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Malaya chanced becoming the 19th province of China

The Chinese will win” in the race for wealth and power in Malaya, maintained renowned British historian Arnold J. Toynbee.

His famous quote: “A truly significant mark that the British Empire can leave in Malaya when she withdraws is the transformation’ of this country into the nineteenth province of China.”

Dato Onn Jaafar had the same fear and echoed Toynbee’s memorable turn of phrase much to the consternation of his Chinese detractors. Doubtless they called the Umno founder “racist” and accused him of fear-mongering.


Hannah slams “racist politics”

Hannah Yeoh is Queen of the Pakatan Twitterverse who has a loyal following going on to 100,000 twits soon.

Malaysia is really in deep trouble when so many people are such airheads.

Below: Hannah Yeoh’s Sunday morning Twitter exchange yesterday.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Good morning

Hannah Yeoh also retweeted the message below:

“Sickening that those who played divisive and racist politics are now talking about unity. It took a tragedy for them to even use the word.”

Hannah Yeoh Racist

Orwell’s Doublethink

The Pakatan political animals are masters at Doublespeak.

They can talk up noble words into cheap political sloganeering, like Mujahid Yusof and Bishop Sebastian Francis’ joint motto: “Peace is not possible without Justice or Forgiveness”.




Their kind of people have made a travesty of the meaning of words when the notion of ‘peace’ to them is 24/7 sub rosa war.



380,000 armed forces to fight Bintang Tiga

The British colonial rulers took the communist insurgency in Malaya with deadly seriousness.

By October 1951 of the Emergency, the Brits had already stationed 380,000 armed personnel in Malaya to fight the Bintang Tiga.

How seriously is the Najib administration taking the threat of the Bintang Lima today?

How many troops has the Prime Minister got who are fighting the neo-terrorists?

The Bintang Lima are terrorizing the Malaysian cyberside but Najib Razak does not even seem aware that covert war has been declared.

‘Growth in number of Chinese Christians’ (Global Times, 9 Sept 2013) … Chinese triumphant evangelism is the new communism.

(327 words)



Onn Jaafar: MCA alat menjadikan Malaya satu wilayah negara China


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27 thoughts on “Malaya chanced becoming the 19th province of China

  1. There is another question. This question is for readers.

    Does China want Malaya to be her 19th province ?

    I know, I know, some will accuse me of being mischievous here l o l !!!

    I tell you my answer. My answer is no. Why ? Because of the presence of these Christians. As some of you know, China is facing a domestic Christian threat. Why would a nation facing a domestic Christian threat would want to any more Christians to her population ?

    Malays, Muslims, and people with a sound mind. Don’t worry. China has no intention of making Malaysia her 19th province.

    1. The last round China had a Christian rebelion was the Taiping Rebelion.

      “The Taiping Rebellion was a massive civil war in southern China from 1850 to 1864, against the ruling Manchu-led Qing Dynasty. It was a millenarian movement led by Hong Xiuquan, who announced that he had received visions in which he learned that he was the younger brother of Jesus”

      Yeah. Some Chinaman decided that he is the brother of Jesus. The Chinese can actually believe that! In Islam, this is a heretic act, right Islam 1st? You can’t simply say you are an immediate relative of the Prophet. The same goes to most other religions. But some crazy Chinaman could say that he is a brother of Jesus and boom China becomes topsy turvy.

      Put this today and….

  2. Helen,

    Can I ask you a favor?

    Could you provide us reference to the sayings and quotes? Such as reference to what was said by Arnold J. Toynbee above.

    It helps reduce time for cross-referencing.

    1. Side note: Dato Onn has, in the various phases of his political career, been lambasted by the Chinese as someone promoting racial discord.


  3. What’s written here is no secret or revelation. Arnold Toynbee’s “Challenge and Response” was Lee Kuan Yew’s bible for decades. he shaped his vision for Singapore (and Malaya) on Toynbee’s thesis in this regard.

    China today decades after Mao is still seen by Chinese crusaders of the greater Nanyang in places like Malaysia and Singapore still see Malaysia and Singapore as an extension of China. The local Chinese have no allegiance to Malaysia, its constitution or its way or life.

    The Malaysian Chinese do not recognize the Malays as being the recognized original inhabitants of the peninsula, Singapore and the archipelago.

    Anyone including Dr.Mahathir who believes in some virtue of Chinese inclusion into the BN is blind and wantonly so. All the Chinese wealth in the region was acquired through corruption, graft and intimidation honing in on the weak public service and political leaders after independence.

    They were a plague as described by the British then as they remain a plague to the whole region now.

    1. Penang first?!

      Bloody hell.

      Then again, I’m not surprised. Most Chinese here behave like they own Penang and the other races are pendatang.

      And it’s not just me who’s observed this.

      1. I have no qualm of saying that I am a MUSLIM FIRST and a Malaysian second.

        Tak suka, TOUGH!

  4. If I were a millonaire, I would buy properties for Malays and Indians in Penang so that Penang would be ”neutral” with good racial balance. Only on 1 condition, they are not allowed to support DAP or by extension PR. Call it bribe or whatever you want. I think Penang should be saved now. Maybe the Kedah Sultan should take back Penang and revoke the ancient agreement with Francis Light.

    1. The ancient agreement stated “as long as there is the sun and the moon penang and province welesley will be under crown british”. Some ppl interpreted that to the flag of this land ie. Dont know which flag tho.

      A reminder to all is the new bridge penang carries the name of sultan kedah sultan abdul halim muazam shah our current agung. Be careful what u wish for to become independence penang and province welesley shall return to the sultan of kedah

        1. Famous the world over Helen…

          ‘The pantoum is a verse form which is often considered to be “musical.”

          The pantoum originated in France, but is based on the Malayan pantun form. Pantoums became popular in Europe and moved to North America in the nineteenth and more so in the twentieth century.

          In France, the tradition is often credited to the work of Ernest Fouinet, Victor Hugo and Charles Baudelaire who made the form fashionable.’

          1. The language of the treaties = “supaya [perjanjian] berkekalan selagi matahari dan bulan bercahaya: Perkara-perkara Perjanjian adalah seperti berikut …”

            Well, if the Sultan of Kedah had put a fixed date, then Kedah can claim back Penang lor.

            Methinks the romanticism of the Melays akan makan diri, especially when dealing with evangelistas. Too many Melayu are suckered by the tudung-wearing.

            1. Helen,

              Probably Malays in those days were romantic type.

              But the present Malays are of very different ‘animal’ altogether.

              The British were caught by surprised when the normally docile and introvert unfashionable Malays would walk down the street to fiercely protest to the British proposal to set up the Malayan Union.

              Who would ever thought that Nizar would say to the Perak Sultan ‘Tuanku, patik mohon sembah DERHAKA’, to voice out his disagreement with the Sultan?

              And Dr M’s infamous clipping of the Sultan’s power in the 80’s?

            2. Well helen we can say that it was signed under duress. Hehe. The 1st agreement is a i scratch ur back vice versa agreement then the sultan lost the war with british and tanah seberang was given to stamford raffles. I read somewhere “conspiracy theorists” had asked who stamford raffles really is. He was the guy whose interest including discovered borobudur and trying to decipher singapore stone.

              1. Rafflesia named after him.

                The Straits Settlements Chinese wanted to remain British subjects and for Penang, Singapore and Malacca to be maintained as crown colonies. They preferred to hook up their destiny with the white colonial masters than with the brown natives.

                  1. Correct.

                    They hina Chinese/Indian converts to Islam such Ridhuan Tee and Chandra Muzaffar.

                    But Hannah Yeoh converting to Christianity is okay with the Chinese.

  5. Both Japan and China see East Asia as its sphere of influence. All the territories Japan invaded – from Korea to Indonesia till Burma is their sphere of influence – the oriental races.

    Naturally China seeks to impose influence through trade, business multinationals, political coercion and East Asia’s deference to China. But no invasion or occupation as that is not required.

    In this age of technology, with Japan, Korea and Vietnam as a counterforce and the rise of India as an equal heavyweight in a multipolar world, China’s ambitions is not possible.

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