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Tun and the Memali timeline

The Memali incident happened on 19 Nov 1985 (Tuesday).

The NST front page story (below) titled ‘Black day in Baling‘ was datelined Nov 20-Wed and published in the paper’s Nov 21-Thurs edition.

Musa Hitam was then the Home Minister. The Minister of Home Affairs is responsible for the actions of the police.

memali nst 21 nov

Musa was acting PM

Musa was also the acting Prime Minister in Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s absence, the aforementioned NST cover story reported (below). 

See also another NST article datelined 20 Nov 1985 – one day after the storming of Ibrahim Libya’s commune – which said the “acting Prime Minister Datuk Musa Hitam” had issued a stern warning to those who challenged the law.

Credit to blogger Din Turtle for pointing this out.

memali acting PM

Dr M flew to Beijing

Dr Mahathir had arrived in Beijing in the early afternoon of Nov 20 (Wed) for a nine-day official visit to China.

His visit which covered Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhaou, Xian and Guangzhou spanned Nov 20-28 — see briefing below (click 2x to enlarge)

On Thursday (Nov 21), Dr M had a three-hour talk with Chinese premier Zhao Ziyang at the Great Hall of the People and on Friday (Nov 22) he met up Deng Xiaopeng.


China trip was major planning

Blogger Hantu Laut was part of that Malaysian delegation to Bejing whose chartered flight MH400 departed Subang International Airport at 7.30 am on Nov 20.

According to Hantu Laut, YTL’s Yeoh Tiong Lay and his son Francis were both on board the flight, as was Syed Mokhtar Albukhary and Berjaya’s Vincent Tan who was not yet a Datuk at the material time.

For the names of the over 130 delegates, please refer to the passenger manifest scanned by Hantu Laut.

Another individual who recalled the China trip is Utusan‘s Zainuddin Maidin who was among the working editors accompanying the Malaysian trade delegation.

Zamkata that on the morning of the flight departure they were still unaware of what had happened in Baling, Kedah and only heard the news from Dr M’s special officer.

DAP man Aspan Alias recalls Musa Hitam informing him that he (Musa) had gone to Subang airport to persuade Dr M to cancel going to China but to no avail.

Haters so full of hate

The Malaysiakini headline ‘Memali? I can’t remember, says Mahathir(above) was obviously crafted to provoke.

When recently quizzed by reporters to respond to Musa’s allegation that he was in Kuala Lumpur during 1985 Memali incident, Dr Mahathir said he needed to look into his records and check if Musa’s claim was true. Which is a perfectly reasonable reply.

Yet Dr M’s measured response got a whole lot of haters hating on him — see below. When these Malaysiakini subscribers get to be 90 years old, I’d like to see how good their memory is.


Such charitably Christian comments

The half dozen Malaysiakini subscriber comments below are all screenshot from ‘Memali? I can’t remember, says Mahathir’ (29 March 2014).

Their remarks are really so Christian-like because they predictably label the hate target as “the devil”, “evil”, “despicable”, “meet your maker”, “god will punish you” and “roast in hell”.

These are the kind of people in the very same forum who love to talk about Peace, Forgiveness and Building Bridges.

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33 thoughts on “Tun and the Memali timeline

  1. Perhaps one should ask where was Anwar Ibrahim. If you truly want an answer to that question, I could provide it. But providing such answers to sensationalise what we already know of that incident and its history would be to expose some of the people who worked hard to uncover a growing trend that has become a worldwide nuisance. That which we now know as Islamic fundamentalism or radical Islam or terrorism.

    Ask where Anwar was and what his links to Ibrahim Libya was that Dr. Mahathir had to bring the man closer to him to keep tabs on him.

    1. Pls provide the rakyat with the truth and nothing but the truth. Let the truth prevails. Very confident the main culprit is [Anwar] – to quote Mat Sabun.

  2. DAP man Aspan Alias has poor grasp of fact.

    His worldview and conviction on issues is based purely based on his perception and recollection of events.

    It only proves Musa Hitam is incapable of handling matters. When failed, he decide to blame his boss. Good thing he didn’t become PM.

  3. Dear Helen …why TM says that? He is so smart,genus,intelligence and many more ..and that why he is the best PM we ever had …we will see later on, all the statement and proof from “Surat Khabar lama” will be an isu…. and then we will know that musa black was a liars person.

    Godbless TUN MAHATHIR.

  4. Aiyooo malaysiakini…still need to twist Tun M words to sell your headlines eh…pathetic and low class.

    1. Bongkar semua kejadian diatas dan tunjuk kpd dunia bgmn Malaysiakini memang rasis dan bodoh. Yg sedih kenapa pihak Sabri Cheek tidak boleh trace those yg make wild comments and sue them for damages or teach them the lesson that they will never forget all their lives. Ini semua kerja puak KRISTIAN EVANGELIS.

  5. A look at archives of NST around that time shows the following events:

    Mon 18-Nov-1985 : Dr M holds UMNO supreme council meeting, spoke to the press about upcoming elections. At night police personnel were stationed around Kg Memali and a roadblock was set up.

    Tue 19-Nov-1985 : Police, FRU & PFF moved in at 8.30 am in the morning. The operation lasted until 1.30 pm.

    Wed 20-Nov-1985: Dr M arrives in Beijing early afternoon for 9 day visit. A small news item in that day’s NST reported the arrest of criminals and the imposition of curfew in Baling. Acting PM Musa Hitam makes announcement of the incident in the Dewan Rakyat at 4 pm.

    Thu 21-Nov-1985: Full report in the NST on the incident and Musa Hitam’s announcement.

    1. In those pre-Internet and no-mobile-phone times, it appeared to have been hush-hush. There was a curtain of silence – a day’s gap – on Nov 20 about news of the shooting. NST only frontpaged the deaths on Nov 21.

      Dr M’s major trip to China would have been pre-planned well in advance.

      If anything, between the PM and DPM, Memali should have been Musa’s hands-on baby. Clearly Dr M’s preoccupation was the trade aspect.

  6. Ms H. Unlike us ordinary souls, please always remember that a very high percentage of our fellow Malaysians benefitted from the 22 year Administratiion of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Their wealth is beyond our imagination. And yet those who ate from his hands now hate him !

    How much is enough ?

    1. re: “And yet those who ate from his hands now hate him !”

      You mean the MCA fat cats as well as those in The J-Star?

      1. Sadly YTL anak beranak and cucu serta Vincent Tan anak beranak and cucu had done nothing to clear his name. They can start by saying that Tun M was not racist at all. But have they?

  7. Helen,

    I’m sure you and many of us would agree that the best way to “prove” this is to check with:

    1) the authority in China who could determine whether Tun M was in fact there physically on those dates when he met the various Chinese leaders (unless of course, if we had an imposter la?); and, or,

    2) Wisma Putra to verify that Tun M did in fact left the country on that flight on those dates.

    Once we have verified this, then we can say who’s not telling the truth? Then of course, Unker Lim, Son & Co. can/cannot spin the story la, no?

    1. Technically, Memali took place on Nov 19 whereas Dr M’s flight left early morning of Nov 20.

      However if we looked at the huge scope of the China visit, then common sense tells us that Dr M would have been preoccupied with his trip.

      Musa was acting PM on top of Home Minister. I don’t see why the Dapsters overlook his role while at the same time they have a beef with the Tun. Their hatred is irrational and irrationality is dangerous because it clouds judgment and deliberately prefers to obscure facts.

      My point is that there are too many Dapsters, they’re overrunning the cyberside and poisoning Malaysia with their hate. Their behaviour is tantamount to modern-day terrorism.

      1. I agree with your observation… they’re using the strategy of bombarding the minds with half-truths & lies hoping ultimately these will be accepted as “facts”… and the great majority of people who subscribe to online social networks malas fikir… it might work…I wonder why Musa “suddenly & conveniently remembers” this thing?

  8. This is part of Anwar grand plan, aside of discrediting the current Ahjibgor’s government integrity, he is also destroying the previous government creditability so the rakyat will think that they were taken for a ride by BN for the last 56+ years.

    This feeling will make the rakyat think that they have been fooled all these years and CHANGES must be make NOW.

    To bad Ahjibgor’s consultants is not savvy enough to see that Anwar is using the media from the help from the West to change HISTORY.

    1. re: destroying the BN government’s credibility

      That’s one thing.

      The evangelistas are also destroying national goodwill and good faith through their incessant fitnah and hate-mongering.


      1. Ambiga menepuk air di dulang terpercik ke muka sendiri. Dan kata dulang paku serpih, mengata orang dia (mereka) yang lebih. Faham ke anak Bangsa Malaysia ni dengan peribahasa melayu? ;)

        1. re: “Faham ke anak Bangsa Malaysia ni dengan peribahasa melayu?”

          ,) “Soalan mulut” zueyusof untuk ditujukan kepada Puan Speaker?

  9. The funny thing is that suddenly the Dapster is concern about memali. I bet some of them just heard this word. I also bet many of them until now does not know what Memali isu is all about. Just because it is something that may implicate TDM on something, they will just cheer for it.

    LKS as usual will not miss such opportunity. He called for Royal Inquiry to find out if TDM was in Malaysia at that time. What a farce and stupidity from such a senior politician. Probably he should also call for Royal Inquiry to see if he did incite hatred during Mei 1969

  10. insiden memali berlaku pada 19 haribulan, tun m berlepas ke china pada 20 haribulan, jika 19 haribulan hari pertama kejadian bermakna 20 haribulan adalah hari kedua selepas kejadian, so lebih kurang betul lah apa yang musa hitam perkatakan berkenaan tarikh, tetapi lebih penting ialah untuk ditanya kepada beliau;

    1. kenapa sekarang baru nak berceritakan ralat tarikh ini?
    2. salahkah tindakan kerajaan pada masa itu?
    3. apa masalah nya?


    1. Dakwaan Musa Hitam berbunyi:

      “When asked by Agus whether Dr Mahathir was in Kuala Lumpur during the incident, Musa said two to three days afterwards, he was still in the capital.”

      (ruj. rencana TMI)

      Mengatakan Dr M masih lagi berada di ibu negara 2-3 hari menyusuli kejadian Memali adalah tidak tepat.

        1. Not really lah.

          Memali = Nov 19

          Nov 20, awal pukul 7.30 pagi penerbangan Dr M dah berlepas

          1. Ok Jelas,

            1. Insiden Memali = Nov 19,
            2. Dakwaan (Tun) Musa Hitam (ruj. rencana TMI) memang tidak tepat tetapi,
            3. Dr M memang berada di Kuala Lumpur semasa hari kejadian.


  11. siapa yg bagi arahan? samada mahathir ada dlm negeri atau sebaliknya, itu bukan isu atau masalah. (doesn’t mean anything). kenapa musa tak beritahu tentang ini?. ada banyak pegawai kanan atm & pdrm yg masih hidup.

    puak2 cina-dap-kristian memang sentiasa menunggu isu2 saperti ini untuk meluahkan ‘rasa simpati mereka’ (konon2nya) walhal yg terkorban dikedua belah pihak adalah melayu/islam semuanya (if i don’t remember wrongly).

    1. re: “puak2 cina-dap-kristian memang sentiasa menunggu isu2 saperti ini untuk meluahkan ‘rasa simpati mereka’ (konon2nya)”

      Puak-puak Kristian-DAP.

      Yang dok bising-bising tu ramai juga yang bukan Cina seperti:

      Uskup Agung Emeritus Murphy Pakiam (yang saman kerajaan dalam kes Allah), Paderi Andrew Lawrence (pengarang Herald), peguam-peguam mereka Annou Xavier dan Porres Royan, Uskup Sebastian Francis, ahli akademik Patricia Martinez (yang mendakwa 64% Kristian bertutur bahasa Melayu sahaja), Jacqueline Ann Surin (pengarang The Nut Graph), Jaclyn Victor (penyanyi), Francisca Peter (penyanyi), Cynthia Gabriel, KJ John dan Kristian-Kristian lain.

      1. setuju tapi majoriti nya cina, kenapa? sebab depa dah dapat kuasa politik. non-cina tumpang bubuh jarum & tambah minyak.

        1. re: “Numbers don’t lie, yes?”

          They are the grunts — the Chinese foot soldiers who pangkah rocket.

          The movers and shakers are the DAP Christians.

          Think all the controversial names. Most recently, Lim Lip Eng, the Segambut MP who said that with DAP in put in charge of the Navy and Air Force, it’s a sure thing that MH370 will be found. He’s a staunch Christian.

          Think all the other YBs who have hogged the limelight. Teresa Kok. Evangelista. Tony Pua. Evangelista. David Nga Kor Ming. Evangelista. Ong Kian Ming. Evangelista. Teo Nie Ching. Evangelista. Yeo Bee Yin & Rajiv Rishyakaran. Evangelistas (who wanted the Selangor Enactment 1988 amended).

          PKR’s Elizabeth Wong. Christian. Baru Bian. Christian. I’m betting that the Machang Bubuk Adun (who stuffed kangkung into the polystyrene cutout of Najib Razak) is Christian too.

  12. Heh.
    Seems like Dr Mahathir just couldn’t afford to leave the country and trust matters be well in capable hands of acting PMs.

    Reminds me of when he left Anwar as acting PM in 1998.

    IMO it’s stupid to attempt to place blame on Dr Mahathir when the cause was religious extremism and fanaticism fostered by PAS.

    Didn’t they collect donations over this? wonder where the money went.

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