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Who would you choose as your president?

Crimea switches to Moscow time‘, Reuters reported yesterday.

The hands of a clock on the main railway station in Simferopol jumped from 10pm to midnight on Saturday as Crimea switched to Moscow time, symbolically finalizing the region’s incorporation into Russia,” said the wire agency.

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MH370: Chinese letter of demand, the MCA, the DAP and Dapsters

Relatives of the China passengers on board MH370 vented their anger at the Malaysian government in a letter to Zhang Yesui, China’s special envoy to Kuala Lumpur.

The letter said:

“As families of the passengers, we have to express our anger and disappointment towards the handling of MH370 incident by the Malaysian government Continue reading “MH370: Chinese letter of demand, the MCA, the DAP and Dapsters”