , it belongs to every Malaysian out there. It do not belongs to BN. What BN tried to show now is that people who dont vote them are people who betray the country. Now that’s evil.

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