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Who would you choose as your president?

Crimea switches to Moscow time‘, Reuters reported yesterday.

The hands of a clock on the main railway station in Simferopol jumped from 10pm to midnight on Saturday as Crimea switched to Moscow time, symbolically finalizing the region’s incorporation into Russia,” said the wire agency.

Crimea’s new Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov told the crowd gathered on the railway square he is confident that all that they had done is to the benefit of Crimea and Crimeans, while at the same time extending his thanks to “our President Vladimir Putin”.

Compare the way they sit

Who you wanna bet your money on?

“Who dares wins” is motto of the British SAS.

In the case of Crimea, Putin dared and he won.

(Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine. Crimea has a slight Russian-speaking majority.)

Obama vs Putin








Best kept secret: America’s First Lady is actually more capable of arm-wrestling the Russian President.

Posters above sourced from

Putin, Obama discussion

What do you think has been the outcome of their talk?

White House: Putin, Obama discuss possible “diplomatic solution” in Ukraine‘ (CNN, 29 March 2014)

(Talk is cheap.) So Putin just did it without the talk..


Penangites living in their own country

Russia has already updated her country map (above) to include Crimea.

Crimeans actually prefer to be with Russia rather than with Ukraine.

Who do you think Dapster Penangites would rather be with?

Did you know that Penang once harboured hopes of secession from Malaya?

Read, ‘Gerakan P.Pinang tolak Malaya (1948-1957)


How to overcome racism

Article in The Malaysian Insider today — ‘Malaysia needs a dose of peace and forgiveness to fix racism, says Penang bishop‘.

Penang Bishop Sebastian Francis and his BFF, National Unity Consultative Council member, Mujahid Yusuf Rawa were together at a unity dinner in Bayan Lepas, Penang last night.

The two men decided that Peace, Justice and Forgiveness is the prescription to treat “Malaysia’s problem caused by racists and extremists”.

During his speech, Mujahid declared his support for the Bishop’s formula that peace is not possible without justice or forgiveness.




are abstract nouns.

Obama’s bicycle and Putin’s horse are concrete nouns. When you say these words, people can imagine what a bicycle and a horse look like.

When you say Peace, Justice and Forgiveness, it’s hard to draw a picture of them.

Pakatan politicians and Christian political animals (such as the Jesuit prelate,  Bishop Paul Tan) are fond of preaching abstractions like “Love thy Neighbour” yang sebenarnya diorang cakap tapi tak bikin.

Love, love, love
Narcissus kissing her own reflection

Integrity and Morality — Pakatan so full of themselves

Recently during the Kajang by-election campaign, Selangor exco Elizabeth Wong shouted the vague words Integrity and Morality. Elizabeth alleged that MCA vice president Chew Mei Fun has “zero integrity”, “[Chew’s] integrity is bankrupt” and “she has no morality to contest” in Kajang.

“Integrity” is intangible to you and me but somehow Elizabeth is able to measure it and decide that Chew has “zero” of it.

Now, if Elizabeth Wong can say with a straight face that Chew is bankrupt of integrity, we too can retort that the evangelistas possess so much of it (integrity) that we will trust them to sell us the Second Penang Bridge.


Peddling Holy Water

“Ini satu projek Barisan Nasional”. When we see that sign at a building site, we know something tangible is being built, for instance a badminton court or a multi-purpose hall.

Pakatan on the other hand build lots of castles in the air.

It’s a talent that the opposition – evangelistas especially – have in abundance, which is to menjaja air liur that is dripping with grand-sounding words which are really empty rhetoric.

For example, “Morality” is not something concrete that we can hold in our hands unlike a bicycle and a horse. Yet for Elizabeth Wong, “Morality” is a countable noun and she is sure that Chew has none in her possession.

It’s like selling Holy Water. The buyers get drunk on it.

Mujahid, who is in charge of the PAS Bureau of National Unity, wants to incorporate Bishop Sebastian’s formula “Peace is not possible without Justice or Forgiveness” into his party’s political manifesto.

Pakatan is selling to the Pakatoons the hot air of “Peace”, “Justice” and “Forgiveness” as the placebo for eradicating Racism and Extremism. I don’t have to tell you who it is that Mujahid and Bishop Sebastian are labelling as “racists” and “extremists”, right?



Since the Pakatan vocabulary comprises mostly abstract nouns, methinks we should help them concretize such vagueness by putting a face to the three words — see above.

“Peace”, “Justice” and “Forgiveness”  … I’m betting the Red Piss monster will soon swallow the Blue Tiss and Green Niss ones.

Why do I say this?

Because the Red is very daring. Semua pun mereka berani cakap, berani buat. (I believe they are capable of doing anything … think crushed kitten and smashed dog skull).

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27 thoughts on “Who would you choose as your president?

  1. Obama is a born again evangelista while Putin is a ex KGB….. Perbezaannya macam ikan di dasar laut dan burung yang terbang di angkasa.

    1. Kalau kira dalam konteks tempatan, bagaimana pula? Apa perbezaan BN dan Pakatan, Umno dan DAP?

      1. Pakatan is indoctrinated with ABU, giving corruption and some other stuff as reason, while their own PM candidate is an UMNO reject who’s proven to be corrupt in many ways.

        They’re full of crap. They embody the worse that exist in BN while fighting to take down BN in the most dirty ways, no regard for others, Malaysia be damned.

        Not for rakyat as they claim, but for their own selfish greed.

      2. BN dan Pakatan…..UMNO dan DAP…..perbezaan adalah seperti ikan di permukaan laut dan burung di bawah awan. Satu hari nanti akan di makan burung…

        1. Kalau sesumpah (sejenis reptilia) dijadikan bahan makanan oleh burung, akan sembelit nanti sebab reptilia sesumpah itu tidak boleh dicerna oleh sistem dan penghadaman si burung.

  2. Obama.

    Not Bush and also holy attitude. And clueless.

    His Sarah Palin will all the Christian prayer, pregnant out of wedlock daughter and nude son in law candidate Levy Johnston.

    Suddenly she makes Playgirl a good read in church.

    I prefer Black, gay loving and liberal Obama.

    1. Michelle looks like a hulk (bodybuilder).

      Obama is so skinny beside her.

      Do the odd First Couple remind you of a local pair we’re familiar with, where hubby dear is totally overwhelmed by the domineering wifey?

  3. Helen, you have successfully made Putin looks so damn attractive to me. Dia macam layak jadi James Bond (gantikan Daniel Craig).

  4. Obama thinks he is the most powerful in the world, while Putin thinks he is reserved. A public candid camera, they have to do the tricks…

    So the ‘dapsters’ imposing Obama….playing god. The climax that within seconds, they know MH 370 whereabout ! Wow ! China is nothing indeed. The other countries including Malaysia are stupid fools !

    Take a closer look, deep down in the eyes of Putin….. lay grudges ! Its not a dream, its a reality !

    Its not pakatoons anyway !

  5. Who would you choose as your president?

    Well.., hands down it’s a no contest. Take a look a this YouTube video as below, which tells all:-

    Or in the words of Br. Nathanael Kapner suggest that it is like comparing – Steel vs Jello.., as per his website as below:-

  6. All these pics show is that Obama’s detractors have found plenty of pictures painting Obama in a bad light according to them while Putin’s supporters or publicity/PR/propaganda staged plenty of photo ops making him look like what they want people to think of him.

    Pictures can be as deceiving as well as rhetorical words.

  7. I’ll go for Putin, anytime, anyday…He looks like Daniel Craig. He does not look sissy at all. I like his photo with shirt, very manly, typical KGB man.

    Weird, this Bro. Nathaniel is repeating what Dr M had sad a long ime ago that the Jews rule the world by proxy.

  8. “Because the Red is very daring. Semua pun mereka berani cakap, berani buat. (I believe they are capable of doing anything … think crushed kitten and smashed dog skull).”

    There’s a Muslim prayer of refuge that goes:

    “I take refuge in Allah, the All-Hearing and All-Seeing, from Satan the Accursed, and from his temptations; and I seek Allah’s protection from his disturbing presence.”

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