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A cheaper consultant

Baffi, named after Buffy the vampire slayer, as a puppy given to Russia’s Vladimir Putin by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

And look at how Baffi has grown.


Putin’s other dog is Yume (“dream” in Japanese), an Akita Inu which was a gift from the Japanese Prime Minister after Russia assisted Japan following the tsunami that hit Fukushima in 2011.

When the Japanese PM met Yume again three years later – Putin had brought along the dog on his recent trip to Japan – Shinzo Abe said to it “хорошая собака” (in Russian, “good dog”).


And this is Labrador Retriever, Koni named after Connie (Condoleeza Rice?)

She spends more time with Putin than his wife does.

The reason why Koni sits in when Putin holds high-level meetings with VVIPs (such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel) is because Connie is his consultant.

Russian Prime Minister Putin watches his dog Koni that wears GPS device on its collar in Novo-Ogaryovo



You can see from the photos below that Putin listens intently to Koni’s advice.

But he doesn’t have to pay Koni 7.2 billion rubles.

She is contented with just stealing the pastries, biscuits and jellied desserts prepared for the meeting of the United Russia party.

See ‘Putin’s dog eats Russian party bosses’ food‘ (Reuters).




Nobody dares to bark at Vladimir Putin.

Except Koni, that is.

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20 thoughts on “A cheaper consultant

  1. Vladmir Putin. A man of substance, a man willing to put his personal and professional integrity on the line. A man who a recent poll conducted in Russia has a 72% popularity and acceptance rating.

    The Russian nation is a great nation with a great history and a great past. It was temporarily humiliated and brought down by a vain Gorbachev who was then toppled in a western financed coup which brought in Eduard Sheverdnaze the Georgian **** and Yeltsin the drunk womanizing **** who the west propped up for as long as they felt they could. he raped and pillaged with his friends the Jewish Mafia who even tore down their antiquities and took it all off to places like New York and Jerusalem.

    Putin like many a great leader in history was appointed by Yeltsin because he was quiet. A quiet and ‘subservient’ observer who said and did nothing but show loyalty. He waited his turn, watched his step and the steps of others, and bid his time.

    Putin cultivated those nationalists with the internal and personal discipline to correct the decline. Today former Georgian Prime Minister Harvard CIA cultivated Mikheil Saakashvili is being hunted and he too will face the wrath of not Putin but of all Russia for his willingness to support the west against Russia and Georgia instead of working to rebuild it and its people.

    Armenia who were the biggest supporters of the US discovered very quickly how the US would betray their “friends”> The US sided as it always has with Turkey a nation guilty of the genocide of Armenians at the turn of the 20th century where over 2000000 Armenians were slaughtered by the Turks.

    Putin had his dicks lined up a long time ago. The US cannot do dog shit in Ukraine. The change there “Revolution” was a Nazi led minority thug loud street bash. There are too many nuclear warheads stored in the Ukraine, as there are in Kazhakstan. The Khazaks are a little more understanding of the need to be part of the Union. They have common sense. at least for the present.

    Hungary, the former Czeck republic, Slovakia, Poland and the 3 Baltic states are nervous and with good reason too. They have allowed themselves to become stooges of the west, irritate and disrupt the Russian Federation. They will go in one fell swoop because they are internally corrupted and the money of those who corrupted the place and looted it rests in western banks.

    The world has long needed a counter weight to the west and its imperialism. The Muslims tried it but are too divided and too Arab oriented to make any sense to others. Russia will prevail.

    As long as the west continue with their purile propaganda without any substance it will continue to reap the rewards of its failures. Greece and Portugal are ripe for a socialist change. Their economies screwed to the wall by the west.

  2. Ah jib ada byk kucing. Ada yg diberi nama ah wee, ah ah liao, ah lim, ah singh, palany dan mongolo.

  3. Dear Helen,

    Found this in the unspinners comments section. Maybe this also explains why it is difficult sometimes to access your blog?

    “Tuan unspinner,The RBA or maybe gomen goons (RBA infiltrators) has taken the war a step further. They have reported you and some pro melayu/BN sites (unspinners, kadirjasin, dah kena) as malicious content to website reputational services. You have been blocked by fortiguard IP reputation services (an internet security/anti virus software provider – similar to kaspersky but mostly used by corporates).I don’t know if the other internet security software has started blocking you also.”

    1. Thanks.

      May I know when you have experienced difficulty in accessing my blog — very recently?

      I’m aware that that was a spate when a number of us were jammed but after AKJ raised a ruckus, the jamming stopped.

  4. Helen, you got it all wrong.

    It should not read as “A cheaper consultant”. It should be “A loyal consultant”.

    Look at the pics. Loyalty on display.

  5. Some travel tips when going to Beijing.

    “Dog’s penis, like many other kinds of animal penis, is used in Chinese medicine. It is believed to boost a person’s Yang, and therefore might be useful to men suffering from impotence.

    Dog is most commonly eaten in South China an in the far North East. Cantonese people (from South East China) especially have a reputation for eating all sorts of bizarre and exotic animals that leave other people cold, for example snake and cat. Northern Chinese like to say that Cantonese people will ‘eat anything with four legs apart from table and chairs’.”

          1. It says nothing at all; it just returns to the web page after spinning several seconds. The browser is Google Chrome.

            1. Okay, you guys are unanimous in your feedback that the locus of the problem is Chrome.

              I hope the regular readers will ask their tech-savvy friends for a clue as to why this is happening.

              I need more moral support from the core readership.

              So far I’ve received death threat, rape threat, been the victim of smear campaigns, hate-mongering, harassment, blog access jamming (referring to the two earlier rounds, i.e. during the crucial two weeks of GE13 and more recently, along with the other bloggers who had been critical of the PM) …

              What kind of people are they?!

          2. Chrome won’t even load your site for the past few days. But no problem on IE and android mobile browser.

              1. A few weeks before when Chrome hung while loading your blog, I turned to IE and Firefox and there was no problem at all. But a few days ago the situation reversed. Firefox gave an error message but Chrome had no problems. Maybe this explains the inaccessibility problems of your blog earlier on. The Firefox message
                A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.


                1. Thanks for the feedback.

                  The earlier spate hit several alpha bloggers like Kadir Jasin, Rocky, Syed Akbar Ali, Big Dog, Unspinners, etc while most other blogs were A-okay. We were suspicious and I believe the suspicions voiced by those particular high profile political bloggers with the cables reached the right ears and the jamming was halted.

                  I’m still encountering problems accessing Datuk Kadir’s blog though.

  6. ‘The reason why Koni sits in when Putin holds high-level meetings with VVIPs (such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel) is because Connie is his consultant.’

    ‘Koni is often seen at Putin’s side and has been known to accompany him into staff meetings and greet world leaders. In fact, when Putin first met Angela Merkel, he brought Koni along knowing that Merkel had a fear of dogs, having been bitten by one as a child.’

    Cilaka this fler :)

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